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The next day.


I searched for the Hunting Festival among the archives of the temple library that I had previously borrowed. There were also records of what happened in the past hunting festivals, and there was something interesting about it.


It is said that a man named Muller, the Crown Prince’s Imperial Studies teacher, was killed by a number of arrows that were accidentally fired at the last Hunting Festival.


And those who shot the arrows were Baron Dimitri and Young Baron Ludwig. They were the entourages of the empress.


The Crown Prince requested a re-investigation, yet it wasn’t accepted.


I heard their names yesterday.


‘As I thought, Kyle did that.’


The closer we got, his vigilance dimmed even more, but he was definitely a dangerous man.


In fact, it seems that none of the three male leads are harmless.


If his blade points outward at me, he’ll be a perfect ally, but if it’s directed at me as in the original story, or in the prophecy, I will probably never be as afraid.


In any case, we were dealing with one enemy, the Empress, so we were allies, but friendship with him through a common enemy…


And that’s when the thought got there.


Suddenly there was a knocking sound from the window.


I approached the window a little nervous, and was startled to see the child outside the window.


As soon as I opened the window, the child of the Thief’s Guild slipped into my room.


“Are you also a Sword Master?”


At my words, the child asked back.


“yes? What do you mean?”


“Ah. no. How did you get here?”


“By climbing the wall.”


The child replied indifferently.


In fact, if he had been flying like Kyle, he wouldn’t have almost been killed by Alberto’s horse.


“What information do I need to know?”


The day I went to the Hunting Festival, I gave the child a mission.


At that, he nodded his head and opened his mouth.


“I found out that the Empress’ Chief Maid had bought the thing the Saintess said.”


“From where?”


I’ve been to Lloyd’s Merchant before and saw the Empress’ Chief Maid angry. It is said that Lloyd’s Merchant doesn’t handle corporate goods.


At that time, I passed it on without much thought, but now that the Empress has become an enemy, I need even a little bit of information.


“It’s only been purchased through a connection in the Deviamon Wizard Guild.”


“If it’s Deviamon…”


According to the information I got from the books I read, there were several types of wizard guilds.


In fact, the term ‘School’ was more suitable for the group of wizards than the name of a guild. And the Deviamon Guild was a very secretive and powerful organization with a long history of black magic.


“Wait a minute. So, rather than grabbing evidence that she bought Kronia, maybe…”


It’s also a guild that has as many different kinds of ghost stories as modern Freemason horror stories.


Like moving the world behind the scenes with political black hands…


“How do I make contact with that person?”


The child looked at me in awe.


It seemed surprising that the Saintess was casually asking about the Black Magic Guild.


“The Magic Night Market is held on the first day of every month, and I heard that people from the Deviamon Guild also appear there.”


The child held out a piece of paper and I saw a picture of an inverted skull.


“Is this the emblem of the Deviamon Guild?”


“Yes. And on the back page, I put together some information about the Deviamon Guild.”


Indeed, when I looked at the back page, information about the guild leader and other information were written on it.


“And I also stole the information about Alberto Mikhael you mentioned. It was a little difficult because it was internal information.”


It was good news.


“Alberto Mikhael only knows the assassins are dead, yet they’re alive, and they’re grinding their teeth on Alberto. I also received a definite answer that they would give evidence”


As expected, he’s a trusted Thief’s Guild member as well.


I smiled with satisfaction.


“Thanks. You’re exceeding my expectations, though? You’ve got plenty of it today.”


I took out 100 franc and handed it to the child.


He nodded and took the money. Then he looked at me with wide eyes and said,


“Oh, my name is Noah.”


Ah, come to think of it, I didn’t ask for his name once.


“Yeah. Okay. Noah.”


I looked at Noah and said.


“That’s a cool name. From now on, please take care of me as well. And the next mission.”


With a bright smile, Noah accepted the secret letter I had written with a somewhat embarrassed expression.


“Give it to the Crown Prince. Just put it where he can see it. Since he visits frequently, you have a chance to contact him without even going to the Imperial Palace.”


“Alright. Just leave it to me.”


The child smiled faintly and climbed over the window frame again.


As I hurried to the window, thinking the child was jumping, I saw the child skillfully descending the wall.


I let out a small sigh of relief.


In my hand, I held a crumpled piece of paper with the design of the Deviamon Guild.


I grabbed it and stared at the calendar.


‘When is the right time to let the siblings go?’




A few days later.


Daisy entered the room to wake me up. Having already woken up, I put down the book I was holding and got up.


“Saintess. Did you sleep well last night? You were tired, so as soon as you lay down, you slept before I even left.”


“I guess I’m not good at long-distance horseback riding. There’s been some aftereffects for a few days.”


“You have a precious body, so you have to be careful.”


I rubbed my still sore back.


“Should I tell the High Priest that you can’t go to meet him if you’re not feeling well?”


I frowned at the remark.


“Did the High Priest call me?”


“Yes. It is said that all the temple annexes have been restored. He asked you to participate in the crusade today.”


That was quite surprising.


I think it’s only been two weeks since the wreckage was cleared, yet it’s already been restored.


“I’ll just go.”


I got up from bed and said,


“Will you be alright?”


“It’s not to the extent that I can’t participate in the crusade.”


After a while I arrived at the temple annex.


There were many people gathered in the annex of the temple, and among the believers of Elium, the influential believers and many priests were standing in line. Looks like my prediction was right.


As if Reihausd had found me, his golden eyes lit up.


“Saintess. You’re here.”


I told Reihausd.


“May the High Priest be blessed by the Nine Gods.”


Then I stood next to him.


“In such a case, please speak up in advance.”


One corner of his lips went up slightly at my scold and then returned.


Even if it was an annex, it wasn’t a special structure, just the chairs arranged around the Holy Sphere.


It was a place where the believers were brought here to give praise to the Gods when holding general meetings in the temple or when the main building couldn’t be used.


Reihausd, who had me standing next to him, opened his mouth as he looked at the audience.


“Recently, I have heard rumors circulating among the believers.”


A commotion was heard among the people.


“Hmm,” I coughed.


Standing with so much attention, somehow my cheeks were itchy.


His cool voice rang out.


“It was also a vain rumor that doubted the Saintess’ holy power.”


It was an indication of the rumor of the Holy Sphere, which has now faded after the business trip to the hunting ground.


In fact, Reihausd’s words pierced my conscience. To be precise, I’m a fake saintess. Isn’t it natural for there to be a real main character?


But even I can’t understand this situation in which not only the three male leads but also the Gods treat me like a real saintess.


Reihausd’s solemn voice made the hall quiet as if he had poured cold water.


“I tried to respond strictly at the temple level, but after praying to the God of Benevolence for an answer, I decided to pass it on without reproach.”


[The God of Benevolence, Oman, condemns Reihausd’s lies.]


Once again, the Gods went wild


“But the next time I hear these things, I will hold them accountable according to the law.”


I saw more than a hundred people sitting around.


They were the central nobles of the Empire, wearing expensive uniforms and beautiful dresses.


Most of them listened to Reihausd seriously, but there were a few who looked really suspicious of me.


“And I prove the holy power of the Saintess in front of the believers here so that rumors will never again damage the temple and the Saintess’ honor.”


Reihausd  said to the audience with a cool gaze.


It was Ariel, who had been missing most of the temple’s official events and was stuck in the corner of the room.


Until recently, all sorts of rumors had been circulating, and it would have been impossible for Reihausd to do anything about it. Unless you prove it like this, rumors are bound to grow.


Everyone’s attention was on me.


‘Phew. I can’t help it.’


I sighed inwardly and walked over to the Holy Sphere.


I don’t really like shows like this, but it was one of the things I had to do to not be bothered for the time being.


It’s because my plan to hide my power is ruined anyway.


I put both my hands on the Holy Sphere and, eventually, it started to glow.


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