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Feeling that no one was following me, I sighed in relief.


“Noah. You can come out now. Ugh, I thought I was going to die of a heart attack.”


When I called his name, he appeared from afar and approached me.


Noah asked with a worried look.


“Did anything happen?”


I shook my head.


And I looked at the pendant, which was once a token of a waste of money, but was used as a very useful item.


The ‘Pendant of Sealing’, a holy relic that keeps my inner holy power from being exposed to the outside, completely blocks external holy power and mana as well.


The man who was called the Guild Leader of the Deviamon casted memory distortion magic that made me tell the truth.


I made a statement to him, acting perfectly enchanted.


As he’s the leader of a black magic guild and I’m a saintess, we’re at a point of opposition that we can’t see each other in a normal way, thus he’s not going to see my face again.


“Oh, Gods. Today, I have become a righteous deceiver.”


I couldn’t know the details of what was going to happen in the future, but I laughed out loud.


I’m the type of person who pays back several times for the bad deeds I’ve suffered.


So I returned to the temple.


The next day.


As if nothing had happened, the morning began with the oracle.


[The God of Knowledge, Hessed, welcomes the morning sun.]


[The God of Benevolence, Oman, examines your condition.]


[The God of Art, Mond, says the dirt on your shoes is questionable.]


“I couldn’t sleep, so I went out for a nearby night out and came back.”


I spoke in an indifferent tone.


[The God of Destruction, Ciel, is wary of something on the table.]


I suddenly remembered something I bought at the night market yesterday. Then, I lifted a single egg as big as a child’s head on the table and looked at it closely.


Come to think of it, the merchant said it was an egg of a pet demon.


“I picked it up.”


[The God of Knowledge, Hessed, recognizes your shameless lie.]


[The God of Destruction, Ciel, is wary of eggs.]


[The God of Benevolence, Oman, strokes Ciel’s head.]


To be honest, I bought this because it reminded me of a parrot that I had raised in my previous life.


I don’t know what will come out of it, but it’s not a bad thing because it’s a ‘pet’.


Compared to the sack of gold coins, which was somewhat repulsive, the egg was cute and didn’t feel anything special.


I injected holy power into the egg through my hand. Although it was an egg of a demonic creature, the egg absorbed the holy power well as if it were eating rice.


“Whatever its bloodline is, I just have to raise it well.”


By the way, can I give the demonic creature holy power?




At that time. In a back alley.


“Leave the child alone.”


At Kyle’s orders, the soldiers left Noah and went outside.


Noah was kneeling in front of Kyle, looking at him with his body bound


Kyle raised the corners of his lips at the look of a young boy. even in a frightening situation


“The letter must have belonged to Ariel.”


In Kyle’s hand was Ariel’s letter, which Noah had placed in his pocket, taking advantage of the commotion.


He was successful in delivering the letter. However…


“Then why did you hold me?”


Kyle opened his mouth at Noah’s remarks, which he had been looking forward to quite a bit.


“How did the child of the Thief’s Guild become a limb of the Saintess?”


Noah replied to that with an expressionless face.


“I’m just getting paid and running errands.”


Ariel told Noah to answer anyone who asked so. That would be a protection for each other.


It must also be true that Noah was paid 50 franc for this work alone.


“You seem like a pretty smart fellow.”


Despite the praise, Noah’s expression didn’t change.


Kyle took a coin from his pocket and put it in front of Noah’s eyes. There were ten gold coins worth a whopping 100 franc.


“Give me something to do.”


Noah’s eyebrows moved slightly for the first time.


Kyle’s voice was heard.


“Report to me about the movement of the Saintess in the future.”


At those words, Noah’s eyebrows twitched and moved greatly.


Kyle was looking down at him with cool red eyes.


“You can get an undeserved price and run errands for me as well.”


Noah knew who Kyle was. He’s the only prince of the Empire and a Sword Master, even to the point that if he offends his heart, he could have a very bad ending.


“I will decline.”


But Noah answered him as if he had nothing to think about.


A chill radiated rom Kyle’s gaze.


The aura close to living literally was strong enough to make the body of an untrained boy tremble, yet Noah didn’t reverse his words.


“I don’t want to betray her.”


Noah spoke word by word.


“So I can’t receive this money.”


Even though he was getting paid and running errands, Noah knew that Ariel was also considerate of him. She provided another way for him to live and saved him by pouring holy power.


The only way for Noah to repay her favor was to do his best to comply with her requests.


Kyle drew his sword from its scabbard. A blade with a cool black glow was aimed at Noah’s neck.


The blue energy rising from the Sword Master’s sword made Noah’s face pale.


“If it’s a threat, not conciliation.”


Kyle’s lively voice reached Noah’s ears.


“What are you going to do?”


Noah was well aware. What kind of consequences his answer would bring. Yet he answered without hesitation.


“I still can’t.”


Was he eight years old, the glare in the eyes of the small boy looked straight into Kyle’s eyes.


Kyle twisted his lips at Noah’s slightly trembling but firm voice.


“As expected, you’re a good fellow.”


And he pulled back the sword that was almost going to touch his neck.


Noah looked at him with an expression as he didn’t understand the satisfied voice.


“Your spirit just now is great. Don’t change.”


Kyle pushed the drawn sword into the scabbard.


Noah looked at him blankly.


“I would have killed you if you had accepted my offer.”


He made a low voice and turned away from Noah. He then added his words.


“If you want to learn the sword later, come to me. The agility of your body was exceptional.”


Not knowing when the sword was used, the rope that bound Noah snapped and loosened.


Noah stared blankly at Kyle’s back as he read the letter.







At that word, Rosé’s heart was about to fall. It was a word that shouldn’t have come out of the Emperor’s mouth.


The Emperor, sitting alone in the office, held out a document to Rosé.


“I heard that the Empress’s Chief Maid bought a very ugly thing.”


Rosé’s pupils, who took the documents with shaky hands, became smaller. This was never supposed to be in the hands of the Emperor.


Fellium Magic Trading Contract. And there, her Chief Maid’s autograph was beautifully engraved.


The problem was that she had never heard of the name Fellium in her lifetime, and her Chief Maid had never bought Kronia there.


Who would write a contract to buy such a secret thing?


But what the hell is this nonsensical contract…


“Your Imperial Majesty! This is a setup. Please listen to me!”


The Empress shook her head and pretended to be surprised.


“This contract is obviously fake and nonsense.”


Kronia had attracted quite a few people who were addicted to narcotic drugs.


“Maybe the Chief Maid abused my name to do this, but I don’t know. I’m pregnant with a prince, how can I…


Her mouth is dry, but in this case, pretending to be innocent is the best.


“Are you serious?”


However, the Emperor opened his mouth with a voice of suspicion instead of sympathy.


“What do you mean?”


The Empress’ shoulders shuddered.


Only the corners of her lips, which were lowered, could explain her current feelings.


“Kronia leaves have already been found in the Empress’s residence.”


The Empress’ face darkened.


“The Chief Maid confessed she had bought Kronia.”


The Emperor’s suspicious eyes turned to the Empress.


She shook her shoulders, waving her hands.


“Your Imperial Majesty, are you doubting me now? What crazy woman would buy Kronia during her pregnancy.”


Kronia is a strong drug and it was also known that eating it during one’s pregnancy could cause birth defects.


“I asked for a man in the temple.”


The Empress’ lips trembled at the Emperor’s words.


One of the other features of Kronia is to capture the absence of tachycardia. And when one consumes Kronia, their stomach gets full of gas, causing it to bloat. Just like the current Empress at 16 weeks pregnant.


Depending on the person, it may swell like a full term. So Kronia… is a drug that can lead to gastrointestinal pregnancy.


“Your Imperial Majesty.”


The Empress’s submerged voice scratched the Emperor’s nerves.


“In addition, the temple asked for Alberto’s severe punishment.”


The Empress knew what had happened after hearing the news today.


It is said that conclusive evidence came out that Alberto was the instigator behind the attack on an apprentice priestess, who was the Saintess’ entourage at the temple.


Alberto obviously said he handled it well, yet he couldn’t even guess what had happened.


Even her limbs-like close associates suffered on the hunting ground, and even things like this… The Empress was almost out of her mind.


“The Count of Mikhael would be expelled completely.”.


The Empress opened her eyes wide at those words.


“How dare you towards my family…”


“If I do something wrong, I, the emperor, will pay the price, and shouldn’t the Empress’ family do the same.”


“Y-Your Imperial Majesty!”


“Empress, prepare to meet the priests tomorrow. They will check your addiction to Kronia and the well-being of the child.”


The Emperor left the red-eyed Empress and turned around, going out as it was.


There was only a cool chill in the empty room of the Empress. Her clenched fists were trembling.


After a while, a scream that was close to a groan rang out desperately.




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