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So, all of this happened a few days ago.


Kyle, who received the letter I had sent through Noah, had arrived at the temple. And we shared sincere opinions and discussions.


‘Those who prosper by drugs, perish by drugs.’


‘Once a cheater, always a cheater.’


Kyle frowned at the phrase I had written during that time.


“What is this?”


“Once you take the easy road, it’s hard to get out of it.”


He nodded at the plausible explanation.


“What I’m a little worried about is the Empress’ future move.”


“We plan to narrow the range of options.”




Having lived in an era in which trap investigations were illegal, Kyle and I had a different framework of thinking.


“I recruited one of the two remaining close entourages of the Empress. He’s the Empress’ cousin, and if we let his family be safe, he’ll cooperate.”


“No way…”


“I own the right top.”


If her entourage had a ‘very effective poison’, what would the Empress do?


As I thought about it, the nape of my neck went cold.


“Like you’re inducing evil deeds.”


“It’s the Empress’ choice to choose which one.”


Kyle was right, we could narrow her options from tens of thousands to only two.


One is to correct mistakes, the other is to harm others.


“I read a book about poisonous weed.”


Among the various information I obtained from the temple library, there was also information about herbal medicine.


“How about disguising a paralytic poison as a poisonous incense?”


After a while, a cold smile appeared on Kyle’s lips as the words came out of my mouth.


“Unlike the person who told me I was inducing evil.”


His red eyes stared intently at me.


“It’s a detailed plan more villainous than a villain.”


[The God of Knowledge, Hessed, agrees with Kyle.]

[The God of Benevolence, Oman, expresses a deep affection for you.]


I grumbled a little at the undeniable words.


“I have a specific life motto that my well-being comes first.”


If I leave the Empress as it is, my safety will be increasingly threatened.


As he looked at me and smiled, I heard his voice.


“As expected, you’re a talent more suited to the Imperial Palace than the temple.”


I pretended not to hear him and asked what his next plan was.


“But Your Highness…”


Then, a knock was heard, and the door to the small meeting room of the temple opened. The person who came in was Reihausd.


“I was told that His Highness was coming, so I hurriedly stopped by.”


“Ah, Sir Reihausd.”


I got up from my seat in bewilderment, yet his voice interrupted me and fell on the small meeting room.


“I must’ve told you last time.”


His gaze turned to Kyle, but it wasn’t a disrespectful or angry voice.


“The Saintess is a person of the temple, so private conversations about the Saintess’ well-being…”


The corners of Reihausd’s red lips twitched.


“…Shouldn’t you share it with me as well?”




“Did I drink the neutralizer before? How do you know!!”


The Empress’ face darkened.


Me, Dwayne, and the Empress. It’s a 2 to 1 situation.


The Empress quickly took another bottle out of her clothes. Perhaps another poisonous incense she had prepared as a precaution, what a well-prepared person.


She quickly opened the bottle.


Yet her face hardened as she saw us standing still after a few seconds.


“It doesn’t work. And that’s not poisonous incense.”


I also pointed to the bottle rolling on the floor.


“That one, too.”


Then the Empress opened her eyes wide.


“It’s a paralyzing poison. The Guard Knights and His Imperial Majesty will wake up in an hour.”


At my words, she started to take a step back, as if in disbelief.


“No, it can’t be…”


Her lips trembled.


“No way. It can’t be… .”


Surprised by the subject who tried to annihilate everyone here and live alone.


I stared at her with a sneer.


At that time, the door of the hall that had been closed opened, and Paladins, the Imperial Knights, led by High Priest Reihausd, began to pour in.


They saw the situation in the hall and surrounded us.


Reihausd’s gaze was felt from the back of my head.


The Empress, who was trembling and unable to come to her senses, cried out as she looked at the Imperial Knights.


“The Saintess has made a trick! Surround them!”


It was a bit of a misleading situation.


The Guard Knights were down, the Emperor had lost his mind, then the Empress and I were standing. And also only Dwayne.


It’s true that it’s hard to guess that a single, powerless Empress could have created such a situation.


“The Saintess was instigated by Prince Kyle and tried to put everyone to sleep and then kill them by using a paralyzing poison! With this Paladin!!


The Empress shouted, and she tried to frame us instead.


Dwayne’s grunting was heard behind me.


“No, why me…”


And according to the gesture of the Commander of the Imperial Knights, who was watching the situation, the Imperial Knights drew their swords.


As soon as they did that, the Paladins also did the same, aiming at the Imperial Knights.


The two forces of equal number faced each other with their swords pointed at each other, and the situation in the hall created a tension enough to see blood at any moment.


At that moment, Reihausd, with his cool eyes, began to walk.


[You mean to see you in danger?]


At first, he was fiercely opposed, but I managed to persuade him that a third party was needed outside of this situation.


He walked between the Imperial Knights and Paladins who were aiming swords at each other, then the knights flinched and opened the way at the vivid energy emanating from him.


As soon as he reached me, he passed by me, passed by the Empress, who retreated in fear, and climbed up to the Emperor’s side. And bowing down, he picked up the sphere, the meeting gift I had given to the Empress.


The Empress’ eyebrows could be seen moving.


As Reihausd energized the sphere, the Empress’ face began to turn white. A familiar voice began to be heard from the sphere embracing holy power.


[The Saintess, who had a persistent love for the Crown Prince, was ordered by him and tried to kill the Emperor and Empress with poisonous incense.]

[In the process, His Imperial Majesty unfortunately passed away, and the Empress… The Prince protected her.]

[Our poor prince who protected his mother and became a star.]


The Empress’ voice resounded in a high volume and could be heard in the entire hall.


The knights began to gossip in surprise.




The Empress shook her head and stepped back from me. But it was her own voice that was unmistakably audible.


[Even if you’re the Saintess, you’re only human, and you can’t stand poison.]


Reihausd’s low-pitched voice continued to be heard.


“I didn’t expect that the precious voice recorder that was presented to the Empress from the temple would be used in this way.”


His gold eyes were full of bloodlust toward the Empress.


The Empress’ pupils trembled. And immediately, the Commander of the Imperial Knights rang out.


“Protect His Imperial Majesty and seize the Empress!”


The knights immediately poured out and arrested the Empress.


She struggled, yet she couldn’t resist the power of the knights.


“No! It’s all a conspiracy from that bitch!”


Her venomous eyes were staring at me until the very end.


Anyway, things have been sorted out.


I turned around without responding to the Empress’ screams. And I tried to approach Reyhath, who was still engulfed in a cold bloodlust.


Suddenly, a group of men came in with harsh footsteps.


At the sharp wind, I staggered back and turned.


I could see the slightly disheveled red hair, the red eyes blazing like the flames of hell, and the blood-covered uniform of the Crown Prince, and the blood-drenched blue blade.


As if he was the Demon King from the Demon Realm, a dark red aura was blooming around him.




I bit my dry lips and muttered his name.


The final organizer of this situation appeared in time.


His red eyes were focused only on the Empress.


The Empress, who had rebelled wildly, stopped and stared blankly at him. Her eyes shook violently.


Thud. From his right hand, something unrecognizable fell to the floor and rolled like a ball.


As I set my eyes on it, I realized it was a human head after a while.


Oh, my Gods.


[The God of Destruction, Ciel, covers his eyes.]

[The God of Art, Mond, curses at swords and wielding things because they have no dignity.]


The knights removed their hand from the Empress’ arms for a moment, and she covered her mouth with her hands.




Kyle’s cold voice was heard.


“I brought your long-awaited brother.”


The Empress’ face was drained of blood as Alberto’s miserable head rolled and stopped slowly.


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  3. Ciel olyan komolyan mint egy gyerek.!!!!. Hát nem ártatlan avval a mozdulattal amivel eltakarja a szemét?!..