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The Empress’ voice trembled. Soon, her furious gaze turned to Kyle.




A desperate voice rang out. It was a voice filled with evil that seemed to pierce the sky.


“You’re taking everything from me! Even my little brother!!”


Hot tears flowed down her pale cheeks.


“…The number of innocents you and Alberto killed after you became the Empress is seventeen.”


Kyle spoke to her with an expressionless face.


“The number of innocents you killed before you became the Empress is eight.”


If I hadn’t saved Noah and Daisy, the two would have been added. If I had saved Tina, who came as a fake saintess, it would have lessened by one.


Kyle’s cold voice echoed through the hall.


“As of today, Alberto Mikhael’s evil deeds are over.”


The Empress’ distorted eyes shook.


“And so are yours.”


Her disheveled hair was a mess.


“You… don’t know my suffering.”


A hoarse sound escaped from her parted lips.


“You ruined everything for me, Kyle… Curse you.”


The Empress’ bloody eyes were tenaciously directed at Kyle.


I stared into her eyes.


Even if she was a villain, why the hell did she have to do this?


It was when I was wondering.


[The God of Love, Odyssey, responds to you.]


At that moment, I suddenly felt her feet rise.


The eyes of the Empress suddenly approached and I felt as if she had entered her eyes. Then suddenly the surroundings that were dark eventually started to light up.


I looked around, and faintly heard the banquet music in my ears.


[Your Highness The Crown Prince. This… You dropped this.]


When I turned my eyes at the young voice, it was the Empress, no, Rosé.


I flinched in surprise, but it seemed as if I couldn’t be seen in her eyes.


Her face looked much younger than now. Perhaps it was in the past before marriage.


And the man receiving the pocket watch… was Kyle.


Although he looked shorter, his red hair and eyes revealed that he was Kyle.


[Thank you.]


It was such a blunt answer that the listener would be embarrassed.


Yet Rosé looked at Kyle, who turned around after receiving the pocket watch as if that was enough, for a long time.


She muttered as she looked at Kyle’s back.


[Someday I will… I will be standing next to him. Just like the oracle I was told by the Saintess when I was thirteen.]


Her eyes were sparkling like jewels.


Seeing the bright red cheeks, I opened my eyes wide, thinking, no way.


The scene unfolding in front of me suddenly changed.


[Among the ladies of the noble families, who is suitable to be the Empress? After the death of the deceased Empress, it seems that her seat can no longer be empty for the sake of the stability of the country.]


The dark place was the Emperor’s audience hall. And in front of him stood Kyle, who had become a mature young man.


[I think Rosé, the eldest daughter of Count Mikhael… would be most suitable. I have heard that her brother has a bad reputation, but that her own behavior is good.]


The Emperor had a thoughtful expression on his face.


And Kyle opened his mouth again.


[I know that Rosé received an oracle from the Saintess when she was a child. That she will become a member of the Imperial Family in the future…]


[Hoo, I see!]


And outside the door of the audience hall where the audience was being held, something fell.


The woman standing with a dazed expression was Rosé, and the thing falling was a handkerchief she embroidered on her own with Kyle’s name on it.


Darkness was gradually creeping into her eyes.




I couldn’t stop wondering.


Should I call this a joke of fate?


[How could… Your Highness be like this?]


The next scene was a certain hallway.


The red sunset was illuminating the faces of the two, a man and a woman. Kyle opened his mouth with a terribly blunt expression on his face.


[What do you mean?]


[I’ve never been married to anyone…]


Tears welled up in her desperate eyes.


[Because I believed in the oracle. That will be married to the Imperial Family!]


Kyle didn’t hide his annoyed expression towards her, who was about to cry, and spoke firmly.


[The oracle has come true, is there any problem?]


At those words, her eyes violently shook.


The painful sense of reality and the denial that this couldn’t be the case. Deep despair and pain stood in her eyes.


After a while, a fierce reaction swelled in her hazy eyes. Her clenched fists were trembling.


[You have brutally slaughtered my world. Very cruelly…]


However, Kyle was just staring at Rosé. With a consistently indifferent look.




Her voice was hoarse.


Rosé looked at Kyle with dark eyes full of hostility and said.


[You will regret it, Kyle.]


A cold dew was forming in her eyes. And at that moment my feet fell off the floor again, I was back in the present.


She was a villain, but the story I saw was a deep tragedy.


As I looked at her, not knowing what to say, she suddenly used both hands to grab the blade of a knight’s sword standing next to her. Then, without a scream, she shoved it into her chest.




I was so startled that I couldn’t even make a sound.


“Y-Your Imperial Majesty the Empress!”


The bewildered knight hurriedly pulled out the sword stuck in her chest.


Her dress was stained with dark red blood.


Drip. Dark red blood flowed from Rosé’s lips.


I had been calm all along, even when Alberto’s head rolled around, and now my heart was pounding like crazy.




Kyle’s voice barely made me come to my senses when I saw him.


His red eyes were still burning with cold rage.


“She is a woman who shouldn’t escape her crimes in this way.”


Dark bloodlust fluttered behind him.


“She shook the pillars of the Empire, tried to assassinate His Imperial Majesty…”


His low voice rang in my ears.


“She killed my people.”


Rosé’s eyelids shook, and blood poured out again.


“She shouldn’t die so easily. I don’t want you to try to save her.”


It seemed like he was saying it because he was afraid I would save her.


I shifted my gaze to Rosé.


Her eyes were directed at me. Her bloody hands would no longer have the strength to drive the sword deep.




Reihausd was staring at me with deep eyes.


Why did Odyssey show me those scenes?


I stood for a moment and thought.


“Your Highness.”


I opened my lips and let out a voice.


Kyle’s gaze was on me.


His eyes, full of hatred and bloodlust, were as eerie as the devil. She, who was dying helplessly, was also looking at me.


I was the only one who held Rosé’s right to escape from death here. That fact weighed heavily on my mind like crazy, but I had decided.


“I won’t save her.”


Kyle’s eyebrows wiggled at my words that broke the silence.


I looked straight into his red eyes.


“So I’m going to let her die like this.”


I confronted him as I looked into his eyes, who was ready to draw his sword at any moment.


Until she completely stopped breathing.


Her eyelashes, which were trembling, fell down.


I could save people.


But it wasn’t my area to save someone who wanted to die. Even if there is a reason why she shouldn’t die like this.


The decision not to save one is as heavy a decision as to save one. I just stood silently. It was far from my eyes, but comfort-like words came to my mind.


[The God of Love, Odyssey, stands behind you.]


I could see the blood fading from her pale skin.


The sparsely exhaled breaths widened, and as she exhaled her last breath once, she was immersed in the sea of ​​eternal rest. With a selfishly calm expression on her face.


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    1. welp yes i did, but it’s fixed now. thanks for letting me know 😀

  1. oof. heavy chaoters. but i’m glad MC didn’t save the empress.. only to have her tortured to death probably. she’s dead so let’s leave it at that. good call, ariel