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The country has been turned upside down.”


“It would have been a big trouble for the Saintess, too.”


What happened in the Imperial Palace was left undisclosed, and to others, it was declared that the Empress had plotted rebellion.


“Oh my gosh. How dare she think of plotting a rebellion.”


The Count of Mikhael was devastated and the Empress’ faction completely collapsed. Except for the Empress’ second cousin, who was hired by Kyle to help with this.


“Only the baby in her belly who died together is pitiful. Really.”


Daisy let out a small sigh.


The Empress’ body was immediately incinerated, and the truth wasn’t known to anyone. That the child in her womb was fake.


It was the decision of the Imperial Family, fearing that the country would be overturned once again if that fact was known.


“I also heard that His Imperial Majesty was also bedridden because of it, that can’t be happening but, whatever.”


The Empress’ faction was uprooted, and the listed priests who had internal communication with them were also handed over. Among them, most of the priests sent to the Imperial Palace were all treated according to the strict new law.


The latest examination of priests revealed that the Emperor had been poisoned for quite some time.


In addition to the Kronia the Empress was taking, she used several dark drugs to manipulate the Emperor.


And after the death of the Empress, the emperor, having learned all that had happened, lay in bed.


I tried to heal the Emperor with sacred power, but I found out that the sickness of a heart couldn’t be cured even with that. Even if I poured holy energy into his weakened body, he didn’t have the will to absorb it properly.


“Have you not received a message from the High Priest yet?”


At my words, Daisy nodded her head sullenly.


A fortnight has passed since that incident.


The day after returning to the temple, Reihausd received a letter and hurriedly left for somewhere.


With only Dwayne accompanying him, saying he has something to investigate.


“High-ranking priests are demanding an explanation of this situation… That’s why I’m really mad. The person who has the most difficulty right now is the Saintess. They have to give you time to chill.”


Daisy continued.


“The High Priest also… He’s too much to leave the temple empty for ten days at a time like this.”


“Let’s go get some wind.”


I thought it was going to be okay, and I walked the corridor with Daisy.


Priests and priestesses who were passing by and saw me, stopped and bowed their heads.


White Rotunia swayed in the distant garden.


I kept walking and came out of the temple. And it was time to take a few more steps to see Rotunia.


A familiar voice was heard.




I slowly turned my head.


Red hair fluttered in the light breeze. The color of his eyes in the sun looked a little darker than usual.


However, his strong shoulders, tall stature, and a long sword shackle hanging from his waist were creating a sense of intimidation as always.


I saw a man behind him, but I turned to look at Kyle and bowed my head slightly.


“May the blessings of the Nine Gods rest upon you, Your Highness the Crown Prince.”


My dress moved and there was a sound.


His face, covered in blood and anger, overlapped for a moment with his clean face, but I shook off the afterimage.


Instead of the Emperor who was recuperating, it’s said that it was his duty to act in the place of the Emperor. Now the whole country was his.


“I came to see you.”


He suddenly came up to me and raised his hand slowly.


The tip of Daisy’s blonde hair brushed his hand. The tingling sensation that almost touched me made me nervous.


Soon his bright red eyes looked at me and said.


“There is something I want to ask you. Why didn’t you save her that day?”


His words lingered in my ears.


I opened my mouth as I looked at the swaying petals of Rotunia.


“You really didn’t know?”


At my words, he stared at me with his eyebrows hardened. He looked as if he had no idea.


Kyle had no interest in relationships with women. But if Rosé had said that much, at least a little bit of tact…


“What do you mean?”


“The Empress…”




“…Haa. Nevermind.”


He seemed like a man who wouldn’t even notice the slightest bit, so I decided not to talk.


After all, it’s the past, and knowing the truth won’t change anything, so maybe I should keep this as a secret that only I know.


“The reason I didn’t save him was because of the Gods’ will.”


“…The Gods’ will.”


Kyle’s eyes became complicated and subtle.


“I’m the Saintess. Doing the Gods’ will is my priority.”


Odyssey showed such a flashback scene, so it was really a God’s will.


It was a pity to have the Empress, who committed such a bad thing, die gracefully, but it was still the last wish of the dying.


“I see.”


I continued looking at him between his nicely folded brows.


“How is His Imperial Majesty?”


“Still not good.”


A warm wind blew.


A gentle breeze, as if the terrible situation of that day was a lie. We stood precariously between the rolling heads, blood, and pressure.


“Don’t blame yourself. The reason His Imperial Majesty is in the sickbed is because of the Empress.”


I looked up at Kyle and said.


“It’s not Your Highness’ fault.”


His eyebrows wiggled.


“We need to make sure who is at fault.”


After staring at me for a while, a faint smile crossed his lips and then disappeared.


After a while, I heard his voice.


“…I’m also glad you looked brave.”


I nodded and smiled.


Even so, I was quite strong and possessed a personality with a lot of self-rationalization.


“A strong wick is a trait suitable even within the Imperial Palace.”


Even his jokes are scary.


The temple is enough for my makeshift kennel.


I spoke up to change the subject.


“The weather is really nice today. The blue sky over there…”


[The God of Destruction, Ciel, is doing his best.]


Then at that moment, the sky suddenly became cloudy and it started to get dark.


As there was only silence in the awkwardness, Kyle, who suddenly glanced up at the sky, continued.


“Thank you.”


I was quietly listening to the unfamiliar words, which were making me shy for no reason. My mouth was dry.


“For letting her die. For preventing me… from becoming a real monster.”


At his words, I stared blankly at him.


He looked different from usual. Would I say he is a lonely, untamed beast?




I looked away from him and wiggled my hands.


“As expected, I…”


And Kyle’s low voice.


“I think I will be visiting the temple more often in the future.”


The moment I heard those words, my heart was pounding for some reason. And the status window started flashing.


[An emergency meeting of the Gods was held about adopting Kyle Alexis Illide as son-in-law.]

[The God of Art, Mond, fiercely opposes.]

[The God of Knowledge, Hessed, demeans those who wield swords, saying that they are really useless.]


[The God of Destruction, Ciel, bites Hessed’s leg.]

[The God of Love, Odyssey, is eating corn crackers.]

[The God of Benevolence, Oman, rises on the podium and gains attention.]

[In fairness, he proposes to take all three as concubines.]

[A majority of the Gods agree.]


“Stop it!”


Watching the flickering chat window, I screamed involuntarily. I thought it was going to be weird.


Kyle asked, frowning.


“Are you talking to me?”




Only then did I come to my senses and look up at Kyle again.


“No. That’s not it.”


“Anyway, now that Her Imperial Majesty the Empress has passed away, the reason why you will often visit the temple…”


However his voice pierced my ears.


“Since some day, when I see you, something comes to my mind.”


“Pardon? What are you thinking?”


Without realizing it, the end of my voice trembled a little.


“Everything has a reason.”


That voice coldly penetrated my abyss. His eyes were glimmering on me.


“There must be a reason why you became such a different person.”


A cold voice pierced my heart.


[The God of Benevolence, Oman, is interested in Kyle’s sharpness.]


“I’m very curious about you.”


Sword Masters are skilled in Chi, that’s why they have good sensitivity.


“How would you react if our common enemy was gone and I was still curious about you?”


I stared blankly at his red lips and finally came to my senses.


It’s time to end the increasingly dangerous conversation.


“I, I… Now I’m going to have to go inside. It’s been a while since I’ve been under the sun, so I’m dizzy.”


“You’re saying you’re running away in a roundabout way.”


I turned away from his gaze, which was silently staring at me, and made a calm voice.


“Your Highness, please go back as soon as possible. Don’t you feel uncomfortable going on an outing like this when you have a lot of national affairs?”


He let out a sigh.


“It’s always like this.”


Being barely close is enough.


The positive aspect had to be put in for the real relationship of the original story. I don’t know if the original story has any more meaning, though.


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