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It was when I left Kyle behind and took a few steps towards my room.


Suddenly, something appeared in front of me, making me stop flinching.


I raised my head slightly and saw a man.


The light of purple eyes on his silver hair. A handsome face, white skin, and contrasting red lips.


His shoulders are broad and he’s a little shorter than Kyle, but he’s on the tall side anyway. Is he in his early 20s?


When I tried to stand sideways, he also took a step to the side.


Then I moved to the other side, and he moved the same way.


What is he doing now?


I frowned a little and said to him.


“Would you mind getting out of my way?”


But he didn’t move, and instead showed a soft smile.


“I’m a little disappointed.”


It was a soft smile, yet somehow my spine was cold.


A sense of dread that had been in place for a while.


“I can’t believe you don’t recognize me.”


His voice rang in my ears.


The moment I thought, who was it, a chat window flickered in front of my eyes.


[The connection with the oracle will be disconnected.]




I didn’t even press disable, but my connection with the Gods was cut off.


Confused, I licked my lips again.


“Will you remember if you see this?”


And as he clenched his fist once and opened it again, a silver coin with a murky light flashed in his palm.




I took a breath in surprise.


Now I know who he is.


The Guild Leader of the Deviamon Magician Guild!


Then, behind my back, another move touched me.


“What business do you have in the temple? Baron.”


At that, I opened my eyes wide.


Baron? The head of the Deviamon Guild is a baron?


The man frowned and slowly turned his gaze to Kyle.


“I have come to investigate the case for the collapse of the annex of the temple because it’s being finalized.”


“The Lord yourself?”


“Well, it’s a request from the High Priest, so I have to do this much.”


Kyle nodded his head and spoke.


“It seems that the saying that Vester built the temple easily is a rumor.”


Those words pierced my ears.


Wait a minute. Vester?


‘If it’s Vester… Diego Vester? That villain?!’


“There were times when we briefly bumped into each other for a while, but now magicians and priests are getting along well. Wouldn’t it be wise to respect each other’s territory?”


As soon as he finished speaking, his purple eyes turned towards me. My heart was beating like crazy.




After sending the two men go, my mind was confused.


Diego Vester.


One of the rulers of the Demon Realm and the villain of the novel.


I found the man, whom I never wanted to run into, on my own!


And I was tired of pretending to be enchanted.


At that time, I was wearing a holy relic that hides my power, so he wouldn’t have recognized me, but… I could tell that he had just recognized me again.


“Don’t let anyone in.”


I said to Daisy as I entered the room.


There were two old books about the ‘Devil Realm’ that I borrowed from the library.


Both of them were officially non-existent books, but reading these books over the past few days helped me understand a little about the Demon Realm.


In the Demon Realm, there is a Demon King and Demon Princes who are its subordinates. Aside from that, many nobles, ordinary demons, and even insignificant demons form a pyramid-shaped hierarchical society.


Of course, they weren’t large compared to human society, but they were a threat to the extent that everyone could use black magic.


In the original story, Diego is the successor of Demon King Leto and a powerful magic duke.


He is living as ‘Baron Diego Vester’ in the human world, but his true identity was like that.


‘Why did he have to be the Guild Leader of Deviamon Guild!’


Damn it.


Had I known he was Diego, I would never have put such an irrational number.


“The Saintess’ bedroom is quite comfortable.”


As I desperately opened another thick book, I suddenly heard a voice from behind, breaking my little relief.


I jumped up in surprise.




It is true that if you’re too surprised, your voice won’t come out.


As I was staring at him with my big eyes, frozen, he gave me a light smile.


“You’re also raising a cute egg that appears to have been purchased from the Pennsyl Guild.”


Dangerous purple eyes. There was a man who shouldn’t be in this room.


“Ah, don’t shout. It will only hurt your neck.”


It felt like my goosebumps were standing still, but I clenched my fists to regain my composure.


The coolness returned after a while.


I repeated what he had said, and I knew that perhaps by some trick he had done, my noise wouldn’t be heard outside.


“You tried to use Deviamon to expel the Empress.”


It must have been because of Diego’s influence that the oracle had been disconnected until now.


“The penalty for deceiving me by pretending to be enchanted…”


He took one step, two steps closer to me.


“I’m worried about how you should receive it.”


I said to him, barely hiding my fear.


“I understand you’re angry. I would have done the same.”


His eyes darkened at my words.


“The Empress was completely ousted. I later found out that there was no name Celestine around the Empress.”


He narrowly placed my index finger on my lips.


“But to see you again at the temple like this.”


His low voice rang in my ears.


“Should I call this a harvest, or… should I call it fate?”


Whether it was malice or magic, an ominous energy enveloped me.


“That you, who deceived me, is that Saintess.”


His purple pupils contained deep curiosity.


“Why did I only know now?”


I couldn’t understand what he was saying.


“Oracle activation.”


I looked at him and spoke over and over again. Of course, I fully understand why he’s angry with me, but I’m a person who puts my safety first.


“If you come any closer, you will get hurt.”


And a chat window flashed in front of me.


[The oracle is activated.]


However, unlike usual, the oracle window wasn’t clear and flickered continuously.


Still, I focused as much as I could.


Seeing the window flickering, I could guess how strong his magic was.


There was interest in his eyes.


“My goodness.”


[The God of Destruction, Ciel, roars.]


A white light began to form on my hand again.


“I have never seen a saintess with a pillar.”


He mumbled something incomprehensible.


“Everyone was a puppet tying up strings, yet you stand on your own two feet.”


I reached out to him as if I were healing. Then a warm light shone on him like a ray of light.


It was because the thought that it might be a healing power for humans but an attack for demons came to my mind like an instinct.


Diego stretched out his right hand, black darkness pouring out of his hand, colliding with the light.


Whether it worked or not, his darkness didn’t come close to me. It wasn’t the magic of ordinary magicians, it was a black magic called Magi.


His fine eyebrows trembled slightly.


“I don’t know what you’re talking about, but people can’t always win and live.”


I blatantly advised him.


“You get to know the world by getting hit in the back of your head once or twice.”


[The God of Love, Odyssey, is curious about the relationship between you and Diego.]


[The God of Knowledge, Hessed, speaks of his reasoning.]


Although the Gods were wary of Diego, they were reasoning about his relationship with me. And soon my light began to engulf his darkness.


No matter how strong his power is, this is the temple.


The house of the Gods, the realm of the Gods.


“So, just coolly forget about the last time.”


One step, two steps, he started backing away. But his eyes were as relaxed as if he were dreaming, and his voice was monotonous.


“Celestine… . Ariel Celestine.”


I suddenly shrugged at my full name.


“I have just decided to regard this meeting as fate.”


My light almost engulfed his darkness, and he finally smiled faintly as his back touched the window.


“Let’s take it slow. There’s plenty of time.”


His voice crept into my ears.


“We will see each other again soon.”


And in an instant, his body disappeared. As if he wasn’t there from the beginning.


My holy power, lost in its way, hit the windowpane and scattered like glitter in the air.


My hand was looking for its color again. The status window in front of me flashed.


I let out a small sigh. And to the Gods who were curious, I told the whole story. Even secretly finding the Black Magic Guild and meeting Diego.


After a while, the oracle window appeared.


[The Gods are holding an emergency meeting.]


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