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The emergency meeting of the Gods continued for a long time. But I couldn’t see what it was.


I stood blankly and sat down on the bed.


‘In addition to the Gods and the three male leads, even the villain took an interest in me.’


I don’t know what kind of interest it is, but it’s true that it’s ominous anyway. And I felt that my peaceful dream life was getting farther away.


[The Gods have finished the emergency meeting.]


[They have decided that they have something to show you.]


And at that moment, my hand lit up, and a small butterfly came out of it.


With my eyes wide open, I looked at the fluttering wings of a butterfly shining like a Tinkerbell.


What is… this?


A butterfly flapped its wings. As if it wanted me to follow it.


I started to follow the butterfly.




When I opened the door, many people, including Daisy, were lying on the floor.


Startled, I ran to Daisy, put my hand on her chest, and I could tell that she was breathing.




I looked at the butterfly again, hardening my eyebrows.


I think it’s a trick of the gods… But do they have to kill innocent people? Perhaps they were resting for a while.


I started walking again after the butterfly.


It was eerie to see people lying asleep in a quiet temple.


I continued walking after the butterfly. And at some point the butterfly stopped in front of a large door.


“Here is…”


It was Reihausd’s office.


Naturally, it was closed, and as I stood still, I heard a creaking sound of something unraveling.


Although reluctant, I raised my hand and placed it on the handle.


It felt like heavy iron. Pulling on the hook, the door opened with difficulty, and the butterfly went straight into the gap.


I, too, followed the butterfly into the office.


The spacious office was decorated with some sacred objects, and a neatly organized desk and a living room were also provided. A fresh scent lingered on the tip of my nose, perhaps because of the plants on the window sill.


The butterfly fluttered and flew in front of his little study. My gaze naturally went toward it.


On one side of the study were books that couldn’t be found in the temple library.


Old books that look like they are hundreds of years old. Among them, the butterfly reached out and touched one of the books in the center, and the butterfly disappeared into the powder of light.


I picked it up and placed it on the desk.


As I turned over the dark green leather cover, a lot of letters came in. And the chat window in front of my eyes flickered.


[Oracle LV4 is opened with the unique power of the Gods.]


[The power of the Gods can no longer be used to raise the oracle level.]


And immediately the chat window flashed.


[The God of Knowledge, Hessed, uses ‘Instinct’ on you.]


When the oracle was first opened, Hessed tried to use it, but it was a feature that could not be used due to the low level.


In an instant, the letters of the book began to rush toward me like waves.


They consisted mostly of ciphers. It is an irregular code that is impossible to interpret.


[The God of Art, Mond, uses ‘Response’ on you.]


However, when Mond’s Response began, the situation changed.


The ciphers began to be listed in the form of pictures. A screen unfolded in front of me, and the puzzles began to fit together.


“The temple?”


The only recognizable characters were that, and the rest were spread out before my eyes as imaged materials.


There was a beautiful woman.


A woman with platinum blonde hair who was wearing a beautiful dress.


Her surroundings were shining with a holy light. And there were three men around her.


One man was holding a scale, the other was wearing a crown and holding a long sword.


Another man was wearing a priest’s uniform and holding his hands together. And opposite them, there was darkness.


A man with two devil horns holding an apple and a lot of demons behind him.


The man with the devil’s horns reached out to the woman, and the woman was embraced by the devil.


Shackles began to wrap around the necks of the three men.


And at that moment, the three men turned to ashes and began to disappear.


The woman with blonde hair’s clothes turned black, and her lips twisted wickedly.


The world began to fall into darkness.


I woke up from my emotions and looked at the book again. Its letters were disappearing.


What the hell is this?


While watching that amazing scene, the window in front of me started to glow.


[The God of Justice, Hetuse, enters your oracle.]


[Garden 6/6]


[■■■ ■■■, who couldn’t enter the oracle, takes over the mat of Hetuse.]


They were Gods with a somewhat contradictory mood.



[The God of Knowledge, Hessed, welcomes the God of Justice, Hetuse.]


The two seem to be close because they are similar.


[The God of Benevolence, Oman, demeans Hetuse, saying it’s a cross.]


[The God of Art, Mond, is a bit disappointed when he learns the identity of the newbie.]


This side didn’t seem very friendly.


“Excuse me… Can you tell me what you just showed me?”


[The God of Love, Odyssey, introduces three candidates to the new God.]


[The God of Destruction, Ciel, presents Kyle’s videosphere to Hetuse as a gift and opens a business.]


Well. I don’t think now is the time to open the male leads business.


I sighed and waited a little longer, yet they didn’t explain anything further.


What I felt while watching the oracle was that once the flow went in a certain direction, there was no turning back.


And for some reason, the Gods didn’t give plausible information through the oracle.


“Please take care of me. The newly arrived God.”


In the end, I slightly bowed to the God who entered my oracle.


What does the video I just saw mean?


Up to the beginning, it seemed to be similar to the contents of the original story I had read. Saintess Camilla wins the love of three men, and is in a noble position…


But what follows is a story that can only be described as ominous.


Could the man with the devil’s two horns have something to do with Diego?


His words still linger in my mind.


[That you, who deceived me, is that Saintess…]


My mind was complicated. The feeling of being handed a piece of a complicated secret.


[We will see each other again soon.]



I shook my head. There was nothing to jump to conclusions yet.




Reihausd returned three days later. He was pale and injured.


As soon as he returned to the temple, he took 24 hours off, and it was the next day when I saw him again.


Even in the morning he didn’t look very well. One of his arms was wrapped in bandages.


Of course, there are also blind Gods.


[The God of Art, Mond, likes his disheveled top.]


Contrary to his usual uniform, his tight chest was half exposed, although he looked rather decadent.


“Are you okay?”


I looked down at him with a worried expression on his tired face.


“Shouldn’t you rest a little more? You look very tired.”


It was the first time he had ever shown himself like this. The choker around his neck swayed dangerously.


“Master, no, Saintess.”


He seemed a little confused as to whether he was really in a bad state.


“Where have you been?”


“I visited Ares Mine.”


Ares was the largest mineral and magic stone production area in the Empire. In the original story, it was described as Camilla’s hometown.


“I couldn’t tell you the reason as I left in a hurry.”


Reihausd’s voice flowed.


I wondered why came back injured and he left the temple in a hurry not long after he had recovered.


“I wish everything was in my prediction.”


His face looked quite dark.


Feeling strangely ominous, I asked him.


“What happened?”


“The gate of the Devildom has exploded in Ares Mine.”


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  1. Omg the saintess from the story she knew was actually evil! 🫣

    1. Oh, so like the original saintess was with the demons and the three ml’s ended up dying. Now I get it a little