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“A gate?”


“You can take it as a bridge connecting the Demon Realm has been built. It means that the two worlds that should have been separated were connected by a small gap.”


I suddenly remembered the explanation I heard in Ren and Van’s space.


This world and the Demon Realm were in completely different directions.


And according to the book I borrowed from the library after sending Diego away, it was said that only the Demon Princes with powerful powers could influence the world by dealing with humans.


It can’t descend directly without a medium, and even if it descends, its power is very limited, but it is sufficiently threatening.


“The Magi that flowed out of Ares was very concentrated.”


Reihausd stared at me with clear golden eyes and said.


“And demon beasts are coming out of the mine and attacking private houses.”


It was a surprising story. Although monsters influenced by magic become violent, monsters are different from demon beasts. It was a little dangerous, but it could exist on the ground.


However, demon beasts were literally creatures of the Demon Realm.


It’s concentrating demonic energy, and that’s why it’s even more dangerous to humans.


It was even more dangerous in that there was no investigation into demon beasts.


“How is the situation?”


Reihausd answered my question with a serious expression.


“The entire coal mining town with about 200 people was annihilated.”




“Fortunately, we were able to seize the mine with Ares’ Paladins, and now we’re gathering priests from Artis and Henna near Ares to maintain a barrier around the gate.”


It was a fortunate story.


“The problem was that the damage was great. Some priests were dragged into the gate.”


But when I heard his next words, I couldn’t help but sigh.


“How are they?”


“I still don’t know if they’re alive or dead. I can only remember their noble sacrifices.”


“If the demon beasts come out, can’t we go in too? We can go in and…”




Reihausd firmly cut me off.


Yeah, I knew it was something impossible.


Even if I only recall the intense Magi that Diego Vester exuded, going to save them would be a meaningless death.


“…Is the barrier well maintained?”


After trying to regain my composure, I asked him.


“As soon as we arrived, we sent high-ranking priests. Paladins were also reinforced, and I reported the situation to the Crown Prince.”


Reihausd’s eyes darkened.


“Maybe this is only the beginning.”


“The beginning?”


“Because it’s the first time in history to infiltrate the Demon Realm in this way.”


It was the Demon Realm that intervened in the human world only through passive transactions through human souls, but what will happen?


There was no crisis like this in the original story. At most, the only thing that got entangled with the Demon World was Ariel’s contract with Diego Vester to threaten Camilla.


“Sir Reihausd. By the way…”


I suddenly felt a slight discomfort when I saw him.


There was a single person who was supposed to be seen.


“Where is Dwayne?”


I could see his complexion hardened.


For a while his heavy mouth didn’t open. I asked again, while thinking, no way.


“…Sir Reihausd?”


A deep silence fell.


This silence clearly meant an affirmation of the question. For some reason, my whole body was stiff.


After a while, he spoke in a choked voice.


“He was dragged into the gate.”




“The temple will not forget his sacrifice.”


He was a Paladin who had been close to Ariel ever since I woke up.


It was a problem with his blunt personality and tactlessness, but I always felt secure with him behind me whenever I went to trade at Lloyd’s Merchant.


But that kind of Dwayne… did something wrong?


My heart started pounding.


“Dwayne… Dwayne is…”


I raised my hand and covered my face.


Anger and sadness filled my heart.


Shocked, I stood still for a long time, and Reihausd looked at me with miserable eyes.


Then a chat window popped up in front of my eyes.


[The hidden mission has been activated.]


[Hidden Mission: Close the gate of the Demon Realm to prevent the destruction of the world.]


[Reward: ???]


And when my mind, which had been covered with sadness, cleared up a little, I remembered the most rational choice I could make.


“That barrier.”


After thinking for a moment, I opened my mouth.


“Is it being held out by changing the priests’ divine power now?”


Reihausd nodded at my words.


“That’s right.”


“Then what about holy power?”


Wouldn’t it be possible if it was a sacred power that was stronger than holy power?


I wanted to avoid getting into trouble. However, the news that even the strong Paladin Dwayne had become like that made the distant danger a reality.


Ares is the hometown of Saintess Camilla. This current period is around the time she is in Ares.


If the gate explodes and something happens to Camilla, that would be too much of a variable for me.


Also, to maintain the gate, the priests of Elium will have to continue to be dispatched.


‘It’s enough that I’ve already lost Dwayne…’


To my words, Reihausd didn’t answer for a long time.


His expression hardened.


“I can’t send you to that dangerous place. Ariel.”


A low voice reached my ears.


“Then tell me the objective truth about what will happen if the gate is left as it is.”


I asked him with a complicated look.


His eyebrows quivered slightly.


Soon, his hushed voice was heard.


“If the barrier fails to be kept, the damage to the priests will increase, and if Ares Mine is taken over again or the hole grows bigger…”


A groaning voice.


“It could be really disastrous.”


“If it’s a disaster…”


“The demon beasts will push in. The Imperial Palace is hastily gathering troops and preparing for war. If the gate explodes, Ares will be completely trampled and become an outpost of demons. An unprecedented crisis… situation.”


I thought it didn’t matter much what happened to this world. But the red flags of no more were ringing in my head.


The content of the hidden mission that I haven’t seen in a long time was clear.


‘Please close the gate of the Demon Realm to prevent the destruction of the world.’


That means that if the gate isn’t closed, the world may perish.


Either a peaceful retirement life or the landlord’s dream may become impossible to dream at this rate.


And the scenes I had seen through the senses of the Gods came to mind. Everything is going to be ruined…


“…I’ll go.”


I told Reihausd.


“I can’t let you go.”


Reihausd, obviously, stopped me.


“I’m not going because I want to go either.”


I also hated being in danger.


This damn world. I just want to live a quiet life.


But it had to be done.




Reihausd continued to look stubborn.


“Please make preparations.”


I got a little closer to him. Then, with a determined face, I continued to speak to him.


“Sir Reihausd is injured, so please don’t move.”


I could see his eyebrows twitching.


“…I can’t.”


“What if it’s my order as the Saintess?”


Leaning slightly, I raised my hand and placed it on his neck.


“Now, as a real saintess, not a fake saintess.”


And untied his choker.


Reihausd’s eyes were shaking.


I put the choker in my pocket.


“I will have this now.”


I knew that the reason he wouldn’t let me go was because he was worried about me.




“Now is the moment for the Saintess to do the Saintess’ work and the High Priest to do the High Priest’s work.”


At my words, Reihausd’s eyes shook again.


Soon, he licked his lips.


“…You’re cruel.”


I didn’t answer.


His expression looked distressed, yet in the end he had no choice.


“Don’t worry. I will come back safely.”


I told him in a calm voice.


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