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[The God of Benevolence, Oman, declares that he will do his best to help you until the day you return the choker to him.]


[The God of Art, Mond, agrees with Oman.]


[The God of Knowledge, Hessed, is wary of the dark energy of the south.]


[The God of Justice, Hetuse, is optimistic about your fate.]


A chat window flashed in front of me.


The Gods generally respected my self-determination, even if they were nagging at times.




I entered the room and lay down on the bed. I was a little upset.


This is probably the first long-distance trip after possessing this body. Ares Mine is quite far from the temple, so it would take 15 days at normal speed and 10 days at high speed.


‘What will happen in the future?’


Will I be able to do it well?


Such thoughts lingered endlessly.


I eventually closed my eyes. Even thinking about it now, there was nothing I could do.




But then a strange sound came from somewhere.


Thud. Thud.


I quietly raised my eyelids.


‘Did some flies enter the room?’


It was similar to the sound of bugs hitting the ceiling.


‘But there is no light here…’


I got up.


Thud. A little louder this time.


I looked up and looked in the direction the sound was coming from.




Then, startled, I hurried down under the bed.


The unidentified sound came from the nest Daisy made.


As I got closer, the egg I raised by showering it with holy power once or twice a day were breaking little by little.




After a while. The egg cracked deeply with a crackling sound.


Forgetting all the complex thoughts I had had up until now, I stared at the egg with curious eyes.


‘What will come out?’


Although it is said to be a monster, I heard that dangerous monsters don’t come out of eggs this size.


Somehow, it looks like an iguana or an owl will appear…


Thud. The moment the last shell of the cracked egg fell off, I opened my eyes wide.




At the same time, Daisy, who was serving refreshments, entered with a short knock behind my back.


Daisy, who came to me standing in front of the nest, also took a breath.


“…Gasp, Saintess!”


I couldn’t believe what kind of creature appeared in front of me.


This… This is…!


I took a step back.


The little creature opened its eyes and saw me.


Freed from the dark pressure, I faced a new phase of bewilderment.


“This is Pi-X-chu, though!” (Pikachu LMAO)


I was so startled that I screamed out loud. Then, a tingle, something like electricity, flashed from the tail of the yellow mouse.


“Saintess, what is Pi-X-chu? Anyway, this kid.”


Daisy said, putting her hands on its cheeks.


“How cute.”


[The God of Destruction, Ciel, vehemently opposes Daisy’s words.]


“…Gasp. No way.”


I pinched my cheek.


How can a Pi-X-chu come out of an egg?


Not to the point of resemblance, they were exactly the same.


Plus, while being super cute, there’s a problem.


“…Pi-X?” (Pika? X is read as ‘ka’, I guess)


“Quiet! You could be reported for copyright infringement!”


In spite of my advice, Pi-X-chu pricked up its ears and put on a happy expression.




In the end, I decided to use the last resort.




When I called Daisy with a determined face, she quickly approached me.


“Yes, Saintess.”


“Bring me the demonic creature dictionary.”




“Hurry up.”


At my urgent voice, Daisy went straight out.


I ended up in a room alone with Pi-X-chu.




…What. Do you even need a monster ball?


My head was pounding.


“…10 Million Volt Thunderbolt.” (a Pokemon move)


Of course, I can’t help but wonder.


But Pi-X-chu didn’t seem to know what 10 Million Volt Thunderbolt was.


After a while, Daisy brought the demonic creature dictionary. I opened the dictionary while Daisy was playing with Pi-X-chu.


[The God of Knowledge, Hessed, uses ‘Response’ on you.]


Words from the dictionary entered my mind incessantly.


‘Nothing, nothing… No matter how much I look for it.’


I concentrated and searched for a monster that looked like a Pi-X-chu, but I couldn’t find it.


‘How did this happen?’


They said that I need to inject mana to grow well, but I injected holy power.


Did a mutation come out?


‘Still, it’s strange that Pi-X-chu pops out of nowhere!’


As I kept revisiting the letters in the dictionary, something suddenly caught my eye.




[Rare creature]


A creature that grows from the branch of the World Tree in the beginning and can change its shape. It awakens from the egg in the form its owner is most familiar with.


As an existence between a holy relic and a monster, it can grow into either a holy relic or a monster as the owner wishes.


[The God of Knowledge, Hessed, is quite fond of the demonic creature.]


[The God of Love, Odyssey, says that the demonic creature is cuter than Ciel.]


[The God of Destruction, Ciel, growls as he looks at the demonic creature.]


Perhaps because of these characteristics, the Gods didn’t seem to show much hostility. Except for Ciel.


“Pi-X pi-X!”


“Oh my, you are really cute. Pi-X.”


However, that form also had problems.


“Anything that can change shape…”


I said to the Yggdrasil.


“You… Can you change your body to look the way I want?”


At my words, Pi-X-chu tilted its head.


“What do you mean, Saintess? To think that it can change its body.”


“…It has such a skill. This Pi-X-chu.”


I roughly put it around her.


“Wow. It’s better than I thought. But Saintess, it’s cute now, though…”


Daisy looked up at me, wide-eyed.


“No. It’s against copyright.”


I closed my eyes and sent a desperate telepathic message to the Yggdrasil.


Change into something other than Pi-X-chu!


After a while, when I opened my eyes, I saw a slightly different animal in front of me.


“My goodness. The mouse has rounded ears. And it’s black, but only its face is white…”


“That rat is even worse!!”


Mi-X Mouse! (Mickey Mouse)


I closed my eyes with all my might.


I’ve seen on the internet about the easiest way to be rescued from a deserted island. If you draw that mouse on the beach sand, the company’s legal team will come looking for you…


It’s a messed up version of the original, even so, it can’t go further catastrophic.


After a while, I opened my eyes.


A chubby gold hamster was seen through my blurry vision.




Stupidity flowed from its sesame-seed-like black eyes. Its convex cheeks, glossy fur, and cute butt are adorable.


I barely let out a sigh of relief.


“Oh my gosh. There is such a cute creature.”


Daisy reached her hand out in admiration.


I hurriedly grabbed Daisy’s wrist. It was because the electricity flowing from the hamster’s body stood out.


“It’s an attack type. This fellow.”


Even so, I heard that when it becomes an adult, it will have stronger power than most high-ranking magicians.


The population is so rare that its properties haven’t been properly studied, and it may have some hidden potential.


Fortunately though.




The hamster was making a fierce expression while looking at me.


It is said to be the type that recognizes the first person it sees as its owner after waking up from the egg.


I looked at Kyuu and said.


“From today, your name is Kyuu.”


One day before the raid, I also got a pet mouse.


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  1. Honestly, you should have just stuck with a dragon hatching from it.