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I started to pack various things.


The holy relics, the Pendant of Holy Seal, Hessed’s Bracelet, and the All-Purpose Pocket. Clothes and daily necessities that aren’t dragging out.


And the moment I’ve packed my luggage for a trip that’s going to be at least a month…


“Saintess, this isn’t all, is it?”


Daisy’s reaction was unexpected.


“This is enough.”


“I can’t believe it’s enough. You should fill at least one carriage with dresses and accessories for this expedition. When the Imperial Family goes on a trip for several days, they fill three carriages.”


A saintess is a semi-member of the Imperial Family who doesn’t have to bow her head to anyone but the Emperor.


But with all my luggages combined, it was only two 28-inch suitcases, so it was understandable that she was bewildered.


“What if priests from other temples look down on the Saintess? We can never let that happen…”


“Daisy, I’m not going on a trip, though?”


I said firmly, fearing that Daisy would fill one of the carriages.


“Still, Saintess, this is too little. No matter how much I think about it, I have to go with you and wait…”


“I said no to that. No.”




She widened her eyes, but I firmly refused.


As the gate is about to open, Ares Mine is too much for Daisy, whose divine power is at the level of an apprentice priestess.


“Please. I can’t send the Saintess to that dangerous place alone.”


In the end, the carriage was the paving stone for this conclusion.


“I know what you’re feeling, but if you come, you’ll get in the way.”


Daisy looked at me, startled at my words. It was a cold statement, but it was also a clear reality that made her accept my decision.


“You wouldn’t want to put me in danger by protecting you, would you?”


Daisy bowed her head, looking like she was going to cry.


“I understand. Saintess.”


I raised my hand and patted her on the shoulder.


“Don’t worry too much and wait. Did you say your hometown is in the north? It’s good to take a vacation and go back to your hometown when I’m not there.”




“When we meet again after this business ends, let’s go to the cake shop together. You ate well last time.”


Hicc. Saintess. You must come home safely!”


Finally, Daisy pulled out her tears and fell into my arms.


It was around the time she became calm.




When Daisy pulled off from me and I stretched out my hand, Kyuu came running into my hand with its hips twitching. It was large even for a golden hamster, so I could feel the weight in my palm.


“I won’t see you for a long time either. But don’t forget your owner.”


Whether it was really a rare demonic creature, Kyuu looked at me with its stupid eyes.


There were over a hundred Paladins although there was only one carriage I rode. About thirty porters and workers were also mobilized.


I was bewildered on a larger scale than I thought.


“Sir Reihausd.”


Just in time, Reihausd was seeing me off.


He looked better than before in his white uniform.


Of course, he still doesn’t seem to have fully recovered, judging from the fact that he’s in a cast.


“I have selected the most skilled Paladins.”


However, if I told him to reduce the number of Paladins here, there was plenty of room for Reihausd to say that he was forced to follow me instead, so I nodded my head.


I heard that he was cursed by a dying demon.


The demon’s curse through death was a considerable blow to even the High Priest.


First of all, it was just that my blessing didn’t work well. A break will be needed for another month or more.


“Don’t worry, just go in.”




A desperate light flashed in his eyes, which shimmered gold across his pale face.


Now, Reihausd even seemed to want to grab my feet.


“The Saintess is right.”


Then, a man’s voice was heard. A little startled, I turned my head and saw a tall man walking towards me. It was Cass Lloyd.


“Marquis Lloyd.”


Reihausd furrowed his eyebrows with a clear sick complexion.


Cass bowed his head to me and said to Reihausd.


“Just in time, I’m also going to Ares for a job, so I request to accompany the Saintess.”


I was startled by that and looked up at Cass. It was a story I had never heard of.


“Wouldn’t the High Priest feel a little relieved if a hundred skilled mercenaries from Lloyd’s Merchant and many workers were together in addition to the one hundred Paladins?”


Reihausd asked with a reluctant expression.


“…What is your business about going to Ares?”


“The mid-level demons that came out of the mine exploded and caused great damage to the property of the Merchant in Ares.”


There was a cold aura in his ultramarine blue eyes.


“They went looting. Killing people. They said it was lawless.”


After Reihausd returned to the temple, Ares’ situation began to be known to the capital, and it was a time when public sentiment was agitated.


All in all, it was said that due to the Empress’ treason incident, the Imperial Palace had been delayed in organizing the messed up system, and was now forming a corps to dispatch.


Cass opened his mouth after a while.


“We plan to rectify the damage and check its situation.”


In other words, he also had business in Ares.


At Cass’ words, Reihausd’s eyes shook.


There were wrinkles between his eyebrows, and a shadow was visible on his face.


Instinctively, he seemed unwilling to have Cass accompany me.


However, rather than sending me alone, it would be safer for me to be with him, the young owner of the Lloyd Merchant, thus the light of fierce conflict flashed in his eyes.


“I appreciate Marquis Lloyd’s words, but…”


I took the initiative and opened my mouth.


To have to stick with Cass during a long trip of nearly fifteen days. How would I deal with that awkwardness and discomfort?


However, Reihausd cut off my words.


“Marquis Lloyd.”


He said to Cass with a gloomy look.


“Please take good care of the Saintess.”


His golden eyes were dark.


Without a word, Cass answered.


“I will do my best to protect the Saintess while I accompany her.”


[The God of Knowledge, Hessed, is satisfied with Reihausd’s decision.]




After a while we got into the carriage and set off. To be precise, I rode the carriage alone, and everyone else rode the horses.


About ten wagons loaded with Lloyd’s Merchant’s items and Paladins’ protective equipment followed me in line.


Cass’s horse was walking next to my wide open window outside.


It wasn’t that fast.


Can we get there within fifteen days at this speed?


I glanced up at him.


It was a bit uncomfortable, but I still felt a bit relieved that we weren’t together for fifteen days in the same carriage.


If we have to stay in the same carriage all day, it may cause inconvenience.


“You don’t look so happy.”


I heard Cass’ voice.


“Are you not happy that I intervened?”


Like a merchant who can read people’s minds skillfully, he noticed my insides.




I stayed still, neither denying nor affirming.


I could feel him smiling fresh.


“Your response is honest.”


“Just… It’s just a little awkward. I thought I was leaving alone.”


I answered calmly.


I could feel Cass looking at me.


“When this schedule is over, you won’t feel awkward anymore.”


I don’t know what it means, but I ignored it.


It was then. A blue bird landed on the window sill.


I turned my gaze from Cass to the bird and covered my mouth in surprise.


“Is this…”


I heard Cass’ voice.


“You’re right.”


It was the Blue Wing that I found in the temple yard before and saved using my holy power for the first time. Its wings were more shiny than before, and the blue feathers were still beautiful.


“You’ve been doing well.”


Since Cass has a relentless personality who abandons dying birds, I hadn’t expected him to be taking good care of it. Fortunately, however, the bird seemed to be doing well so far.


It seemed that Blue Wing saw me and chirped in reply.


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