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I could barely put my hand on his shoulder, but it was difficult to balance in the narrow carriage.


I could feel his breath close by.


It was fortunate that my expression wasn’t visible. I can cover my red face.


After a while, his lips twitched into a light smile.


“…Be careful.”


“Ah… Yes. I’m sorry.”


I was able to stand up again with my back bent after a while.


Cass stretched out his long arm and opened the carriage door. Only then did fresh air rush into the carriage.


He walked out first and held out his hand to me. Embarrassed for some reason, I didn’t hold his hand, but grabbed the doorknob of the carriage and got off.


His eyebrows twitched. The moment I got off the carriage, I saw workers unloading the carriage and Paladins maintaining the horses.


The villages on the outskirts of the capital weren’t as busy as the downtown area, but there were still many inns and restaurants.


Cass said to me, who blankly looked at the scenery.


“So you brought an escort knight.”


At that, I looked at Cass with a puzzled look.


An escort knight?


Soon he pulled a ball of fur out of his pocket.




I couldn’t help but be surprised. I saw Kyuu whose snout was tied with a small string.


[The God of Knowledge, Hessed, nullifies Kyuu’s electric shock.]


[The God of Knowledge, Hessed, once again nullifies Kyuu’s electric shock.]


Hessed had bought Cass’ stock. And electricity is his forte.


Kyuu’s expression looked very sad.


“Ah… It’s a pet that I raised, but it seems to have followed me.”


I took it from him and put it in my hand. Then I untied the knot in its pitiful mouth.


“Because it wants to bite me.”


I heard Cass’ voice.


“I just let you lean your sleeping head on me.”


His voice made me feel somewhat awkward.


“Perhaps it thought you were going to harm me. Because my Kyuu is sensitive.”


“Its name is Kyuu?”


“Ah, yes.”


I replied, scratching my head.


Somehow, there seemed to be a spark between Cass and Kyuu, who was in my hand.


“Tomorrow, I will introduce it to my Blue Wing.”




That doesn’t sound like a very good idea. Blue Wings are carnivores, because rats are their staple food.


[The God of Destruction, Ciel, is delighted with Cass’ plan.]


I looked at him awkwardly and went inside the inn.


Sleeping with my head on Cass’ shoulder. It’s a humiliation from day one


The night outside the window was getting dark. Meals were being served at the inn, and the noise of the party made the first night of the trip a little exciting.


I sat and ate together, but I felt tired and went into the room first. And I went to bed with Kyuu.


About four days passed like that.


I’ve gotten a little closer with Cass in the meantime. I felt like we were attached to each other all day long.


Occasionally, when he rode in the carriage, we would talk about this and that, and we would share snacks. Although Kyuu didn’t seem to like him at all.


So we arrived at the warp point.


By the way…


“How did this happen?”


Cass asked, getting off his horse.


I could feel that the situation was unusual.


There was a log building next to the warp point made of marble, yet half of it was gone because it was burned.


And about twenty people who had collapsed and became corpses were lying everywhere.


Footprints on the floor belong to humans.


The Paladins began to arm themselves, and the mercenaries brought by Cass also drew their swords.


Cass beckoned me to stay in the carriage, and I watched the situation outside anxiously while hugging Kyuu.


“Were they attacked?”


Cass nodded his head with a serious expression.


His cold eyes were on the half-burnt log building.


“There are people alive.”


Then a mercenary shouted.


Cass walked towards him quickly. It seemed that there was someone with a life attached to it.


“Who did this?”


“Keugh… Cough…”


He looked in great pain and I got out of the carriage. Then I ran straight ahead and passed Cass, infusing him with holy power.


The light escaped from my hands and the man’s breathing gradually stabilized.


After a while, he opened his mouth.


“They were more like mercenaries than abandits.”




Cass asked.


“Yes. They were dressed in black clothes and black masks, but they moved so swiftly… . Like flying… Cough.”


I gave him more power, and soon the man fell asleep.


Unlike reviving a child like Noah, reviving a dying adult required more holy power, so first of all, only enough holy power was injected to save his life.




As I got up, I stumbled unconsciously and one of the Paladins supported me.


Cass’ expression darkened.


“Are we not going to use the warp?”


He answered my question.


“It can be used, but the problem is that it doesn’t guarantee safety on the other side.”


“If they are on the other side of the point…”


Fortunately, there was no damage to the marble engraved with the warp magic circle, but this may also be a trap.


“Did they target me?”


At my words, Cass shook his head.


“There are far more enemies at the Lloyd’s Merchant than at the temple.”


As the largest merchant of the Empire, there will be many rivals and those who hold grudges.


“Those who raid the fortunes of the Merchant have been everywhere.”


A moment of silence passed.


A Paladin told me.


“It’s too dangerous to use the warp now.”


However, if we go back on the mountain road, it will take ten days. No, since it took a while to get here, it might take another fortnight.


And until then, will the priests be able to block the gap well?


Even a skilled knight like Dwayne was beaten.


Seeing my worried face, Cass cautiously brought his words out.


“Or I’ll check the safety through the warp and come back.”


“But… .”


At Cass’ words, I looked at him, startled.


It might be safe for me, but it was too risky for him.


“Marquis, it shouldn’t be like that.”


His subordinates also seemed to dissuade him.


Yet he didn’t care and told me.


“This warp magic circle, enchanted by the sun, can connect passages in both directions up to four times a day. And given the size of the group, in order to enter the magic circle, we have to cross over in three groups.”


“First I will cross over and make sure it’s safe, then I will return. After that, the Saintess and the Paladins can cross over the remaining two times.”


The Paladins questioned whether his words were convincing.


Soon I opened my mouth.


“Then… How about the Marquis’ safety?”


At my words, the atmosphere fell silent.


Cass’ eyebrows twitched.


After a while he opened his mouth.


“I’m telling you the most reasonable option.”


Cass Lloyd.


Heir to the largest merchant in the Empire and a pragmatist who judges everything with a calculating mindset.


Yet at this moment, he was putting my safety first.


Is this even a calculation of the relationship with the temple?


‘Or, is he a different person than I thought?’


“It makes sense for my case, but not for yours.”


I said looking straight at him.


And for an instant, his eyebrows hardened, then I could see his eyes shaking.


He opened his mouth slightly, then closed it a moment later.


“No. It makes sense for my case too.”


He regained his calm, sober gaze.


“The Lloyd’s Merchant considers the relationship with the temple very important, and if something goes wrong with the Saintess, it will be difficult to avoid responsibility.”


I stared at him for a while before opening my mouth.


“Alright. If you think that far.”


Somehow, the inside of my mouth was bitter.


Everything he does is just a calculation, right?


Then… I won’t have to feel guilty about letting him take the risk either.


“We will do as the Marquis say.”


Soon, people started to move around busily.


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