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“It’s hard for me to say this when I’ve never been in love, but…”


“Maybe the Marquis has a crush on that woman.”


Cass furrowed his eyebrows at my words.


“As much as is necessary, setting aside all conditions and complicated thoughts. Cass himself.”


Cass, who had been thinking for a while, pursed his lips.


“Everything in the world has a priority. Does being in love ignore that priority?”


A moment of silence passed.


I thought for a while and said.


“If you really like someone, that is.”


Then he smiled and shook his head.


“That’s ridiculous. At least for Lloyd.”


It was a strange remark.


I carefully cut off the conversation.


“No matter what happens, I will support you.”


His eyes darken slightly. Then, after a moment, he twisted his lips and smiled.


He looked away from me to the window.


“You look tired.”


Before I knew it, my body started to feel tired.


Soon after, he told me


“Close your eyes. It’s still a long way until dawn.”


I nodded his head and lay on my side with my back against him. Even though I was in the same room with a man outside, I didn’t feel enclosed, perhaps because the ceiling was open.


I could hear the sound of grasshoppers from time to time.


“I feel like I’m homeless.”


I heard him laugh at my words.


I closed my eyes.


Kyuu, you’re waiting for me nicely, right?


I gradually fell into the world of unconsciousness.


When I opened my eyes to the chirping of birds, the light flooded in.


I woke up with a frown. The jacket Cass was wearing was placed on my body like a blanket.


Is it morning already?


I stretched out, grabbed his jacket, and stood up.


As I walked out of the log barracks, feeling exhausted, I saw Cass in a shirt. His face was still clear, and somehow it made me dazed.


Ah, his shirt was too revealing.


“Are you awake?”


I nodded at his voice.


“By the way…”


Coming out of the barracks, I looked around.


Several wolves that I didn’t see yesterday were dead.


I asked, looking at Cass with surprised eyes.


“What is this?”


He approached me with a light smile and said. Without giving me the answer I wanted.


“People will be waiting. Let’s go now.”


I handed him the jacket again and climbed onto the magic circle.


The magic circle started to activate again.




“My goodness, Saintess. A noble person has come to this humble place.”


The elder priest of Ares saw me and shed tears. I saw other priests wearing their uniforms, but their faces were terrible.


All of them had dark circles under their eyes that went all the way down to their chins.


“Glory to Hetuse, the God of Justice.”


In the area adjacent to the mine, there are the Temple of Hetuse and the Temple of Oman.


And to the temple of Ciel, located about a day away… The three temples were putting in priests for the barrier.


Support came from all over the country, but they were barely holding on as if they were blocking a bursting beam with their hands.


In such a situation, I would be like a welcomed rain shower in a drought. It is said that a saintess’ holy power is equal to the total divine power of one or two temples.


“How is the situation?”


“It’s not good. We’re barely holding on… Rather, the gap is widening.”


“Let’s go to see it right now.”


I got up right away… and turned to Cass while asking.


“What is Cass going to do?”


His eyes widened as he sat holding a teacup.


Soon he opened his mouth.


“The mining rights of Ares Mine are an important asset for Lloyd. We shall support the Saintess.”


At his words, the elder priest nodded to him in gratitude.


He put down his teacup and stood up. And with cold eyes, he licked his lips.


“Let’s go together.”


I nodded.


[The God of Knowledge, Hessed, blesses you.]


[The God of Destruction, Ciel, blesses you.]

[The God of Justice, Hetuse, blesses you.]


[The God of Art, Mond, blesses you.]


The Gods showered me with blessings again.




[The oracle communication is not smooth.]


[The God of Love, Odyssey…]


[The oracle communication is not smooth.]


As we got closer to Ares’s mine, the oracle’s noise got worse, and gradually, I couldn’t even understand what they were saying.


Powerful Magi was flowing in the mine.


“Priest! Priest, open your eyes.”


I saw other priests sprinkle holy water on the face of the priest who was being carried down on a stretcher.


There were wounded knights everywhere, and they were neglected without even expecting a priest to heal them.


“I’ve sent letters to the Imperial Palace several times… but no volunteers are coming.”


To the elder priest’s words, I answered with a sigh.


“It’s a little late due to circumstances, but they’ll definitely come. Trust me, Prince Kyle is definitely not the kind of person to leave this situation behind.”


He nodded and pointed to the entrance.


Indeed, a thicker concentration of Magi was felt.


Cass covered his mouth with his sleeve.


“I will cover you.”


Paladins took the lead and surrounded me.


Soon we started walking along the railroad tracks of the mine, which was dark like a cave.


Groans were heard everywhere.


“Fortunately, the gate at the bottom of the mine didn’t explode. If it had been, it would have been impossible to create a barrier as it would be inaccessible.”


After walking about 100 meters, a faint light began to appear.


As we got closer, the intensity of the light became thicker, and after a while, we could see silhouettes of people. It was about thirty priests who were tangled together.


Their faces are full of sweat and smeared with dark spots.


There were fallen knights behind, and some knights were blocking the monsters that were trying to attack the priests through the net-like barrier.


The barrier they were barely maintaining was like a net before it broke.


The open gate entrance was densely filled with monsters, and the barrier seemed to be insufficient to contain them as they became increasingly heavy.


“My great god, Ciel. Give strength to your servant…”


“Let your enemies sleep in eternal ruin. Ciel of Destruction…”


The injured priests were reciting the names of familiar gods and supplementing their energy with prayers.


And after a while, a priest found the elder priest and shouted.


“Director Priest. I think it will be difficult to endure the day at this rate.”


And he looked at us and said.


“But these people…”


The elder priest immediately spoke.


“The Saintess has come to support us.”


As soon as I heard that, all the priests looked at me. A violent reaction soon erupted.


“T-The Saintess has arrived!!”


“The Saintess has come to save us.”




Some of those pouring their divine powers into the barrier on the front line were crying.


“Saintess! The Saintess has come!”


“Thank you, Saintess.”


“Thank you, God Hetuse!”


It was a reaction as if a strong reinforcement had been put into a battle in which defeat was obvious.


Somehow I felt strange. It was the first time I felt like I was needed.


“Move the wounded.”


At Cass’ words, the mercenaries began to load the fallen knights and priests onto stretchers.


I stared at the hole through which monsters spewed out.


Cracks were visible around the hole the size of a door.


If that rift is broken, the hole will become even bigger and monsters that are more difficult to handle will pour out.


I took one step, two steps forward.


I hate coming forward, yet sometimes I have to.


When there is a danger, like now, that monsters from the Demonic Realm will cover the country and the original story will be ruined, it’s when a bloody situation arises in which my future tranquility is threatened.


“Saintess! Our light!”


“Saintess, salvation!”


Behind me, they let out a cheering roar as if they realized I was about to try something.


Ah, stop saying cheesy things.


‘I can’t concentrate.’


I let go of the desperate words that flew into my ears and focused on my hands.


Holy power is a very powerful power of regeneration. I gathered my strength thinking of restoring this gate. Then I raised my hands in the direction of the hole. Soon, several beams of light poured into the hole.


It was a far more powerful light than the insignificant clusters of light that had come from the hands of the priests until now.


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