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“That’s why I said it ignored one’s priorities.”


Cass, who had been watching her sleeping with her eyes closed again, turned his eyes belatedly. The unpredictable words lingered in his mouth.


“…It did…”




Cass looked down at the source of the pain that had been piercing him for a while.


He could see a few drops of blood running down his fingertips. A golden hamster dangled hostilely from his hand, with its teeth stuck in it.


Without a change in expression, Cass shook his hand a few times before it was slammed onto the bed.


There were bloody teeth marks on his hands.




It glared at Cass, making a rough noise uncharacteristic of a small creature, and Cass said without much consideration.


“She just fell asleep.”


His ultramarine blue eyes were on Ariel’s thick eyelashes.


“To think that you’re trying to wake up like an idiot like this.”


There was a shadow between Cass’ forehead.


He looked at Ariel for a moment longer, then turned around. And he left through the door.


Outside the door, the elder priest stood hesitantly.


He looked at Cass and asked.


“How is the Saintess…”


“She was conscious, but she immediately fell back asleep.”


“When is she going to wake up?”


The elder priest asked eagerly, yet Cass’ eyes were cold.


He stared at the elder priest with cold eyes. The elder priest was taken aback by the chilling feeling on his spine and then lowered his head.


“…We will provide more mercenaries and supplies.”


Cass said after a while.


The elder priest nodded.


“Thank you, Marquis.”


“And the divine power of a high-ranking priest.”


Cass’ gaze turned to the far hallway.


At those words, the elder priest made an expression as if he couldn’t understand.


“All the local priests have been brought in. Where is that precious high-ranking priest…?”




Cass started walking forward without answering the elder priest’s words.


A cool light shone in his eyes.



It was two days later that I woke up.


It seems that my fever has risen and I have said some nonsense… I think I had a lot of dreams too. In fact, I couldn’t remember where either the dream or the reality started.




It was Kyuu who had been by my side all this time.






I got up from bed for the first time in a while, stroking Kyuu. It was really time for me to head back to the mines.


“Excuse me…”


I spoke to the maid from Lloyd’s Merchant who waited on my clothes.


“Yes, Saintess.”


“Where is the Marquis?”


I haven’t seen Cass’ face since I woke up.


I don’t remember how I fell asleep, but I do remember his blazing eyes coming quite close upon me. 


I found out that I had been transferred to Lloyd’s Merchant in Thiago branch after I collapsed in the mine, but I didn’t know where I was or what I was doing.


“He is clearing out the surrounding commercial bases.”


The maid’s words were acceptable. It must have been one of the reasons he came here.


“I was going to greet him before leaving for the mine, but it must be difficult.”


For some reason, I felt a little regretful.


After getting dressed, I got ready and left the room.


Since the hole was halfway repaired and left for about a week, I had an ominous thought that it might be back to its original state.


‘I hope it doesn’t get bigger.’


When I went down from the main building of the Thiago branch, which was like a mosque in Islam, I saw a lot of people coming to do business, and among them was a carriage sent from the temple.


I climbed into the carriage, greeted by the maids and servants Cass had assigned to me.


Soon the carriage started running.


“If I can’t stop this…”


As I recalled that moment, my hands were sweaty.


“The original story will be destroyed.”


If the world is filled with demonic beasts pushing through holes… It’s terrible.


Kyle must be busy restoring the Imperial Palace, and Reihausd is now unable to move.


I have to solve it as best I can on my line. Above all, Dwayne, I can’t let his sacrifice be in vain.


I made up my mind.


After a while, the carriage arrived at the mine.


“It’s the Saintess!”




“The Saintess here!”


As with my first appearance, people cheered.


The mercenaries, Paladins, and many injured priests were rejoicing.


‘Don’t look at me with such excited looks.’


I walked straight ahead, avoiding their eyes.


Pouring a large amount of holy power at once like the last time would be difficult for my body to withstand, so I decided to try to restore it properly and leave.


Even if the hole is reduced by 5% a day, it won’t be over in about a month.




The elder priest who was in command immediately jumped out and greeted me.


I nodded and started to enter the dark cave.


A thick Magi, a feeling of displeasure overtook me, but my hands were sweaty. Each step was difficult. I think I know the feeling of going to work.


“The Saintess has arrived!”




And soon, when I reached the barrier, I saw about thirty people gathered in a small space.


A barrier that is still like a tight net.


Tired-looking priests, sweating Paladins, and mercenaries.


And… the entrance to the gate I was restoring with all my might.


As I slowly raised my eyes and looked at the entrance to the gate, I was taken aback.


Because the size of the gate entrance remained the same as when I left.


If you don’t suppress it with strong force, the cracks will gradually increase, but why…?


However, there was no time to think deeply.


I reached out and pointed to the gate. Then, holy power that tickled like a gift spread through my hand.


“Oooh! It’s holy power!”


“Saintess!! Oh, Gods!!”


Leaving behind the unpleasant exclamations, I filled the hole.


Whether it’s because of the feeling, it seemed that the divine power was spreading more smoothly than before.


In a blur, the oracle reappeared.


[The God of Knowledge, Hessed, blesses you.]


[The God of Destruction, Ciel, blesses you.]


[The God of Justice, Hetuse, blesses you.]


In front of my eyes, there were a lot of notices sending me messages as if they were giving me strength.


‘Alright, I’m going to quickly close the hole and go back.’


I concentrated, and soon a cold sweat broke out.


“The gate is almost blocked!”


The cheers of the priests were heard.


Of course, saying that it was almost blocked was an overstatement. What was left of the half-blocked gate was another half left.


“Huft, huft.”


Soon I started to get out of breath.


I slowly lowered my hand, regaining my strength.


The elder priest came running and helped me.


“Are you okay, Saintess?”


“For today… I will stop here.”


I straightened up and said.


I won’t overdo it like last time. If I did, it would be difficult for the next job.


“Hurry up and bring the Saintess.”


At the words of the elder priest, the Paladins surrounded me. And a stretcher was placed next to me.


I looked at it for a moment and waved my hand. Climbing up here will draw more attention.


“I can walk out.”


I started walking through them.


I could feel the awe-inspiring gazes of the people behind me. It was still burdensome for them, but now that I was certain that I would be able to completely restore the gate in about three days, my heart felt a little lighter.


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