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After leaving the main building, I turned to see White Rotunia after a long time. It was just after passing the small vine wall.


“Rotunia is really beautiful. It feels like standing in a field of white feathers.”


A raised voice came from somewhere.


“I heard that the High Priest personally airlifted it. I never thought I would see this in person. It really feels like a dream.”


“Are you interested in flowers?”


“Yes, I have studied herbs and flowers since I was young.”


Walking through the garden, I saw two familiar people and stopped. It was Camilla and Reihausd.


They were talking while looking at Rotunia flowers. A beautiful couple of man and woman, it was as if I was looking at a painting.


For some reason, feeling like I had disturbed the two of them, I inadvertently took a few steps back.




Isn’t that the atmosphere that I shouldn’t be involved in?


I looked at Reihausd’s face as I stepped back. For some reason, his golden eyes looked comfortable.


There was always a dark light mixed in when he talked to me, yet he looked really comfortable talking to Camilla.


Still, I wasn’t jealous or anything.


From the beginning, my goal was self-reliance outside the temple, and I had no interest in being ‘real’. Although now it’s difficult because of the contract with Diego.




I walked calmly through the garden path.


Will it be a little less boring when Daisy comes around tomorrow afternoon?


It was time for me to go back on the road, avoiding Reihausd and Camilla.


“Are you going back?”


Reihausd’s voice suddenly was heard behind my back.


Startled, I looked back, and Reihausd was standing just a few meters away, like he had followed me. Then, long after Reihausd, I saw Camilla standing in the distance.


A slightly embarrassed expression appeared on Camilla’s face, as if he had suddenly followed me without saying a word.




A moment later, after receiving a polite greeting from her standing in the distance, I turned my gaze to Reihausd.


“I’m afraid I’ll be a hindrance to the two of you…”


I bewilderedly made an excuse.


“What do you mean hindrance?”


However, he denied my words and continued.


“I have been waiting for the Saintess to come find me.”




I thought for a moment as I didn’t know what to answer.


But behind Reihausd, Camilla greeted me with a light smile, and she turned around.


I put on a puzzled expression, not knowing what to do, as I watched her lonely back when she went back alone.


“Sir Reihausd. Camilla is leaving, though.”


Then Reihausd suddenly replied.


“Are you going to leave me and follow her?”


Startled by the sudden words, I looked at him.


“What do you mean by that?”


We had been having a friendly conversation until just now.


Suddenly, there was a strange gloom in Reihausd’s gold eyes.


“Please don’t call it my delusion.”


A low voice pierced my ears.


“After Camilla came to the temple, I feel that the Saintess has been avoiding me.”


Certainly these days, I have been avoiding Reihausd. Yesterday, I had declined his offer to have a meal together, and tea time.


Instead, I had planned to have tea with Camilla tonight.


“I was convinced once more just now. Seeing the Saintess who found us and turned around at once.”


At his words, I tried to think of an excuse, yet he continued firmly.


Reihausd’s eyes seemed to have a thick spark.


“Sir Reihausd…”


“Do you…”


His lips were swollen.


“Do you like Camilla?”


I was almost taken aback by his question.


“Pardon…? Pardon me?”


And it was only when I saw his serious eyes that I realized what kind of illusion Reihausd was under.


It didn’t matter to him whether Camilla was a man or a woman. It just matters whether I care for her or not.


“…Not every night. It hasn’t even been a few days since I came back.”


I bewilderedly spoke hastily.


“However, you refused my request for a meal every day. Why are you only after her?”


I was looking at him with a blank expression.


I didn’t mean to do that, but it seemed that way because I’ve been seeing Camilla often these days.


“Well, then, the day after tomorrow, we will have dinner together. I have no other appointments that day.”


At my words, Reihausd paused for a moment, then he blushed a little and opened his mouth.


“Are you talking about us alone?”


“No. The three of us, with Camilla.”


Then his complexion darkened again.


“Anyway, I should consider transferring Camilla to the Raid Temple.”


“Sir Reihausd!”


“It’s a joke.”


A gentle wind blew.


His neck was pale, without wearing a choker, yet I could imagine him wearing the choker.


I said with a small sigh.


“Alright. Just the two of us.”


At my words, Reihausd smiled with his beautiful golden eyes shining.






I was about to go back to my residence when I suddenly saw Camilla’s back.


She was talking to someone.


“That person…”


It was Heinz, a bald-headed man who could be recognized even from a distance.


When I saw the expression on his face as he spoke with a slightly serious expression, I suddenly felt worried.


That bastard, isn’t he bullying Camilla?


I strode over and stood behind them. And, ehm, I cleared his throat.


Surprised by my presence, Camilla glanced behind her back, and Heinz turned to face me as well.


His face quickly turned into an expression as if he had chewed shit..


“T-The blessing of the Nine Gods towards the Saintess.”


“Towards the Chief Priest. And Miss Camilla too.”


Camilla looked at me and her face lit up, smiling.




“Has Chief Priest Heinz asked Camilla for something?”


At my question, Camilla looked into his eyes for a moment and hesitated.


Looking at the atmosphere, 100 percent.


At that time, Heinz, whose foot was stabbed, spoke first.


“I was just passing by and greeted her.”


“The Chief Priest asked what conversation you had with the High Priest.”


Yet Camilla looked at me and told me the truth, then Heinz’ face was stained with embarrassment.


I can understand that it’s a character who has a grudge against Reihausd or is aiming for his position.


I guess it’s the wish of the second place that wants the first place to disappear.


“Did you finish repairing the statue earlier?”


I asked him with a cool smile. Then Heinz stepped back with a pathetic look.


“Yes. It’s almost been repaired.”


“That’s great, then.”


I clapped my hands.


“Because the appearance of the annex also needs to be inspected.”


“Yes? Pardon meee? T-That’s for the lower priests…!”


“It looks like you’re free enough to dig around the High Priest’s back, so go, now.”


At my words, Heinz was taken aback and his complexion darkened.


“I-I suddenly remembered something urgent, I’ll get going!”


And soon after, he turned around and started walking quickly.


“Oh my, Chief Priest Heinz! Where are you going!”


I called him from behind, and his steps quickened.


Camilla was laughing beside me.


“Saintess, pfft… You’re so amazing.”


Her laugh made me smile too.


“Now, when he goes behind someone’s back to gossip, he’ll at least take a good look at his surroundings. And he won’t bother Miss Camilla.”


“He was also notorious in Ares, but he seems to have met the right person.”


Camilla said so, laughing even more as if it were funny, 


“Ah, come to think of it, Miss Camilla must have met Chief Priest Heinz at Ares, too, right?”


I clapped my hands at the fact I had just realized and asked.


It wasn’t long before Heinz had been dispatched to Ares. The period of his return is almost the same as that of Camilla.


“Yes. Everyone ran away. I did too.”




Judging by Heinz’s behavior, it’s inevitable that everyone tried to avoid him.


“I thought all priests from Elium would be like Priest Heinz.”


“Ah, then it must have been a culture shock for you to see Sir Reihausd.”


At my words, Camilla nodded her head, smiled, and joked.


“That’s right. That’s why I came to Elium.”


After a while of her laughter, Camilla asked me.


“By the way, has your conversation with the High Priest finished?”




“It seems like an urgent conversation.”


I can’t say it was a very fruitless conversation, so I nodded.


“Well, yes.”


A moment of awkward silence passed.


Camilla, who looked a little lonely, thought of something and then opened her mouth.


“Hmm… Would you like to make cookies with me for dinner?”


I had originally scheduled my appointment to have tea time with her as well.


Sweets, it seemed like a good idea, so I nodded.


“I’d love to.”


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  1. I reaaaallly HATE Camilla.
    From the bottom of my heart.
    She is shady as F, and I’m sure she is the malevolent cause for the Oracle being disabled.

  2. Im feeling bad vibes from her from the very beginning.

  3. I have a strong feeling that Camilla is a demon noble, like Diego