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Before returning to the temple, I was able to hear about the identity of the deceased priest.


Indeed, Lloyd’s information was quick and accurate.


“Vatos, a low-ranking priest under the direct control of the High Priest. He mainly worked to assist the High Priest.”


Against the backdrop of the sunset, Cass’ eyes were cold as he recited information about the dead priest.


“It means that he was the direct priest of Sir Reihausd.”


Naturally, high-ranking priests had subordinate priests under their direct control.


The lower priests assist the higher priests in their work like secretaries. And the low-ranking priest named Ron Vatos, who tried to attack me, was Reihausd’s.


“What do you think?”


I thought about Cass’ words for a while before opening my mouth.


“Maybe because I watch a lot of dramas, I think it’s boring.”


“Dra… ma, what is that?”


“Should I say it’s like a play full of conspiracies and schemes?”


I don’t know who was behind Vatos, but how simple did they see me as?


“The Saintess seems to have the same thoughts as me.”


Cass faintly twisted the corners of his lips.


“I’ll have to catch them.”


Someone was trying to separate me and Reihas.


They would think I would be suspicious of Reihausd if his direct priest tried to kill me.


Although Reihausd had a dark and corrupt side, he considered me sacred beyond precious.


“Can you help… me?”


After thinking for a moment, I looked at Cass and said.




I couldn’t guess what thoughts were in his deep ultramarine blue eyes.


Is he calculating the gains and losses of helping me?


“Promise me one thing, and I’ll use all of Lloyd’s resources to help.”


I asked a little nervously.


Most of the temple construction cost had already been received from Lloyd’s Merchant.


“What kind of promise do you need?”


Cass’s lips parted. Then he reached up and ran his hand through the ends of my soft hair.


“Even a single hair of yours,”


My body unconsciously flinched.


“…Don’t get it hurt.”


His low voice passed through my ears and shook my heart deep in my chest.


A day later, I met Cass again outside the temple. We sat in a secluded teahouse, Lars, and talked.


“It seemed like he was busy. I mean Sir Vester.”


“Still, I’m glad I was able to reach out to him because of Cass.”


“Since there are magic tools, this is convenient.”


Perhaps that human, no, demon. Isn’t his real purpose to take my soul because I couldn’t keep the contract?


He was lazy and uncooperative to be doubted as such.


Still, while we were in touch, I obtained very important information from him. Many parts were prepared, and my mind was quite determined.


“What are you going to do now?”


I answered Cass’ question after deep thought.


“…I have to pay her back.”


An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.


A wound of heart for a wound of heart.


If I can’t repay her with the same thing, I will repay her with something bigger.


And… I’m going to meet them. Those whom I miss.


“I heard that His Highness the Crown Prince will also arrive at the capital tomorrow. We have reported everything about this situation.”


I nodded.


“Thank you, Marquis.”


If Cass hadn’t become an active helper, I wouldn’t have been able to find directions with my hands and feet tied.


“Will you just thank me in words?”


While drinking tea, he glanced at me.


“Then how should I thank you?”


Then he replied with a cool smile.


“If everything is resolved, would you grant me a small wish?”


He went on.


“It’s not difficult.”


After a moment of hesitation, I narrowed my eyes and asked.


“Aren’t you going to call for 10,000 franc while saying it’s not much?”


Pleasure flashed in his deep ultramarine blue eyes, then vanished.


“Trust is the life of a merchant, so it can’t be.”


“Alright. Then I’ll listen.”


Thus we passed the leisurely afternoon time. Back at the temple, Daisy pursed her lips.


“Where have you been, Saintess? Do you know what just happened?”


Daisy’s words spilled out and I took off my coat.


“The high-ranking priestess serving Miss Camilla has taken two of our maids. Now she’s letting me work there.”




“This is an act of making fun of the Saintess. A rolling stone pulls out an embedded stone. After Miss Camilla did a miracle, everyone only took care of her…”


She grumbled in a disgruntled voice.




I put Kyuu in its house and patted Daisy on the shoulder.


“Everybody is so blasphemous! I can’t believe that she’s a new saintess! The Saintess is here, though…”


Daisy said with disgust.


I spoke softly to her.


“I know your feelings well. But I may have to retire soon.”


To my words, Daisy replied as if it were nonsense.


“You have only been a saintess for two years! To think that you’re retiring!”


Perhaps the 2-year-old saintess will go down in history as the shortest-lived saintess.


Usually, after becoming a saintess, one fulfills her duties for ten to fifty years, until her energy runs out.


However, I officially became a saintess two years ago, and it’s surprising that a new saintess has already appeared and I was retiring.


“Camilla is a good person.”


I told Daisy nicely. Because I know this is the safest way for her.




“I’ll tell Camilla about Daisy. So that you can be assigned to a nice area.”




However, tears welled up in Daisy’s eyes.


“I don’t want to be in a temple without the Saintess. So please don’t talk like this. The only Saintess in the Empire is you!”


Even though my heart was moved by her sincere words, I reprimanded her sternly on the outside.


“What did Daisy come to the temple for?”




“You came here through a difficult competition to praise the Gods.”


Daisy’s eyes shook at my words.


“A saintess is one who obeys the Gods’ will, and she is replaced according to the Gods’ will, so you should also obey.”


After a while, Daisy shed tears sorrowfully.


Hicc… Saintess…”


Her upset voice hurt me too, yet now I had to accept the changes that were coming.


I patted her on the shoulder and said,


“Thank you so much for all this time. Daisy.”


“Huwaaa… Hicc…”


Daisy cried in my arms for a while.


“You can’t leave…”


I accepted her complaints and continued to pat her.


At some point, I felt the strange presence outside the door disappear. If Kyuu hadn’t been standing up like that while looking outside, I probably wouldn’t have noticed.


The unfamiliar sign completely disappeared, and after some time had passed, a knock was heard outside the door.


Startled by that sound, Daisy fell off for a moment, wiping her wet face and getting up from her seat.


Hic, hicc…


As she turned around, I saw her shoulders slightly trembling.


I let out a small sigh and leaned my back against the chair.


After a while she opened the door and someone familiar entered.




I smiled softly at him and asked.


“What’s going on?”


He held out something to me.


“Sir Reihausd asked me to pass this on to the Saintess.”


It was a small folded note. What is to come has come.


I said, clenching the delivered note into my fist.


“Daisy, I’m going to go out alone for a while.”


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