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“Ren, and Van?”


Two six or seven-year-olds dressed in long-sleeved clothes. This was a spaceship-like cyberspace.


I lifted myself off the floor and put my hand on my forehead.


Judging from the fact that I couldn’t feel my body temperature, it seems that only my spirit came.




Ren hesitated and looked up at me. Van’s expression wasn’t very good either.


“How did this happen?”


Looking at my framed autograph, which is still well decorated, I asked the children, pretending not to know anything.


“Wasn’t Camilla a real saintess? That’s why I gave up my position as a saintess and ran away.”


At those words, Ren’s face darkened even more.


“If you have nothing more to say, let me go. My self-sufficient life is beautifully planned…”


And half of my words were cut off.


“I thought you, an outside soul, coming to us would be meaningful.”


“…What do you mean?”


“I couldn’t bear to say it because I was afraid that you, who knew everything, would run away or not be able to carve out a new destiny.”


Van pouted as if she was about to cry.


“Are you blaming me now?”


Ren hurriedly blocked Van’s words and looked at me.


It was time to hear the real truth.


“You’d better speak really properly today. ‘Cause I’m really mad.”


Ren and Van, who were looking at me, looked at each other with intimidated expressions.


“You keep dragging my time, should I just leave? Or do you want to talk nice things about Camilla?”


At my words, Van was startled and opened her mouth.


“You can’t leave!”


Now the initiative has passed to me.


“…The Gods cannot leave offspring. Their offspring are only human beings. But the two Gods colluded to leave their offspring. The God of Eternity, Raid, and the God of Lies, Bellatrix.”


A fast voice flowed into my ears as if they were rapping.


“They shouldn’t have done that… So it was a kind of treason.”


I sat down on the chair and rubbed my forehead.


“Tell me in detail. So that I can understand the situation accurately.”


Van, who seemed to have calmed down a bit, turned around.


“This is a prophecy of the two of them.”


And I heard her voice.


“A saintess named Camilla will appear. She will place at her feet a king of great strength, a merchant of great wealth, and a priest of great honor, whose power will cover the world and reach to the ends of the earth.”


The king would mean Kyle, the merchant would be Cass, and the priest was Reihausd.


Up to this point was the story I had read in the original story, I focused on Van’s words.


“Tell me about the second half.”




“You don’t want to tell me? I’d rather just get out of here than to eat more sweet potatoes.” (eating sweet potatoes means feeling frustrated.)


“They will no longer love the Gods, they will be corrupted, and when the calamity strikes and the people will turn their backs on the Empire and the temple. The Gods will be very angry and allow the demons to confine the Saintess and the three men as they rule the human world for 900 years.”




Looking into my eyes, Van continued.


“The king, merchant and priest will die in agony, and Camilla will marry Diego Vester, who became the most powerful Demon King. All humans and demons will praise the God of Eternity, Raid, and the God of Lies, Bellatrix. The divided worlds of demons and humans become one.”


I put my hand on my forehead at Diego’s name that suddenly jumped out.


Diego seemed to hate this prophecy for some reason, thus he even signed a contract for me to ‘continue to play the saintess’.


I wondered if the reason for his dislike was related to his marriage to Camilla.


If he hates Camilla very much…


“Prophecy creates destiny. That is why the Gods don’t do prophecies easily, and only occasionally pass them as an oracle through a saintess.”


“But they arbitrarily created offspring and prophesied. The first part of the prophecy… It was read by many people in other worlds, and it gave its power as a prophecy.”


Come to think of it, it was also something the Gods had shown as illusions of ancient documents. It was a video that seemed to flow without any explanation, so I just couldn’t understand it properly.


After a while, after sorting out the situation, I asked Van.


“I’m curious, but why did the Gods make prophecies in favor of the Demon Realm?”


She shook her head at my question.


“We really don’t know. What intentions did they have for this rebellion…”


This time they really didn’t know, that’s why I decided to move on.


In fact, there were some things that I guessed a little bit.


“Then Camilla…”


Camilla was the charming female lead of a reverse harem novel.


I just thought that I had just entered the original story of the novel.


Yet all of that was distorted from the start.


“Camilla is the offspring of two rebel Gods.”


In the original novel, Camilla was a saintess with great power.


She was nice and liked by everyone. The three male leads also loved her.


“So, in the end, the conclusion of the story is…”


When the prophecy is fulfilled, Kyle, Reihausd, and Cass all will die.


And without blocking the gate, the worlds of demons and humans will merge. Perhaps the demons will rule the humans, who are weaker.


“As a descendant of the Gods, Camilla was born with more powerful holy power than any human. She doesn’t have to be chosen as a saintess, she is a saintess herself.”


Van’s eyes were bitter.


The reason Camilla couldn’t see the oracle when she was in the temple was probably because of her great power.


“She is the one who breaks all balance. The two Gods had offspring in order to create an existence that would disrupt the balance of the world. And Camilla… She will move meticulously according to their prophecy.”


After a moment I looked at Van and opened my mouth.




Suddenly, my throat felt sore.


“Why am I here?”


Ren’s eyes were shaking as he looked at me.


“The reason I became a saintess is…”


I couldn’t guess anything.


Why did I intrude into this fateful story?


After a while, Van opened her mouth.


“…We don’t know exactly, but if we guess why.”


Van interrupted my angry words.


“The other Gods didn’t readily accept the fate created by the two rebel Gods.”


It was natural.


“But inevitably, the Gods who couldn’t break their prophecy must have thought of another way. It’s an appeal to the God of the Beginning. A being that exists above the balance. An entity you don’t even know exists… . We call it Providence.”


“I don’t understand what you mean.”




Van looked at me and said.


“You’re the one brought by Providence, perhaps for a balance that is probably on the verge of being destroyed. That’s what we found: The intentions of the Gods didn’t directly intervene, but because they’re so special…”


Van reached out and took my hand.


Warmth came through.


“You’re a person who has no choice but to receive the attention and love of all the Gods.”


My heart, which seemed to have stopped, started beating. As if my body exists here.


“I’m not such a great person.”


At my words, Van shook her head.


“No, you deserve the love of the Gods.”


A certain moment was reflected in her eyes.


My desperation to save Noah from dying, and the joy of saving Daisy.


“As special as the beautiful color of your soul.”


“Everyone has sympathy.”


“The soul the Gods love isn’t a good soul. It’s the most human-like soul, a soul that clearly emits human colors. Fear, greed, jealousy, reflection, repentance, and self-help. Each of those myriad colors has a bunch of possibilities. Countless possibilities to salvage a balance that is on the verge of being destroyed.”


At Van’s words, I shook my head.


“The main character of this story is…”


It wasn’t me.


Yet I heard Ren’s voice.


“…At least not Camilla.”


At that, I raised my eyes and looked at him.


“We’re not even sure who it will be either.”


The boy’s faint smile entered.


“The true saintess chosen by the Gods. A true saintess who creates her own destiny, not according to the prophecies. Wouldn’t that be more likely?”


The reason why the six Gods had an emergency meeting and sent me here… Maybe it’s to get me to hear this.


I had a strange feeling.


“It’s really filthy.”


It feels like the crown, which I had denied so far, is now really forcibly placed on me.


“Because I’m not the kind of person who wants to be the main lead. I always hate troublesome and dangerous work.”


All sorts of emotions clashed in my heart.


However in the end, it’s people’s faces that won. Reihausd, Kyle, Cass, Daisy, Dwayne…


Above all, my peaceful future.


“Nevertheless, if you want to bring me into the war, you guys have something to offer.”


After thinking for a while, I said with a face that seemed like I would lift the little kids by their collars at any moment.


Van and Ren’s faces suddenly darkened.


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  1. Yes you are Loved by the gods, dear Saintess. Readers are rooting for you too!!