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Author: lipzoldyck

When I died, I possessed the body of the ex-wife of my favorite character in my whole life.


For a moment, I thought it was completely good, but I realized that the ex-wife was dying. Of all times, even when I possessed her body, this couple’s relationship was still cold after a year of marriage.


But giving up is a forbidden thing!


This should be an opportunity given by God. 


‘Oh, whatever. Since I’m living as an extra, I want to see my favorite character’s face as much as I can before I die.’


How could the life of a successful fan come true so easily? 


In the first place, I wasn’t afraid that I died because I had no lingering feelings about life, but it rather felt like I had a bonus life. 


If I’m going to be a fan anyway, let’s be a happy fan.


That was my goal in this life.




I heard a loud noise coming from Akid’s study room. I nervously inserted a master key that I had copied in advance, opened the door, and stormed into the study room.


And I got upset with what I saw in front of my eyes.




Akid looked like he was in trouble. He was pressing his forehead with a handkerchief that, at a first glance, seemed to have turned red.


A feather pen and an ink bottle were lying on the floor. I could figure out the cause of that noise just now with that only.


‘How dare he touches my Akid’s face? So, rather than the one I read in the book about this, he is a much ruder bastard?’


I glared at Baron Locke, who was standing with his hands held together behind his back, while trying to calm myself down. He seemed somewhat bewildered by my sudden appearance, but he soon skillfully hid his expression.


“Grand Princess, the class hasn’t finished yet, though.”


Even at a glance, he didn’t seem to like me who intruded into the class. Without caring about that, I answered with my eyes fixed on Akid.


“I came because I heard a strange noise coming from inside.”


‘There can’t be any scars, though… Although his face is like a national treasure.’


I wanted to quickly apply disinfectant and ointment on that white face. 


“There was a small accident. It was nothing, so please go back.” He comforted me while smiling leisurely. Nevertheless, his words made me angrier.


‘A small accident, he says?’


I even forgot to pity my man’s torn forehead and glared at Baron Locke. “Are you saying that that’s called a small accident with your place who dares to put a scratch on the Grand Prince’s face?”


“Oh, my. You misunderstood me. That was a simple accident that happened during a corporal punishment.”


“A simple accident that happened during a corporal punishment?”


“Yes. The Grand Prince refused to be punished without dignity. He fell by himself and injured his face with a feather pen.”


“Do you think that makes sense, Baron Locke?”


“So you think I’m lying. Now, let’s have the Grand Prince say something. Am I wrong?”


Baron Locke looked at Akid with an insidious smile. He didn’t answer and bit his lower lip hard.


For Akid, who had suffered all kinds of verbal abuse and assault by the Baron, he was a scary being. I’m sure he’d try to hide what the Baron had done so far.


‘That can’t happen. Do you think I’ll look at this again as I live?’


I shouted as I hit it right away. “This isn’t a corporal punishment, it’s an abuse!”


“What did you just say?” Baron Locke showed displeasure by picking up his glasses. He seemed to be angry when I raised my voice to him, who was a woman, and not to mention my intrusion in the sacred class period. “Are you confident you won’t regret that?”


The Baron tapped the floor with a cane, acting as if he were a judge. He looked like he was trying to scare me at a glance. It was possible for him to treat me and Akid recklessly because his younger sister was Akid’s biological mother, and the mistress of Akid’s father, Grand Duke Hadellus. The Grand Duke was very generous to his lover and treated her older brother, the Baron, nicely. 


The Baron didn’t even know it’d disappear like a fantasy overnight.


‘Hmph, anyway, my father-in-law’s lower part is free-spirited, so he’ll fall in a month.’ 


I grinned with a corner of my lips raised, recalling the original story that I already knew.


The Baron saw it, and his face hardened. He was ignoring me, I would’ve considered it. Eitherway, I raised my head sternly without being intimidated by the Baron.


“Are you threatening me?” At a 12-year-old girl who acted overbearingly, his face turned red. He looked like he had a fever as he tried to ignore the sudden interference of the Grand Princess in the study room.


“It’s not a threat, it’s an advice.” He replied growling. He was very unhappy with my behavior as if I contributed greatly to the public on my back.


Behind the tiger, the fox spooks, thinking that people are scared of it. At the same time, foolishly, it often mistakes itself for being greater than the tiger. Overlooking that the tiger can hit the fox on the neck with its claw at any time.


Then, what should I do?


Grand Duke Hadellus was a fickle human being. Right now, he’d give the Lady of Locke his liver and gallbladder, but if he loses interest anyhow, it’s all over.


The Baron didn’t seem to be aware how serious the current situation was.


Grand Duke Hadellus was merciless to those who disregarded his authority. It was the Grand Duke of Hadellus who could behead them, even if it’s his beloved lover.


And Akid was the only heir to the Grand Duke.


Although he had the disgraceful label called illegitimate child, it was clear that he was the one who would succeed the Grand Duke.


Just because the Grand Duke and Grand Duchess ignored Akid, it didn’t mean that the Baron could ignore him too, yet he was foolish.


‘I’ve been patient enough. But you dare to scratch my Akid’s face?’


I didn’t want to just skip this one. 


Baron Locke made a mistake.


I’m a very smart and vicious villain who even knows about the future!


How dare he touch the villain’s favorite? His liver is out of his stomach, huh?


I swallowed my anger and asked, pointing to Akid’s forehead. “What kind of tutor breaks the Grand Prince’s head under the pretext of corporal punishment?”


Akid’s eyes were full of confusion due to my yelling. It was surprising that his wife, who usually hated him, suddenly stood up for him.


‘Don’t worry, Akid. I’ll protect you.’


I winked only at Akid, which made him flinch and shivered at such sight.


“What do you mean break his head? Your speech is very rough, Grand Princess.”


The Baron was fired up. I laughed as I thought so. He was confident that he could easily overpower me. The Baron then spoke proudly.


“I admit that my corporal punishment today is a bit rough, but the Grand Prince hasn’t pre-studied all of these…”


This time, it seemed like an excuse for him to study in advance.


“Pre-study? Are you talking about this?” I cut off his words and beckoned to the maid, Hannah.


I didn’t need to listen to the words of the tutor who didn’t even treat me like a Grand Princess, anyway.


You have to say nice words in order to get nice words. On the contrary, it is reasonable to say that if you say harsh words, the words that you’re going to get are also harsh.


Hannah pushed the moving bookshelf with my signal and brought it in front of the Baron. It was too much to study in a day at a glance. Fortunately, Akid was smart enough to study them all.


The problem was that the Baron told him to memorize all of them without missing a single piece of thing. With my body weight on one leg, I asked.


“Does the Baron think this is the amount he can read per day?”


“Most nobles study this much. I guess the Grand Princess doesn’t know because you’re still young.”


“Why don’t I know? I have a brother too.”


I cut his words off again. The Baron’s expression hardened.


I already knew. He was very displeased with getting stopped halfway. I knew it and purposely triggered him. So that he could be angry and make a mistake.


“Oh, that’s right. You must know it well because there’s Marquis April’s successor.”


The Baron pressed down on his wriggling eyebrows. So far, it was bearable.


Well, I didn’t think he could endure my hellish snout to the end.


I grinned viciously. Looking at this, the villain in the original story wasn’t bad either. Even if I talk recklessly, I think that’s what he’s supposed to be.


“Okay, now I understand. The Baron can’t understand it, so I wonder if I should buy the Baron a hearing aid.”


“H-Hearing aid…”


“I often saw my brother’s class before I got married. Obviously, he is overwhelmed with less than half of this.”


“That’s too bad. Most nobles do this, though…”


The Baron insisted, didn’t want to break his stubbornness. But that was the response I wanted. I shouted, covering my mouth with exaggerated gestures.


“Whoa! Did you just curse at my brother because he’s such an idiot?”


“Yes? When did I…”


“You did that just now. Most of the nobles do this much, but Marquis April’s successor is overwhelmed, so he’s definitely an idiot!”


“That’s not true! That’s not what I meant… Isn’t he still young? It’s enough for him…”


“Right. My brother is only 15 years old, so he’s still young. Baron Locke, doesn’t that apply to my husband?”




“Are you pretending to be stupid because you don’t know or are you just stupid?”




“You must be stupid because you didn’t know. Then I’ll kindly let you know. How old is my husband this year?”


“It’s 14… Ah.”


Only then did Baron Locke shut his mouth, recalling Akid’s age.


When I poured out the repeated words such as hearing aid and idiot, I showed him a loophole for a moment. I smiled and said, while being sure of my victory.


“Once again, my brother, the idiot that Baron mentioned, is 15 years old this year.”




“According to the Baron, shouldn’t we first praise that the Grand Prince who’s still young has read all these books?”


“However, the Grand Prince is the one who’s going to be Grand Duke in the future. One day is not enough to fill 13 years of learning gap…”


“Oh, my! Are you cursing that my husband has nothing in his head?”


“Grand Princess! When did I do that!” He jumped and tried to explain, but I immediately continued.


“I’m so disappointed, Baron Locke. I thought you were pretty smart.”


Then I looked up and down in turn, sighed deeply. “Now I see that you’re a stupid teacher who don’t know your own shortcomings and can only blame your students.”


Having made such a fuss, I finished with an exaggerated gesture. Then the Baron approached me with a reddened face. 


“Are you done talking?”


He was about to hit me with the cane he was holding right away.


‘Oh, things are going better than I think, right?’


I opened my eyes as I waited for him to grab my shoulder. 


Touch any of my fingertips. I will show you exactly what destruction really is.


It was then. Akid, who had a bewildered expression on his face the whole time, stood out for me.


“Get away from my wife.”


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