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When it became known that I was allergic to Delus flowers, the Hadellus Castle was noisy.


It was because the Young Madam, who only knew how to be ruthless, hid her allergy.


Everyone seemed to be a bit bewildered because they thought I lived by spitting out all the words inside.


“Why are you hiding that kind of thing?!”


Hannah poked her eyes with her handkerchief and uttered a weeping voice.


The expression on Vivian’s face, standing next to her, was terrifying.


“If that’s the case, why don’t you just live alone? Don’t even think about the concerned maids! I knew you were a fool, but I thought it wasn’t this bad!”


“Vivian, somehow there is power in the back words. Do you think it’s an opportunity to curse because of the mood?”


“Of course it’s the mood!”


Vivian frowned with a prickly expression on her face and then blew her nose.


I deliberately pretended not to know and smiled bashfully.


Anyway, it’s true that I surprised everyone.


As I was unexpectedly gentle, Shuli gritted her teeth and wentssips at someone.


“If that doctor had been a little sharper, you wouldn’t have been so sick.”


“If it wasn’t for Sir Akid, we would’ve passed it this time too. What a quack doctor!”


At Shuli’s words, Vivian also burst out in anger and shook off the folded clothes. Hannah joined in and took the word.


“Nevertheless, I’m glad that Sir Akid immediately informed His Grace the Duke and a new doctor was assigned right away.”


“Actually, I didn’t like that doctor before. He did a rough check every time. No matter how picky our Miss is!”


I don’t think I’m that cute to be called picky, though?


I watched the scene where Vivian’s arms were bent inward, and my gaze was slightly blurred.


In any case, it was true that the Doctor was negligent.


If Loena had been properly diagnosed when she was ill last year, I wouldn’t have been wandering around in the garden of the Delus flowers, saying, “Ooh la la.”


Most of all, the story of Akid visiting the Grand Duke for me touched my heart.


“I didn’t know that Sir Akid would visit His Grace the Duke.”


Hannah said as she fiddled with the blanket shyly.


“It was the first time it happened. We were surprised too.”


Perhaps even the Grand Duke would be surprised. It was the first time Akid had visited him first.


“Still, it seems that the only person who loves our Miss is Sir Akid.”


“Vivian, you once complained that he was being an iron wall to our Miss.”


“Shuli, be quiet.”


Shuli burst into laughter as Vivian acted softly.


Anyway, thanks to Akid, the doctor who enjoyed the monthly salary lupin was kicked out. The new doctor, Martha, was very passionate and took good care of me.


Maybe it was because she didn’t know that I was called the spout of hell, so-called ‘property’.


‘By the way, the flower festival is just around the corner, will it be okay?’


I looked down on the date and pondered.


No matter how allergic I was, I was the Grand Princess of Hadellus. I couldn’t keep avoiding the Delus flower.


And resting like this was like passing on all the flower festival related work to the Grand Duchess.


We’re already in a bad relationship, but since they’ve pushed her to work, the Grand Duchess must be in a very bad mood.


‘What can I do?’


It was around the time I was thinking about it for a while. Hannah and Vivian were in the midst of talking about the flower festival.


“Did you think about what seeds to plant? The last plant I planted died quickly.”


 “Well. I think I’ll do the same thing as last time. I’m just too lazy to sow seeds first.”


“It’s not cool at all. If you’re going to do that, just shake the dandelion puffs.”


“Oh! That’s good, though?”


As I clapped my hands and cheered, Vivian looked at me curiously.


Either way, I jumped off the bed and she followed.


“Huh? Miss, where are you going?”


“To Mother.”


“I heard she’s going to the seed farm today…”


“Uh, the carriage is just coming in.”


Shuli just finished tidying up the curtains, and announced that the Grand Duchess had arrived.


I grinned and ran down the hallway at the thought of striking while the iron was hot.


Since Elena was on her way back from the seed farm, it seemed like the right time to tell me about my plans.


“Come with me, Miss, no, Young Madam!”


Vivian looked around and corrected my name while following me.


I walked down the stairs to her without waiting for her.


The Grand Duchess, who had just entered the castle and was about to climb the stairs, widened her eyes.


“Mother, how are you… Agh!”


I stopped running and tried to be polite, but I ended up getting caught in the hem of my skirt. Since it was a staircase, I jumped as if I was rushing to Elena.


With her bewildered face, I embraced her and collapsed.




Vivian, who was following me, heard the sound of breathing in surprise.


I broke into a cold sweat while hugging Elena.


I didn’t mean to give a warm welcome like this, but my damn legs didn’t follow me.


Don’t I look like a puppy wagging its tail and waiting for its owner to come?


Elena was also surprised, and her body stiffened. Still, she didn’t forget to hold me tight in case I fell.


Huwaa, I want to die.


I hugged her tightly in shame. Then Elena said.


“The welcome is very warm. My neck hurts a little.”


“…Y-Y-You’re back?”


I hurriedly backed away with a blushing face.


No, to be precise, it was closer to say that she gave it off lightly.


In fact, if she hadn’t accepted, I would’ve hugged the floor. The feeling of being held in her arms wasn’t that bad.


Then Elena asked with her arms crossed and a relaxed expression.


“What kind of wind is blowing this time that makes you make the fuss?”


“Ah! I have something to discuss about this flower festival.”


I wondered if Elena’s expression would harden as soon as I brought it up, yet she said coldly again.


“Me too.”


“Are you free?”


“Even if I’m not, you’ve already come to tell me, though?”




“Follow me.”


As soon as I was granted permission by Elena, I quickly stuck to her side.


Her pace was quite fast, and as I followed her, I could feel her slowing down.


‘She has a surprisingly meticulous side.’


I thought that it would all be over because she took over all the work, but there was no sign of anger than I had expected.


When we arrived on the terrace, light refreshments were arranged neatly on the table.


The macarons were shining brightly and saying, “Eat me.”


Come to think of it, it was close to snack time, so I was quite hungry. I was contemplating whether to eat it or not, but Elena said softly.


“Someone might think I’m being conscious of what you’re eating if they saw this. Why are you being so tricky all of a sudden.”


“I’ll enjoy this food!”


I ate the macaron without being nervous after being told not to be so sly.


Yeah. When did Loena ever live looking around for things like this?


This allergy incident led to the perception that she was a child who was conscious of others, but in reality, there was no one who cared.


The pink macaron boasted a texture that was as sweet as its color. It was so chewy that it melted in my mouth.


The filling in it felt like I was eating a cloud that melted. It was like heaven even when I soaked it with milk.


I was focused on the macaron eating show for a while, but belatedly, when I felt Elena’s deep gaze, I flinched.


Ah, it was so delicious that I forgot my duty.


“Excuse me.”


“Were you such a good eater in the first place?”




“You haven’t even eaten as much as a bird so far, so I thought you weren’t interested in eating.”


Elena frowned as she mumbled unknown words. For some reason, she looked very bad.


‘Ah, is it because I ate up even the Grand Duchess’ portion!’


It was then that I realized that I had eaten all the four macarons on the plate blindfolded like a crab.


“Uh… I didn’t mean to eat it all by myself.”


“I brought it for you to eat it all by yourself.” Elena said bluntly, sipping tea.


I mean, she looks upset, but I don’t think it’s necessarily my fault?


Anyway, since it’s not because of macarons, she must’ve filled her stomach, so I brought up the main point.


“I heard that Mother is suffering because of my allergies this time.”


“What crazy maid said that to you? Say their name.”


No, why is my mother-in-law in crazy dog ​​mode again?


I just said it roughly because I thought it would be like that, yet she even roared with her eyes open.


If someone got caught wrong, she would rush like a dogfight.


I felt a rush of sweat, and said politely.


“No. No one did that, I just guessed.”


“It’s none of your business. It’s nothing you need to care about. After all, I did it alone last year. I’ll be more tired if you come here to help.”


This mother, she has a knack for hitting the bone.


In the beginning, the preparations for the flower festival were the responsibility of the Grand Duchess and the Grand Princess.


“I’ve been doing that all by myself anyway, so don’t worry about it,” she said.


It’s as if the leader, tired of the group assignments, declared that they would lead the entire group alone.


It feels like I’ve become an inconsequential member of the team who’s arrogant in an instant.


If she did that on purpose, she had a talent for arguing, and if not, that was a problem.


I said with a smirk to prevent the Grand Duchess from doing the monopoly assignment like this.


“I also want to help Mother. I just have a good idea, would you like to hear it?”


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