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The Marquis of Binkler family?


It’s a name that I remember.


So, it must have been the most famous family in the Empire.


If Kellerhan is said to be the number one in catching criminals, Marquis Binkler would be said to be the number one in collecting money.


But why with the Marquis of Binkler family?


That family is famous for having a lot of money, but it is also famous for not belonging to any faction due to its exquisite handling skills.


Kellerhan surely is a great person, but I don’t think he’d be able to influence Marquis Binkler.


“Ah, so you are going to Binkler.”


“Then it’s not like there will be no way.”


“Are you going with the Miss?”


However, all the servants except me were satisfied.


“Isabella and Yuta are going too. I’m going right now, so get ready.” 


At Kellerhan’s words, the servants were busy moving, and the carriage was soon ready.


I was confused by the rush of things until I got into the carriage, and only after seeing the Marquis of Binkler’s mansion, did I come to my senses.


We really came here. What the hell are we going to do here?


While we were waiting, a man from the Marquis of Binkler came out and led us into the mansion.


In the drawing room upon arrival, there stood a handsome young man with a very good impression, and he smiled broadly as soon as he saw Kellerhan.


“Aren’t you Duke Barmuth!” The young man approached Kellerhan and asked for a handshake.


“Sorry for coming here without contacting you.” Kellerhan took the young man’s hand and shook it as a formal apology.


He could be angry or offended, but the young man only laughed. He seemed genuinely delighted that Kellerhan had visited the Marquis of Binkler.


“The Young Lord has also come.”


The young man placed his hand on his knee and bent over to greet Yuta. Does he even know Yuta?


Finally, his gaze fell on me.


“This young Lady…?”


“She will become my daughter-in-law in a week.” At those words, the young man was somewhat perplexed.


“If you are the daughter-in-law, does that mean that you are the bride of Young Lord Yuta?”


“You can say it like that.”




The young man looked at me with eyes full of surprise.


You’re surprised, right? Yes, I’m surprised too.


“Nice to meet you, Lady. My name is Bruno Binkler.”


The young man greeted me with the same respect he had done to Kellerhan and Yuta.


Bruno? It’s a name that I hear from somewhere, though.


“He is the eldest son of the Marquis Binkler.” Yuta whispered to me.


I opened my eyes in surprise.


If he’s the eldest son, he’s the heir, but you mean that such a person treats me with respect?


As I’m not yet a member of Barmuth, but the daughter of a viscount, I don’t deserve Bruno’s respect, who holds the status of a young marquis.


I hurriedly bent down my knees and grabbed the hem of my skirt with both hands to prepare myself.


“I’m Isabella Schwires. I’m greeting you, Young Marquis.”


“You don’t have to be too nervous.”


“Please speak comfortably. It’s too much that the Young Marquis is respectful to me.”


“That can’t happen. Lady Schwires is a member of the Duke of Barmut, aren’t you?”


“Not yet…”


“It’s going to be soon, so it’s going to be fine.” This young man named Bruno speaks nonsense with a sly face.


“I came to see the Marquis.”


As I was caught up in Bruno and embarrassed, Kellerhan opened his mouth.


“Ah, my father is in the study now.” Bruno said, looking at Kellerhan.


I finally got out of Bruno’s gaze and sighed in relief.


“I will bring you, so please feel free to grab some refreshments in the meantime.” Bruno had the servants set refreshments and tea, and there was no time for the drawing room.


Less than five minutes later, Bruno showed up along with his own father, Marquis Binkler.


“Duke Barmuth!”


As soon as he heard the news that Kellerhan had arrived, he hurriedly ran out, and Marquis Binkler’s collar was a little ruffled.


“You are coming so suddenly! If you had contacted me, we would have had a very grand party…!”


“Didn’t I say I hate parties?”


“If not a party, then a welcome ceremony!”


“I hate it no matter what.” Kellerhan spoke coldly, and Marquis Binkler became pale.


I found out that Marquis Binkler was strangely welcoming to Kellerhan and took a low profile towards him.


What is this? As for the Marquis of Binkler, there would be no need to crouch like this to Kellerhan.


“Do you have any thoughts to listen to my business?”


“Ah, I’m sorry. I was so moved that you came to the mansion, so I didn’t know… Please do tell me.”


“The grace you promised to repay, I’ll receive it now.”


At Kellerhan’s words, Marquis Binkler’s face brightened.


“Is that true? Can I really repay your kindness?”


Kellerhan nodded his head, and Marquis Binkler was a little more happy after that.


“Father once saved Bruno from being kidnapped by the dark magicians before.” For me, who was bewildered, Yuta whispered again from my side.


“Since then, Binkler has been saying that he wants to repay Father, but he’s been turned down.”


“Why did he decline, though?” I asked in a whisper without ringing the vocal cords.


“There is a possibility that it could be mistaken for taking a bribe…”




After all, if you say you received something, no matter how much in return, you will be talked behind your back.


“But if you look at it that way, even the matter this time…”


As I was talking up to that point, I shut my mouth at a certain realization.


Kellerhan came to the Marquis of Binkler for me, risking rumors that he had taken a bribe.


I felt weird.


It was the first time for anyone other than my parents to sacrifice anything for me.


Such as Kellerhan, a man who would rather be broken than bent.


But how can Marquis Binkler help prepare for the engagement?


The answer was surprisingly simple.


“Get ready for a perfect engagement in a week.”


“A week, you say!” Marquis Binkler, who was delighted with the thought of repaying the favor at the end of the week, was shocked.


“Your Grace the Duke, even for us, a week is too much!”


“Didn’t you say that there’s nothing you can’t do if you pour money into it?”


…When he asked how he could help, it turned out to be wasting his money.


The good way was to have a money festival with the money of the Marquis of Binkler.


“Can you do it? Or not?”


“That is… So sudden like this…”


“Because I will give you ten seconds, answer me.”


But this seemed kind of intimidating.


I looked at Kellerhan with wide eyes, giving the Marquis 10 seconds.


Of course, Marquis Binkler first begged that he would pay back the favor, and Kellerhan delayed it and gave it a chance, so it can’t be called a threat…


“10, 9, 8…”


“I-I will do it!”


It can’t be called a threat, but even if you know the situation, it sounds too much like a threat!


And because Kellerhan’s expression looks like a villain, it feels that way even more!


Although the pressure of a week period was considerable, Marquis Binkler said he would do it with his eyes shining, not wanting to miss the opportunity to repay the favor.


Marquis Binkler made a decision and didn’t delay for a moment.


He immediately summoned his aides to outline the engagement ceremony, and inquired about the dress design, accessories, and interior decorations I wanted.


I looked at Yuta and Kellerhan with bewilderment at the questions pouring out at me.


Wouldn’t it be better for Yuta or Kellerhan to decide on things like dresses, interior decoration and food rather than me?


But both of them kept their mouths shut and looked at me.




I was staring blankly at the Barmuths and a close aide of Marquis Binkler called me carefully.


“If there is something you don’t like, please tell me.”


The aides of the Marquis Binkler were supremely courteous. And I had no doubts that I had all the decisions about the engagement ceremony. It was probably because of the attitude of the rich men of Barmuth.


But I couldn’t make decisions easily and I was still confused.


It was then.




Kellerhan’s voice was heard.


When I lifted my head, I saw him looking down at me with the usual lazy and bored expression of everything.


The moment I shrank in fear of the gaze, Kellerhan opened his mouth.


“If you want, you can set up a hut and eat raw meat without saying anything, so choose whatever you want.”




I couldn’t believe what I had just heard, so I asked.


Kellerhan didn’t say it twice.


Instead, Yuta intervened.


“M-Me too! I have the same thoughts as Father. Anything you choose is fine, Isabella.”


A strange feeling filled my heart at the words of the two of them.


It was a similar feeling to when Kellerhan took the risk of people saying something behind his back for me and entrusted Marquis Binkler to prepare for the engagement ceremony.


I couldn’t control my emotions, so I looked down at my toes to hide my expression.


I caught my eye on the shoe nose, which was carefully polished by the servants of Barmuth’s mansion.


I took a deep breath and raised my head. And I said to the aides of Marquis Binkler.


“I… like real flowers for interior decoration. I like flowers. And I would like the flowers to be yellow if possible.”


Kellerhan smiled faintly, and Yuta smiled brightly.


I smiled at both of them too.




The Marquis Binkler and his aides drafted the engagement, meticulously writing down my opinions on paper.


“I think we can proceed by ourselves from now on.”


After checking the details to the point where I wondered if they needed an opinion on this, Marquis Binkler said.


“Then let’s go back.”


Without delay, Kellerhan took me and Yuta to leave the Marquis of Binkler.


I stared blankly at the outside scenery in the carriage going back to the Grand Duke’s mansion.


I couldn’t believe what happened today.


When I first saw Rodolph in the garden, I thought everything was wrong.


But I didn’t know it would work out like this…


When I thought of the Barmuths who were silently waiting for my choice in front of Marquis Binkler’s aides, my heart fluttered again.


I felt like I was given a huge gift I never expected.


When I opened the gift box, I felt as if I had seen soft cotton and full of beautiful stars.


Today was something I will never forget for a very long time.


But surprisingly, the gift given to me that day didn’t end there.


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  1. i love the binkler family already!!! and kellerhan is being so soft with isabella 🥺 she’s already his baby daughter