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The crime committed by Batalli Dodna was so horrific that people demanded that the daughter of Batali Dodna, who was responsible for the crime, also be executed.


While executing Batalli Dodna, it would’ve been good for Kellerhan to pretend not to know and punish the daughter properly.


His reputation would have risen even more.


Nevertheless, Kellerhan didn’t punish Batalli Dodna’s daughter.


He secretly evacuated Batalli’s daughter to a prayer house for naturalists in Lauderbury.


He did it all in the most secretive way possible, and it wasn’t until quite some time later that it was revealed that Batalli Dodna’s daughter was under the care of naturalists.


I knew it well, because Kellerhan was criticized by the public for hiding and protecting Batalli Dodna’s daughter.  At that time, there were Herbert and Heiner next to me who talked about Kellerhan’s weakness.


When the citizens asked why he kept the daughter of the heinous criminal, and also the woman who caused the three villages to be burned, Kellerhan asked:


[Did she break the law?]


Citizens said he was a crazy dog ​​and went back with bubbles, but Kellerhan didn’t even care about people’s reactions. He took the exposed daughter of Bartali Dodna somewhere else, hid her, and started hunting criminals again.


“Did you save Batalli Dodna’s daughter?”


I asked Kellerhan once again, who was silent.


He didn’t answer this time either.


“The Duke isn’t a hunting dog again this time.”


I spoke with all my strength.


“Just someone who keeps the law and tries to somehow save as many lives as possible.”


That’s the Kellerhan Barmuth I know. He’s a person who will never abuse children and will never take away a woman’s fortune.


I risked my life to become Barmuth’s daughter-in-law, so I would be in trouble if I didn’t do this much.


“You… ”


Kellerhan was about to say something, but he closed his mouth. He let out a long sigh as he ruffled his hair with one hand.


“You really… ”


“I don’t care if people start to hate me just because I’m Barmuth’s daughter-in-law.”


I nailed it firmly so that Kellerhan could no longer argue over this.


“Because it’s better to be called a hound and live proudly than to live poorly and be called a good person.”


It was easy to pretend to care for a poor orphan while embracing her with insidious intentions. Just like Lodgemund.


Compared to them, how good is Kellerhan, who pushes me away, saying that his embrace is dangerous?


“You… Your standards are a bit odd.” Kellerhan said with a dismayed smile.


I just tilted my head.




When Kellerhan took me to the Duke of Barmuth’s residence, all the impatiently waiting servants rushed out to greet us.


“Du… ke?”


Magda widened her eyes when she saw me chewing calmly in Kellerhan’s arm.


“Did the Duke just come back with the Miss in his arms?”


“No way, my eyes must have gone wrong.”


“Isn’t the Miss afraid?”


“She looks very comfortable, though. She’s even eating candy.”


The maids behind Magda whispered with astonished faces.


In the midst of chaos, only Harold wasn’t bewildered and smiled kindly.


“We’re here, get down.”


As I entered the hall of her mansion, Kellerhan spoke coldly. But, contrary to his tone, the way he put me down on the floor was very careful and friendly.


“Take this too.”


Magda and the servants were startled to the point of fainting when they saw Kellerhan packing my candy bag.




As Magda was tidying the hem of my clothes, I heard a familiar voice from the side of the stairs.


“Young Lord?”


As I poked my head out, I saw Yuta coming down the stairs with his frequent steps.


Magda gave way, and Yuta approached me. He quickly alternated between Kellerhan and me.


“Because Father took you… I was worried… ”


Even with Kellerhan right in front of him, Yuta didn’t hesitate to say that he was worried about me.


Kellerhan raised an eyebrow in astonishment, yet he didn’t scold his son.


“Thanks for your concern, Young Lord.”


Yuta blushed at my words.


He really has a lot of shyness. To the point that it’s hard to believe that he’s Kellerhan’s son.


“Miss, where have you been?”


Magda asked while Yuta’s face flushed and he didn’t know what to do.


“That, um… ”


I couldn’t answer right away and looked at Kellerhan.


Can I be honest? As expected, I can’t, can I?


Even those who serve Kellerhan would be terrified to know that he took a child and went to the prison where the heinous criminals were imprisoned.


“I went out.”


However, Magda was not an ordinary person as a person who served Kellerhan.


“To where?” She asked with a friendly smile.


What should I do? As I was sweating profusely, Kellerhan interrupted.


“We went to Rudger’s Mansion for a while.”


“Pardon me?”


Naturally, Magda and other servants were surprised and turned over.


“I can’t believe you went to such a place with a kid! Duke, she’s still young! She’s only 9 years old!” Magda raised her voice.


Considering that her opponent was Kellerhan, it was great courage.


“No matter how mature she is, going to Rudger’s Mansion isn’t good for her emotions .”


Harold, who had only been watching, intervened.


Kellerhan listened to Magda and Harold to the end, surprisingly serious.


“She is the child who will be Barmuth’s daughter-in-law. She should see that much in advance.”


Kellerhan said the moment the nagging of the servants was over,.


“But… Oh, my.”


Magda, who was about to refute, realized the hidden meaning of Kellerhan’s words and covered her mouth with both hands. Harold also opened her eyes wide.


“What do you mean?”


“Yes, I have decided to take this child as my daughter-in-law.”


Kellerhan rested his hand on my head.


“Her engagement ceremony will be held in a month, so prepare it.”


“A month?”


“Is it not enough?”


“No! It’s tight, but it’s good enough.”


Harold answered with a bright face. He looked down at me with a happy face and bowed politely to greet me.


“I officially greet the Miss who will become the Grand Young Lady.”


Following Harold, Magda and other servants bowed down.


I stood still, not knowing what to do.


Because Kellerhan’s declaration came as a surprise to me as well.


I thought I’d have to prove myself over the next month, but I don’t have to?


Can I live without fear of being abused and poisoned by Lodgemund?


It was so sudden that I didn’t realize it.


As I tried to stare blankly at Kellerhan, he frowned.


“I did as you wished, what’s the problem?”


“No, there isn’t any!”


I came to my senses and shook my head hard.


“I really like it. I really…”


“Oh my, Miss.”


Magda knelt next to me on her knees and took a handkerchief out of her arms.


It wasn’t until she wiped my eyes that I realized I was crying.


“That’s weird. Why am I crying? I like it… I really like it… ”


In case there was a misunderstanding, I looked up at Kellerhan and smiled as hard as I could.


“I like it! I really like it!”




My eyes widened as it was the first time my name came out of Kellerhan’s mouth. His large hand rested on my head again. That hand moved and messed up my light brown hair.


“You can cry when you want to cry.”


Kellerhan looked down at me with her deep, sunken eyes, he said.


“Because only then I can roughly guess how you feel.”


Those words were the signal.


“Hic, hic, hicc…”


Once the crying broke out, I couldn’t control it on my own.


I wanted to avoid crying like a child, but it was already too late.


“Hic, hic.” I cried with an ugly sound.


If I were in Lodgemund, it would be so loud that it wouldn’t be strange if I was locked up in the attic right away.


But this wasn’t Lodgemund.


“Oh my, our Miss. Wasn’t it traumatic to go to Rudger’s Mansion after all?”


“Don’t cry. Now, I’ll tell the kitchen and they’ll bake a bunch of your favorite pancakes!”


“Miss, it’s fine. Everything is fine.”


All of the servants, including Magda, tried to soothe me.


I felt sorry for them, and I cried even more.


In the end, I was able to calm down a little after crying for a long time.


“Hic, hic, heuk.”


As I started to catch my breath, I could see the servants reassuring as a group.




When I had completely stopped crying, Kellerhan motioned for his son.


Yuta approached with hesitation. In the child’s hand was a handkerchief with blue flowers on it. Apparently, he was trying to comfort me, but it seemed like he was blocked by the servants and couldn’t come close.


Noticing my gaze, Yuta blushed and hid the handkerchief in his arms.


Kellerhan held Yuta with one hand and me with the other, then he stood us face to face.


“She is your bride.”


At Kellerhan’s words, Yuta took a deep breath.


“Yes. I know.”


“You know what to do.”


“I know that too.”


There was a close gaze between the father and the son that no one else could see.


“As long as you know that.”


Kellerhan withdrew from us. And he gave orders to Magda.


“Wash Isabella, feed her, and put her to sleep. Because she has worked hard today.”


“I understand.”


Hearing Magda’s answer, he left the hall.


“Ah… ”


I let out a short sigh as I saw him disappearing up the stairs.


Such a great thing just happened. Are you just going? I want to talk more.


“Because the Duke is busy. There’s nothing we can do.”


Magda comforted me from my side.


I dyed my face red in embarrassment as I was ashamed of getting caught being disappointed.


“…Excuse me.”


Yuta, who was watching me from the side, lightly touched my hand.


As I looked up, I saw him looking at me cautiously.


“Don’t worry. When Father isn’t around… I will be by your side.”


At the unexpected friendly words, I opened my eyes and smiled brightly.


“Thank you, Young Lord.”


Yuta’s face turned bright red in an instant.


The boy bowed his head and said nothing for a long time before finally calming down and reaching out his hand.


“Have you eaten?”


“No, not yet.”


“Then let’s go to the dining room together.”


“Yes! Both of you have to eat.”


Magda grabbed the servants’ attention with a clap of applause from the side.


“Everyone! Prepare a meal for the Young Master and the Miss.”


Some servants were busy going to the kitchen, and some servants went up to the third floor to prepare clothes for me to change into.


Magda talked about the engagement ceremony as Yuta and I were escorted to the dining room.


“You’ll have to be busy to dress up and decorate the hall within a month.”


It is said that it usually takes three months to prepare for the engagement ceremony of a great aristocrat such as Barmuth or Lodgemund.


So, a month Kellerhan said was quite a short period of time.


“But don’t worry, Miss. We will make the best engagement ceremony for you.”


Magda said as if she were determined. Harold, who followed her, nodded her head.


“I will somehow finish my three months’ worth of work in one month.”


But within a week, Magda and Harold’s dreams were shattered.


Because an uninvited guest appeared and interrupted our engagement ceremony.


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  1. she won him over!!!! isabella deserves the best. and yuta is so cute!!! i love everything in this story so far. thank you for translating!