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Author: Tam

Baby Princess’ Survival Diary




There was a fishy taste in my mouth. When I opened my eyes, the chains that bound my arms and legs were in my mouth. 


I was hungry, so it looked like I bit it in my mouth. 


As the vision gradually became clearer, tangled hair came into my eyes because I couldn’t organize it properly. 


In the meantime, rats were moving back and forth.


“She has rat-colored hair, so she looks like a real rat when next to a rat.”


“I know right.”


A guard who was laughing at me threw me the bread he was eating. 


In a hurry, I crawled and bit the bread in my mouth. Tears came out while eating bread. 


I hurriedly wiped away my tears. I don’t know how many days it’s been since I put food in my mouth.


The Duke of Enotis and the temple seemed to abandon me like this. 


“What if they know?”


“Well, since she has worked so hard, I think bread is okay.”




I heard guards laughing at me, but I didn’t care.


Because it’s true.


Tears came out.


I didn’t expect such an end. I dreamed of a day when I would live even if I had to work for it.


I never imagined starving to death in such a cold prison on the floor of a cold orphanage.


I was abandoned when I was two years old, and my divine power was revealed when I was five. 


They said it was such a powerful power that they had never seen.


When the Duke of Enotis and the Priest came to visit for the first time, I thought it was really lucky. Because I was adopted by the Duke family. 


I didn’t even know it was the beginning of hell.




The Duke of Enotis had a daughter. A precious daughter born with divine power.


As soon as I arrived at the Duke’s mansion, I had to go inside the magic chamber.


It was to put my divine power into the holy stone so that the princess could use it. (The put it as 공녀, like the princess of daughter in the Duke family.) 


“Ugh— Uh!”


It was painful to transfer the divine power. It felt like my whole body was being ripped apart, and at times it felt like being stabbed with a knife.


Although I crawled and struggled on the floor, the priests did not move.


After a frightening time was over, no one talked to me. That was all my value. 


“I, I’m hungry—”


When I didn’t talk, it gradually became difficult to talk. 


Stuttering seemed to have become a fun thing among the maids.


They would throw me bread only after seeing me stuttering or counting with my pronunciation. 


They threw bread and disappeared every time they heard that it had withered as well.


It was inconvenient to climb up to the rooftop room, which is the highest point in the Duke’s mansion, for fun, so they eventually forgot about me.


In addition, the more the divine power was transferred to the Holy Stone, the longer the time spent in the rooftop room. 


I gradually lost my words and thought more.


“Now, let’s go.”


“I, I don’t want to—”


Helplessly dragged along, I learned the word give up.


It was a word that I learned without realizing it after hearing the priest’ words a few times that it was time to give up. 


I entered the Duke’s mansion at the age of five and repeated this every day for ten years. 


I’m losing my mind and begged for help, and later I begged for them to kill me. 


But no one listened to me.


I tried to run away, but all I got back was whipping and a more hellish magic trick.


10 years since I was 5 years old. When I was fifteen, I lost all my powers and was thrown into a dungeon. 


“Rather… Kill… Please kill me…”


Outside the cage, I grabbed the guard’s leg and prayed, but all that came back was a cold refusal. 


My powers have already been taken away and I am no different from an ordinary person, but people are reluctant to kill me directly.


At one time, it was a body that had as high a level of divine power as the high priest. 


All of the divine power I had was taken away by the daughter of the Duke of Enotis, but they were also afraid of punishment from the God. 


It was funny.


If there was God, there was no way I would be like this.


Princess Enotis became a saint of the empire with the divine power she took from me.


“Oh God—”


Tears that seemed to have dried up formed around my eyes again.


God, don’t abandon me.


I cried and fell asleep and when I woke up, I cried again. And one day I couldn’t open my eyes.






I blinked. I wondered if I came out of the dungeon, but when I looked around, it was strange.


This was the room at the orphanage that I had been thinking about over and over again because I wished I could go back.




“Oh, yesh… Kwindness…”


It was really an orphanage when I looked at the kid, who habitually struggled with sleep.


Looking at both hands, the palms were really small. I was confused if it was my hand, so I opened it up, but it was really my hand.


And the pain that I always felt was gone.


Just in case, I raised a very small divine power. A white light gathered at my fingertips and then disappeared.


“I, I cowme bawck—”


The first time I received my divine power was in the early spring when I was five years old. 


Seeing the wind blowing through the thin walls of the orphanage, it seemed that I had returned to the time I first received divine power.


Tears came out.


“God… Thwank ywu…”


I express my gratitude and stood up from my position. I couldn’t let go of this opportunity I was given again. 


In a few days, or even tomorrow, the temple and the Duke Enotis who felt divine power will come to visit me. 


Before that, I had to go to a place that could protect me.


Fortunately, it was night now.




I opened the door and leaned down. My legs were short, but I walked as fast as I could. 


There was a fixed place to go.


“I hwave to live thwis time.”


I have heard many things unintentionally in my past life. The nobles of the Inoten Empire were divided into two groups.


An aristocratic group formed by the Duke of Enotis and the temple. An Imperial faction formed by the imperial Family and the Duke of Biherville.


Duke Enotis didn’t allow me to study, so there was little I could understand, but I knew only one thing.


To live, I had to go to the Duke of Biherville.




It was easy to sneak out of the orphanage. It was because the director was not interested in the children of the orphanage and the security was poor.


I quickly left the orphanage. I had see the Duke of Biherville only once. 


In the beginning when Princess Enotis started losing her powers, I followed her everywhere in order to stably store her powers in the Holy Stone. 


I can’t remember the details, but it was certain that it was ‘from the orphanage all the way to the right’.


I wanted to go back to the orphanage, so I looked at the orphanage outside the carriage over and over again. 


I ran to the right unconditionally without thinking about how far it was. It was a large mansion to see at a glance, so it wouldn’t be difficult to find. 


“Ugh… Ugh…”


The Duke mansion was farther away than I thought. I didn’t know if it felt that way because my legs were short, or if it was really far. 


I was out of breath, but I didn’t stop my legs.


The sun will rise soon. It is obvious in the eyes if a child is alone. Even more so if it’s near an orphanage. 


Before that, I have to arrive at the Duke mansion and hide near it. 




The Duke mansion’s gate was still huge. I looked for a opening space nearby, but couldn’t find it. 


The main gate will be guarded by knights, so I hide in the nearby bush—.




I was lucky. The Duke’s huge iron gate was opening. There was the sound of horses running in the distance.


My legs were numb, but I ran hard. Even if I die, now was my chance. 




Seeing me stopped in front of the gate, the carriage stopped quickly. I screamed out loud and ran towards the carriage. 




“Hey! Get out of my way!”


“Hey— Get out!”




I screamed hard, barely avoiding the knights trying to hold me. It was desperate. 


If the Duke doesn’t look outside, I’ll be done in this life. 




“Ah! I got you.”


“N, no—”


“I don’t know where you came from, but you can’t do something like this.”


The knight carefully held me so that I wasn’t hurt, but it wasn’t important right now. 


“Dwuke! Plwease save mwe!”


Tears came out without realizing it that the same life would be repeated if I caught like this.


“W, what to do—”


The knight holding me seemed flustered, but that wasn’t the problem. 


I tried to shout one more time, but the door to the carriage opened.


“Bring her here.”




“I’ve seen a lot of people who see me and cry for their life, but this is the first time I’ve seen a child like that.”


The knight looked at me with an anxious look.




Excitedly, I pointed my hand into the carriage. The knight put me into the carriage with a strange expression.




First, I politely said hello. I had to look good unconditionally.


“Let’s hear it. Why I have to save you.”


In the dark carriage, the Duke was staring at me expressionless.


The first thing that caught my eye was a dazzling blonde. It was blonde so beautiful that it was dazzling even in a dark carriage.


It looked so noble that it was incomparable to my gray hair.


I looked at the Duke with the most respectful expression in his cold blue eyes. 






“You have a headache.”


My main ability was to find a person’s pain and heal him.


There were many priests with healing ability, but I was the only one who could find the sick place.


I could see the energy tangled in the Duke’s head. It was evidence of a headache.


The Duke’s gaze has changed a little. 


“I can hweal you.”


I carefully grabbed the Duke’s fingertips and managed my divine power.


I felt nauseous when I used my divine power with a young body, but it was an opportunity to prove my value.


A twinkling light flickered on and off in my hand.


“I will— treat you myself—. So please, please save me.” 


My eyes were blurred as I bent down.


“Uhh— Ugh—.”


It should look pretty, but blood was mixed in my cough. 


It hasn’t been long since I was given the divine power, but I used quite a lot of it, so it seemed to be the reaction.


Once Princess Enotis used my energy excessively and I vomited blood.


“Cough— Uhh—”


But now I shouldn’t have vomited blood. I didn’t know what punishment I would get if I put blood on such a precious carriage.


I desperately covered my mouth as I remembered being beaten when I vomited blood in the Duke’s hallway.


“Do it— right now!”


At the end of hearing the Duke’s voice faintly, I passed out.


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  1. Tragic past aren’t my favourite. But this are prick my conscience