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Four people participated in the competition for bracelets.


The bracelet didn’t look very precious, so the number of participants seemed to be small.


Objectively, the bracelet looks rough. The silver ring-shaped bracelet had a large yellow jewel in the center.


If the jewel hadn’t been shown to be quite precious, there would have been no participants.


“Let’s start the match. The two of you over there first, the two behind you will play later!” 


My father was the first to play. I was worried about what kind of game it would be.


“Now, the competition is bare-handed fighting. The one who’s back closes on the floor loses!”


“I’m Gwen.”


“…I’m Ville.”


After the brief introduction, the two quickly ran into each other.


While Lena and Shane were standing behind them, I put Driane on the palm of my hand and spoke softly. 


“Driane, whath shhouwd i do?” (Driane, what should I do?)


[What’s wrong?]


“If fathher gethsh hurth…” (If father gets hurt…)


[I don’t think that’s possible.]


Driane smiled and said, but I couldn’t hide my anxiety.


He must be busy with paperwork to meet me, so he doesn’t have time to exercise or anything like that.


The other person was much bigger than my father and had a lot of muscles like the knights.




I was looking at Driane for a moment, and suddenly I heard people cheering.


When I looked inside the ring, my father’s opponent was lying on the floor with a puzzled look.




The exclamation came out naturally.


It seemed right to say not to worry. I didn’t see how he passed it on, but my father didn’t appear to be struggling.


Soon after, the second match began.


The person holding the stick said something, but I couldn’t hear anything because I was worried about my father. 


He won the first game without any effort, but there are cases where I wonder.


Strangely, whenever I looked at my father with worried eyes, Shane and Lena seemed to hold back their laughter, and my father seemed to feel bad.


“Lady, His Excellency is an outstanding Knight.”


“Buth…” (But…) 


“You don’t have to worry. His Excellency is a stronger knight than Kayden-nim while on active duty..”


“Reawwy?” (Really?) 




“Nunya. Don’th worry abouth fathher, weth’sh jushth wathch ith from here withh Jeyion.” (Nunya. Don’t worry about father, let’s just watch it from here with Jeyion.)


I was nervous because I was close to the ring, so Jerion pulled me in.


When Shane said that, I gave up my worries for a while and went to Jerion’s side and sat down.


Meanwhile, the second game ended.


Perhaps it was a little difficult, the winner was catching his breath. It was a contrast to my father. 


“Now~ the long-awaited final match! Whose hand will the bracelet get?!”


When it started, more people came than before, probably because it was interesting. 


Lena and the escort knights surrounded me and Jerion.






“There are a lot of escorts, and the clothes look good— I’m not sure about it, so I’m asking, are you a high-ranking person? May I take a look?” 


“Don’t say something useless.”


“Now~ start!”


In an instant, the two confront each other. My father quickly dug into the opponent.


The opponent quickly stepped back, but because of his large body, his movements were sluggish, so my father easily came. 


My father, who immediately twisted his body, bowed and handed the other person forward.


The hall became quiet, and then cheers rang and spread.


It was my father’s victory.




“Waa fathher!” (Waa father!) 




My father handed me a bracelet.


“Thanw you! fathher ish sho coow!” (Thank you! Father is so cool!)


“Fathher, how do you do thhath?” (Father, how do you do that?)


Father answered Jerion and gave me a bracelet. As I jumped with so much joy, my father stroked my hair.


“This is so heartwarming! I—. The participation fee is—.”


“Shane, pay it.”




While Shane was paying for the participation fee, I stared at the bracelet. Then my father took the bracelet.


“Fathher?” (Father?) 


“Let’s go back home.”


“Yesh.” (Yes.) 


I answered, but I still couldn’t take my eyes off the bracelet, so Driane also helped out with a word.


[Baby. Don’t be fooled by the bracelet]


“Ith’sh noth wiwe before…” (It’s not like before…)


[That’s because I’m pressing down Nadia’s energy with my energy. If you don’t press it, you’ll be mesmerized right away, so quickly turn your gaze away.]


“Ung…” (Yes…) 


I shifted my sight away from it and looked straight ahead.


It was very difficult to look away, but I managed to turn my gaze away by closing my eyes and turning my head.


Only then, as if relieved, my father headed for the carriage with me and Jerion.




During our way back home in the carriage, my father remained silent.


In the meantime and quiet atmosphere, Jerion fell asleep, perhaps the sound of the clattering horseshoe was like a lullaby. 


My father took Jerion, who fell asleep on my lap. 


Jerion was good, but it was a little heavy, so my legs were numb and I let out a sigh of relief. 


With the clattering sound, the carriage soon arrived at the mansion.


Upon arriving at the mansion, my father entrusted Jerion to Nancy. 


Then he took me off the carriage and led me to my room. 


“Get out.”


“Yes, Your Excellency.”


Jessie, who was approaching the door in a hurry thinking that I had returned, bowed her back and went outside.


“Guard the door.”


“Yes, Your Excellency.”


Lena, who followed, bowed and went out the door.




At father’s call, Driane appeared very blurry.


It was clear when it first appeared in front of my father, but now it is translucent like smoke.


“Driane. You look weird.”


[It’s because Nadia took a lot of baby’s energy]


“Is it like this when all the divine beasts make contracts?”


[Nadia is—. The divine beast of the previous tree returns to the sky, and the new born divine beast has never had a contractor yet. In a word, it’s still inexperienced.] 


“How are Lione’s conditions right now?”


[If she doesn’t overdo it and falls asleep like this, she’ll be fine tomorrow.]


“I heard that you don’t have to sign a contract unconditionally just because you got a holy relic, right?” 


[That’s right. But— Nadia’s obsession with contracts seems to be a bit harsh, so I need to press it.]


“If i mawe a conthracth?” (If I make a contract?)


[Baby. There has never been a human who signed a contract with two divine beasts at such a young age like a baby.] 


Driane sighed a little and said.


[The baby’s divine power is strong enough to sign all five of them, but your physical growth can’t keep up with him. It’s like a plate about to break.]


Driane sighed again.


[In such a situation, it is dangerous to sign a contract with Nadia, who is not good at monitoring the condition of the contractor, unless it is another divine beast. So it would be better for Nadia to sleep a little longer.]


“Buth—” (But—)




“Yesh…” (Yes…)


Frustrated, I looked at my father.


I understood that I couldn’t sign a contract because I was still young, but I was upset to think of Nadia’s energy, which was full of loneliness.


As I looked at my father pitifully, I let out a small sigh. 


“Lione. Don’t think about others until you hurt your body.”


“Buth… I can endure ith! (But… I can endure it!)


“It means you don’t have to endure it.”




“It will grow naturally over time, so 5 years. Only grow up for another 5 more years.” 


[Yes, Baby. 5 years is not a big deal for a divine beast. I’ve been asleep for hundreds of years, and that 5 years is—. Nadia!]






In an instant, my vision became dark.


A wall surrounded me. The walls were getting thicker, layer by layer.


Soon after, the voices of father and Driane, which had been vaguely heard, were soon lost.


“Thrhee…” (Tree…) 


When I approached and touched it, it was a tree, not a wall. It was not known whether it was a wooden wall or a real tree, but it was a tree anyway.


“Braceweth…” (Bracelet…)


A bracelet was floating in front of me.


There was a name that naturally came to mind.




[Did you call me?]


A voice rang throughout the space. 


Driane’s voice was dignified unlike the cute appearance, but Nadia’s voice was like a boy.


[We finally met]


Nadia’s voice filled the space.


Nadia’s voice echoed through the room as if they were in a closed prison. 


[Tell me your name]


Nadia with an excited voice said.


It was a little embarrassing, but I thought that he must have been lonely because he wanted to meet me.


“Lione… Lione Biherville..”


[Lione Biherville]


I felt sorry for Nadia, who happily called my name.


How frustrating and lonely it must have been to be trapped in a bracelet for a long time alone.


Nadia didn’t say lonely.


However, I was strangely heartbroken as if I were lonely.


It was just lonely at first. And I could feel Nadia’s feelings for me now.


I wanted to make a contract right away so that it could be like Driane.


But the words of my father and Driane came to mind and I wiggled my fingers.


I heard the sound of branches breaking.


It was not the sound of one or two branches breaking, but a loud sound as if a tree was falling.


[Please call my name]


Nadia said, a little impatient.


Nadia was still not seen. Only the bracelet was floating.


I remembered when I signed a contract with Driane.


Driane had appeared and placed its hand on mine. So I thought it would be okay to call its name. 




The moment Nadia’s name was called, branches and flowers rose from under my feet.


The way it wraps around me and spreads out was so beautiful that I had never even seen it in my dreams.


[Finally I met the first contractor!]


The trees surrounding me were disappearing into stormwater sand.








My father, Driane, and Lena, who called me, made eye contact, and at the same time, when I saw the gray puppy running and hugging me, I collapsed. 


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