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I felt like I was lying on a cloud. In the end, I didn’t want to open my eyes because I thought I was dead. 


“How come she doesn’t open her eyes?”


“This is a rebound for using too much divine power, so if she gets enough rest, she’ll be able to wake up slowly.” 


‘She will’.”


“She can wake up!”


A strange but familiar voice was heard somewhere.


It was the Duke’s voice. I opened my eyes wide. 


“She opened her eyes!”


My eyes meet the Duke’s eyes. 


I definitely treated him, but there was another black thing tangled in his head. But it was less than before.


I slowly got up and bent my knees.


“I’ll treat you again.”


“You can’t use your divine power, Miss.”


“buth, thhe duwe hash a headache.” [But, the Duke has a headache.]




It wasn’t the priest’s robe, but a person wearing a similar white robe looked at the Duke.


I approached the Duke on my knees and reached out to him. 


“i’ww threath you. So pweashe give me your hand, duwe.” [I will treat you, so please give me your hand, Duke.]


The Duke only looked at me quietly and said nothing.


I became more anxious.


“i’m noth thired. I can do thhish!” [I’m not tired, I can do this!]




“Please save me… Please…”


I bowed my head, begging with both hands. The Duke, who was looking down at me quietly, opened his mouth. 


“Promise me you won’t use your divine powers.”


“Yesh?” [Yes?]




If I don’t use my divine powers, I will lose my value—.


However, the Duke’s gaze was firm.


So I nodded without realizing it. First of all, it was important to listen to the Duke.


“I won’t use it.”


The Duke lifted me up more gently than the day, he nodded again. 


“Dwuke?” [Duke] 


“It’s a bit strange.”


“I’m sworry.” [I’m sorry]


I bowed my head again.


“Can you see where I’m sick?”




“The temple’s eyes will be on fire just to find you.”


My whole body trembled at the word temple. The painful memory came to mind at once and weighed down my whole body.


“What’s wrong with her?”


“I think she’s afraid of something.”






The man in the white robe looked into the Duke’s eyes. Looking back, it seemed like I was doing something wrong.


“I’m sorry…”




“ith’sh aww my fauwth—” [It’s all my fault—]


Duke Enotis said that if the princess was wrong, it was all my fault. 


The divine power that should have gone to the princess fell on me by mistake, and the princess suffered like that. 


In fact, the princess was born with a fairly strong divine power.


However, while the divine powers usually get stronger as they grow up, the princess began to weaken strangely.


It seemed right to say that it was all my fault because I appeared right after that.


“I, I’m the probwem—. This is all my fwault—” [I’m the problem. This is all my fault.]




The Duke called the brown-haired man behind him.


A man named Shane took a step forward.


“Yes, Your Excellency.”


“Burn the orphanage.”




How come?! 




With all my might, the orphanage survived.


The more I begged, the worse the Duke’s expression looked, but as a result, it was fortunate that the orphanage survived. 


“Miss— Please try this.”


“Thanw you.” [Thank you]


I greeted them politely and accepted cookies. The maids screamed, ‘Kyaa’.


I don’t know why, but I’m glad they looked happy.


The people of the Duke of Biherville were strange. 


I wondered if he was preparing to take away my divine power, but I didn’t hear that there were people born with divine powers in the Duke of Biherville.


‘Maybe they need a lot of things to transfer the divine power—?’


I didn’t study, but I heard a lot about that. 


In order to transfer the divine power, a holy stone capable of containing the divine power was needed.


And the only people who could handle holy stones were those who had even a little bit of divine power.


In the past, the princess had found a way to make it only available to her in a certain way, but I didn’t know how to do it. 


If so, I would use myself for his treatment, but the Duke said nothing.


Every time I ran into him from afar, there was always something black tangled on his head.




I sighed softly. Even the room that the Duke gave me was a very good room, not a room used by the maid. 


The bed was soft and there was a maid in charge of the room.


“They’ww be here shoon—” [They’ll be here soon—]


In a little while, the temple will find me. They were not one of those who would give up because I was in the Duke of Biherville. 


Until then, I had to prove my value somehow.


“Oway!” [Okay!]


I couldn’t stay still. The Duke is a very busy man, so he might not have time to visit me. 


“i’ww have tho meeth him!” [I’ll have to meet him!]




I strode out. I tried to walk as fast as I could although my legs were short. 


When I arrived at the Duke’s office, the knights began to look at each other.


“Pweashe open thhe door—” [Please open the door—]


The knights looked into each other’s eyes. If I couldn’t go in, it’s all over.


I knelt down and fell flat on the floor.




“What are you doing?”


“Your Excellency.”


“Your Excellency!”




The Duke hugged me and glared at the knights. The knights strangely shook their heads from side to side quickly.


“The L, Lady ask to let her in and suddenly—”


“We apologize!”


The Duke passed the knights and entered the office.


The door was closed with the knights sighing loudly.


“Duwe, pweashe weth me heaw you.” [Duke, please let me heal you.]


“I have decided not to use your divine powers.”


“Buth thhe duwe ish shicw—” [But the Duke is sick—]


“It’s not for you to worry about.”


“Then I can’th be here—” [Then I can’t be here—]


“What does it mean?”


“I have tho threath you tho shthay here.” [I have to treat you to stay here.]




Thoughts were just tangled in my mind. I hadn’t done any conversation, so I couldn’t speak well, of course.


“if you don’th need me, i’ww be abandoned—. If i wash abandoned, i’ww die—”  [If you don’t need me, I’ll be abandoned—. If I was abandoned, I’ll die—]


This was the result of explaining as hard as possible. This wasn’t wrong either.


It was vivid to see the Duke of Enotis abandoning me and throwing me to the dungeon as soon as he transferred all of my power.


Orphans like me will be thrown away when they don’t need it anymore. In order to remain in the Duke of Biherville, I had to prove my value. 


The Duke looked down at me silently.


“What’s your name?”


“I’m No. 12!”


Asking for my name was a good sign. So I replied loudly, but the Duke’s expression was distorted. 


I was called an orphan by the Duke of Enotis, but should I have just called myself an orphan?


“I’m Orphan!”


“I’d prefer you didn’t have a name.”


“ith’sh noth wiwe thhath.” [It’s not like that.]




“withhouth a name, no one ish cawwing me.” [Without a name, no one is calling me.]




“I wiwe ith when shomeone cawwsh me.” [I like it when someone calls me.]


It was something I felt deeply in the past. I could hardly see anyone in the dungeon.


The guards took turns coming and going only once a couple of weeks. There, I felt pain, hunger, and loneliness.


Even for me, who had never felt human affection, it was a lonely day. That was something I didn’t want to go through again.


“Then it’d be better to call you with a proper name.”




“I’ll give you a name next time.”


The Duke put me down at the desk and stroked my hair warmly.


He still had an expressionless face, but the touch of petting my head was so warm that I felt like crying.




“I feww ashweep—” [I fell asleep—] 


I buried my head and hugged my knees. I should have proven my value this time, but I fell asleep.


Still, he said that he would give me a name from a vague memory.


To give a name means that I can stay a little longer.


“To aim more—”


I got up from bed and cleaned the bed.


Growing up without needing care and caring for the younger children are the first things I learn at an orphanage.


I was confident in those two things.


I often walked to wash and clean my face. I also made sure to stamp on the towel and squeeze it with my feet.


It took a long time because of my small body, but I did it every time at the Duke of Enotis. 


“What are you doing?”


“I cwean up!” [I clean up!]


Startled by the low voice, I turned around and saw the Duke. First of all, I had to answer well, so I answered in a loud voice.


“Who made you do that?”


“ith’sh noth wiwe thhath!” [It’s not like that!] 


I answered confidently in the meaning of asking to take a good look at myself because I did a good job. 




The Duke hugged me without saying anything special. The Duke’s arms were very comfortable as always. 


When I was lifted from the Duke of Enotis, I always felt like my body would be torn apart, but the Duke always held me comfortably, so I felt a little strange.


“There is no need to do such a thing in the future.”


“then whath shhouwd i do?” [Then what should I do?]


“You don’t have to do anything.”


I was confused. I don’t have any value if I don’t do anything. 


Is there anything else the Duke wants? But what’s that?


“I won’t kick you out if you stay still.”




“…I said I’d give you a name.”




It feels like I’m turning around, but I nodded quietly with excitement to give me a name.


“Lione would be nice.”






“ith’sh wiwe thhe duwe’sh name—” [it’s like the Duke’s name—] 


When I said that, the Duke stroked my head.


I felt like I had to say proper greetings, so I stomped my feet and the Duke put me on the floor. 


I knelt down and put my forehead on the floor. It was a posture that I had done countless times in the past in the Duke’s place, but I have never been as happy as I am now. 


I said it was good to have someone calling me, but I knew that the name orphan and No. 12 was not a good name.


It’s a name that didn’t exist in the last 15 years of my life.


Tears came out.


“Thwank you…”


“Who taught you to put your head on the floor?”


The Duke lift and hugged me again and asked.




It was the butler of Duke Enotis who taught me, but I couldn’t say that now, so I blurred my words and the Duke patted me on the back and nodded. 


I don’t know why he’s nodding his head, but I also nodded.


I went to eat in the arms of the Duke after nodding for a while.


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