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It felt weird.


Come to think of it, I heard a lot that Princess Enotis seems to have changed her taste.


It seemed that everyone didn’t know exactly because the maids who served her had changed so much, but the lemon tart was a typical example.


Originally, the Princess didn’t really fond of the lemon tart that was usually brought from the kitchen. 


Is it possible for someone’s taste to change that easily?


My thought continues but there’s nothing to be sure of. 


[It seems that people have changed…]


“thath’sh why thhe maidsh are wiwe thhath.” (That’s why the maids are like that.)


In my words, Driane is lost in thought. Driane didn’t open its mouth easily if it was unsure.


I decided to give Driane time to think and lay down.


First of all, it was time to sleep.




Princess Enotis was smiling in my dream.


Princess Enotis, who was smiling and attending the tea party, looked happy.


The princess’ pink hair was smooth. Her full strength surrounded her, and she was smiling brightly in the middle of it.


It didn’t take long for the smile to disappear.


Suddenly, it became dark, and a hand appeared behind the princess. I couldn’t see whose hand it was. The hand began to strangle Princess Enotis.


The Princess’s eyes were empty and quickly changed.


The Princess, who had pink eyes like her pink hair, looked at me with hazy eyes.


She was still strangled. And in that state, Princess Enotis walked toward me.


She crept towards me slowly, as if a doll was walking.


She held out her hand to me as if longing for something. I wanted to run away because I was afraid, but my feet couldn’t move.








I barely woke up at the call of Driane and Nadia.


I couldn’t forget the eyes of Princess Enotis I saw in my dream.  As I breathed heavily, Driane approached me. Nadia was already pushing its head into my arms.


[What kind of dream did you have?]


“Eno, Princeshsh Enothish…” (Eno, Princess Enotis…)


[Yeah, so she came out.]


“Someone wash shthrangwing Princeshsh Enothish from behind.” (Someone was strangling Princess Enotis from behind.)


Driane’s expression hardened at what I said.


[Yeah… that kind of assumption is also possible…]


“Whath do you mean?” (What do you mean?)


[A little later for the baby. Can I tell you when it’s organized?]


“Ung…” (Yes…)


[Yeah. Now, let’s forget about the scary dreams and call the maid. Wash warmly and start the day today.]


“Ung.” (Yes.) 


[What about me? What about me?]


[It’s the same for you, too]


[Ah, why!]


Nadia whined and pulled the string. Soon I heard Jessie coming.


I caught my rough breath.


“Are you awake, Lady?”


“Ung.” (Yes.) 


“Oh my gosh. How did you sweat like this? You might catch a cold. Let’s go wash up.”


“Oway.” (Okay.) 


When I dipped myself in a bathtub full of warm water, I felt like my nightmares were flying away.


Today’s bath bomb was lavender, too.


I stretched out my arms and legs. Nevertheless, the bathtub has a long way to go. I didn’t even enjoy this luxury in Duke’s Enotis.


Maybe it was because I had a dream of Princess Enokis, and I kept thinking back to when I was in the Duke of Enotis.


“Lady. Is the water too hot?”


“No, ith’sh fine.” (No, it’s fine.)


When I closed my eyes, I remembered Princess Enotis in my dream.


What was the hand that strangled her neck from behind?


Driane’s reaction was strange to think that it was just a dream.


Neither Shane nor Driane said that one should not carelessly ignore the dreams and feelings of a person with divine powers.


“Necw…” (Neck…)


I touched my neck and dug deeper into the warm water. Even if I thought harder, there was nothing I could know.


I decided to just enjoy my bath time and splashed around a bit.


The Duke of Enotis didn’t even give me time to wash.


Even the servants who watched me could barely take a thief bath while I was sleeping.


So I always washed it roughly with cold water.


However, bathing in Biherville was always warm and cozy, making me happy.




Nadia didn’t stick together strangely during bath time, so I was able to stay quiet alone by myself.


Nadia always tried to stay with me except for the bathroom. Driane said it was because it was the first time Nadia had a contractor.


Then now, to stop Nadia I have to follow Driane around. (I don’t really get this part;;)


Wherever I went, it was reassuring for the three of us to go, but there were times when I was a little shy.


I didn’t hate it because I was alone in the past, but—.


“Lady, you have to get up now.” 


“Ung.” (Yes.) 


When my body swelled slightly and my fingers began to wrinkle, I got up from my seat.


She wiped my body and put on my clothes.


When she went out, Driane was still staring out of the window, and Nadia was sleeping in the sun.


“I’ll bring you some milk. Please wait.”


“Ung.” (Yes.) 


When Jessie went outside, I crept up to Driane. Nadia wakes up quickly because Nadia has a good hearing. 


“Driane. Do you thhinw abouth thhath?” (Driane. Do you think about that?)




“Do you thhinw abouth my dream?” (Do you think about my dream?)


[There is also that too. I’m thinking about the past.]


“Uhm… Pashth…” (Uhm… Past…)


[Baby. May I ask about the past?]


“Ung.” (Yes.) 


[If by any chance, bad memories keep coming up and it hurts, please tell me. I will stop.]


“Ith’sh fine. Becaushe thhere are Driane, Nadia, Jerion and Fathher withh me thoo” (It’s fine. Because there are Driane, Nadia, Jerion and father with me too.)


[I’m proud of you]


I sat on the sofa on the balcony smiling at the Driane’s compliment. 


Since Driane spends a lot of time on the balcony railing, I naturally came here.


Then Jessie ordered a servant to move the sofa here. It was a big sofa even if I lay down straight.


Sitting comfortably on the sofa, Driane turned toward me.


[Tell me from the beginning. How did you get to that house?]


“”i’m ath thhe orphanage, and thhe prieshthsh are vishithing.” (I’m at the orphanage, and the priests are visiting me.)


[I see.] 


“Ung. The duwe… give me a nice room ath firshth” (Ung. The Duke… Give me a nice room at first.)


[After that?]


“The higheshth room in thhe manshion…” (The highest room in the mansion…)


[So it’s rooftop.]


Driane continued to speak after a bit of agitation.


[By any chance, did you not go out of the room a lot?]


“Yeah. Onwy when thhey’re draining my power or going tho bathhe once a monthh—” (Yeah. Only when they’re draining my power or going to bathe once a month—)


[You said there was a watcher who was watching over the baby in the past.]


“Ung.” (Yes.) 


[By any chance, did the watcher change periodically?]


“Ung!” (Yes!) 


Strangely, the watcher changed within a week.


There was a small door under the door that put food in, and the arms coming in there changed every week.


So I used to find out about the time by changing the arm.


[A place where people can’t get out of the house. The person who came changed from week to week]


When Driane summarized it in one sentence, I thought it was a little strange.


There were many reliable figures in the Duke of Enotis.


It would have been better if the rumors didn’t spread and to have someone they trust to watch me rather than having them take turns watching me. 


[Baby, what happened after you lost all your divine power?]


“Died in underground prishon—” (Died in underground prison—)


[The guard. Did it change?]




Come to think of it, people didn’t change while I’m in prison. Occasionally, a sympathetic guard threw me bread.


Still, the person didn’t really change. Well, in the first place, I didn’t see much of the guards themselves—.


It was a good thing that I didn’t die earlier, but from the Duke of Enotis’s point of view, it would have been more beneficial for me to die sooner, so why was that? 


[It seems that he was wary of the baby’s divine power.]


“Divine power? buth i never ushe ith properwy—” (Divine power? But I never use it properly—)


[Baby’s divine power is strong, so just being by your side is affected.]




[Yeah. Even more so if you’re using the demon’s energy.]




[Yeah. Demons are one of the races that live in the Demon Realm. Some of them are parasitic on humans.] 


I still don’t know exactly what demons are, but I could tell that Driane’s expression was very stiff. 


It was a look I’ve never seen before.


[If there are heavenly races under Gods, there are demons race in their shadow. The world consists of a balance between light and darkness, so if there are Heavenly races, there are also Demons races.]


“I don’th wnow—” (I don’t know—)


[Our divine beasts are Eloane, Ignia, Nadia, and I who are in charge of light, and Canoa who is in charge of darkness.]




When I nodded that I understood, Driane continued to explain.


[As Canoa is a divine beast, darkness is not only about bad darkness.]


Driane flew over to me.


[When there is the day, there is night, so darkness is only natural. However, just as there are bad people among humans, there are also bad things among demons who like to live in the wrong things of humans.]


“Ish Princeshsh Enothish posseshed by demonsh?” (Is Princess Enotis possessed by demons?)


[It could be, but—. I think it’s a little different. Did you say that her attitude changed from that day on?]


“Ung.” (Yes.) 


[In the dream, someone was strangling her.]


“Ung.” (Yes.) 


[Then, there seems to be a possibility that something else was in it.]


“Whath do you mean?” (What do you mean?)


[There’s a soul to humans]


“Ah! i wearned from shane! so when you die, you wiww be judged!” (Ah! I learned from Shane! So when you die, you will be judged!)


[Yeah. That soul seems to have changed]


“Ish thhath posshibwe?” (Is that possible?) 


[As long as you pay the price, there is nothing you can’t do.]


“Then… the reaw Princessh Enothish…?” (Then… The real Princess Enotis…?)


[Perhaps the real soul was locked up somewhere else. It’s very difficult to get rid of souls at all, so she probably built a prison using magic stones and locked it up.]


I had complicated thoughts.


 So, Princess Enotis is not a real Princess Enotis, and does she have a fake soul in her body?


When I asked Driane after organizing my thoughts in my head, Driane nodded and said.


[It’s still a guess, but baby’s dream is not an ordinary dream. There’s a possibility.]


“Then… Then…”




Driane sighed deeply.


[The thing we have to deal with is the demons.]


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