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[I hate demons.] 


Nadia’s voice was heard from behind. Nadia has strong likes and dislikes, but it was the first time Nadia said hate to a specific target.


[Are there any demons? Didn’t they say that they were sent to the Demon Realm several hundred years ago?]


[Things that feed on human desires will not always be trapped in the Demon Realm.]




It was scary to see Nadia, who was always like an immature younger sibling, hardened its expression. Could demons be that scary?


“Are demonsh—thhath shcary?” (Are demons—that scary?)


Driane and Nadia faced each other and sighed.


[Rather than scary—]


[They’re wicked.]


“Whath ish wicwed?” (What is wicked?)


[It means deceitful and vicious. To be deceitful means to deceive others well. Such things are difficult and annoying to deal with.]


“Then ish ith noth shcary?” (Then is it not scary?)


[It may be difficult for the baby to deal with now, but if you grow up a little more, there won’t be anything that you can’t deal with.]


[Right! Don’t be afraid of demons!] 


“Ung… buth… ith’sh hard for now.” (Ung… But… It’s hard for now.)


I was anxious. I wondered what to do if the demons had bad intentions and came to Biherville.


Driane shook its head.


[If demons could really do anything, the world would be full of chaos. They also have limitations.]


“Limithathionsh?” (Limitations?)


[Yes. They used enough power to change the soul, so for the time being, they’ll be sleeping deep inside the Mana Stone.]


“For how wong?” (For how long?)


[…About 10 years?]


[Hmm. About that.] 




[This is probably the reason why they stole baby’s divine power in the past. It wouldn’t be difficult to even brainwash those close to you—. A certain amount of divine power must have been required to maintain the reputation of being a saint of the empire. They’ll have to butter until the demons wake up.] 




That was the only reason. I don’t know who it is, but it wouldn’t hurt if she became Princess Enotis. 


Just because I appeared, the Duke was not the one to abandon the Princess. Because the Duke loved the Princess as his daughter. 


Since she became a Princess of one of the most prestigious Dukes in the empire, he could have been satisfied there.


[It makes sense that he stole the baby’s divine power by choosing a painful way]


“Whath ish ith?” (What is it?) 


[The body originally used divine power, so there is no need to use the painful method of taking the divine power from the baby and putting it into the holy stone. But—. In order for the person to deal with the opposite power, the divine power, it must be processed.]


“How ish ith?” (How is it?)


[How should I explain it—When they get the divine power from the baby’s body, they should have brought an activated divine power so they can use it right away. Because the baby was young, the road was closed, and they had to forcefully take the divine powers by breaking the road. And as I said before, breaking the road is—.]


It felt like my whole body was being torn apart. My whole body was trembling.


It was unbelievable that he had caused people to suffer so much for just such a thing, just for that reason.


No matter how hard my teeth were and my whole body was shaking, there was nothing I could do.


As Driane and Nadia said, unless I had grown up to a certain extent, the demons couldn’t be dealt with.


I can’t even properly treat my father’s headache yet.


“I’ww worw harder!” (I’ll work harder!)




“I wiww defeath thhe demonsh!” (I will defeat the demons!)


[Yes. It wouldn’t be too much if you grew up a little.]


“Ung.” (Yes.) 




The office was quiet as always.


The aides were away for dinner, and today, strangely, Lione didn’t come either.


When he made the servant find out, she didn’t call because she was busy with something in the room.


[I want you to spare some time]


It was Driane.


Unlike the young appearance, Driane, who had a profound voice, stood by the window, completely revealing the usual appearance. 


“What’s the matter?”


Iville opened the window.


Driane, who was floating in the air, came and sat at his desk.


[I have something to say about Lione.]


That was expected. If it wasn’t for Lione, Driane wouldn’t have any reason to come.


Usually, they continued the conversation with only their voices without appearing, but today Driane showed its presence. 


He reflexively turned his gaze towards the room where Lione was. She’s probably sleeping now, but he’s worried.


[Don’t worry, baby can endure this much]


Iville nodded.


If that kind of Driane says it’s okay, then it’ll be fine.


[Something is aimed at the baby.]


Iville’s eyes changed. He closed the window and returned to his seat and sat down facing Driane.


“Are you talking about a temple?”


[Yeah—. They are too.] 


Driane sighed softly.


[As expected, the temple is most likely corrupted]


“Even a passing dog knows that the temple is corrupt. Everyone just pretends not to know.”


[Is there anyone who can use divine power?]


“The high priest and a few of his subordinates.”




“So, where is the other group?”


[The Duke of Enotis.] 


At the firm words of Driane, Iville opened his eyes wide as if surprised for a moment.


“The Duke of Enotis—. He’s not a great person to take over my daughter.” 


The Duke of Enotis that Iville knew was like that.


He is the head of the aristocratic faction, and he is a static person who walks the opposite path to Biherville, but it is certain.


The reason why he was the head of the aristocratic faction was because of his belief that if the imperial power was too strong, he would be called a tyrant.


Because of that, they bumped into each other, but he didn’t think there was a problem with his personality. 


Because of the word ‘Duke’ from his daughter’s mouth, he dug further behind, but nothing came out.


[It must have been like that until the demons intervened.]


Iville’s expression hardened with surprise. It was an unwelcome surprise.


“Tell me more about it.”


Driane began to explain what happened during the day.


But Driane remained silent about the baby’s past, knowing that the young contractor had been working hard to hide it.


“Saying we can’t deal with it right now—”


[Yes. In other words, it means that they can deal with the Baby now.]


Iville nodded with a serious look at Driane’s words.


So Driane and Iville talked about this all night long. 


They don’t even know who Lione is meeting. 






I was thirsty. Come to think of it, I remembered that I didn’t drink water properly because I was practicing my divine power today.


It was dark outside. It seems late at night, and I feel sorry to wake Jessie up.


So I went down from bed by myself after a long time.


Driane seemed to be away for a while, and Nadia was in a dreamland.




I opened the door carefully. I was just going to drink water in the kitchen.


“Leth’sh go geth shome wather~ ” (Let’s go get some water~)


I got a little scared because it was dark. So I sang with a loud voice.


I felt a little better.




As I went down to the first floor, I could see the garden shining softly.


It was a glow-in-the-dark stone. The garden at night was dazzlingly beautiful. It was different from what I saw during the day.


First, I went to the kitchen and drank water. Then I went up to the second floor and quietly brought out a cardigan and shoes.


I wanted to see the garden for a moment.


When I found out that the garden was pretty, I wasn’t very scared of the dark corridors and stairs.


“Pwetty—” (Pretty—)


The glow-in-the-dark stone shone subtly in blue, shining on the garden. Flowers were also shining in a different color than during the day. 


I sat on a large stone and looked around the garden.




Then I found a translucent bird flying over the garden.


“Whath ish ith?” (What is it?) 


After chasing the bird, I crossed the garden.


The bird’s appearance was very beautiful. The semi-transparent bird shone iridescently according to the glow of the luminous stone.


“Pwetty—” (Pretty—)


The moment I reached out and grabbed the bird, my vision became blurred. I blinked a few times and it was the first forest I had ever seen.


I was flustered and looked around, and I saw the bird earlier.




“Can you see this?”


The bird flew and sat on the hand of a boy. The boy was looking at me with a look as puzzled as I was.


“W, whho are you?” (W, who are you?) 


“That’s what I want to say—”




The boy’s surroundings were bright even though it was in a dark forest.


The bird, which was avoiding my touch, was receiving the boy’s touch as if it were familiar.


A small child in the forest—.


Not long ago, I remembered a fairy tale book presented by Shane.








When I smiled brightly, the boy nodded with a puzzled face. Then he looked at me with a serious look.


He shouldn’t be caught being a fairy, but it seemed like I was speaking out loud. I quickly covered my mouth with both hands.


The fairy in the fairy tale read by Shane also said that if they were caught, they should return to the fairy world.


I closed my mouth tightly and shook my head.


“Ehem. Yes, that’s right. I’m a fairy.”


“Reawwy?” (Really?) 


As my eyes sparkled, the fairy nodded, avoiding my gaze a little.


“So coow—” (So cool—)


“That’s—. You can’t tell anyone I’m here, okay?”


“Yesh!” (Yes!) 


Since he’s a fairy, of course I should hide it from people.


When I answered with a nod, the boy kept avoiding my gaze and said thank you.


It was my first time seeing a fairy, so I was looking around because I was amazed, and the boy sighed a little.


“Do you live in the Duke of Biherville?”


“Yesh!” (Yes!) 


“So you’re the girl who was adopted there.”


It was true that the fairy loved the children and knew everything about them. It was amazing.


“Then there will be a day when we can meet again.”


“Yesh?” (Yes?) 


The fairy took my hand and kissed the back of my hand.


“When that time comes, I will make a formal apology.”


The body was blurring. Surprised and bewildered, the fairy smiled and said that he was just going back to where he was.


Then I felt relieved and waved to the fairy.


“I’m the only fairy around here— so if someone else says it’s a fairy, run away. Got it?”


“Yesh!” (Yes!) 


Only then did the fairy wave at me with a relieved look.


And when I opened my closed eyes for a while, I stood in the middle of the garden. It was as if I had a good dream.


It was time to go back to bed, so I quickly went back to bed and lay down.


I couldn’t sleep well because I was excited to meet the fairy, but I closed my eyes and tried to sleep.


It was the first day a happy secret was created.


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  1. Seriously they need better security, now she can just wander anywhere at night and random boys can pop up in her garden?!?