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I’ve been busy preparing for the party since this morning. After taking a bath, I applied oil for a while.


It was lavender-scented oil that I like. 


Jessie brought a dress that I don’t usually wear, which looks expensive at first glance.


“I wiww wear thhath?” (I will wear that?)


“Yes, I’ll make you the prettiest today.”


Jessie was particularly motivated. Jessie, who gave me a dress, left to bring other accessories.


In the meantime, I was in trouble.


It was because I couldn’t decide how to hide and take Driane’s sword.


Nadia was a bracelet, so it was covered enough, but Driane was a sword. 


People will think it’s weird to wear a dress with a sword.


I was worried.


[You don’t have to take it]


“Buth…” (But…) 


I wore Nadia’s bracelet every day, but not with Driane’s sword.


I used to keep it safe and watch it when I had to cheer up or whenever I lost confidence.


This time, I wanted to carry a sword because I needed confidence throughout the party.


When I asked Shane, Shane tilted his head as if something was strange.


“Why are you worrying about that?”




“Lady is the Princess of Biherville. Do what you want to do.”


I immediately take the sword at Shane’s words. 


The scabbard between the gorgeous dresses looked a bit foreign, but it wasn’t as strange as I thought. 


“Lady, come here—”


I also ran to Jessie’s call. She was brushing my hair, saying that this dull gray hair was pretty.


“Ish ith reawwy oway?” (Is it really okay?)


“Of course. You’re cute.”


I’m sure she’s saying this to make me feel good, but it gave me strength. 


Jessie showed me the mirror, saying it was real.




There was a completely different person sitting in front of the mirror.


The dull gray hair glistened as if it were shining, and the light yellow dress looked very good. 


It seemed like someone other than me.


“Isn’t it pretty?”


“Jessie… ith’sh amazing…” (Jessie… It’s amazing…)


“Lady is so pretty that I didn’t have anything to touch.”


Jessie said so, but I knew it would have been difficult to decorate me.


After entering the Duke family, I ate snacks at every meal, but I was still quite small compared to Jerion.


I knew that even if I put on good clothes, the commoner orphanage would not come off easily.


Besides, with thick, stiff, rat-colored hair, nothing would have been easy.


Jessie said she would decorate it, but I never imagined it would change this pretty.


As expected, Jessi seemed to be good at it.


“Now, you have to go.”


My body stiffened at those words. I swallowed dry saliva. 


It was my first time as Princess Biherville in front of a lot of people, so I was nervous.


Besides, I was even more nervous because I thought I had to endure losing my divine power.


When I touched Driane’s sword handle, I felt a little relieved.


[Mine too! Touch mine too!]


Nadia’s words made me laugh a little.


Nadia sat down as if satisfied when I touched the bracelet due to the continuous tide.


A tail as tall as half my height moved gently.




“Nunya wiww go withh me righth?” (Nuna will go with me right?)


“Jerion. Don’t be greedy. Lione would have said she was going to go in with me.”


“I hathe Hyung! Nunya shhouwd go withh me!” (I hate Hyung! Nunya should go with me!)


Jerion cried and looked at his brother. 


Seeing that, I flinched in embarrassment, but my brother said with a smirk.


“Stop pretending to cry.”


“….Hyung-ah, I hate you.”


It was 10 minutes ago when the two began to quarrel.


While waiting because they were all ready, the two suddenly came to discuss with whom they would enter.


The first entry is important. 


People were treated differently depending on who they entered with. 


This does not apply to high-ranking aristocrats like the Duke of Biherville, but an adopted child like me was different.


Depending on who I stand with, people will judge my place in the Duke’s house. 


‘What should I do—’


I was so nervous that I didn’t even think about the first entry. So, the confrontation between the two was a little confusing to me.






The two quarrelling looked at me at the same time.


The eyes of the two blazed as if I had to decide.


I even had the illusion that Jerion’s blue eyes, which had always been clear, looked red.


“Thath’sh… so thhath’sh why…” (That’s… So that’s why…)


I turned my eyes around and said, but I didn’t know who to answer.


I thought about whether we could all enter together, but the etiquette teacher noticed and said that there was no such case.


I was hesitating to speak, but my body suddenly went up into the air.


“Don’t bother her.”


“I didn’t bother her.”


“Jeyion thoo!” (Jerion too!) 


It was my father. A sigh of relief came out. I thought my father would give me a good solution.


When I looked at my father with sparkling eyes, he stroked my head and said,


“Do you need to fight?”


At father’s words, my brother and Jerion’s eyes turned to father.


“Of course, Lione enters with me.”


The expressions of the two were changed.


“…I entered alone, then didn’t Jerion enter with me?”


When he spoke in a tone of sudden intervention, my father shrugged his shoulders instead of answering. 


I heard that Jerion made his first entry last year because he walked fast.


In fact, according to the original tradition, it was right for a daughter to enter with the father and for a son with the mother.


But now, it has become a trend, and everyone tends to follow it.


“These days, I hear that it’s too old-fashioned when you enter with your father.”


The trend these days was to enter alone or with brothers and sisters.


However, if necessary, it was not impossible to enter holding the hands of a godfather or the head of the family.


“Fathher…” (Father…)


Jerion looked at father with betrayed eyes.


However, despite the protests of brother and Jerion, father didn’t budge.


It was said to be tyrannical — Shane gave an explanation in the middle — but the two rebelled against each other only after the time had passed before they had to enter and gave up and went back. 


I thought it was fortunate that I didn’t get caught between the two, but I couldn’t hold my eyes because I felt sorry for the two turning around.


“Let’s go.”


“Yesh.” (Yes.) 


My father headed to the party with me in his arms.


The party host was taught from the beginning that it was polite to stay in the position, but now it’s a bit delayed.


“I thhinw we’re wathe…” (I think we’re late…)


This party was initially a place where I was introduced as a Princess of the Duke family, and if I was the main character, I would be the main character.


“Don’t worry.”


I was in a hurry, but my father walked leisurely, saying it was okay.


As my father and I approached the door, the doorkeeper bent down and shouted.


“Your Excellency the Duke of Biherville and Princess Biherville are entering!” 


The disturbance heard from the outside of the door stopped.


My father didn’t put me down and strode out through the open door.


People’s eyes were felt through a group of bright lights. From poking eyes to curious eyes. There were various types of gaze.


It was the first time in my life that I had received so much attention.


People’s expressions changed after a moment of silence.


“Greetings, we are Count Inova—”


“We are Count Grian—”


“We are—”


Countless people began to greet me in my father’s arms. My eyes were spinning. 


“I’m Lione Biherville.”


‘I’m Lione Biherville,’ I said robotically, raising a corner of my mouth.


I didn’t do the greeting I prepared properly because my father didn’t drop me off, but people didn’t seem to care.


“We are—”


I was distracted by the endless greetings.


I tried to remember their faces as much as possible. It said that it was very important to remember faces in society.


But there was also a degree to that.


As people continued to flock, my head was spinning.


My father raised one hand and stopped people because he noticed my condition.


“Excuse me. I think my daughter is tired.”


My father said that and walked forward and sat me in a chair on one side of the party.


As soon as my father moved, dozens of eyes followed. I felt nauseous.






As soon as they noticed that I was in a strange state, Driane and Nadia quickly became attached to each other. 


Driane climbed on my shoulder and rubbed its face on my cheek, and Nadia put its face on my lap and looked at me.




I breathed. I felt a little relieved. My father patted me on the head while looking closely at me.


“I’ll be back.”


“Yesh.” (Yes.)


I may be the main character, but very few people really came to see me.


My father has joined the crowd.


[Your younger and older brother will come soon.]


Driane said that I felt anxious because I didn’t have my father here. I was a little relieved that Jerion and my brother were coming.


“Prince Kayden Biherville and Prince Jerion Biherville are entering!”


My ears were drawn to the words of the doorkeeper. It made me laugh a little when I saw the two fighting like that but entering together. 


Jerion and my brother looked around and came straight to me.


My older brother was walking slowly along with Jerion’s speed.


Some nobles approached the two of them, but for some reason, they were quickly separated from my older brother.




I reached out to my older brother who was approaching first.


My brother hugged me as if it was natural and sat down.


When Jerion, who followed, spread his arms, he put Jerion and me on both knees like a father.


Jerion hugged me.




“Ung.” (Yes.) 


When I hugged him, strangely, the eyes of the people around me grew bigger.


Everyone looked this way with a surprised look, so I was a little scared.


I was going to say that because I thought being alone would attract less attention, but the doorkeeper’s call was a little faster. 


“Duke Enotis and Princess Serina Enotis are entering!”


Driane’s fur stood up close. Nadia showed its teeth.






My expression is a little stiff, too. I didn’t feel anything when I first met her, but now I know for sure.


I got goosebumps.


Creepy energy was flowing from Princess Enotis.


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