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The soil wall rose high. The rising soil wall became thicker and then thinner. 


The thickened soil wall moved little by little forward and then backward. Sometimes it was wrapped around a circle or wrapped in a rectangle.


The soil wall, which was rising high in the sky, soon permeated back into the ground only after reaching the greenhouse ceiling. 


The grass, which was a sprout, gradually grew to form a vine.


The grasses that used to be vines gradually became smaller and smaller and soon returned to sprouts.


[You’ve improved a lot]


I smiled brightly at Driane’s words. After today’s training, I left the greenhouse.


This greenhouse was a place where I trained my divine power. 


It was a greenhouse that my father started building one day and completed last year. 


After training to use my divine powers, I returned to my room and sat on the sofa.


Time went by without any problems, overshadowing my commitment. Five years later, I turned ten years old.


“Is the Princess still sleeping?”


[It looks like that.]


The real princess they put in the holy stone did not come out of it for five years. 


In Driane’s words, it is natural that it takes a long time to recover as it draws souls into it.


The Princess had been asleep for five years without wiggling.






Jerion, who opened the door and came in, ran and hugged me.


He’s taller than me now, but he was always the same when he hugged me when he was younger.


It wasn’t until later that Jerion didn’t really like being hugged by anyone.


He didn’t even get hugged by Nancy, so he was always walking around.


He used to hug his father and brother well, but everyone said they were surprised when he hugged me from the first time they saw me.


I cried a little in the room the day I learned about it because I thought he accepted me as a family member from the beginning.


“Where’s Nadia?”




Nadia was sleeping under the sofa.


Nadia, who has become calmer than before, has more sleep these days as if resembling Driane.


He told Lena to guard the outside and make Nadia appear. 


Lena knew the existence of the divine beast and said several times that it didn’t matter, but Jerion said it was annoying and always sent Lena out.


Then Jerion ran and hugged Nadia.


[I told you not to do this!]


“Are you sleeping because you’re protecting Nuna?”


[—I’m taking turns sleeping with Driane!] 


“Nuna is safer if you don’t sleep!”


[That… it is, but…!]


The argument between the two was now a familiar routine. At first, I used to stop him because I was embarrassed, but now it’s just like that. 


In the beginning, Nadia was the dominant in the quarrel, but these days, Jerion has the upper hand.


My older brother declared that he had no desire to be the head of the family, and Jerion naturally inherited the Duke’s family.


And Jerion, who took the successor class, showed his ability to acquire close to a genius to the extent that teachers spoke out their tongues.


Even though the subjects I hadn’t finished yet, Jerion was already finishing up.






Nadia and Jerion ran and hugged me and started blaming each other.


I smiled, nodded, and listened to what they had to say, and then the two started arguing again.


They usually go until the 3rd round, so they’ll be back in a little while.






I looked at the two fightings and turned my eyes. The flower that Jerion brought me last time caught my eye. 


It was the flower that Jerion brought on the day he cried, saying that the next Duke would be me (his Nuna). 


It seems that he heard that they didn’t put me as the candidate because I was an adopted child.


「Nuna, do whatever you want to do! I don’t have to be the Duke!」


I was very embarrassed because I really had no intention of being the candidate for the next Duke.


「Nuna is my Nuna… Ungg….」


At the same time, I was grateful. Jerion was already learning the studies he needed to learn as the next Duke, and he was motivated by it.


It wouldn’t have been easy to give up what he wanted to do.


I was grateful for him giving up on to me without hesitation, and I was proud of Jerion.


There was another reason why my father didn’t put me as the candidate.


It was because I told my father, who asked if I was interested in being the head of the family, that I was not interested in the position.


I had no doubt that Jerion would be a great Duke.


So I was really surprised when Jerion said that.


Jerion fell asleep in my arms only after answering that I was okay and not interested in it all day long that day.


Since that day, I have had a lot of thoughts.


My brother was trying to become a knight, and Jerion had a goal of becoming the next Duke.


But I haven’t had anything yet.


‘I do have a goal of defeating the demons, but—’


That alone felt somewhat lacking.


When I asked my father, he said I could think about it slowly.


‘Yeah, it won’t be too late to think about it after killing the demons!’


I thought so, but Jerion and Nadia rushed to me.






It was the end of the second round.


The third round would start soon, so I smiled and decided to wait. Then I heard a knock. 


I drew my divine powers from Nadia.


I had already talked to Jessie, but I haven’t told anyone else yet.


When I said I wanted to tell Jessie, my father went to the magic tower, which is not far away now, and received the contract.


It was a memorandum-like contract that said something scary would happen if they made a statement about my conditions before it was time.


When I said sorry to Jessie, Jessie said I didn’t have to.


She would keep the secret until the end, so I hugged Jessie, who told me that I just needed to grow up well.


「To be honest, I—」


Later, Jessie said that sometimes, the blanket moved or things moved when she was alone in the room.


She said that she was very scared, and she smiled, saying that she was more comfortable now.


Even though I didn’t know if she was saying it to make me feel comfortable.






My brother started commuting from the Knights Templar and came home almost every day.


Today was my brother’s day off.


Even if it were not a holiday, my brother would come to my room and hug me once a day.


I didn’t know at first, but now I know how hard it is.


All I could do for my struggling brother was hug him tightly.


So when I saw him, I ran and hugged him first.


“Jerion and Nadia’s voices could be heard outside.”


But now is not the time for that.


My brother looked at Jerion and Nadia, who had appeared again with stern eyes.


It wasn’t until the end of the party five years ago that my brother told my father everything, including Driane, Nadia, and what happened that day.


And I heard that he shared a sigh with father that night.


After that day, Nadia had an additional strict teacher.




“I told you not to fight.”




It was also thanks to my older brother that Nadia became calm. At first, I thought my brother had trained wild beasts.


Thanks to this, Driane was happy that he had relieved its burden. Then Nadia and Jerion were scolded by my brother.






My brother, who scolded both Jerion and Nadia, called me and opened his arms. Now I fell into the arms of my older brother, who was bigger than my father.


My brother now hugged me naturally.


“It’s heavy now.”


“There’s no way to be heavy on me.”


My brother sat down on the sofa, holding me, saying that I would make it heavy if I gained enough weight. 


It was a warm day as usual.


At that time, the ring made of the holy stone that I was wearing all the time shone. 




The sparkle continued until that night.


I lay down on the bed and looked at the ring. The light of the holy stone was flickering violently.


“Will she going to wake up?”


[It looks like that.] 


Driane sat in front of me and said. Nadia was already lying down next to me.


I continued leaning against Nadia, who was still much taller than me.


“I hope she wakes up soon. But is it okay if she wakes up already?”


Nadia said to me.


[It’s been 5 years… It’s understandable to wake up.]


Every time Nadia spoke, my ears rang. I plucked my ears off Nadia’s stomach.


Nadia has been grumpy about the real princess all the time.


Nadia, who likes something new, was surprisingly not interested in this incident.


In fact, Driane was not so interested.


“Oh, it’s shining!”


The soft light began to clump together on the holy stone.


The light gradually became a human form, and a translucent soul appeared.


The princess with pink hair and pink eyes had the same face, but it felt different from the face she saw at the party.




I talked to a princess who was staring in the air for a while, but there was no answer.


Looking at Driane, Driane looked at the princess’s condition and opened its mouth.


[It seems that the cognitive state is not yet clear.]




[It means it’s going to be hard to talk and listen]




[It’ll get better after a while]


I looked at the princess with peace of mind at Driane’s words. 


The princess was like a doll.


The princess with pink hair and pink eyes looked like a really, really cute doll.


It’s the same body shape as that fake thing, but it’s completely different.


‘Is it because she has no expressions and doesn’t move?’


Five years ago, the princess, whom I saw at the party, had an atmosphere that made me think she was somewhat seductive.


Should I say it’s tempting? Should I say that she seems to be trying to attract people?


It gave off such an atmosphere, and the real princess now had a cute face everywhere I saw it. 


[We can talk soon]


Driane, who was looking after the princess, said. I looked at the princess with sparkling eyes.


At that time, the expression of the princess, who was expressionless, was distorted. Soon, the princess’s mouth opened.




The first thing the princess said was—.


— This xxx like xxx! I’m not going to leave you alone! 


It was a word that didn’t match her face.


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