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“Yes, Your Excellency.”


The Duke of Biherville, who put the child to sleep, called Shane, who was standing like a shadow. 


Shane answered and came closer.


“What about the temple’s movements?”


“They are constantly asking to meet. They seem to be aware of the Lady’s existence.”


“What about Enotis?”


“There is no movement yet. They know that we can’t reject the temple’s request until the end, so it seems that they’ll stay still at first.” 


“That’s right.”


The Duke laid the child on the sofa and brushed the hair that had fallen down to the child’s face.


Then he looked down at the child quietly.


“Prepare for adoption.”


“Your Excellency. She’s a child with divine power. The temple won’t give up easily.”


“How much damage did we lose because Serena Enotis was born with divine powers?”


“Eight business acquaintances have moved to Enotis, and public opinion is also flowing in favor of Enotis.” 


“Get it ready now.”




Even while he was calculating, the Duke could not take his eyes off the child strangely. 


Her body was smaller than Jerion, and her skinny cheeks caught his mind.


A child with gray hair and gray eyes sometimes reminded him of someone.


It was a child who was strangely caught in his eyes. 




In the meantime, I ate in the room, but today I moved to the dining room with the Duke. 


It was strange that there was no sink to call it a dining room, but when the Duke sat down, the food was carried out. 


I thought the nobles were eating in places like this.


But the Duke sat me on his lap and picked up the meal.


I was hungry, but there was no way I could have a meal in such a precious place, so I quietly leaned on the Duke.






The Duke cut the meat into small pieces and give it to me.


When I looked up at the Duke with an embarrassing look, he once again put a fork around my mouth with no expression, as usual.




“Can i eath thhish?” [Can I eat This?]




He carefully put the meat in my mouth.




It was so delicious that I breathed out strangely without realizing it.


I hurriedly looked into the Duke’s eyes, but the Duke didn’t seem to care.




Again, I quickly ate the meat that was brought to my mouth.


It was such an ecstatic taste that I wondered if there was such a taste in the world. I took what he gave me and ate it.


After eating for a while, the outside of the dining room became noisy.


“What’s the matter?”


“I will check it!”


The Maid Unnie, who was moving food, quickly bowed her head and went outside and then came back.


But the Unnie who came in was not alone.




“Fathher!” [Father!]


The Young Master, the youngest of the Dukes of Biherville, whom I had only heard of in the past, was walking around


At the cry of the youngest Young Master, the Duke put me down on a chair and approached the youngest Young Master. 


Then, he gently hugged the youngest Young Master. It was a little unfamiliar because it wasn’t different from when he hugged me. 


“Isn’t it time for Jerion to sleep?”


“He woke up a little while ago, probably because he slept early yesterday. Then he heard that the Duke was in the dining room and he said he wanted to eat with you.”




The Duke beckoned to the one who seemed to be a nanny. So everyone stepped back and left the dining room


“Fathher. I’m hungry.” [Father. I’m hungry] 




The maids were in a hurry to change the food.


It seemed that the youngest Young Master was given new food. I quietly got out of the chair and stood still next to the chair. 


The Duke hasn’t told me to go out yet, so I can’t go out.


The Duke sat on the chair and put the youngest Young Master on his left knee, and then he put me, who was standing on the right, on his right knee. 


“Duwe?” [Duke?] 


“Fathher?” [Father?] 


It was embarrassing and the same for the youngest Young Master. When both looked at the Duke, the Duke smiled slightly and opened his mouth.


“You have to introduce yourself.”




“You have to introduce yourself. What was your name?”




I realized it only then and bowed politely.


“I’m Lione.” 




“I’m Jelion—” [I’m Jerion]  


They introduced their names to each other and looked at the Duke as if they had promised.


“You’re done introducing yourself, let’s eat now.”


The Duke brought the fork to me first. Confused, I quickly shook my head.


“The Young Mashter shouwd eath firshth—” [The Young Master should eat first—]


“Jerion, how old are you?”


“I’m 4 yearsh owd—” [I’m 4 years old—]


“Lione, how old are you?”


“I’m 5 years owd—” [I’m 5 years old—]


“Then, you’re Nuna.” (T/n = 누나 : Older Sister.)


Did my status has nothing to do with that—?


I couldn’t open my mouth because I was confused, but it was also for a while. The fragrant smell continued, so I had no choice but to open my mouth regardless of my status. 


Jerion didn’t say much as if he was convinced that I was his older sister.


It was a relief. It seemed that he didn’t know because he was still young. Let’s just eat for today. When will this day come again? 


Like that, Jerion and I took turns having a late lunch.


Last time, the brown-haired secretary next to the Duke urged him to go to the imperial palace, but the Duke fed them all lunch until the end.


After lunch, the Duke got up from his seat and put Jerion on the floor.






“There’sh shomethhing ewse on your head!” [There’s something else on your head!]


“What did I tell you to do with the divine power?”


“Don’th ushe ith—” [Don’t use it—]


“You know it well.”


The Duke patted me on the head, but I was not happy at all.


“I’ll be back.”


The Duke spoke briefly and left the dining room. My shoulders drooped.


I turned around to greet Jerion and think about it again in the room. 


But Young Master Jerion was looking at me.


“Young Masther—” [Young Master—]


“Nunya.” [Nuna] 


“I’m Lione.”


“Nunya!” [Nuna!]


Jerion ran to me and hugged me.


When I fell, Jerion fell with me, and the Maid Unnies was surprised and approached me urgently. 


“Are you okay?”


“Young Master!”




The Unnies who approached me then raised Jerion. My back hurt, but I was more worried about Jerion.


“Are you owkay?” [Are you okay?]




Fortunately, Jerion stood up smiling brightly.


The Maid Unnies around me sighed in relief. It was the same for me. It would have been big trouble if a precious Young Master got hurt.




“Pwease caww me Lione.” [“Please call me Lione.”] 




“Becaushe my statush ish wow.” [Because my status is low.] 




I was momentarily speechless at the sight of Jerion, who tilted his head and asked.




I rolled my eyes and asked for help from the Maid Unnies around me. But all of them avoided my eyes.


“Fathher shaid you’re Nuna.” [Father said you’re Nuna.]




“Then you’re Nuna.” 


Looking at Jerion, who spoke firmly, I sighed, but I had nothing to say.


What would I say as an orphan when the Duke said I’m the Nuna?


The Unnies around me were shaking their shoulders when I looked closely. Calling an orphan a Nuna seemed to make them very angry. 




“Yes, Young Master.”


Jerion’s nanny politely bowed her head.


“Go to the garden with Nuna!” (J) 


“Yes. I’ll prepare some refreshments in the garden.”


Jerion reached out to me excitedly.


When I got up and held the hand carefully, Jerion took the lead in walking.


After repeating going and resting, going and resting in line with Jerion’s pace, my stomach became hungry again when I arrived at the garden.


“Sith down!” [Sit down!]


Jerion was put on a chair by the nanny.


I tried to climb up the chair, but the chair was quite high and kept slipping.




“Lady, please step on here and go up.”


The Maid Unnie put her hands in the air and looked at me and said. 


“I don’th wanth tho.” [I don’t want to.] 




“It’s Unnie’s hand—”


I couldn’t remember the expression to say dirty, so I said it in words used by the children, but the Unnie seemed to understand it well.


The Unnie grabbed her heart for a moment and shook her head.


“Haha. It’s okay! I can just wipe my hands!”


Is that so? But how can I step on her hand with my shoes?


I stood still and agonized, and took off my shoes.


I can wear the shoes again later! 


I thought I was stepping on it with my feet, but Unnie’s eyes were so intense that I stepped on her hand slightly and sat on the chair.


“Nuna ish amazing.” [Nuna is amazing.]




“You do ith awone by yourshewf.” [You do it alone by yourself.]


“Because Unnie hewped me.” [Because Unnie helped me]


“I’m compwimenthing you for doing ith by yourshewf.” [I’m complimenting you for doing it by yourself.]


I don’t know what he meant, but Jerion pushed the lemon tart to me as if he had made a big decision.


Princess Enotis also liked lemon tarts. It was food that I only looked at while carrying lemon tarts from the kitchen to the princess’ room several times a day.


“Ith’sh a reward!” [It’s a reward!]


“T, thank you—”


As if a big decision was coming, Jerion tightly closed his eyes.


Jerion, who opened his eyes slightly when I lifted a fork, was eagerly looking at the lemon tart.


I put out lemon tarts to Jerion again.


“You need to accepth praishe for cwimbing it up too.” [You need to accept praise for climbing it up too]




“Yesh, pweashe eath ith.” [Yes, please eat it.]


Jerion quickly picked up the fork just in case.


I drank the juice in front of me and watched Jerion eat it. Even if I didn’t eat, I felt like I was eating for some reason, so I was happy.


“Lady, please try this.”


“It’s delicious.”


“Can I eath thhish?” [Can I eat this?]


“Of course!”


“Hurry up and try it.”


The nanny handed me a piece of bread with a lot of fruit on it. It looked like a lemon tart at the bottom, but it was loaded with fruits that I had never seen before.


I checked if I could really eat it, but neither the Unnie nor Nanny said much.


“Thath’sh dewicioush.” [That’s delicious.]


“Yesh. I’ll give ith to you.” [Yes. I’ll give it to you.]


“No, no. Thath’sh for Nuna! Thish ish jerion’sh!!” [No, no. That’s for Nuna! This is Jerion’s.]


Jerion pointed to another dessert and smiled brightly. The nanny quickly brought the dessert to Jerion’s house in front of her.


Jerion was dancing his shoulders with his hips up and down as if he was excited. It was so cute that I looked at it for a long time without realizing it.


For some reason, the younger children of the orphanage came to mind.


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  1. The premise is cute, but my God, is it necessary to make all these 5 year olds talk like they’ve got cotton balls in their mouths? Not every child speaks that poorly. Most of the five year olds who I have encountered can speak clearly but occasionally mispronounce words or choose the wrong ones more than slur them so hard. Maybe the occasional lisp, but they aren’t speaking like alcoholics.