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It was a bright tea party day.


Jessie’s expression in preparing the food was bright.


“Lady, can I leave this here?”




Tea party time was approaching. The preparations are almost done.


They said that being late is an act of ignoring the main character, and going early is an act of disrespect.


Therefore, it was polite to go at the appointed time when invited to the tea party.


She heard that it was polite to arrive earlier than the appointed time and wait for the main character, but tea parties seem to be a completely different concept.


– You’ll do well. I’ll be there for you.


“Ung. Thank you.”


I responded with a small smile to Serina’s support. She looked more nervous than me.


She said that she also practiced not speaking because she was afraid that I would be confused.


But she doesn’t have to do that. 


“It’s your first tea party, but you’re not as nervous as I thought.”




I ran toward my father standing by the door of the greenhouse and hugged him.


Afraid that my dress would crumple, my father looked at me with his knees bent instead of holding me up.


“You’re shining again today.”


Embarrassed by my father’s words, I bowed my head.


Thanks to Jessie, my gray hair was strong today too. The dress was an ivory dress that Jerion had chosen.


It had a lot of jewelry and a lot of lace, so I didn’t usually wear it.


“If you have any problems, call me anytime.”


“Yes. Thank you, Father.”


My father stroked my hair so that it wouldn’t get messy and stood up.


He looked around the greenhouse and then looked at me.


“You prepared well by yourself.”


“Shane and Serina helped me a lot.”


From setting the theme to arranging statues and tables.


There was nothing without Shane and Serina’s help.


However, I was embarrassed to be praised by myself, so I said quickly, but my father shook his head.


“I heard you made all the final decisions.”


“That’s— it’s nothing.”


“It’s hard to make a final decision. I know this better than anyone else because it’s something I do every day.”


My father sighed softly and continued to talk.


“Don’t underestimate your efforts for nothing.”


“…Yes. I will.”


When I said this with a blush on my face, my father smiled.




Guests invited to tea time began to arrive.


Arriving at the door of the mansion to greet the guests, there was a line of carriages. 


The Count Iena’s Young Lady got off of the carriage. 


“Hello, I’m Iena Fronen.”


“Welcome. I’m Lione Biherville.”


Next, the Count’s Young Lady Reina Enon, the Viscount’s Young Lady Jaina Bene, and the Viscount’s Young Lady Raven Izina got off the carriage in line. 


Last but not least, Count’s Young Lady Tina Aurin got off of the carriage, greeted her, and led her to the garden.


“I didn’t expect you to invite me, but I’m honored.”


At Young Lady Iena’s words, Young Lady Raven nodded and said it was an honor.


The two Young Lady were 20-year-old girls who had little contact with me.


Although they were invited on the recommendation of Serina, the two Young Lady seemed a little surprised that they were invited.


I answered calmly and led them to the greenhouse. The faces of the Young Ladies entering the greenhouse were full of surprise. 


“I’ve never seen such a beautiful greenhouse before—”


Everyone nodded at the words of Young Lady Jaina, who is now 9 years old.


“It must have been so hard to decorate the greenhouse, but it’s amazing.”


Young Lady Raven continued speaking at Young Lady Iena’s words.


“We also have a greenhouse, but plants don’t grow well.”


“Because it’s difficult to water it.”


At the two Young Ladies’ words, the other Young Lady also helped one by one.


It’s thanks to Nadia’s strength, and I was a little shy as I was being praised.  


“It must have been a surprise invitation, but thank you everyone for coming to the tea party.”


“It was a bit of an unexpected invitation.”


Putting down the teacup, Young Lady Iena said.


Serina, who was looking at Young Lady Iena and Young Lady Raven with her longing eyes, hurriedly approached me and whispered.


– They don’t mean anything bad, but the way they talk is straightforward.


I wasn’t surprised or hurt by these words, but since it was my first tea party, Serina seemed worried.


I nodded softly, saying it was okay.


“I heard tea parties are parties that invite people you want to get along with.”


“That’s right.”


“So. I just invited people I wanted to get along with.”


Young Lady Iena smiled at my words.


“Thank you for judging me that way.”


When Young Lady Iena bowed her head, the other Young Lady also bowed their heads.


“Lady, I’ve brought the tea and dessert.”




Jessie and the maids left the greenhouse, leaving the tea and dessert.


It was the beginning of a full-fledged tea party.




The topic of conversation continued to overshadow the age difference.


Young Lady Iena was good at leading the conversation because she had a leadership tendency, and Young Lady Raven was good at finding topics.


Thanks to this, the tea party atmosphere was harmonious.


“Young Lady Jaina, you’re amazing. I’ve never seen anyone embroidered at Young Lady’s age.”


The current topic was about the handkerchief that Young Lady Jaina brought as a gift.


It was a handkerchief embroidered with the patterns of the Biherville family.


At first glance, it looked so sophisticated that I was surprised.


“It’s—not to that extent.”


Young Lady Jaina’s cheeks turned red.


“It’s cool. I can’t do embroidery, so it looks more amazing.”


At my words, Young Lady Jaina’s face turned completely red.


“That… Young Lady Biherville…”


“Lione is enough.”


My words brightened Young Lady Jaina’s expression. The other Young Lady faces were brightened.


Serina whispered that they had indirectly agreed to address each other by name.


“I heard that Young Lady Lione carries a sword.”


“Yes. I’m learning to use a sword from my older brother.”


“Sir Biherville is a great knight. It must be hard to get training from such a person.”


I shook my head at Young Lady Raven’s words.


“My older brother trained me according to me, so it’s not too hard.”


“It must be difficult to handle the divine power, but it’s amazing that you’re even learning to use a sword.”


“That’s right!”


At Young Lady Raven’s words, Young Lady Reina, who had not been able to speak much, suddenly jumped up and said.


Young Lady Reina’s face, who is the same age as me, turned red.


“I’m sorry—”


She quickly sat down with her head down.


I smiled and said to Young Lady Reina. 


“I guess Young Lady Reina likes swords, too.”




Young Lady Reina’s face was lively when she talked about the sword as if she had never been ashamed.


“Then does Young Lady learn swords, too?”


When I asked because I thought she would be a good opponent, Young Lady Reina’s expression darkened.


“No… My mother was against it…”


“It’s dangerous to lift a sword, so the Countess seems to be worried.”


Young Lady Reina shook her head at Young Lady Iena’s words.


“My five-year-old brother is training with a sword.”


Young Lady Iena’s expression froze. She even wanted to be a knight once, but she was told she couldn’t because of family opposition.


“Now that you mention it, the tea has turned cold. I’ll tell them to give more.”


Young Lady Raven skillfully changed the topic in the atmosphere that subsided in an instant.


Young Lady Iena, who had a hardened expression on her face, immediately relaxed her expression and opened her mouth.


“How about the tea I brought as a gift? It’s a precious tea that grows only in the forest of the elf.”


“That’s nice!”


Young Lady Reina, who noticed that the atmosphere had become strange because of her, continued.


When they did that, I couldn’t bring up the same topic anymore, so I nodded.




The tea party was coming to an end.


There were no big problems, and everyone was just nice people, so the conversation was very fun.


After the tea party, they saw each other off one by one, and the last was Young Lady Raven and Young Lady Iena.


“Thank you for coming today. I’ll see you next time.”


“I’ll invite you to my mansion next time.”


I smiled brightly at Young Lady Raven’s words and nodded my head.


For a moment, Young Lady Iena and Young Lady Raven’s eyes met.


The two Young Ladies strangely bit the driver and the maid for a while.


“Young Lady Iena? Young Lady Raven?”


“Thank you very much for today.”


“It’s nothing to be thankful about.”


“Did you know that it’s been a long time since I saw Young Lady Raven?”


“Aren’t you two very close?”


At my question, Young Lady Iena smiled bitterly.


“I used to see her at Young Lady Enotis’s tea party—”


Young Lady Iena looked at my expression, blurring the end of her speech.


I continued with a casual look.


“Isn’t there a tea party at the Duke of Enotis these days?”


“No, we’re not invited.”


At the words of Young Lady Iena, Young Lady Raven smiled bitterly and nodded. I examined Serina’s expression in a hurry. Serina’s expression was stiff.


“As you know, we are neutral noble aristocrats close to the aristocratic group. We expressed it so elegantly, but we are a humble aristocratic family that it is difficult to enter the group. Luckily, I got to know Young Lady Enotis and we became close. But not now. “


‘Young Lady Enotis.’


‘Not now.’


Serina’s expression became even more stiff.


“It seems that Young Lady Enotis has changed since some time ago.”


Young Lady Iena sighed and continued.


“We were being treated like a broken kite because we weren’t invited to Enotis.”


“Even though it wasn’t the relationship we initially thought of it as a string.”


Young Lady Raven smiled bitterly and nodded at the words of Young Lady Iena.


“So, it is something we would like to thank for inviting us today. It may be that our friends have become distant, but I was worried that it would affect our family as well.” 


“I was embarrassed to say this openly, but I feel like I have to say thank you.”


The two Young Ladies, who had been thanking me many times, returned in the carriage.


– Can you check the current social situation?


Serena said bitterly.


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