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I always refrained from going out on days when I didn’t feel good.


It was because the probability that the ‘feeling’ was correct increased as I gradually became used to using the divine power.


– Of all things— Why do you feel bad on the day of the debutante? 


I sighed softly at Serina’s words.


I couldn’t speak carelessly because of Jessie.


Because Jessie knows about Driane and Nadia but not Serina.


Jessie, who had brushed my hair, said she would bring back the perfume as soon as she could, and I opened my mouth only after she had left her seat.


“I feel very bad. I think I’ll be forced to do something I don’t want to do.”


[That’s specific. Should I praise your divine power for being sensitive to this—.]


Driane sighed and shook its head.


[Don’t worry! I’ll protect you no matter what!]


– Stupid, you’re supposed to keep it from happening!


[I told you not to call me stupid!]


As Nadia rumbled and ran at Serina, Serina swung her fork and acted as if she wanted to attack.


They do it all the time, but Nadia and Serina never actually stick together and fight.


Again, Nadia just roared and didn’t jump at Serina.


[Don’t worry. What God can’t solve… No… Maybe he can…]


Driane muttered and shut its mouth.


Driane, who has always been my strength, has calmed down again after closing its mouth.


The debutante was held at the Imperial Palace.


It’s quite difficult to do anything to me without being discovered as having signed a contract with the demons in a crowd of people at a debutante.


Besides, the fake princess was the current king of the social world.


There must be a lot of people around, but it would be hard for them to do anything to me.


“Lady! I brought you some perfume.”




When Jessie returned, everyone moved a little further away from me.


Jessie’s hand brushing my hair was always soft and seemed to make me feel better.


“Did you choose your dress? You thought about it till the end.”


“Ung. As expected I like the beige dress.” 


I was really pleased with the two dresses I bought a month ago.


It wasn’t too fancy to be bothersome, but it wasn’t too simple to appear overly modest either.


It was a dress with an atmosphere without going out of fashion.


I thought about it for a long time, but I chose it because I thought it would be better to wear bright beige than navy, which is a dark color due to the nature of the debutante.


I don’t know how deeply I had a discussion with Serena until I made a decision.


“Yes. Accessories to match the dress are also prepared.”


Jessie skillfully held out an accessory box to me.


Since the dress was not fancy, the accessories seemed to have been prepared a little fancy.


When I put on my earrings, Jessie put on a necklace.


“Are you going to wear your usual bracelet and ring?”




“I’m glad it looks good with the dress.”


Serina hadn’t gone far from her holy stone, and the bracelet with Nadia was just a comfort to keep with me at all times.


I always carry Driane’s sword in the mansion, but it was a pity that I had to leave it today.


Normally, I wouldn’t care if it suited me or not, but—.


I couldn’t help but pay attention as the social world tried to eat me in my debutante days.


Knock, knock—.




It was Oraboni. The maid who had been waiting behind Jessie opened the door, and Oraboni, dressed in his knight uniform, entered.


“Oraboni, you look so cool today!” 


“That’s what I’m going to say. When did you grow up like this…”


Oraboni looked at me as if it was a new thing.


When I turned my eyes away because I was a little embarrassed, Oraboni continued as if he had only remembered it then.


“I thought you’d be worried about whether to carry a sword or not.”


Oraboni handed me a scabbard worn at the waist. 


Maybe he heard in advance of my dress color, there were two colors, navy and beige.


The scabbard felt a little flashy, so anyone could see it and it felt like it was kicking in style.


“I specially ordered it as a debutante gift. I thought it would be easy to take it with you.”


I hugged Oraboni when he said that.


“Oraboni the best!”


The dress may be a little crumpled, but I couldn’t suppress my current happiness.


It bothered me until the end, but I didn’t show much. And Oraboni seemed to have noticed it like a ghost.


I told him he was the best and kissed him on the cheek, and when I came down, my father was looking at me from behind him with a twisted expression.


“So you attack it first.” (T/n : like first attack first win.) 


“Priority is always important.”


“It’s always good to be prepared.”


Oraboni smiled and looked at my father triumphantly.


“Congratulations on your debutante. My daughter.”


After looking at Oraboni for a while, my father came up to me and kissed me on the cheek.


My father stroked my head as I smiled while kissing my father’s cheek. 


Behind us, Jessie’s little sigh was heard. I have a little messy hair. 


I felt sorry for Jessie, who couldn’t say anything to my father and was stamping her feet, so I quickly smoothed my hair.


“It’s a debutante present.”


My father handed me a small document.


When I received it and looked at it, it was the right to transfer villas in the southern land.


I have heard that this villa is a castle where my father enjoyed leisure time with the Duchess.


When I looked at my father in surprise, he smiled a little bitterly and said, 


“Rosina always said that she wanted to give this villa as a gift for her daughter’s debutante. She hopes she will come with a good person someday.” 


Rosina was the Duchess.


I looked up at my father with a flustered look, wondering if I could get this since I’m not even his real daughter.


Then my father hugged me slightly and said,


“If there was Rosina, of course, I would have passed it to you. Because you’re the daughter I’m proud of more than anyone else.” 


I cried a little at my father’s words.


Jessie urgently put on makeup again, so I managed to meet the time of my debutante. 




“I’ll be back, Jerion.”


“Ung, Nuna. You will do well.”


Jerion looked a little upset because he couldn’t go with me. 


But when I opened my arms, he obediently hugged me.


Now Jerion is much taller than I am, so it feels like I hugged him, but he was still my lovely brother.


“By any chance, if someone X— No if someone says something bad to you, tell me right away, ung?”


“I’m your older sister, you know?”


“I trust Nuna, but just in case. Ung?”




I smiled, stroked Jerion’s head, and got into the carriage.


It was time to go to the party.




The party hall was dazzling. It was obvious that each ornament was taken care of.


“This year’s debutante is particularly glamorous.” 


“Is that so?”


“Originally, they also paid attention to it, but not to this extent—”


I looked around curiously at Oraboni’s words.


“Is the gaze okay?”


I nodded softly to my father’s question.


Still, the eyes were stinging. It was a much more intense look than the party day that still stuck in my mind 10 years ago. 


“If a man talks to you, pull out the sword right away.”


Oraboni’s words made me laugh. 


“And cut off the arm.”


I laughed and shook my head at my father’s words.


It was safe to say that a nobleman didn’t have the guts to talk to me when two people were stuck to me. 


“Your Majesty the Emperor is entering!”


The remark took my eyes off. The Emperor appeared on the high platform. 


My father, who had been wary of his surroundings with his arms folded the whole time, unfolded his arms and bowed deeply. 


I followed, bent my knees, and got up.


“Let’s start the party.”


When His Majesty the Emperor declared, there was a long line. 


The beginning of debutant begins with a greeting in front of the Emperor.


The order was to reveal who they were, from which family and to step away. It usually goes from the daughter of a lower family to the daughter of a higher family.


The order is decided by the royal family a week before the debutante. 


This year’s first order was Young Lady Izina who has steadily established friendship since I invited her to a tea party.


“I’m Viscount Ronan’s Izina Loren.” (t/n: Honestly I am confused why the name of the young lady keeps changing but I will just follow the raw;; It was Izina Raven before.) 


Fortunately, her voice didn’t seem to tremble much.


Only after His Majesty the Emperor delivered a congratulatory message to the debutante, the next Young Lady step forward. 


This year, 15 young ladies, including myself, will make their debut.


Of the 15 the Young Ladies, I was the 15th and the last, to bow to the Emperor. 


To be honest, I was a little nervous because I was the last one. 


I still have a bad feeling.


“I’m Count Aurin’s Tina Aurin.”


Before I knew it, the 14th greeting from the Young Lady had ended.


It was my turn next.


– You will do well! All you have to do is say hello!


Serina shouted from behind. I nodded slightly and stepped forward.


It was then. 


Shady energy began to envelop my ankle.


It was not easy to take each step.


I gritted my teeth and moved on.


It didn’t come off easily even when I loosened the divine power to shake off the dark and humid energy. 


It would be possible to release more divine powers, but this place was the Imperial Palace.


Releasing divine power for the purpose of attack could leave a possibility of misunderstanding. 


It was obviously for defensive purposes as well.


In response to the gloomy energy, I struggled to suppress the divine power that was about to explode, and proceeded to the Emperor. 


“I’m Duke Biherville—. Lione Biherville.”


The Emperor’s celebration lasted a little longer.


But I couldn’t care less about it.


I release my divine powers to find the source of the dark energy.


The energy came from behind the right. Behind the right was the place where the fake princess was standing. 


Knowing that strange energy was spreading, Driane, Nadia, and Serina came to me and surrounded me.


When the Emperor finished his congratulatory speech, I had to step back, but my feet couldn’t move easily.


When the shady energy reached my neck, my knee eventually bent.






“Young Lady!”


I could see my father and brother rushing over.


As the body collapsed, the divine power that I had tried to suppress came out.


[This is—!]




“No, what’s that—!”


“It can’t be— divine beast?”


It was not until I heard the voices of the noisy people that I knew that Driana and Nadia had appeared.


I looked up at the fake princess and saw her smile. 


Before I could even think of what she was up to, she ran out and hugged me.


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