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I was thinking about how to persuade my father, and the day went by.


In the end, no one came to a conclusion.


– Just bump into it.


Driana also nodded at Serina’s words.


[Okay, first, let’s bump into each other, see the Duke’s reaction and decide whether to set up a plan or not. Let’s just sleep today.]




– Good night. 


Serina went to the sofa first and lay down. I’ve told her to sleep with me in my bed several times, but Serina keeps heading to the sofa.


The bed is big, so we can sleep together.


I recommended it a few more times because I was disappointed, but Serina always fell asleep on the sofa, saying she was embarrassed because she didn’t have good sleeping habits.


So I asked to change the sofa to a bigger one.


It must be uncomfortable, though, but Serina seemed satisfied.


[Good night]


[Good night~]


Driane headed to the sofa on the balcony. Nadia took place under the bed.


I closed my eyes, but I couldn’t sleep. As I tossed and turned, Nadia came up to the bed and dug into my arms.


[Hurry up and sleep—]




It didn’t take long before I fell asleep in the warm hug. 




– Don’t be so nervous. He might allow it more easily than we thought.


“Is that so…?”


Serina avoided my gaze.


– Maybe. 




I took a deep breath and headed to my father’s office.




“What would my daughter have to say by coming here?”


When I was nervous and looked at my father, my father looked at me with a smile.




“No way, I believe it’s not about going to the Elf forest.”




I swallowed dry saliva. 


When I looked back, I saw my father’s expression strangely hardened.


Well, that was the only thing I could say while being so nervous right now.


– Just shout it out. 


Serina whispered in my ear. Even if I said it out loud, I don’t think my father would hear it.


Serina seemed a little depressed, too.






“I want to go to the Elf forest, father.”


I took a deep breath and straightened my back.


My father’s eyes grew sharp.


“Do you know how dangerous the road is?”




“It’s a journey that adults are having a hard time with.”


To get to the Elf forest, I had to pass through an area where monsters often appear. 


Of course, there was no village, and I had to sleep outside for half of the journey.


Of course, it was dangerous to sleep outside. 


“I’m an envoy, including a princess. I don’t think it would be dangerous.”


– Good job! 


I spoke with Serina’s support, but my father’s expression didn’t change.


“There are always unexpected events.”




“I’ll think about it a little more.”


My father ended the conversation firmly. 


I know he’s worried, but I didn’t know he wouldn’t listen to me like this.


In sorrow, tears welled up in my eyes.


Serina, Driane, and Nadia were surprised.


“L, Lione?”


My father was no different. I cried suddenly and quickly wiped my tears and stood up from my seat. 


“W, wait.”


“I’ll be back next time!”


I ran to the room, wiping away my tears.


The first stage of the operation was a failure. 




“I heard father made Lione cry.”


“Nuna cried?!”


The Duke of Biherville, Iville, was visited by his two sons before the shock of his daughter’s tears disappeared.


“Nuna is a person who endures even if it hurts, but what did father say to make her cry?!”


“Please tell me.”


Iville felt a little unfair. But it was undeniable that Lione cried because of his words, so there was nothing to say.


“…I’m just trying to stop her from going to the Elf’s forest.”


There was nothing he could do about making excuses.


How did this happen?






The mouths of the two sons were shut tight. It was something they couldn’t easily agree with Lione if she wanted to go to the Elf’s forest.


“Did you just say she can’t go?”


“But does the child cry like that?”


“Did father just push her?” 


These kids. 


Iville shook his head with a firm expression on his face.


“I just said I’ll think about it a little more.”


“But Nuna cries?”


“Have you heard from Lione? Why did she say she wanted to go?”


At the eldest son’s words, Iville’s mouth was firmly shut.


Come to think of it, he said no without asking.


“That’s it.”




The faces of the two sons hardened.


“It had to be because Nuna had already thought about it all, but father didn’t even listen.”


The youngest son hit right through the sore spot.


“As you know, the road to the Elf forest is—”


“I know. But you should have heard the reason. How can a child like Lione make such a decision out of curiosity?”


“And it’s not the point there’s no road for carriage. Even though Monsters come often.” 


At the words of the two sons, Iville sighed.


It was true that as soon as the story of Elf’s Forest came out, his heart sank, and he said no. 


Although Lione learned swordsmanship since she was young and used her divine powers, he couldn’t help but worry.


“I don’t think Lione has ever seen a monster.”


“That’s— That’s true.”


Kayden, who had experience in subjugating monsters, nodded.


Like Lione, Jerion, who had never seen a monster before, nodded his head.


“I know it’s dangerous, but Nuna is strong.”


“It is difficult to deal with monsters as long as they are strong.”


Kayden said at Jerion’s words.


He used to lose 5kg every year when he went out to fight monsters and came back.


“As there are many different types of monsters, there are also different ways to get rid of them. There are many things that survive and attack even if they put a knife in their heart and remove their head.” 




Jerion’s expression hardened. In fact, Jerion wouldn’t see many monsters in his life. 


Unless it’s an unusual case like Iville, who worked as an Imperial Knight and became head of the family, the successor of a family rarely sees monsters. 


“If it’s for the royal family, wouldn’t it be okay to have an escort? And if there’s a road for carriage, there might not be a strong monster like Hyung said.”


Jerion mumbled as if he wasn’t sure.


He could not deny that opinion. There has never been a high-level or top-level monster on the way to Elf’s forest.


“But that doesn’t guarantee that there won’t be an accident.”


“She’ll be sleeping outside for more than half of the trip.”


Kayden sighed. He could see the reason why his father was against it.


However, to oppose it like that, he was worried about his younger sister, who wouldn’t hurt even if he put it in her eyes.


Except for swordsmanship, and now, Lione, who doesn’t have much of a desire to do anything, said she wanted to do it. 


“But you should have asked why Nuna wanted to go.” 


At Jerion’s words, Kayden nodded his head. 


For now, it was important to blame my father.


Iville’s brow twitched as he noticed his calculating sons’ thoughts.


These kids really—.


“First, let’s ask Lione the reason—”


Knock, knock. 


“Father. It’s Lione.”




When I pulled myself together, I was embarrassed to cry.


– Are you alright?


“Ung… I look like a baby….”


– What do you mean? You’re a baby, right? 


Serina smiled and patted my head. She was careful not to pass through the transparent Serina’s body and put it in her arms. 


In fact, Serina was neither warm nor cold, but whenever she hugged me like this, I always felt better.


– Let’s go back and explain it well.


I nodded at Serina’s words.


[It would be better to say that demons are moving.]


[Don’t cry!]


Driane came up on my shoulder and patted my shoulder. Nadia put its face on my lap and waved its tail.


Holding Serina like this, I felt like I was automatically energized.


“Let’s go back and tell them!”


– Yeah. 


I got up excitedly from my seat. My father must have been very confused because I cried. 


I hurried to my father’s office.


Knock, knock. 


“Father, it’s Lione.”


A quick answer came from inside.


The door opened.




“Come here.”






I didn’t know there would be Oraboni and Jerion. 


I was a little surprised and hesitated to go inside, and in the meantime, I saw my father, who seemed to be exhausted. 


I felt sorry for some reason, so I approached my father and hugged him. 


“You must have been surprised earlier.”


“It’s my fault for not listening to you.”


“That’s not true.”


I shook my head as I hugged my father. 


I was more responsible for crying and running out.


“Why do you want to go to the Elf forest, Nuna?”


Jerion’s words attracted Oraboni and my father’s attention.


I got out of my father’s arms and sat on the sofa.


I was a little worried, but it would be difficult to get permission if I didn’t tell them everything from the beginning.


I didn’t know what to say, so I hesitated a bit. First of all, I thought I should tell them who was there, so I opened my mouth.


“Driane and Nadia say that there is Eloane in the Elf’s forest.” 


“If it’s Eloane, you mean the water divine beast?”




“Nuna already signed a contract with the divine beast. Are you going to do it again?




At Jerion’s question, I immediately nodded. Oraboni and my father looked at me as if surprised by the firm answer.




Jerion asked me out of pure curiosity.


I took a deep breath and opened my mouth.


“Because the demons will wake up soon.”


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