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They put a lot of stuff on my face and eat the same way the younger siblings do, despite the fact that they have a different status and live in a totally different world.


“Lady, please try it.”


When I wasn’t eating again, Unnie recommended it to me again. 


My tongue was flinching at the smell of sweetness, and I thought I could really eat it.




When I took a bite, my whole body was about to melt.


It was a hundred times more delicious than the food that Duke Enotis threw when he was in a good mood. No, I didn’t dare to compare it.


‘Even if I die right away— No.’


It’s not good, but it was delicious enough to make me think like that. 


I tried to save it, but the bread quickly disappeared. My shoulders drooped naturally.


“Please eat this, too!”


“This is good, too!”


The Unnies brought delicious desserts to the front of me. It looked like it could be eaten.


While eating one by one with a fork, Jerion slipped out a dessert to me.


“Nunya, eath thhish too.” (Nuna, eat this too.) 


“Young Master Jerion, it’s a bad thing to give what you don’t like to others.” 




“I—likwe ith, sho ith’sh oway!” (I like it, so it’s okay!) 


“Lady. It’s a good sister’s attitude to cover up her younger brother’s faults, but you can’t be picky.”


“Nunya…” (Nuna.)


Jerion looked at me pitifully. Looking at the eyes, I opened my mouth to the nanny without realizing it.


“Justh for thoday… i’ll eath ith…” (Just for today… I’ll eat it…)


As I wiggled my fingers and spoke, the nanny sighed softly. The nanny approached me.


“It’s pumpkin pudding. It’s sweet and delicious, not like regular pumpkin, but Young Master Jerion doesn’t like it. Could you try it and judge for yourself?”




The nanny sighed once more, scooped out the pudding with a spoon and brought it to my mouth. 


I thought I should give it to Jerion again, so I took it and ate it. At first I imagined a really bitter taste because he said he didn’t like it, but it was better than I thought.


“Ith’sh good!” (It’s good!) 




The nanny fed me pudding one by one.


When the pudding reached the bottom, Jerion looked at me and put down the fork.


“Young Master Jerion?”


“Puth me down.” (Put me down.)


When the nanny put him down from the chair, Jerion ran to me and hugged me. 


“Nuna, i’m shorry—” (Nuna, I’m sorry.) 


“Yesh?” (Yes?)


“Ith’sh not tasthy, and ith’sh bitther—” (It’s not tasty, and it’s bitter—)


“Ith’sh dewicioush for me.” (It’s delicious for me.)


I wiped Jerion’s lips with my sleeve and said, Jerion’s eyes widened. 


“Nuna ish amazing… Jerion will awsho eath ith nexth thime!” (Nuna is amazing… Jerion will also eat it next time) 


“Yesh yesh… Of course!”


Jerion rubbed his head on my lap as if in a good mood and smiled brightly.


The more I look at him, the more he looks like my younger siblings. Without realizing it, I stroked Jerion’s hair. 


Then, I was surprised and looked around, but everyone looked happy and didn’t say much.




After eating dessert, Jerion rubbed his eyes as if sleepy.


The nanny, who had been comforting him saying that he couldn’t sleep at night if he slept now, soon returned to his room with Jerion as if she couldn’t help it. 


Before leaving, she didn’t forget to tell the maid Unnies to adjust my snack amount.


Princess Enotis’s nanny beat me when Princess Enotis made a mistake, but Nancy seemed to be kind to the child first.


“Do you want me to take it to your room?”


The maid told me while I was staring at the dessert that she thought I had eaten it all.


I could still eat more, but a greedy child would be punished.


I answered quietly and got off the chair. It was a little rushed, but it was a successful landing.


“So cute—”




The sisters whispered something, but I couldn’t hear it at all. As I was walking for a while, I heard a familiar voice. 


“There it is!”


It was the Priest’s voice I had heard in the Duke of Enotis.


My whole body is hardened.


My stiff body trembled. It was a reflex reaction. The Priest who found me approached me. 


“Ha, I barely found you.”


“Who are you!”


“How dare a maid intervene!”


The Priest fluttered his white robe and pushed the Maids Unnies back.


The Maid Unnies quickly bowed their heads when they saw the embroidery representing the Priest.


Then the Priest pulled my arm.


“I don’th wanth tho!” (I don’t want to!)


“What is this! Ha. You don’t even know the Priest. No matter how wretched an orphan you are—. Tsk.”


The Priest grabbed my shoulder and squatted, looking at me.


My body stiffened. It was the Priest who visited me every day.


“If you reject God’s will, you will be punished. Now, you have to follow me.”


“I don’th wanth tho!” (I don’t want to!)


“Do you want me to be punished!”


The Priest violently grabbed my arm and pulled me out. 


I urgently saw the Maid Unnies, but they were only looking at me with anxious eyes and couldn’t come close.


In this country, there was no commoner who could do anything reckless to a Priest. So did the Unnies.


I have to shake it off on my own. If I shake it off and hide in the mansion and hold out until the Duke comes—.


‘Will the Duke help me?’


The only thing I did when I came to the Duke’s mansion was to eat and sleep. Will he help me even while the priest is dragging me? 


‘If I get caught now, it’s over. Let’s hide first.’


By applying strength to hold out as much as possible, I gradually raised my divine power.


It wasn’t difficult if it was just for a while. When he let go of my arm in surprise, I ran without looking back.


One, two—.


At that time, the sword was hung around the Priest’s neck.


“What are you doing to my daughter?”


It was the Duke. 


“W, what is this—?”


“I asked what are you doing to my daughter?”


The Priest’s gaze, looking down at the sword, turned to the Duke.


“W-what—! I, I believe Duke Biherville doesn’t have a daughter—right?”




“This is a decree from His Majesty the Emperor approving the adoption of Princess Lione.” 


As Shane held out the paper, the Priest’s expression turned white.


“Hiccup— Hiccup!”


Confused, hiccups came out from me. The Duke, who was pointing his sword at the Priest, took the sword and held me up. 


“I think my daughter is trembling.”


“That’s—. She’s a child with divine power! Of course, the temple has priority!” 


“Priority huh?”


“Yes! This is the first time in 13 years except for Princess Enotis. Of course, the temple—”


The Priest couldn’t speak any more.


I didn’t know what was going on because I was holding my body close to the Duke’s body and turning my back to the Priest, but the vaguely visible Duke’s energy was fluctuating.


“You said ‘she’s a child who has divine power and the temple has priority’.”


“T, that’s—”


“Does it mean that there is a law that a child born with divine power should be raised in a temple?”


“T, there’s nothing like that—”


“Or you dare to ignore the adoption approval granted by His Majesty the Emperor and regard this child as an orphan?” 


“N, no—”


The Priest’s voice faded away.


“Shane. That dog— report why the Priest was able to enter my mansion.”


“Yes, Your Excellency.”


The Duke said more, but I couldn’t hear anything.


My heart was pounding and I was anxious.


My body was trembling all over. But I grabbed the Duke’s hem and didn’t let go.


“Your Excellency, the Lady must have been very surprised. The first thing to do is to go inside the mansion—”


The Duke nodded when he saw my condition.


The Duke, who lifted me up, who was barely standing, hugged me as he always did.


The trembling subsided little by little. 


Instinctively, I dug a little deeper. As I breathed in and out, I felt more and more stable.


When my trembling completely stopped, the Duke sat me on the desk.


“Duwe..?” (Duke?)


“Not a Duke, but a father.”


“Yesh?” (Yes?)


“From today on, you have become Lione Biherville.”


“Yesh? W, why—?”


The Duke was silent for a moment. The touch of petting my head was still there, but it seemed that he was thinking about something.


“That’s a difficult question to answer.”


The Duke with a complicated expression looked at me still and continued to talk.


“First of all, let’s say it’s my answer to your request to save you.”




I was puzzled. I never dreamed that I would be adopted by the Duke. Did it really happen?


Did I— really have a family? How dare I become a part of the Duke family? 


I was confused in my head. I wanted to ask the Duke, but I closed my mouth for fear of saying something negative.


The Duke hugged me again, perhaps thinking I was still scared.


As I dug into the wide and warm arms, I started to get greedy little by little.


I didn’t want to starve, I didn’t want to be in pain.


I wanted to live, and above all—.


I wanted to be treated as a person.




Even when I became a princess, nothing changed. It was the same room I stayed in, and there was still nothing to do. 


The longer this time went on, the more anxious I became.


‘I have to look useful.’


I started waking up early in the morning. No one hated a child who woke up early. 


Knock knock—.


I woke up early in the morning today and tried to clean up my bed, but I heard a knock. 


“Lady, it’s Jessie.”


“C… Come in—”


I’m still not used to talking informally. It’s Jessie, not Maid Unnie. Jessie. Jessie. I repeated it several times in my heart.


“Hello, Lady!”




“It’s my job to clean the bed. Lady, please stay still.”


Jessie went to tidy up the bed with skillful skolls. There seemed to be nothing for me to do.


I tried to wash the towel like last time, but it was failed because there was always Jessie.


It felt like walking on thin ice day by day. What can I do to avoid being abandoned?


“Duwe…” (Duke.)


“His Excellency is looking at the documents now. Shall we go wash up?”






Jessie carefully washed me and changed my clothes.


Jessie was delighted that she was able to buy cute new clothes when I officially became a part of a Duke family, although I had been wearing Jerion’s clothes. 


In fact, the clothes Jessie brought were comfortable and pretty.


At first, I almost boiled my knees because I was wondering if I could receive such precious clothes, but Jessie gently dissuaded me.


「The people of the Duke of Biherville don’t kneel even to the His Majesty the Emperor, Lady.」


After that, I tried not to boil my knees. If the Duke of Biherville had been like that, I would have done something to avoid being pressured.


“It’s done, Lady.”


A Young Lady with ponytails reflected in the mirror.


Nancy did a great job. Although I didn’t take care of it and my hair was messed up, she touched me so well that it didn’t hurt. 


“Shall we go?”




I already memorized the way to the Duke’s office.


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