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There was silence for a moment at my words.


“I’ll have to talk to Driane, too.”


Driane and Nadia appeared at my father’s words.


“How long do we have left?”


When asked directly by my father, Driane sat down at the table and said. 


[Shortly, half a year later. At most, within a year.] 


The silence fell once more, perhaps for a shorter period than expected. 


“So before that, I want to go to the Elf forest and sign a contract with Eloane.”




“I’ll be stronger.”


When I spoke firmly, there was a difficult expression on my father’s face.


He seemed worried about the demons waking up. 


“What father’s worried about is your safety, Lione.”


I looked at my father at Oraboni’s words. When the demons woke up, Biherville was the most dangerous.


Of course, I’m worried too, but first of all, isn’t family important?


My father sighed as he read my expression.


“When will you believe that it’s okay if I can protect you even if the family collapses?” 


My face turned red. 


I know it’s a bad idea, but the thought that my family came before me didn’t go away. 


And—. I was still not used to how my father loved me so much.


As I stayed still with a red face, my father continued. 


“Don’t be nervous about dealing with the demons alone. Biherville is a family that has been around for over a thousand years. It doesn’t break down that easily.” 




Still, I was nervous. The fake princess had no other way.


She had no choice but to bring down Biherville as long as I discovered her identity.


Moreover, to have succeeded in the bet that risked her life meant that she was betting everything on the last bastion. 


I didn’t think she’d be easy to deal with.


“Didn’t you fall down not long ago?”


It seemed like he was talking about what happened to the debutante. 


“That’s because the fake princess—!”


I responded by saying shortly before closing my mouth in surprise.


At that time, it had not been said yet that the fake princess deliberately made the divine beast exposed.


“So there is something I don’t know.”






Father, Oraboni, and even Jerion hardened their expressions.




I rolled my eyes and sighed.


– Just say it. There’s no other way. 


I nodded to Serina’s words and continued.


“Actually, at that time, the fake princess used her  power to make the divine power repulse.” 




“To avoid going to the Elf Forest?”




“Why did she do that?”


In Jerion’s words, my father said. 


“Elf is sensitive to demon powers. If she goes there, they might find out that she signed a contract with the demons.” 


[It’s not that she could get caught, but she will get caught. Because the Elf’s nose is sensitive.]




My father’s expression was filled with anger.


The faces of my Oraboni and Jerion were no different.


“Father. I’m going to sign a contract with Eloane.”




“I don’t want to be beaten again.”




“Please allow me to go to the Elf forest.” 


I looked into my father’s eyes and said.


Jerion spoke instead of my father, who was lost in thought at my words. 


“Father, just allow it. Instead, ask them to put outstanding knights on the list of escorts that the imperial family will have.” 


“I will follow as an escort.”


I smiled clearly at their words and looked at my father.


After gaining support from Oraboni and Jerion, I felt much more at ease. 


“I’ll have to go to the Imperial family.”


I jumped out of my seat with joy.


At the time, going to the imperial family meant getting permission.




“I didn’t know you’d allow it.”


The emperor smiled widely as he looked at Iville, who had come on his own.


He thought he would never give permission because he could see how much he cared about his daughter, but he unexpectedly entered the palace today and threw the list of guards in particular.


“I couldn’t help it because Lione really wanted to go.”


“I guess you can’t help it in front of your daughter.”


He thought it was a relief, so the Emperor couldn’t stop smiling. 


In fact, the Duke of Enotis was strongly opposed to sending his daughter to the Elf forest. 


For the safety of Princess Enotis, he even said that he would form a special escort in the Imperial Family, but he was stubborn until the end. 


He must be worried because she is a daughter who should not be hurt as the next Head of the Family, but he wondered if there was another reason.


“Why did Princess Biherville hide her contract with the divine beast?”


“To protect her.”


It was an implicit meaning that it was to protect her daughter even in the imperial family.


The Emperor continued without hesitation. 


“No, we have a lot of affection, but when I am worried about something, I mention it—” (t/n: I don’t really get this part;;.) 




“If the princess had not fallen, I wouldn’t have known. It is a blessing to the Empire to sign a contract with a divine beast.” 


As the murmuring emperor’s words flowed through one ear, Iville hardened his expression at the thought for a moment. 


The thought of all this happening because of that cunning thing made him mad. 




“…Excuse me.”


Seeing the Emperor reading the escort list, Iville turned around.


“Oh, I’d like to add one more person here.”


“Yes? Who are you talking about?”


This escort list includes all the outstanding knights.


It was almost to the point of requesting half of the Imperial forces.


“Our Noel.”


“…Do you mean 2nd Prince?”






It was terribly annoying. The 2nd Prince uses magic, so there was nothing wrong with it if he was included in the party.


However, it bothered him when he thought about the numerous incidents of illegal intrusion into the mansion and the record of sending a Familiar to try to break through the barrier.


“As you know, wizards do a lot of research. He says he’s interested in the Elf forest. And if it’s helpful, it won’t get in the way, so it’s okay, right?”


“…Yes, thank you for your consideration.”


Iville didn’t really want to say that.




“I included you in the party as you wished.”


“Thank you, father.”


Noel bowed deeply and thanked him.


“But when Princess Enotis said she was going to go, you didn’t say much, but suddenly you asked, so this father is a little suspicious.” 




“Father is mean.”


Jaydel helped him by pretending to stop him.


Noel sighed.


“I’m just going to research and go.” 


Despite the calm words, the Emperor and Jaydel showed no sign of stopping their teasing. 


“Yes. It seems that there was nothing to research when Princess Enotis went.” 


“Father is really. The subject of research changes all the time, isn’t it?”




It was wrong to say that he couldn’t overcome the impulse. 


He wanted to endure it a little longer, but if Princess Biherville went to the Elf’s forest, he thought he could speed up the day to meet again a little faster.


Originally, they would meet at the debutante, but it failed because she suddenly revealed her divine beast. 


‘Come to think of it. I felt different energy back then—’


That energy came from Princess Enotis.


Princess Biherville, who had been fine, collapsed when she touched the energy.


‘There’s something… But I don’t know what kind of energy it is yet….’


Noel messed up his hair angrily. It hurt his pride that he still didn’t know that.


If he had a chance to have a deep conversation with Princess Biherville on the way to the Elf’s forest, he thought he should also talk about it.


“It’s all about youth, isn’t it?”


In the midst of this, the Emperor and Jaydel were busy teasing Noel. 




As I was packing while talking, I heard a knock.


Knock knock. 




“It’s Oraboni. Can I come in?”




My brother came in and handed me a dagger.


“This is—?”


“It’s a dagger. It’s small and light, so it’ll be good for emergencies.”


“Thank you.”


I accepted it and swung it around. Although it has a scabbard, it is light, and I thought it would be really convenient to use. 


“I’m so worried that I can’t go with you.”


“Thank you so much, Oraboni.”


“But I’m still worried.”


Oraboni was dropped from the mission due to the issue of the Knights. 


I heard Oraboni’s friends say that he ran into the commander of the knights for the first time, and then went around the training ground for a few hundred laps.


Still, he seemed very worried as he added other reliable knights. 


“Oraboni’s friend is going, too. I will be fine.”




Oraboni sighed but then nodded.


I hugged Oraboni one more time and heard a knock again.




This time it was Jerion.




Jerion approached me, hugged me, and held out a bag.


“I specially customized this. The leather is light, so it’s easy to carry around, so keep the important thing here, Nuna.”


“Thank you, Jerion.”


I heard a knock again as I hugged Jerion.




This time, of course, it was my father.


My father came into the room and nodded. Then a hanger came in.


“I prepared it with comfortable and light clothes. Dresses are uncomfortable, so bring them with you.”


“Thank you, father!”


I was worried because there were only a lot of dresses, but I was very grateful. At first glance, the clothes looked comfortable. 


“And this.”




“It’s a brooch engraved with magic.”




“It’s only three times, but the power will be strong. Remember that the starting word is ‘fire.'”


I opened my eyes wide. We had a close relationship with Wizard Tower since my family began investing in it, but it was difficult to ask for a brooch like this.


First of all, it would not have been easy to get the ingredients. Come to think of it, the dark circles under my father’s eyes looked severe.


I went deeper into my father’s arms as I wanted to cry. 


“Don’t worry. I’ll be back safely.”




I also hugged Oraboni and Jerion once more. 


There are only ten days left before departure now. 


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