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Preparations for the Elf’s forest were steadily progressing.


“Isn’t this too much?”


Looking at the list of escorts, I was surprised and asked, and not only my father, but also Oraboni and Jerion shook their heads. 


“This is not enough.”


“I feel relieved if I followed you—”


“Shouldn’t Sir Thanon go too?” Why didn’t Sir Thanon leave?”


Sir Thanon was the commander of the Imperial 1st Knights Division. It was meant to protect the capital even if war broke out. 


I looked at Jerion in surprise, and he continued to say it as if it was natural.


“Interactions with the Elves are important, depending on whether or not there will be a war in the future. Of course, he has to go along, right?”


“Jerion, that’s—” 


“That’s right. I’ll request it to the Emperor.” 




Oh, my. I felt exhausted before I even went to the Elf’s forest.


“As expected, I’ll have to follow you.”


I barely stopped my father and Jerion, but it was my brother this time.


Oraboni, on the other hand, was stubborn and could not be swayed.


“I’ll go to the Commander right away—!” 






When I shouted sternly, Oraboni’s movements just stopped.


“You don’t trust me that much?”


“It’s not like that—”


“A lot of other knights also go, and I also learned swordsmanship.”


“That’s right—”


“I’m not lacking in divine power either. Driane and Nadia said they had nothing more to teach.”




“So you don’t trust me that much?”


“It’s not like that—”


Oraboni rolled his eyes and looked at father and Jerion alternately.


Father and Jerion avoided Oraboni’s gaze.


Oraboni looked at me with a betrayed expression and continued speaking.


“You’re still young and going to such a rough place—!”


I looked at my restless Oraboni and sighed. And hugged him. 


“I’m really fine. Don’t worry too much, Oraboni. I’ll be back safely.”


Oraboni let out a sigh and stroked my hair.


Time flew by quickly with the family’s worries, and the departure date was already approaching.


Everyone who had gathered in front of the Imperial Palace was getting ready.


“Wasn’t that a little light on the luggage?”


“Well, if you pack a lot, it’ll be uncomfortable on the road.”


All of my belongings went into the bag Jerion gave me. 


It was a little heavy, but not to the point where I couldn’t lift it. Almost all of them were clothes, so it was okay.


“Why don’t you bring more clothes?”


“It’s okay. I’ve got a lot! If it’s not enough, I’ll wash it and wear it.”


My father looked at me with a worried look and checked if anything else was missing.


“Have a safe trip.”




“Be careful, always in groups of four. Remember?”


“Yes, we’ll definitely go around together.”


“Be careful.”




After being seen off by my father, Oraboni, and Jerion, I got into the carriage.


My brother loaded the carriage with the luggage.


“I’m worried about my father’s headache. Oraboni can’t get hurt either. Jerion, don’t be sick.”


Even after using my divine powers to cure my father’s headache, I couldn’t help but worry.


Oraboni is also sometimes injured—. Jerion is a person with a strong build, but I was worried that he would be too sick once he got sick.


Following the request, I hugged my father, Oraboni, and Jerion once more.


[The Emperor seems to have arrived.]


Finally, as I hugged Jerion, I heard Driane’s words.


When I turned my head, the Emperor was walking toward me.


I bent down hurriedly.


“Everyone, raise your heads.”


The Emperor gave a formal greeting as I gently straightened my back and bowed slightly.


In the end, he looked at me and said,


“I have high expectations for the Princess.”


“T, thank you very much, Your Majesty.” 


“I expect Princess to go home safely, so I hope you have a safe trip.”


“Thank you very much.” 


“Don’t put pressure on Lione, and stay away, Your Majesty.”


Startled by my father’s words, I looked at Your Majesty the Emperor. But Your Majesty didn’t blink an eye and continued.


“Yeah, I will stop. Come back safely.” 


The Emperor bowed slowly and whispered in my ear.


“Please take good care of our Noel, too.”


I tilted my head. I had no idea why he asked for the 2nd Prince from me.


When I tilted my head, Your Majesty laughed loudly.


And for some reason, my father and Oraboni didn’t look good.




After many twists and turns, the delegation set out on the road.


The party was unable to greet each other because of the extended greetings from His Majesty.


Inevitably, I decided to introduce myself at the first rest stop and set out on the road before anyone else.


– It’s nice to come out after a long time~


“I like it even though it’s my first time.”


Fortunately, I didn’t have to try to ignore Serina’s words because I used the carriage alone.


It didn’t matter if anyone could hear me because they’d think I was talking to the divine beast, so I spoke as much as I could without fear.


The green scenery outside the window was amazing.


“I heard that monsters are scary— did you say you’ve seen it?”


Still, I whispered Serina’s name quietly.


– Yeah, But I haven’t fought them.


Serina, who went to the villa when she was young, said she once encountered a monster in a nearby forest. 


– Luckily, it wasn’t a humanoid monster, it was slime.


Humanoid monsters were among the top monsters.


Slime was a liquid monster, a relatively common and easy opponent.


– The color was purple because it was poisonous. It was kind of gross.


[We have to cross the Kadena Mountains to get to the Elf forest so that we may encounter more monsters than that.] 




I was a little nervous, so I straightened my back.


[There is no need to be nervous already.]


[Right, I can punish them all!]


Driane and Nadia started to soothe me, worried about my nervous appearance.


I relaxed a bit and leaned back on the sofa. There is still a long way to go, but it will be difficult later if I am already nervous. 


– Yeah, don’t worry too much. The Duke and Sir Biherville picked the escorts. Maybe you won’t even get close to monsters? 


[Right. Don’t worry too much]


[Don’t worry, I’ll come forward!]


I have the personality to worry about a lot of things. A person who has a lot of severe worries that they shouldn’t have to.


That’s why Driane, Nadia, and Serina were busy trying to comfort me when I started to worry.


So I didn’t want to worry, but I kept worrying without realizing it.


It was one of the habits I wanted to break.


“I’m sorry I made you worry.”


– Why are you sorry for that? Don’t mind it. We’re just worried about it.


Serina’s words made me smile. 


After laughing and talking for a long time, the carriage stopped before I knew it.


“Did we arrive already?”


“It seems so.”


It seemed to have arrived at the first resting place.


Knock, knock. 


“Princess, we’ve arrived at the resting place.”




I trimmed my clothes and got out of the carriage.


Their eyes turned on me.


I flinched a little. It was the first time I was alone among strangers without my father, Oraboni, and Jerion.


It was the first time I had ever felt completely alone because any tea parties I had were still held at my father’s house.


I swallowed dry saliva and straightened my back. 


“It’s been a while, Princess. Please come this way.”


“Oh, Sir Adhan. It’s been a while.”


Sir Adhan was a close friend of Oraboni. He often came to the mansion, and I saw him a few times. 


As I walked under the big tree along Sir Adhan, the members of this delegation began to gather one by one.


Count Gade, the oldest envoy, was the first to approach me and reach out.


“I’m Illian Gade, who will lead this delegation. I look forward to your kind cooperation.”


“I’m Lione Biherville. I look forward to your kind cooperation.”


I took Count Gade’s hand and shook it lightly.


It wasn’t like a greeting to a Young Lady. But I was grateful for the indirect acknowledgement that I was part of a full-fledged delegation.


– I like that person. 


I smiled a little at Serina’s words.


“I know it’s a tough journey, but I hope you’ll hold out well.”


“Don’t worry. I’m really confident in my physical strength.”


When I answered with a little smile, Count Gade smiled. 


People flocked to see Sir Adhan as well as the Counts of Gade greeting each other. 


As I was greeted here and there, there were fifteen people gathered before I knew it.


This delegation consisted of about thirty people.


Our 1st delegation, which started first and arrived first, and the 2nd delegation, which started a little later, said that they would arrive soon. 


In fact, there was no need to divide it in two.


However, it was divided based on departure time because the time to see the Emperor off and the time to see the 2nd Prince off didn’t match up.


I can’t help but leave when His Majesty has seen me off.


“It seems that the 2nd delegation is a little late. Should we stay in the same place?”


“Uhm. If it’s later, they’ll be camping out from the first day.”


The knights, who seemed to have traveled often, and the Count of Gade and the Viscount Janen, were chatting together.


The 2nd delegation said they were traveling on horseback at a much faster speed than us so that they would arrive soon. 


However, they seemed worried because the sun was about to set in the mountain.


“I don’t think it would be too bad to take a break at all. It must be Princess Biherville’s first time taking such a long-distance trip.” 


“If you think about it that way, trying to adjust to not camping outside—”


When I realized that I was the cause of their concerns, I had no choice but to intervene in the conversation. 


“I’m fine. Camping outside was what I expected, and you even gave me a carriage for consideration.”


Except for me, everyone else got on the carriage in a group of three. 


The only ones who used the carriage alone were the Prince and me. 


“I’m fine, so you really don’t have to worry.”


Count Gade and Viscount Janen nodded their heads after meeting each other’s eyes for a moment. 


“Then we will wait a little longer for the 2nd delegation. If the distance is greater than this, it may become too much for the 2nd delegation to run to join.”




When it was decided, the knights moved quickly. They laid down their beds and settled down comfortably.


“Please sit this way.”




Viscount Janen guided me kindly. Viscount Janen led the conversation by telling the story of her husband and children. 


“Ah, it looks like the 2nd delegation has arrived.”


The sound of horseshoes was rapidly approaching. I saw the figure of a silver-haired boy in the front. 


It was the fairy I saw when I was young.


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