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Days like the night before the storm kept coming.


Of course, I’m the only one who feels that way, and it was true to say that every day went on without a big problem.


Two more days to reach the land of Elf.


There were several battles with monsters, but most of them were slime hanging in the middle of the road or plant-type monsters that were accidentally touched.


There were significantly fewer animals or insect-type monsters.


– It’s weird that a monster like that came out at the beginning.


“I know.”


After agreeing with Serina’s words, Driane let out a small sigh. 


[I shouldn’t have said that]


Nadia didn’t say anything yet.


But Nadia slept a lot. Sleeping more was a sign of prophecy. 


– If it’s going to happen, I think it’d better happen before the Elf Forest.


Serina looked at Nadia sleeping and said. 


It was more difficult to deal with when things broke out in the Elf’s forest.


As Serina said, if it was going to explode, it was better to explode now.


I nodded and said.


“Nothing will happen in the Elf forest. It’s hard to play tricks in the forest under the control of the elves.” 


– That’s true. 


Serina looked at me with strange eyes and asked.


“Why are you looking at me like that?”


– I was wondering when did you grow up this much.




– When did that little kid get to be able to do this kind of analysis? It’s amazing. 


“…I was ten years old when I met Serina. I wasn’t that young.”


I was a little shy and said while avoiding her gaze. Serina then smiled softly and stroked my hair.


It was a spirit body, so I didn’t feel anything, but it felt good to be stroked.


As I was still giving my head away, Driane also climbed on top of me and stroked my head.


I could feel Driane’s little feet patting my head.


[When I first saw you, you were five years old.] 




I couldn’t say I wasn’t young at the time, so I kept silent.


Serina burst into laughter when I kept silent. 


I was a little grumpy and pouted, and I heard Driane’s low laughter above my head.


Feeling betrayed for some reason, I picked up Driane and put it down on the sofa.


[Baby, are you upset?]


“I’m not.”


– Don’t be upset. It’s because you’re cute.


Serina said with a smile on her face.


It didn’t comfort me at all.


[…What are you talking about?]


“Nadia, are you up?”




Nadia wakes up from a long sleep and slows down a little.


Nadia’s open eyes were cloudy. 


It meant the prophecy began.






[There’s a monster.] 




[Humanoid monster. Someone woke it up.]


The words of Nadia, which continued without context, immediately caught my nerves.


“Who made it wake up?”


[He’s wearing a robe]


The range was too wide.


“Can you tell me the details?”


[Uhm… Black robe. Gold. Uhm… red?]


“When will it come out?”




Nadia spoke from time to time and bowed its head.


When Nadia raised its head again, it had returned to the original clear eyes.


The prophecy went this far.


Nadia fell asleep right away. Nadia always fell asleep, exhausted after making a prediction.


“Gold, and red—”


[What a strange combination of colors]


“I know. Serina, do you have any idea?”


– Not at all. Well—. If I think about hair color, I know that no imperial aristocrat has red hair.




– It may not be the color of hair, so let’s think about it openly.


“But we’ll have to deal with the monster first.”


– Yeah. 


[Since Nadia said soon, it won’t be in two to three days]


“Ung. Because they said that monsters can’t easily approach the Elf forest.”


– But aren’t strong monsters able to approach them?


Serina objected.


“That’s possible, but Nadia said humans woke up monsters. How could a human go into the forest of the Elves and not be seen by the Elves?” 


– Well… Nadia didn’t say it was “human.” 


I looked at Serina in surprise.


Come to think of it, it was. Nadia just said that thing wore a robe, but Nadia didn’t say it was human.


“Elf… Why…?”


[Even among the elves, there may be some who don’t like this peace agreement.] 


Driane nodded and said.


“If one of the two colors is red or gold, aren’t they more likely to be elves than humans? There are many blondes—. But there are very few red-haired people.”


[The possibilities have widened.]


“First of all, I think it’s better to tell the Prince.”




“You mean the humanoid monster?”




First of all, I only said that someone woke up the humanoid monster.


It was an action based on Driane’s advice that it is better to filter out information that is not yet clear.


“I heard that the divine beast that rules over plants has the power of prophecy, but—”


The Prince looked at me with a slightly admirable expression.


Each time his reaction was embarrassing, so I turned my gaze away and continued.


“It was ‘soon.'”


“How long do you expect it will take ‘soon’?”


“Usually— it took about two to three days.”


“Before or after entering the Elf forest is the question.”




Since I went to the Elf Forest as an envoy, I had to avoid making a fuss in the forest.


Of course, as it was a monster attack, it wouldn’t be a big deal, but I was concerned because the relationship wasn’t very good.


“I’ll have to listen to Sir Arthur and other knights.”




The knights who finished dinner quickly gathered together.


It was the same for the Viscount and Count. 


When I talked about the prophecy, everyone’s eyes widened and soon turned into a worried look.


“It’s impossible to know how strong a humanoid monster is.”


“That’s right. It varies.”


“Young Lady, do you know if there are several monsters or just one?”




“There are times when humanoid monsters go around in groups, and there are times when they go alone. Of course, it’s tricky to deal with either one, but we can narrow down the number of cases.” 


“Ah— Nadia only said someone woke up the monster but didn’t say how many. But I’m not sure.”


“Then, let’s assume that there is only one and prepare. Among the humanoid monsters that live near here, the ones that act alone are probably werewolves, ogres, and trolls.” 


“Adding a skeleton. It was reported a few years ago.”


“If there is a werewolf, there must be a lycan.”


The types of monsters are increasingly added. The more they were added, the more people’s expressions became darkened.




When the Prince, who was just listening, opened his mouth, everyone became quiet.


“Didn’t the divine beast say that the monster ‘woke up’?”




“Then… I think it’s more likely to be Golem than other monsters.”




“That makes sense.”


Everyone nodded. It was a monster that they didn’t think of.


“Ah, golems are monsters—but they are artificially created monsters.”


The Prince, who saw my expression, explained.


“Monster that you made?”


“Yes. A few thousand years ago. This monster was created when magic became much more popular than it is now. When the caster is alive, he is just a slender loyal dog. However, when the caster dies, it has the side effect of becoming a monster with free will.”




“Of course, there are golems that are designed to destroy automatically when the caster dies, but most of them have free will. There are records of them being driven into these mountains.”


“Isn’t it a common monster?”


“No. Even at that time, it said that making a golem was quite difficult.”


“Why did you guess it was a golem?”


“A golem is a monster made of rocks. If nothing moves it, it stays still and sleeps. A golem is the most likely monster to use the expression ‘wake up’.”


“For sure—. The possibility is high.”


“The problem is that Golem is a monster with a little bit of a hassle to deal with.”


“It’s not over just by breaking it.”


After the Prince, Sir Adhan said. 


[It’s like a core.]




I answered Driane’s words without realizing it.


“It seems that even the divine beasts know. Golems have a core.”


“What kind of core?”


“A golem is a monster with a core embedded in a rock. The core is located somewhere in the golem’s body, and unless the core is precisely targeted and destroyed, it will come back to life again and again.” 




I let out a sigh without realizing it.


“This time, it will be much easier to deal with because Your Highness is here. You don’t have to worry too much.”


Sir Gennard, the Prince’s escort knight, said.


“Can’t the wizard find the location of that core, Your Highness?”


“That’s right.”


Everyone’s expressions brightened up at the Prince’s definite answer.


Sir Adhan said that Golem is not as strong as other human monsters, but it takes a long time to deal with them.


When he met a Golem in the past, he had fought for four days.


“It’s a relief that some of us could have to stay and face Golem, and the rest of us could have to go to the Elf Forest.” (T/n: I’m not sure about this;;) 


“Then, if the Prince finds the core, I’ll stab it.” 


“The core moves quickly. So I think it’s better to deal with it as soon as I find it.” 


“Yes. I understand.”


“Then it will be me and Sir Ziad who will draw attention until then.” 


In response to Sir Adhan’s words, the Prince nodded and said he was asking for a favor.


“Young Lady, along with other knights, please cover non-combat personnel.” 




That was the end of the meeting. The servants were agitated when they received the contents of the meeting. 


Even if it was a monster that was not very dangerous, it was not particularly comforting for those who encountered monsters a few times.


It seemed that the only thing that was not dangerous was the idea that there were only people with the same abilities as the knights.


Of course, they were trained servants, so everyone tried not to make it obvious. So I wanted to do it somehow.


The best way to relieve their anxiety was for Golem to appear quickly and deal with it.


Maybe that’s why a strange phenomenon occurred when I wanted the monster to appear quickly. 


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