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Two days passed, but the journey went smoothly.


As the journey went smoothly, everyone felt the sun rising.


There was no one to be at ease knowing the future that would come.


“It’s just one more day to the Elf Forest. I’m worried.”


“I know.”


Viscount Janen put down the fork and sighed. 


At the same time, the surrounding atmosphere became heavy.


“Driane is constantly reading the energy of the earth. If there is a vibration coming towards us, I will notify you immediately, so don’t worry too much.”


She said in an envious and bright voice. 


“Young Lady is so calm. I have to learn from you.”


“After several bad things that Nadia had predicted. I just got used to it.” 


“But, isn’t this the first time you’ve experienced a monster?”


“That’s true, but….”


“Even the knights who have been through terrible training suffer from trauma after their first battle with a monster. Young Lady is amazing.” 




As I avoided her gaze because I was a little embarrassed, the Viscount Janen continued with a smile.


“You should practice accepting compliments, Young Lady.”




“I used to be like that.”




“I know what Young Lady thinks. You always feel like you’re being praised for nothing, right?”




“Don’t criticize your own abilities. Even if Young Lady doesn’t do it, there will be many people in the future who will try to doubt your skills in the future.” 




“The world has become much more equal, but those standards are stricter for those in higher positions than those in lower positions, and for women than for men.”


Viscount Janen was once the only female member of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Now that her abilities have been recognized, no one thinks that way, but I’ve heard that people talked a lot about it at first.


It was thanks to Viscount Janen’s great contribution to making it possible for women to enter the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


“Don’t lower your abilities. Looking back as a parent, I can see how hurt my parents must have been.”


The Viscount Janen looked up into the air for a moment.


“I don’t think His Excellency the Duke will be any different.” 




“Young Lady, please remember what I said.”


“…Yes, I’ll keep that in mind.”




As I reflected on what Viscount Janen had said, my father’s expression suddenly passed through my head.


How my father looked when I turned down the compliments from him, Oraboni, and Jerion.




He stroked my hair with a single word—.


– That’s what I’m saying.


I closed my eyes and thought, but I heard Serina’s voice and opened my eyes.


– Is it a difference in experience? I also wanted to say such a wonderful thing.


Serina said with a humorous laugh.


– Let’s practice from now on. Hm? 




“Ah~ good girl.”


Serina’s translucent hand stroked my hair.


I didn’t feel anything, but I felt my hair shake slightly.


I liked Serina patting me on the head because it felt like a breeze only blew on my head.


– By the way, Nadia must get up today.


“I know—”


Nadia was still asleep.


After one prophecy, Nadia couldn’t open its eyes for about a day.


Driane said it was because Nadia was still too young to handle it. 


“I think Nadia sleeps longer than usual.”


[It means that this prophecy is quite close to fate.]


“What does that mean?”


[It means that even if you look at the same future, it’s harder to see a future where someone blocks the baby’s path]




[Nadia has never made a more dangerous prophecy than this. So it’s not unreasonable to fall asleep a little deeper.] 


“Then can’t Nadia wake up again today?”


[Hmm—. If my prediction is correct, Nadia will wake up tonight.]


“That’s a relief.”


I was anxious that Nadia was asleep, not knowing when Golem would appear.


“It is said Golem is a rock—. Would it have been easier if Eloane was there?”


[Yes. But trees can split rocks as well. Don’t worry, Nadia will be back soon.] 


– Yeah, don’t worry too much.


Driane and Serina’s words cheered me up a little.


Driane’s prediction was never wrong, so Nadia would wake up tonight. The habit of worrying too much was not good either. 




I nodded my head. 




Nadia didn’t wake up when I finished my dinner and was done organizing.


“Because you said it was night….”


I heard someone mutter a little and looked at Serina and Driane in surprise.


Driane lay under the carriage, saying that being close to the ground makes it easier to feel the vibration, and Serina was floating high.


I didn’t think I could hear the murmur.


“It’s a relief.”


I knew I was too worried.


I also knew that Driane, Serena, and Nadia were worried about me. 


So I didn’t want to get caught.


“Young Lady, are you okay?”




“I saw you surprised a while ago—”


I shook my head hurriedly at the Prince’s words.


“It’s okay. I was just wondering if there was a bug—”


“That’s a relief.”


The Prince smiled and naturally sat next to me. 


Before long, Sir Adhan came.


“Prince, the bed is ready.”


“Thank you. Oh, if there is a battle in the Elf forest, I plan to use the least amount of magic to target the vital points at once, so keep that in mind. I’ll overlook Golem destroying the forest, but if my magic destroys it, the elves may catch a pod.”


“Yes, Your Highness.”


“Well, water is the best to fight against rocks, so the damage won’t be great—. Forests destroyed by magic don’t recover easily, so it’s better to be prepared.”


The Prince said with a regretful expression.


While looking at the expression, I suddenly thought of something, so I opened my mouth.


“If you think it’s a little too much water, I’ll use Driane’s power to absorb it quickly into the ground, so don’t worry and use it comfortably.”


In my words, Sir Adhan and the Prince looked at me at the same time. 


Both of them looked confused and embarrassed. When I opened my eyes wide and looked at them, Sir Adhan let out a small breath and said. 


“This is it. It would have been a disaster if Young Lady wasn’t here.”


“I know.”


Trying to say something in denial, I flinched and bowed my head slightly in embarrassment.


“Kayden even asked me to protect Young Lady, but knowing that I only received help like this, he won’t be able to sit still—” 


Sir Adhan looked at the servants of our Duke’s family with a relaxed expression on his face. 


The servant who followed me, John, kept his eyes on me. He followed through as a servant, but John is one of Shane’s aides. 


No one knew that he would report what I had done on the journey to my father. 


“I’ll tell my brother well.”


“Haha. Thank you, Young Lady.”


When I told him the joke, Sir Adhan smiled and nodded his head. 


“I hope you can talk about me well, too. Young Lady.”


Everyone laughed lightly at the Prince’s words. 




Just as the Prince was about to speak, there was a roar nearby.


Everyone’s expressions hardened in an instant.


Surprised, I looked at Driane immediately.


– A rock broke in the middle of the mountain over there.


The answer came not from Driane but from Serina, who was looking around in the sky. 


Everyone’s expression hardened a little when I told them exactly what she said.


The Prince shouted loudly.


“The Golem will come in tonight or tomorrow morning at the latest, so get ready!”




At the words of the Prince, everyone began to move at high speed.


[The rock can’t break without any reason]


Noticing my question, Driane flew closer and said.


[It’s not that sometimes water or plants that have dug in don’t prevent them from breaking—. But there’s never been a time when it breaks down like this with such a loud noise.] 




[Something that didn’t happen naturally has happened, so something must have happened.]


“It’s probably Golem.”


[Yes, most golems are in caves.]


“How about Nadia?”


[Not yet.] 


I was anxious and bit my lip, then sighed and relaxed.


Knowing the coming misfortune caused as much anxiety as not knowing.


The prophecy was not always perfect.


The prophecies Nadia saw were often unfortunate, influenced by my anxiety.


Prophecy never showed me when, at what time, or how much damage it would affect me.


It was just a case of suggesting ‘some kind of misfortune approaching.’


Priests in the temple can figure out what the allusion means and how it fits into the prophecy, but I didn’t know how.


So, from the day I heard Nadia’s prophecy, I was more nervous and anxious than usual.


Only then did I realize that it was not just fortunate to see the future. 


I understood why most of the priests who predicted the future by themselves ended up committing suicide in the past. 


“Don’t worry.”


Seeing my expression, the Prince approached me and said,


“Golems are difficult to deal with, but they are not monsters with high killing power. Werewolf and Lycan use their own magic, so they’re deadly, but the Golem is just a force, so if you destroy the core, they don’t have much damage.”


“Yes, thank you.”


I was a little relieved by what the Prince said.


As he received all the final reports of people moving to prepare for the Golem, I was grateful that he took care of me as well.


I was about to say thank you again, but Serina, who was looking at my carriage, called me in a hurry.


I asked the Prince for his understanding and ran to the carriage.


“Did Nadia wake up?”


Serina nodded to my question.


As I entered the carriage excitedly, Nadia looked at me blankly.




There has never been a single prophecy in succession.


Confused, I called for Driane, and Driane shook its head and said. 


[How is it? You slept too long.]


“What happened?”


[Since you’re anxious, it seems that you have seen the future again.]


Surprised, I looked at Nadia again. Nadia’s mouth, which had been blank, moved slowly.


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