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[Red clothes]


“You said black robe before.”


[Uhm… It’s black… but red]


Nadia frowned as if Nadia couldn’t remember exactly.


Everyone knew that further questioning here would only make Nadia’s head hurt more.


[Baby. You should ask for gold.]


When Nadia was doing a prophetic reading, I was the only person who could ask a question.


“Oh, yes. Nadia. What about gold? What do you mean about gold?”


When I nodded at Driane’s words and asked, Nadia frowned and said. 






[It’s gold. but it’s cloudy… A dull gold color… And…] 


Nadia said, closing and opening its eyes once.


[It’s an old person.] 


After those words, Nadia fell asleep.


[Re-reading a prophecy you have seen once again consumes a lot of energy. Baby. I think Nadia won’t wake up for two days.]


“About the Golem…”


[Aren’t I here? We’re in charge of the back cover. Don’t worry.] 


“Ung. First, we should find out about gold magic.”


– Gold Mana—. I don’t think there’s a wizard like that in the capital. Based on what I did before I was sealed—. Because I’ve been to a Wizard Tower once. 


“Did you meet all the wizards then?”


– Ung, all five people. Oh! I didn’t see the 2nd Prince.


“The 2nd Prince’s mana is also gold, but—”


[It wasn’t cloudy, so it was excluded from the list.]


“Yes. The Prince’s mana— was brilliant.”


The image of Mana drawing a formula was so beautiful that I wanted to capture it as a video stone that it was in the past. 


Watching the brilliant golden mana move around, I felt as if I had come to a fairy world.


– This increases the possibility of being an elf. 


Driane shook its head at Serina’s words. 


[The magic of elves is purer than that of humans. The higher the purity, the brighter the magical power, so the possibility of being an elf is—. Well.] 


Driane, who was explaining, suddenly closed its mouth. Something seems to come to mind. 


“What’s wrong?”


– Don’t be frustrated and say something.


When Serina and I asked, side by side, Driane slowly opened its mouth.


[You don’t have to be a wizard to wake the golem. The purity of magic is low, and even low-level wizards are possible.]


– But? 


At Serina’s urging, Driane seemed upset but then continued. 


[So I guessed it was a low-level human wizard, but one more case came to mind.]


“What is that?”


[The Fallen One.]


Me and Serina’s mouths opened. 


‘The Fallen One.’


It was not an issue to be easily mentioned.


‘The Fallen One’ simply means one who betrayed God.


All countries on the continent, including the Inoten Empire, had one religion. Oddly enough, no other Gods existed. 


Since there was only one God, the Creator God, who bestowed full divine power on the priests and goddesses, people didn’t doubt their God.


However, there were always those who went the wrong path instead of the right path. 


[As the baby knows, when a fallen person extorts the divine power of a priest or a priestess, they use black magic, and—.] 


“When they summoned demons…”


Driane nodded its head to my murmur.


[The fallen will have tattoos on their bodies and souls, meaning they have fallen. An ordinary person really gets a ‘tattoo’, and if it’s a wizard— their mana gradually turns black.] 


If they throw away their body like a fake princess, it will be engraved on their soul, Driane added.


“If it gets darker and darker—”


Knock, knock. 


“Ah, yes!”


When I opened the window, it was Sir Adhan.


“We will go, Young Lady!”


“Yes, thank you for letting me know.”


I greeted Sir Adhan and closed the window.


Before long, I could feel the carriage moving.


“Nadia may have witnessed a man who is corrupted, and mana is progressively turning black.” (T/n: I’m sorry, not really sure about this part;;) 


[Yes, the problem is that Nadia has never seen a fallen one—, so it’s hard to tell if his mana is just murky or blackening] 


– If the fallen one grows—.


Serina’s words shut everyone’s mouth.


A fake princess who summoned demons.


Is it a coincidence that they encountered a fallen one on their journey?


“There hasn’t been any extortion of divine power in the last 50 years.”


Serina nodded as she thought back to when she had studied history.


– Both priests and priestesses belong to the temple. Because Lione’s name is also listed in the temple, it would be a problem if they had their powers taken away. 


[What’s the possibility that they hid it in the temple?]


Serina shook her head at Driane’s question.


– When a priest or priestess loses his or her divine power, it is not something that should be dealt with while paying attention to such things. The divine power that has left its master runs wild as it is. And since it takes less than a week for it to explode, it is right to say that it is not extortion of divine power.




In the past, someone who wanted revenge used divine power to make a kingdom disappear without leaving a single blade of grass behind.


Literally, there is still no life left on the site where there is no ‘grass.’


It’s been 350 years.


Since then, the nobles of all empires and kingdoms, including the temple, have been dealt with first in the event of divine power extortion.


The war wasn’t any different. There have even been a few times when the battle has stopped because of this.


Since all kingdoms, empires, and temples worked together, more extortion cases have been solved since then without any big problems.


Because of this, there are no longer people who try to get divine power for things like revenge.


It’s been 50 years at the most.


“Then it’s black magic, or— someone summoned demons.”


– Yeah. 


We already knew the person who summoned the demons.


Then, were there two demons who they summoned to the continent? 




[Yeah, baby.] 


“How to summon demons—. Do you know how?”


[Drawing a circle with blood to summon them.] 


“Is that circle common? Is it easy to draw?”


[Uhm… I don’t think it’s as common as it’s a circle that summons demons… It’s easy… Uhm… I don’t know because I haven’t thought about it by human standards] 


“Then how did the fake princess know about that circle?”


[—Come to think of it, magic circles aren’t as common now as they used to be.] 


– If she provides blood to draw a circle, there may be another wizard who drew that magic circle.


I nodded to Serina’s theorem.


“Two demons have been summoned on the continent, wouldn’t that be more reliable than a coincidence that both summoners stopped us?” 


– Lione is right, but—. There is no possibility that they don’t use black magic. The fake princess may have hired it, and it’s still unclear who the target among us is.


Serina’s words were also true.


[We have to check who the target is, but—. We also have to check what the purpose is.]


“What does that mean?”


When I asked, Driane continued.


[It’s not enough to plot something with a single golem with The Prince’s skills, the knights who followed as escorts, and the baby’s skills.] 


– That’s right. I’m nervous enough, but—. If what they’re aiming for is Lione or the Prince, it’s not to the point of causing death or serious injury.


Serina murmured that it would be difficult. 


“I don’t know the purpose or goal well.”


Serina sighed at my words that came out with a sigh. 






[What was the baby’s purpose in going to the Elf Forest?] 


“…to sign a contract with Eloane.”


[Then just think about that first]


Even with Driane’s words, my thoughts didn’t change.


I was anxious. It was difficult to deal with even a single demon, but I was too weak to even deal with a wizard who was supposed to be a corrupted person.




“Ung… I know…”


I didn’t forget what Driane said.


One. Don’t worry about what didn’t happen.


Two. Don’t worry about things I can’t solve right away.


Even though there were many other things, I taught myself repeatedly that these were the most important.


To borrow Serina’s expression, she said that I am the type of person who buys worries. 


My father, brother, Jerion, Driane, Serina, and even Nadia all knew that they were worried about my personality.




“Will it really be okay?”


It was a deep question.


While I was living as Lione Biherville, I had always had doubts about that.


Can I really deal with demons?


Can I really bring Serina back to her original body?


Can I really protect my family?


This was the sentence that gathered all the worries and questions together.


Will it really be okay?


Driane and Serina close their mouths. 


I couldn’t tell if they were worried like me or if they thought I was worrying too much. 


[There is always a process in results. There are steps in the process, aren’t we going through those steps now?] 


Driane’s voice filled the carriage softly.


Driane’s voice, smaller than a kitten, was low and dignified, resembling the earth.


[The reason why we always worry about Baby is not that we are afraid that you will not be able to overcome it properly.]




I raised my head and looked at Driane. Driane continued speaking with its usual expression.


[I’m just worried that you’re having a hard time, Lione.]


“…I know.”


I nodded slowly. 


I had to pull myself together. I can’t move forward if I just drown in anxiety.


I don’t know when the Golem will come.


I shook my head to clear my thoughts, but Driane’s hand touched my cheek.




[I have lived for a long time, but I have no idea what to say at a time like this.]


– I agree. 


Driane and Serina sighed and said at the same time.


There was a moment of silence.


I heard the clattering horseshoe, the carriage moving, and the wind.


[There is nothing I can do about my lack of discipline. Lione.] 




[As always, I’ll give you advice]




[We’re in the process of dealing with the golem. Get rid of worries about other things from your head]


– It’s okay not to even think about it.


Driane and Serina said in turn.


When I saw the two looking enthusiastically as if to answer, I laughed. 


“Okay. I’ll stop worrying about it now, because I don’t know anything yet.”


Their faces brightened equally.


After spending a long time together, I laughed because I felt like we were becoming like each other. 


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