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Prince POV. 


Papers flooded in every day, but I had no regrets about coming in. 


I apologized because I wanted to, and then I met someone I wanted to see again.




But every time I look at the pile of papers in the carriage, I can’t help but sigh.


Pressing the forehead, I drove away the headache and picked up the paperwork on the table.


– So why do you have to suffer like this by developing a small magic circle that can move documents?


Gronn, the aide, grumbled and pretended to be sorry in the communication line. 


When I tried to revive the long-distance travel wizard, this document hell magic circle— the exact name is small travel magic circle, but everyone called it this.— Since developing , aides have been able to send documents to their superior at any time. 


Maybe only the superior thinks it’s painful, but in a broader sense, it means that no matter where they are, they have to organize documents and send reports to their superiors.


Thanks to that, the aides are also working together.


“I’ll send the papers by tomorrow morning.”


– Yes, Your Highness. Please don’t overdo it. It’s not that urgent.


I nodded to Gronn and disconnected the communication.


Gronn told me that, but it’s not like I didn’t know that if it wasn’t urgent, he wouldn’t have sent it here.




While checking the documents one by one, I sighed and swept my face.


It was because I remembered what happened not long ago.




The scene where the little Biherville Young Lady stepped in front of me and dealt with the Ants in an instant couldn’t get out of my head. 


“Ah… How stupid…”


He groaned a little so that the knights outside wouldn’t hear him.


I wanted to kill myself who judged the Young Lady’s power without listening to her. 


“If you’re going to protect her, do it properly—”


The Young Lady almost got hurt, and I did nothing but stupid act. 




When I think of that day, I can’t help but sigh. I apologized to the Young Lady, but that didn’t erase my sense of shame.


It was understandable because I used up my mana to catch Jenia Poniel and couldn’t sleep. 


But that didn’t get rid of the sense of shame either.


I was taught not to make mistakes since I was young—. The education was a real mess at the time.


It has been the traditional teaching method of the imperial family that there is a corresponding price for high status, and I have been working hard to live up to it.


Even though it’s the Krenan Mountains route with the fewest monsters, there’s no way I can avoid them.


Of course, I had to prepare accordingly—.


“Wake up—”


I shook my head to shake off my thoughts with a deepening sense of shame.


“Let’s see the documents—”


I picked up the pen, but my eyes still couldn’t focus to the paperwork.


That scene kept coming to mind. At Young Lady’s action, the ground turned upside down, and the branches moved like they were dancing.


Even if it was impossible, the light seemed to shine only on the Young Lady. 


“Come to your sense, you fool—”


I tried to concentrate by pulling my ears and pressing the forehead, but I couldn’t concentrate easily.


Eventually, I got up from my seat and went out of the carriage.


I didn’t want to go there because I thought the knights on the night watch would be aware of it for no reason.


I sneaked into the forest without a trace.


I walked to the place where the alarm magic had been put on.


It was when I stood for a long time, leaving my body to the moderately cool wind. 




I heard a thin voice as my head was cooling down.


It was a quiet, low voice, but I heard it clearly.


Instinctively, I killed the sense. 


When I went to the place where the sound was heard, I saw the Biherville Young Lady. 


There was no one around her, but from the voice he heard earlier, it seemed that the divine beasts were beside her. 


“But it’s dangerous at night—”


Even after she spoke, his face frowned in surprise.


The Young Lady is strong. Judging by her movements, she seems to have learned swordsmanship, and there was no problem in thinking only with her divine power. 


So there’s no reason why she can’t take a night walk. 


Even after reflecting on it a while ago, it was ridiculous that I was doing this. 


I wondered if the prejudice was so deep. 


“Driane! This way!”


I was embarrassed by myself and bowed my head, but I heard Young Lady’s voice again. 


I looked up at Young Lady. 


She was smiling brightly as if the divine beast that she had called had come to her side.


Soon, her gray hair fluttered. The breeze seemed to blow only around the Young Lady. 


“Serina, you’re here too?”




Aren’t there two divine beast? No, was there a divine beast named ‘Serina’ in the first place?


I looked back at the names of the divine beast one by one, but there was no divine beast named ‘Serina’.


“Aren’t you sleepy?”


“I’m okay.”


“Because Serina always goes to bed early.”


I quickly forgot the existence of Serina and looked at the Princess who was talking again while looking into the air.


It was like a fairy, as she said to me when she was young.


A girl who sees a fairy, to be exact?


Doesn’t it appear often in novels? Or fairy tales? 


In the end, after a number of thoughts, the question of who Serina was came back.


“Okay, let’s go inside. Serina, come quickly too!”


When she called for a mysterious being called Serina, her hair flutter again.


It was then that I realized that the existence she called Serina was bringing a breeze.


She is a being with divine powers, so it was not unusual for something other than a divine beast to be by her side. 


So I decided not to think further.


Young Lady didn’t notice me until the end and went back to the carriage.


Although I intentionally put on a magic spell to something else, I felt sorry that she didn’t notice it.


“Should I have talked to her?”


I was so disappointed that I couldn’t believe it. After being there for a while, I turned to return to the carriage. 


And I realized when I almost arrived at the carriage. Where did I hear the name that made me feel uncomfortable?


“Serina Enotis—?”




I ended up staying up all night.


Fortunately, I finished processing all the documents. Although it took more time than usual.




It could just be that they have the same name, but—. Was the name Serina very common?




The Duke Enotis’ love for his daughter is famous. 


Although he was also the only daughter he had in his later years, he loved his wife very much and quickly fell in love with his daughter who looked exactly like her. 


After he thought about it for a few days, he gave her the name Serina.


At least it wasn’t a common name in Innoten.




“Ah—. Y, Young Lady?”


When I come to my sense, the Biherville Young Lady was calling me, pulling my sleeve slightly. 


My thoughts deepened and I didn’t seem to notice her approaching. 


“I… apologize.”


“It’s allright. Are you tired?”


“No, I have a little problem to think about—”


Young Lady smiled and nodded as if she understood.


“I’m going to give you this.”


I quickly picked up a bottle almost the size of her arm. It was quite heavy when I picked it up. 


“May I ask what this is?”


I couldn’t help myself with the idiot-like tone of voice. Isn’t that the way people talk to an elderly lady? 


I barely held back my expression and looked at her.


Fortunately, there were no signs of discomfort.


“It’s water made of herbs that Nadia and I found. Please take it whenever you’re tired.”


“…Thank you.”


I felt a little embarrassed, so I scratched my cheek.


After thinking about it for a while, I thought that it might not get any worse, so I just continued.


“I’m sorry, I couldn’t control my condition—”


I found it hard to keep going, so I just blurted out the end of my speech.


Young Lady’s eyes turned round at my words.


“Everyone knows that the Prince is the last to sleep for the sake of the party, and is the first to wake up.”


The Young Lady continued to speak softly.


“You’re busy setting up alarm magic until late at night and canceling it early in the morning. I heard you even do paperwork at night.”


“Of course, that’s what I’m supposed to do.”


“There’s no such a thing.”


The Young Lady said firmly. I looked at her vaguely for a moment, and she continued with a smile.


“It’s hard to take care for someone. Don’t underestimate your efforts.”


I always felt comforted when I listened to Young Lady. 


When I looked at her still, her expression, which was firmly and strongly shining, was colored with embarrassment.


“I got scolded a while ago too. So I’m still unfamiliar to it too—. Let’s do our best together.”


She spoke softly, gave a sweet smile, and then walked away.


I never knew that lovely meant this.


As I stared blankly at him, someone tapped me on the shoulder and woke me up.


“Ah— Sir Jenard.”


“I brought the Prince’s cup.”


“Ah, thank you.”


“No one knows that the Princess has been picking herbs for the Prince over the past few days.”


“Is that so?”


I just barely kept the corners of my mouth from going up.


“I think you should be careful about the rumors.”


Jenard’s words brought me to my senses.


Come to think of it, from the moment Young Lady approached me, a subtle gaze followed. 


“There are subtle words circulating among the servants and maids who followed.”


From generation to generation, the Crown Prince has not been married to the Duke family.


It was because the imperial family was wary of the stronger maternal relatives.


On the other hand, the Princes and Dukes family have been married quite a few times.


It was a common marriage alliance.


Each of the two dukes in the Empire had a daughter.


There was nothing to do with Enotis, so it was not unreasonable to associate with Biherville. 


Just by looking at the family, it would be a good story because the two people who are connected seem to be close.


“I’ll be careful. Thank you for your advice.”


“No. If the rumor spreads before the prince confesses his heart to Young Lady , you will be in trouble, so I will crack down on it.”


Jenard said with a mischievous smile.


He started out as my playmate when I was young and  now he was my escort.


So, such a teasing was not unfamiliar, but I looked at him in surprised with the content. 




Jenard looked at me in wonder at my behavior.


“T, that’s—”




“Is that obvious?”


I was embarrassed and didn’t even think about changing my voice, so I asked.


“What are you talking about?”


“Is it obvious that I like the Young Lady—!”


As soon as I tried to suppress my voice as much as possible, the joke disappeared from Jenard’s face. 


“Could it be that you tried to hide it?”


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