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I glanced at Jenard, and he led me to the carriage.


Jenard spoke comfortably as he entered the enclosed space.


“Did you really try to hide it?”




When I nodded without answering, Jenard looked at me in amazement.


“Most people probably already know. The knights are ignorant, so I don’t know how many—.”


“Was it that obvious?”


“Biherville Young Lady may not know it, but most of the party has seen how you treat the other Young Lady.”




“Even the knights know Your Highness is a person who builds a barrier to the opposite sex. But it’s harder not to know because you’re as soft as the spring breeze for the Biherville Young Lady.”


I sighed at Jenard’s shoot and washed my face dry.


“I thought you deliberately make it obvious—”


Jenard blurts the end of his words and looks at my expression. Even without looking at it, I could imagine what my expression would look like. 


“The Young Lady… She doesn’t know, right…?”


“She probably doesn’t know. I often hear the maids telling the servants not to speak about it at all. Young Lady doesn’t know, so don’t be nervous.” 


“It sounds like it’s so public.”


I felt like I was going to die of real shame. I thought I hid it well, but I didn’t expect it to be so obvious.


“Don’t worry too much. No one is going to make fun of you.”


“I know that, but—”


I washed my face and swallowed the back words. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to confess to the Young Lady, but—. 


It wasn’t meant to be done until I sorted out all the important things.


I also have to catch the wanted criminal Jenia Poniel, and it’s still unclear what kind of power Enotis’ Young Lady has.


Besides, I’m also thinking about an existence named “Serina”, who Princess Biherville called.


If I confessed to Young Lady, I wanted to do it when I could take care of the things I had to deal with and entirely focus on Young Lady. 


However, when the rumor began to spread in this way, it was only a matter of time before this fact entered Young Lady’s ear.


No, she would have known if she had gone out into the social world right now.


Even before I confessed, I didn’t want the Young Lady to know about it through rumors.


I was in a hurry.




“Yes. Your Highness.”


“First of all, handle the rumors.”




“Be very careful not to get into the Young Lady’s ears.”


“Yes, please don’t worry.”


I was a little relieved by Jenard’s affirmation. At least I’ve earned time until the end of this journey.


Looking at Jenard, who said hello and left, I hurriedly looked for the communication tool.


I had to deal with something quickly.


– Yes. Your Highness. 


Shortly after connecting the communication, I heard Gronn’s voice.


“How’s the Jenia Poniel retracing case?” 


– The tracker reportedly found traces of a carriage outside the village. As a result of the investigation of the wheel tracks, it was confirmed that it was different from the carriage to and from the village, and we are tracking it based on it.


“Tell them to be careful as Jenia Poniel’s mana will be restored next week.”


– Yes. I understand.


“And, find out about the existence of Serina. 


– Yes? Do you mean Serina Enotis? 


“No. It has nothing to do with the Enotis’ Young Lady. Whether it’s an ancient being or a fairy, find a being named Serina. As a being that people with divine powers can see.” 


– …Yes. I understand 


Gronn hesitated for a moment, as if puzzled, but answered quickly. Then, after the communication ended and finished the rough arrangement, the carriage began to move.


I had to solve everything as soon as possible to confess to the Young Lady. 


I picked up the papers I had left for a while.




I didn’t have a pen I used all the time. It was strange, but I picked up another pen because I thought it might have fallen somewhere.


It bothered me a little, but I didn’t think about it anymore because I didn’t have time.




After Young Lady prophesied about the golem, her expression gradually darkened.


It was the same for the whole group that the expression darkened.


The knights encountered monsters a lot and were not very shaken by the golem, but others were different.


In particular, non-combat personnel were very agitated.


It was only then that knowing in advance through predictions was not a good thing.


“Why don’t you go to Young Lady?”


“I can’t get rid of that anxiety.”


“If you could just comfort….”


“She can feel burdened by what I care about.”


“You’re too timid.”


“Before you confessed to Young Lady Inoah, you did more than this.”




Jenard, who had been making fun of him with a single smirk, pulled down the corners of his mouth.


Jenard had a lover I had known for a long time. But, considering what Jenard had done before he confessed to her—.


It was really no fuss.


I sighed as I watched Sir Jenard go down.


I’d rather have a golem come in sooner.




The battle against the golem ended quickly, as expected.


While trying to destroy the core from afar, I found this broken mana engulfing the golem.


I approached the golem to read the traces of Mana that remained.


It wasn’t familiar mana energy. I destroyed the golem after checking it properly just in case.


“I can feel the monster’s energy from the direction the golem is coming from, so get ready to move quickly!”




After tidying up, I went to the Young Lady and asked her, and the Young Lady looked around as if worried. 


But then she nodded her head and continued.


Listening to her, my expression hardened at the words of murky gold mana and black and red robe.


“Jenia Poniel—”


A sigh came out of my mouth.


I asked the Young Lady for her understanding and explained about Jenia Poniel in a carriage together.


It was a secret that only the Duke and some ministers knew.


But if the prophecy of the Young Lady keeps coming true and Jenia Poniel is mentioned, it is best to ask the Young Lady for help.


“Then we can find the helper.”


The Young Lady nodded at my words.


“Young Lady, are you suspicious of anyone?”


Young Lady’s eyes were wandering again.


Once to the left, once to the top.


On the left, the divine beast who had made a prediction was sleeping in such a state.


If there was a reason to look over there as if asking for an opinion, it must have been because there was one more divine beast there.


‘Then at the top is….’


I’m not sure, but I thought that was the existence of Serina. 


“A little more— I’ll tell you when it’s clear.”


The Young Lady thought for a long time and said.


It wasn’t something I didn’t understand, so I just nodded my head.


Young Lady looked at me as if a little surprised. She was still looking gently to the left and to the top.


I thought that it would be better for me to fall out sooner than to let her worry more.


Just then, the carriage stopped.


“Looks like we’re here. It was late at night because the journey took longer than expected.”


Actually, I wanted to talk more.


But the carriage stopped, and I knew I wasn’t someone Young Lady could tell me everything she knew.


Young Lady still looked a little complicated.


I spoke and tried to stop the Young Lady from getting up to come see me off.


“It’s fine. Please rest comfortably.”


I got out of the carriage and was about to close the door, but I was sad and looked at Young Lady again.


“…I wish you a peaceful night. Young Lady.”


This was what came out at the most.


But luckily, it was a greeting that could be done politely.


In a moment, a lot of thoughts crossed my mind.


Among those thoughts, there was also the fact that Gronn could not find the existence of ‘Serina’ in the end.


Young Lady may have given a new name to a mysterious being without a name.


But she had no reason to give it a name like Enotis Young Lady, which could cause trouble.


Of course, the name of a mysterious being unknown to humans could be Serina, but Serina was a human language.


It was unlikely that a mysterious being would have to be named in human language.


“Young Lady.”




In the end, I couldn’t resist the urge.


Enotis Young Lady uses a power different from the divine power.


A being called ‘Serina’, called by Biherville Young Lady.


And the last, information about the ‘helper’ she hid.


I thought that keywords that could not be connected would somehow lead to one.


“I hope that one day, Young Lady will let me help you carry your burden.”


All of these are connected as one, and I was convinced that Young Lady knew the keywords that I didn’t know.


It was more a hunch than a deduction or a guess.




“Young Lady sometimes— has the same expression as my older brother. An expression that shows a lot of things alone.”


If I think about the Young Lady who is still young, I can understand her expression.


I also understood that if the Duke of Enotis was involved in it, it could not be easily put on the lips. 


“When I was young, I couldn’t see the face of Young Lady, so I couldn’t help but look at you.”


It was a pity for Young Lady, who was getting through all of that. If possible, I wanted her to share her burden.


Suddenly, I remembered when I fell in love with the Young Lady like this.


I slowly recalled my memories from that day when I was young. Until the moment Young Lady, who was small, stepped forward and protected me. 


‘Was it then—?’


At that moment, my behavior seemed more foolish because the Young Lady was so cool. 


“If possible, I want to be the ‘one existence’ who can share that burden together. If Young Lady is okay with it—. I ask that you consider me as a potential candidate for such a relationship.”


I knew I was nothing to the Young Lady. 


I also knew that the reason was because I delayed expressing myself.


Even if I expressed it, I would be sad if Young Lady refused, but I couldn’t do that now. 


I didn’t like it.


It was my arrogance to express my feelings to the Young Lady when I could do my best.


I’m not even certain that Young Lady will accept it, but it’s not enough to just tell her how I feel when there’s no one else.




I said it a little bit more, but seeing that Young Lady’s face turned red instantly, I think she got the meaning. 


“Then have a truly peaceful night.”


Seeing the Young Lady barely nodding her head, I closed the carriage door.


A lot of thoughts flashed in my carriage.


Many thoughts passed through my mind, but out of all those thoughts, I didn’t have any regrets.


This journey was an opportunity—a chance to get Young Lady’s attention before other young noblemen of marriageable age do.


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