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“W—wait! Stop the carriage!”


“What happened!”


Sir Adhan came close, but I got out of the carriage and ran frantically to the side where Serina was dragged.






I was about to call Serina out loud, but Driane stopped me. 


I came to my senses and ran towards Serina with my mouth shut.


Serina stood outside the border of the Elf forest with a puzzled expression on her face. 


After making sure she was safe, I lost the strength in my legs and sat down right there.


“Young Lady!”


The Prince came quickly to help me.


When I came to my senses, the whole group stopped at my sudden action and looked at me.


I don’t know how to explain it, but Serina came first.


“Can you get up?”


“Yes—. Yes, I’ll get up.”


While standing up with help and approaching Serina, Serina seemed to have figured out what had happened to her.


– I don’t think I can go in here.


Serina said, tapping her hand on the boundary of the Elf’s forest.




– I’m not sure. Do I belong to the wrong place? 


Serina laughed and said it like a joke, but my expression distorted as if I was about to cry. 


“Young Lady, what’s wrong?”


The Prince asked quietly. 


I bit my lips without realizing it.


[Baby. Lips.] 


Even with Driane’s point, it was not easy to calm down.


“Do you go with a soul?”


I heard a voice behind me.


I could tell that he was an elf without looking back.


I didn’t want to take my eyes off of Serina, but I thought that was rude, so I clenched my teeth and looked back.


The Elf, who saw my expression, which was obvious without even seeing it, smiled softly and continued.


“The Elf forest has too high a purity of mana for a soul to stay.”


There was only the Prince, the Elf, and Driane around.


After a little thought, I continued.


“Can’t she come in?”


“It is for the sake of the soul that the Elf forest drives away the soul. If they keep staying here, they’ll be crushed and disappear. If it is important to you, it is better to have it wait outside.”


My distorted face made me look pitiful, so he spoke in a softer voice.


“It’s invisible to me, but if the Elf Forest simply bounced it, it means it’s not a clean soul. I know you’re concerned, but that’s the best thing.”


“—Thank you for your explanation.”


I bowed my head to thank him and bowed my head to the Prince as well. 


The Prince still looked at me worriedly, but he didn’t stop me from walking forward.


– Don’t worry about it. I’ll stay here.


“What if something happens—”


– There’s no one who can harm me right now.


Serina was right.


If it was a fake princess from a few years ago who had a little bit of divine power, maybe she could see her, but there are not many people who could even see Serina now.


Most of the few were in the temple, so there was no need to worry.


If they can’t even see her, how can they harm her? 


“You have to be careful outside, okay? If you see bad people, don’t get close to them.”


– I got it. 


“Really. Don’t go after them to find out what it is. Okay? I’ll cry if you’re not here when I come out later, really.” 


– Okay. Don’t worry and go. 


“Because you might be bored. Uh… With Driane…”


– No with Driane. Driane should be by your side. Never let it go, okay? 


“Ung… So if Nadia wakes up…”


– You don’t have to. I’ll be enjoying my time alone after a long time, so don’t worry and go, Lady.


I was worried about Serina, but if I dragged more time, attention would be drawn to this side again.


– My arm is going to fall out. Stop doing it and go. 


“All right…” 


When it looked like I was done talking, the Prince approached me and escorted me naturally.


Serina is much smarter than me and good at everything, but I kept looking back because I was worried about her being left alone.


Whenever I looked back, Serina smiled brightly and waved her hand.


“Come on.”


“Yes. Thank you. That… I will tell you about it later…”


“You can do it whenever it suits you, Young Lady.”


The Prince stepped back and whispered that he wanted to hear the explanation.


As I got into the carriage, I saw the Elf through the window.


I quickly lowered my head because I remembered that I was too busy to even greet him properly.


Elf smiled softly as if he had drawn it and bowed his head.


Soon, both the prince and the Elf walked forward, and after a while, the carriage began to move again.


[Serina will be fine]




[It was the first time I came to the Elf forest with a soul, so I didn’t think of it.]


Driane clicked its tongue and looked out of the window.


“It’s going to be okay, right?”


[It is Serina.]




I’ve never been apart this long since I was with Serina.


My worries about Serina filled my head. However, after a while, the other side’s worries rose.






“Will I be okay without Serina…?”


Driane also helped a lot. 


 However, Serina helped me a lot in the relationship between nobles and nobles. 


It may be because Serina has lived a long life and has a lot of experience, but I liked the sense of calling Serina a family. 


She told me not to ignore my intuition all the time, saying that intuition is based on experience.


Of course, my hunch was duller than Serina’s. 


I just realized that I would need Serina a lot if I wanted to make friends with the elves.






[Did Serina look worried when she let you go?]




[Serina has a cold side. If she really thought you couldn’t do it without her, she wouldn’t have let you go so easily.]




[Yeah, don’t worry too much even if you make a mistake. Me, Serina, Nadia, and your family is by your side, right?]


“But if I make a mistake…”


[It is the role of an adult to correct a child’s mistakes. If you make a mistake, we’ll take care of it after that, so don’t worry about it.] 


Driane’s calm words calmed my anxiety a little. 


My role in this mission was not significant.


Because the actual negotiations were between the Prince and the Count. 


I followed them to convince Eloane, so it didn’t matter if I made a mistake.


“It will be fine.”


[Of course.]


Driane, who heard me muttering as if to make a promise to myself, confirmed.


None of what Driane said was wrong.


Even though my heart was at ease, I was worried about Serina.


“Will Serina really be okay? Wouldn’t she be upset?”




This time, there was nothing that Driane was not sure about.


It has been ten years since Serina lost her body.


Serina hadn’t gotten what she deserved as the Duke’s daughter and only heir for ten years.


She said it was the first time she had played like this without a sense of responsibility, but that was all.


Serina didn’t show her own feelings well.


So I was always worried. I felt more anxious after the sudden drop.


Will Serina really be okay with that situation where she couldn’t find her original body and was left alone??


[You got rid of one worry, but now you have a new one.]




[Lione, your insides won’t stay good.]


Driane sighed and tapped me on the head.


[Stop worrying. If you’re worried about Serina’s feelings, you can go back and ask her. Stop speculating. You’re going to hurt yourself.]




I knew I had more worries than others.


So I tried to reduce it as much as possible, but it was not easily reduced.


I was about to say something, but the carriage stopped.


“Looks like they’re all here. Should we leave Nadia behind first?”


[Yeah. When Nadia wakes up, Nadia will chase after your energy.]




I quickly packed my things and got out of the carriage.


In a normal village, it was common for a foreigner of high status to be greeted by a person of high status from the village.


However, the customs of the elves were a little different.


I heard it was the custom of the elves to keep things quiet until a stranger came to greet them. 


There was not much time given, so I had to move quickly to organize and greet them. 


“Oh, I was going to tell you, but you brought it down. I’ll hold it.”


As I was unloading my luggage, Sir Adhan came up to me and said.


“No. It’s not that heavy.”


“It’s quite a distance to the accommodation. I’ll move it.”


“Then… please take care of it.”


Sir Adhan took the lead with my luggage.


“Outside of the village, there are places for foreigners to stay. Can you see it over there?”




“That’s the accommodation that Young Lady will use.”


I entered the village under his guidance.


“I will go first and leave the luggage. We are going to meet at the entrance of the village to greet them, so please wait here.”


“I will. Thank you.”


“No, please wait a little bit.”




Sir Adhan quickly disappeared.


As I slowly approached the village entrance, a panoramic view of the elf village caught his eye.




My mouth opened automatically.


The structure of the house was not very different from the house in the capital.


But the houses were surrounded by trees.


I had no idea whether the tree was part of the house or the house was part of the tree.


Most of the time, a large tree hugged the house, as if the tree had embraced the house.


Then, there was a pond in the center of the village. In the center of the pond, there was a huge tree that was difficult to see at a glance.


The area where the tree grew roots was small in the middle of the pond, but because the roots were as big as the tree, half of them were under the pond.


It seemed like the place was made so that even the sun could shine in a beautiful way.


As soon as I opened my mouth, Driane, who was above my head, explained.


[The tree in the center is a sacred tree cherished by the elves.]


“A sacred tree?”


[Yeah. People say that this tree is where the first elf was born. I don’t know anything else, but at least that tree was that old.]


Driane had been around for a long time, but I had no idea how long the tree had been there.


I looked at the tree again and looked around. No one has come to the village entrance yet.


“I wonder where is Eloane?”


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