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[What are you doing!] 


Driane has grown bigger and has shown itself.


The sound of Driane’s voice shook the temple like thunder. Surprised by that, the hand that grabbed my arm lost strength.


“What are you doing?”


“That, divine beast—”


The brown-haired elf didn’t listen to me. Instead, he looked at Driane with amazement. 


I didn’t want to show Driane anymore, so I made Driane invisible again. 


At once, the brown-haired elf’s eyes became fierce.


“If you can’t even show the divine beast properly, what do you mean contractor!”


“You won’t understand unless I say it directly.”




“I hid it because I didn’t want to show you.”


“Don’t make excuses!”


“I don’t know what you don’t like about me.”


It was an act of refraining from the overuse of divine power in the temple.


Besides, Eloane was also asleep, so I didn’t want to use my divine powers to wake Eloane up.


But I was annoyed.


“But it’s disturbing.”


“What are you doing!”


I moved the ground and drove the brown-haired elf out of the temple. 


It was a technique I came up with after hearing what Serina said about the ‘moving walk’.


It was my first time actually using it, but I thought it was a relief that it continued more smoothly than I thought.




I closed the door of the temple, ignoring whether he shouted or not. 


[Didn’t they say a knight would come?]


Driane said to me, who was about to lock the door completely.


“…I’ll go out before that.”




Driane didn’t stop me from locking the door firmly.


Bang, bang! 


I heard a knock on the door from outside, but I ignored it.


“—Ah, Hyung!”


Then the sound of a brown-haired elf calling someone and knocking on the door disappeared.


“He must’ve left.”


[Is your arm okay?]




[It’s red and swollen.]


“It doesn’t hurt.”


[Still, let’s use some ice packs later.]


“Is there ice?”


[You can ask the 2nd prince to use ice magic. If you leave it alone, you’ll get a bruise.] 


Driane kept urging for an answer with a worried expression, but I couldn’t answer.


Now, I was a little embarrassed to talk to the Prince if it wasn’t for work.


“Let’s go see Eloane first.”


[…Eloane must already know that we have come.]


It was because Driane and Nadia tried to talk to me at the first meeting, but Eloane just stayed still. Then, I suddenly realized that Eloane didn’t want to sign a contract.


“It’s not because…Eloane doesn’t like me right?” 


[That’s definitely not the case. In the first place, it’s hard for us to dislike beings who are full of divine power.] 


“Still Eloane might not like me…”


[What would Eloane dislike about you?]


It bothered me a little that I sent out brown hair firmly earlier.


Eloane won’t think I’m a heartless person, right?


[Don’t blame yourself for not being generous with someone with such an attitude. You don’t have to worry about that.]




After hearing my sullen reply, Driane sighed and flew towards Eloane. 


Driane, who was looking at Eloane’s necklace in the air, sighed once more and said.


[…Even if it bothers you, you should say hello, Eloane.]


Eloane was silent.


I was worried that Eloane might not like me, so I walked forward first because I thought I should at least start a conversation. 


The stone statue was much taller than my height, so I had to look up at it for a long time, even after I got up on the podium.




When Driane pushed Eloane one more time, the necklace moved slightly.


I couldn’t notice it because it was such a slight movement, but I can see it now.




It was a long, thin voice. I sighed when I heard a slow voice.


[This is my contractor. Say hello.]






It was still a drooping voice, but I didn’t care much because I was happy to say hello.


[Don’t fall asleep and stay awake. The baby has something to say.]


Driane, who spoke so firmly that it was almost cold, came up over my head again.


[I’ll answer you now. So tell me.]


“Ung. Thank you!” 


I stroked Driane, who was sitting on my head and then turned my head to look at Eloane.


“Hello, my name is Lione Biherville.”




“I have a favor, can you please listen to me?”




“I want you to sign a contract with me.”


[Mmhm… I don’t want to.” 


I wasn’t upset because I expected to be rejected.


“Um…I signed a contract with Driane and Nadia. But right now, there are demons in the Empire… I need your strength to deal with those demons. I wish you could help, but can’t you?”


[I don’t want to…] 


“If you don’t like me, just tell me. I’ll fix it!”


[Uhm… There is no such thing….]


“Then may I ask why you don’t want to sign a contract?”


Eloane let out a sigh.


[I don’t like it because it’s annoying…]




[It’s annoying…]




I was a little embarrassed by the weak but firm opinion. 


I remembered Driane’s words that Eloane’s personality was a bit peculiar. So I thought that Driane was referring to this part of Eloane.


If you sign a contract to deal with demons, yeah— it was a troublesome thing to do.


“If you tell me what you like, I’ll try to do everything for you!”


[I like sleeping…]




There was nothing to say about sleeping.




I called Driane to ask for help. Then Driane sighed again.


[This generation’s Eloane was born around the same time as me. So we spent some time together…]


Driane patted on the necklace and continued.


[Eloane have been too lazy to move since then. If you leave it alone, it will only sleep for a few days.]


“Is there no problem with Eloane’s health…?”


[We live without eating, and there is no such thing as metabolism, so there is no problem.]


“That’s a relief….” 


Eloane said it was annoying, so I didn’t know how to persuade Eloane. 


“Um… can’t you help me only when dealing with demons?”


[Don’t you know that you can’t do that when you sign a contract…]




The truth is, I had nothing to say. 


Didn’t I wish Eloane was there before Golem appeared that day?


The contract must have bothered Eloane.


My head was complicated. I had no idea what to persuade.


On the other hand, I thought I was very lucky when I signed with Driana and Nadia.




I wrapped my head around and sat down.


“Do you have any favorite food…?”


[Divine beast doesn’t eat food.]


As if finally waking up from sleep, Eloane’s voice became clearer.


“Nadia eats a lot….” 


[Um… There’s always a kid like that.]


Eloane didn’t seem interested. 


My mind was impatient when I thought about having to convince Eloane before Eloane fell asleep.


[If you already have Driane and Nadia, you don’t need me.]


Eloane concluded as if had made a decision.


I felt like I could see a snake closing its eyes again, so I stamped my feet.


“I need Eloane too!”


[Mmhm. Isn’t that greed?]


Eloane came to its conclusions coldly.


“With only Driane and Nadia, we can beat the demons. I know that.”




“I have people to protect. I don’t want to see my family or anyone else hurt. To do that, I have to completely defeat the demons.”


Driane, who was about to say something, came back over my head without a word.


“Please. I need your help for that.”


[Isn’t that your situation?]


That’s true. I hesitated, not knowing what to say, but Driane jumped up and shouted. 


[If that’s the case, that’s your mission.]




[Why were we born in the first place?]




[Answer me, Eloane!]


[To protect and help people with divine power…]


Eloane replied in a tone that seemed to say something Eloane hate forcefully. 


I was a little flustered because I didn’t know that the divine beast’s mission was like that.


[Even if you were born with a mission, you have the right to refuse that mission. I’m not scolding you for rejecting the contract.] 


It wasn’t an atmosphere I could step in. 


It was hard to breathe because I thought I should stay still.


[But, it is too much to dismiss the words of a child who visits you who are locked up like this as ‘someone else’s business’.]


For some reason, I felt like I was caught between the two.


It was familiar for Driane to scold someone unilaterally. Because Driane always scolds Nadia. 


But getting angry at Eloane felt a little different.


Scolding Nadia seemed like scolding an immature child, but now Driane seemed angry.


It was the first time that Driane was so angry at someone.


Driane was angry with the brown-haired Elf earlier, but it was different from now.


My fingers twitched as I noticed Eloane’s eyes for some reason. 






I was surprised by Eloane’s sudden call to me and looked at the necklace.


[The last word was a slip of the tongue. Please forget about it]


It was the clearest voice.


Driana, who jumped up, let out a breath and sat on my head again.


“No, it’s all right. I’m sorry for asking you to understand my situation.”




Eloane murmured and let out a sigh of relief.


[Is it because she’s young?]


[My baby is always like that.]


It seemed like they were talking about me, but I didn’t understand. 


Rattle— knock knock.


I was about to ask, but the sound of the door opening and knocking followed.


I was bewildered that Sir Adhan had already come, but I heard Eloane’s voice.


[Come back next time. I will be waiting.]


“Can I convince you?”




“Thank you!” 


I was so happy that it made me smile widely because I was worried about what to do if Eloane told me not to come again because it was bothersome.


“Then I’ll come back later!”


[Come safely.]


I opened the locked door as Eloane saw me off.


“Sir Adhan… Huh?”


Unexpectedly, the Prince stood outside the door.

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  1. I’m in love with the story. When will more updates come out?