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“Lady, are you awake?”


“Ung…” (Yes.) 


I heard it was the first time in four days that I came to my senses. In four days, Jessie had lost weight. 


“Jessie… I’m shorry…” (Jessie… I’m sorry…)




“Becaushe I’m shicw…” (Because I’m sick…)


“You don’t have to be sorry about that.” 


Jessie hugged me and cried.


But a sick child is annoying—. Jessie is really nice. 


Then Jessie brought porridge.


“Please try this. Oh my. You lost so much weight.” 


“Jessie thoo…” (Jessie too.) 


“I can lose some weight.”


I could eat it alone, but Jessie tried to put the spoon to my mouth. It was a little embarrassing, but I opened my mouth and ate it. 


“His Excellency worries a lot.”


“To me?” (To me?)


“Of course.”




I couldn’t believe it, but I nodded for now.


I vaguely remembered the Duke, but it must have been a dream. I didn’t think he would have cared about me even though he was busy. 


I emptied a bowl of porridge to see if my body improved a little. Jessie’s face brightened. 


“Now— you have to take the medicine, right?”


“Ung…” (Yes.) 


“It’s a little bitter, but— I’ll give you candy right away.”


“Ung.” (Yes.) 


The medicine was not as bitter as I thought. Since medicine is basically bitter, the more expensive it is, the less bitter it is used.


Since I had to save myself, there was no medicine that I hadn’t taken from wound treatment to cold medicine at the Duke Enotis’ place 


The medicines I took at that time were also of high quality but they were nothing compared to those drugs. 


It was tolerable without having to eat candy.


“Well done. Now, here’s the candy.”


“Ung.” (Yes.) 


I tried to say it was okay, but I opened my mouth because I wanted to eat candy. The sweet candy melted out of my tongue.


This candy was also a taste I’ve never tasted before. I found myself smiling. 


“Is it delicious?”


“Yesh!” (Yes.)


“I’ll bring you some more. It’s only today because your teeth will be rotten, okay?” 


“Thanw you!! Jessie ish thhe besth!” (Thank you!! Jessie is the best!) 


When I hugged Jessie, she said, ‘Lady too—’ then patted me.


Unfortunately, I rubbed my cheek a little and had to leave because she might catch a cold.


“I’ll go to the kitchen for a moment. Don’t forget not to lie down, as the candy can get stuck in your throat. Okay?”


“Owkay!” (Okay) 


Jesse walked away quickly. The taste of the candy rolling in my mouth was ecstatic.


“You must be eating something delicious.”


“Duke! Jerion-nim!” (Duke! Jerion-nim!)


Surprised, I looked at the door and the Duke was hugging Jerion.


Jerion’s eyes were teary, so I crawled down the bed in surprise. 


“Jerion-nim, why are youw crying?” (Jerion-nim, why are you crying) 


“Nuna… are you sthiww shicw?” (Nuna… Are you still sick) 


“I’m fine noww.” (I’m fine now) 


“Reawwy?” (Really?) 


“Yesh!” (Yes!) 


“Hic, father. Pweashe puth me down.” (Hic, father. Please put me down) 


Instead of putting Jerion down, the Duke held me up. 


As we faced each other, Jerion dug into my arms. 


I thought it was still dangerous, but the Duke didn’t say much. 


I had to separate myself, but I didn’t want to push Jerion away, who might have been surprised. 


‘If it doesn’t work well, I will treat you with my own strength!’


It is clear that I will not know unless I am caught by the Duke.


While hugging Jerion, I leaned against the Duke. 


As always, it was a warm embrace.


If the Duke got a cold, it was a big deal, but I chose to treat him while he wasn’t feeling well, so I delved deeper into his arms.


I decided to be a little more greedy.




“What did you find out?”


“The Duke of Enotis and the Lady have nothing to do with each other. Although he has sponsored the orphanage where she was a few times, it is just a show of mercy from other nobles.”


“Then expand your investigation to other countries.”


“I apologize, but the Lady appeared at the orphanage when she was two years old, and has been living there ever since.”


In a word, it meant that there was no connection with the nobles of other countries


“Before 2 years old?”


“The orphanage director said that the daughter of a fallen aristocratic family was raped by a high-ranking aristocrat and gave birth to her. The Lady’s mother, trying to raise her daughter somehow, died of malnutrition, and the fallen aristocratic family abandoned the child to an orphanage. ” 


“What about that b*stard?”


“He is the second son of Count Palmen. He doesn’t even know that the Lady is his daughter.”


“It can be a problem, so take care of it. To the extent that he can’t live comfortably.”




“Good job. You can leave.”




Tok, tok, tok—.


The Duke, Iville Biherville, was lost in thought, hitting the desk with his finger.


“She definitely said Duke.”


Although the pronunciation was unclear, she was clearly called ‘Duke’. 


There were only two Dukes of the Empire, including Biherville. What he thought would be easier than he thought turned out to be difficult. 


“No way. She didn’t see me in her dream, right?”


It was complicated for Iville. 




My daily life in the Duke family flowed smoothly. 


Dramatic incidents of becoming Orphan, No. 12, Lione and soon becoming Lione Biherville occurred one after another, but my daily life did not change. 




If anything has changed, I can finally make a perfect circle shape with my divine power. 


However, it was still difficult to divide it into two and then combine and divide it again. Even though I practiced secretly every day, my skills did not improve.


“Whath shhouwd I do…” (What should I do?) 


Princess Enotis did well, perhaps because the priests guided her by her side or because she was originally capable—.


I fell to the floor in despair.


As I was lowering my head, I remembered the faces of the Duke and Jerion.


“Leth’sh don’th give up!” (Let’s don’t give up!)


If something happens, only the Duke can’t be treated and collapse. I had to heal it up till Jerion, but I was now too weak to do it.


I stood up again and focused, but I heard footsteps from outside.


I climbed onto the sofa and sat down.


Knock, knock. 


“Lady, this is Jessie.”


“Come in!” (Come in!)


“I brought the candy— oh my, why are you sweating so much?”


“E, exercishe—” (E, exercise—)


“Did you exercise? Lady, all you have to do is to eat well. Ugh, look at this sweat. Would you like to wash up?”


“Ung…” (Yes.) 


“Then shall we eat candy after washing up?”


“Naww!” (Now.) 


“Hoho. Yes, it’s here.”


The candy was still amazing. 




After practicing to use divine power all morning and night, I visited the Duke.


“Duwwe…” (Duke.)


“What about your divine power?”


“I don’th ushe ith…” (I don’t use it.) 


As soon as I see the Duke, I get rejected like this, but if I keep looking for him, I think the day will come when he gives me permission. 


The Duke’s head was still tangled with black.


It would hurt a lot if it was tangled like that, but the Duke didn’t even move today. 


The Duke seemed to be used to enduring the pain.


“Come here.”


“Yesh.” (Yes.) 


When I get rejected, the Duke always holds me to and back to work. 


I couldn’t read the documents because I couldn’t learn to write, but I didn’t get tired of looking at the beautiful handwriting. 


“Your Excellency, this is Count Ganon.”


“Come in.”


It was the Count who mainly talked.


Today too, I wondered about the Count talking about various things. At the end of the talk, the Count looked at me and asked. 


“The Lady doesn’t seem to be bored either.”


“Yesh. I don’th feew bored.” (Yes. I don’t feel bored) 


“Usually, children get bored when they stay still for a long time. Are you okay?”


“The handwrithing ish pretthy.” (The handwriting is pretty) 


“So the handwriting is pretty. Hoho.”


The Count smiled and continued to talk as if it were cute.


“Can I stroke your hair, Lady?”


I looked at the Duke naturally at the Count’s words.


The Duke shook his head. 


“You can’th… i’m shorry…” (You can’t… I’m sorry…)


It was unfamiliar, but I felt a little sorry for the Count who secretly gave me snacks every time.


“Hoho. Oh my. I made a mistake. I apologize, Your Excellency. It’s okay, so cheer up, Lady.”


The Count smiled pleasantly and apologized. 


“You can leave.”


“Yes, Your Excellency.”


As the Count closed the door and left, the Duke stroked my head. 


“If anyone wants to stroke your hair in the future—”


“Yesh.” (Yes.)


“Bite that hand.”




“No, I’ll have to attach an escort knight. You don’t need to get your mouth dirty, just make the knight cut off their hand.” 






After an embarrassing morning, Jerion comes to visit. 


“Father, Nunya.” (Father, Nuna.) 


Jerion, who always walks around, was cute today as well.


The stars seemed to sparkle whenever Jerion, who resembles the Duke and has blonde and blue eyes, walked. 


It was different from my dull gray hair.


“Duwe, pweashe puth me down.” (Duke, please put me down.) 


As soon as the Duke put me down, I ran to Jerion.


As usual, Jerion hugged me and rubbed my cheeks.


“Nunya!” (Nuna!) 


“Jerion-nim. You’we hewwe?” (Jerion-nim. You’re here?) 


“Leth’sh eath!” (Let’s eat!) 


“Yesh. Leth’sh go eath.” (Yes. Let’s go eat) 


Jerion held my hand and led me.


It took a long time to walk to the dining room to keep pace with Jerion, but it wasn’t boring at all.


After eating, Jerion went to sleep in the arms of Nancy, the nanny.


I don’t have to take a nap, but I was so excited for Jessie to hug me and close my eyes to sleep. 


Then I fell asleep and when I woke up, it was training time again.


Jessie usually comes in about an hour, so now was the perfect time for training. 


I also ran to the door and checked the movement outside. 


I couldn’t hear the footsteps. 


“Whath if I shweath?” (What if I sweat?) 


Will Jessie believe that I worked out twice?


While contemplating, I took off my clothes. When I took off my clothes, a cold wind passed by. 


“No, I can’th—” (I can’t.) 


When I remembered the past when I almost died of a cold, I picked up clothes again.


“If worwing outh…” (If working out—)


I couldn’t help it even if she didn’t believe it. I can’t stop training!


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