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Contrary to what I had decided, I became a little anxious and exuded much smaller divine power than before.


It felt like it was a lot easier to deal with because of the smaller divine power. 


“Dividwe—” (Divide—)


The divine power that was floating in the air was split into two.


When I divided it into two, a rough circle came out, but when I concentrated a little more it became rounder and smoother. 


“I did ith!” (I did it.) 


It was my first time since coming here. Although it was possible with a small amount of divine power, with a little more practice, it seemed that I could handle large divine power sufficiently. 


“Niccee!” (Nice!)


If I practice hard, I will be able to hear footsteps in the distance. Light and fast sound. It was Jessie. 


Fortunately, I didn’t sweat much today. 


Before Jessie came, again and again, I had to go back to bed and lie down. 




I had to return to bed and lie down numerous times before Jessie came. 


Knock, knock. 


“Lady. Are you awake?”


“Y, yesh, i’m awawe.” (Y, yes, I’m awake) 


Today I fell a little on the way, but I got up quickly and went back to bed.


After taking the blanket down and sticking out her face, Jessie came in soon after.


“Jerion-nim is waiting in the garden.”


“Yesh!” (Yes.) 




“Nunya!” (Nuna!) 


“Jerion-nim!” (Jerion-nim!) 


“Kyaa—” (Kyaa.)


Jerion is always in my arms whenever we meet.


It was so cute that I didn’t let go for a long time without realizing it. He didn’t feel frustrated and instead, he came into my arms. 


Jerion seemed to like being hugged by someone.


“Hide and sheew!” (Hide and seek!)


“Yesh, pweashe hide.” (Yes, please hide.) 


“Ung!” (Yes.) 


“One… Two… Three… One… Two… Three…” (One… Two… Three… One… Two… Three…)


I don’t know how to count very well, so I count the time one by one with my fingers. Then 30 seconds go by quickly.


It was a relief to know that I had ten fingers.


3 of ten is 30. It was the secret that Jessie gave.


“Jerion-nim, where awe you?” (Jerion-nim, where are you) 


I found Jerion right away. He always hides his head in the bushes.


I hold back my laughter and say, “Where ish Jerion~?” about three times.


Then, Jerion shakes his butt.


He seemed to be considerate of me for being here, so there were times when I purposely took a little more time to see it.


“I caughth you!” (I caught you!) 


“Kyaha—” (Haha—)


When I meet Jerion and play catch or hide and seek in the garden, the sky quickly becomes dark.


When it gets dark, the Duke hugs Jerion and I on both sides and goes to the dining room. 


As soon as I sit on each of the Duke’s laps and eat the food, my stomach will be full in no time. 


This sensation is always unfamiliar because I have never eaten until my stomach becomes full.


It was strange to have the sensation that my stomach had become a little full and that there was food inside. 


It didn’t feel real until I rubbed my stomach again and again.


After dinner, I greet the Duke and Jerion and return to my room in the arms of Jessie. 


When Jessie asks me to do what she calls a chikachika, I hold it in and open my mouth even if it’s a little uncomfortable. (치카치카 means brushing teeth.) 


Jessie said that if I didn’t brush my teeth, my teeth would have to hurt, but it didn’t touch me well. Because I’ve never been sick in the past.


I knew later that it was because I didn’t eat.


If I brush my teeth and lie down on the bed, the night begins. Sleep quickly comes to me after receiving Jessie’s guidance.


Comfortably, I thought a day like today would be repeated tomorrow.


“Oh my, is this the Lady.”


The next morning.


Until I knew that the person I would meet when I visited the Duke was not the Count, but the Duke of Enotis. 




My whole body trembled. It was fortunate that I was on the Duke’s lap now.


Then the Duke hugged me with one arm as if he felt me shaking.


With the Duke of Enotis behind him, I took a small deep breath looking over the Duke’s shoulder.


“Is she being shy?”


“It’s none of your business.”


“As I always said, be polite to your elders.”


“Sometimes I don’t.”




The Duke of Enotis looked at his father with a dissatisfied expression on his face and then turned his gaze back to me.


“Just learn what you need to learn and grow up.”


The chillingly friendly voice of Duke Enotis was heard from behind.


The Duke whipped me on the back with that friendly voice.


「You’re the problem.」


It hurt so much that I wanted to die, but it wasn’t enough to die.


So I never thought that it would be over if I died like this.


It was a whip that was thin enough to show that this wouldn’t kill me. 


“When you grow up a little, let’s meet our Serena.”


“Who wants it?”


“I’m not happy either, but it’s not bad to interact with the other children blessed with divine power. You wouldn’t know if you would depend on it.” 


When the Duke was silent, I shook my head recklessly.


“So you don’t like my daughter.”


“That’s up to the child to decide.”


Duke Enotis said he had nothing to say and left, saying he had no time. 


I couldn’t stop trembling in the Duke’s arms until the Duke of Enotis’ carriage, which was seen out of the window, disappeared far away. 


After that, I fell asleep as if I had fainted. When I opened my eyes, it was my room.




Why did Duke Enotis come to this place?




There is no reason for the Duke of Enotis, as the temple might not know.


“There should be a reason—” (There should be a reason—)


He dared to come to Biherville, his rival, and try to connect his daughter and me together. There must have been something he wanted.




I was surprised to see Jessie looking at me as I was so focused that I couldn’t even hear the knock.


“Are you okay?”


“Ung.” (Yes.)


“Aren’t you hungry?”


“No… The Duwe…” (No… The Duke…) 


“Oh, would you like to go see the Duke?”


“Ung…” (Yes.)


Jessie hugged me and lifted me as if I looked difficult to walk. On the way to the Duke in Jessie’s arms, I didn’t forget to look around to see if there was a Duke Enotis. 




“Have you met Duke Enotis before?”




The Duke stared at me, but without saying a word, he turned his head back to the documents.


I had to say no because I had never met him in this life. The Duke looked at me quietly and said,


“Make sure to play with Jerion tomorrow.”


I was worried that he might suspect me because my reaction was so intense, but I replied out loud, thinking it was a relief. 


“Yesh!” (Yes!) 




“The merchants you called have arrived, Your Excellency.”




The Duke got up from his seat while holding me. In the Duke of Enotis, calling a merchant to the mansion was a normal sight.


I’m not sure what happened because I’ve always been outside.




As I entered the big room, I heard several voices.


When I became hardened and flinching in front of the Duke, he patted my back.


“You have to look ahead.”


When I saw the front at the friendly words of the Duke, my mouth was wide open.


There were dresses like trees in the forest, and jewels hanging like flowers.


“Choose it.”


“Yesh?” (Yes?)


“Should I buy them all?”


I shook my head instinctively. I don’t know why, but I suddenly thought I should. 


“Then go and look around.”






“Buth i’m oway—” (But I’m okay) 


These luxurious items were neither necessary nor suitable for me.


Besides, it must be very expensive—.


Looking at the Duke with worried eyes, the Duke sighed a little.


“Should I just buy everything?”


“Nwo!” (No!) 


“Then choose.”


The Duke put me on the floor. I was a little scared, so I grabbed the Duke’s hem. 


I was afraid he would leave me. The Duke looked at me, brought a chair, and sat down.


“Are you going to stay?”




“Yesh!” (Yes!) 


I carefully approached the merchants. He told me to pick one, so I had to listen.


The merchants knew that I was unfamiliar, so they took a step back and just looked at me. It was just that, but the gaze on the body was stinging.


After looking around once, I grabbed one of the cheapest-looking dresses in my hands.


“This is—”


“Yesh!” (Yes!) 


One of the merchants quickly put a dress in a box and piled it up on one side. Watching that, I ran to the Duke. 


“I choshe.” (I chose.) 


“It seems that my daughter has no interest in shopping.”


The small smiling Duke stood up from his seat with me in his arms.


I heard a knock from outside as the Duke was trying to say something.


Knock, knock—.


“Your Excellency, Jerion is here.”


“Come in.”


After the door opened, Jerion, who was walking around again today, appeared.


When I stumbled, the Duke put me back on the floor.


I ran and hugged Jerion in my arms. Jerion, who naturally comes in, laughed again today.


“Nunya! Whath are you doing?” (What are you doing?)


“I choshe a dresh.” (I chose a dress.)


“Jeyion wanth tho do ith thoo!” (Jerion wants to do it too!)


“Yesh.” (Yes.) 


I looked at the merchants with a worried look, thinking that they should change to Jerion’s clothes.


But Jerion walked around and picked up a beautiful red dress with his hand.


“Thish one!” (This one!) 




“Thish one thoo!” (This one too!) 




“Thish one and… Thish!” (This one and… This!) 


Jerion was unstoppable.


It was all dresses, but I didn’t think anyone would say anything if Jerion liked it.


Above all, I thought he would look good in it.


“You’ww look good withh thath.” (You’ll look good with that) 


In my words, Jerion tilted his head.


“Thish ish noth for Jeyion!” (This is not for Jerion) 


“Yesh?” (Yes?)


“It’sh for Nunya!” (It’s for Nuna!) 


“Yesh?” (Yes?) 


Is this all mine?


I looked up at the Duke in bewilderment, but the Duke nodded his head without expression and put me on his lap.


“Shall we see my son’s work?”


“Oh! Jeyion ish good!” (Oh! Jerion is good) 


As if familiar with Jerion, he wandered among the merchants, picking up each one with his fingers.


As the boxes piled up, I turned pale. 


On the contrary, the Duke seemed to be in a good mood.


Jerion, who had been choosing for a long time, approached me, wiping off his sweat.


“Nunya do you wiwe ith?” (Nuna, do you like it?) 




“You don’th wiwe ith…?” (You don’t like it…?)


“No! i wike ith! thanw you!” (No! I like it! Thank you!) 




When I saw Jerion, who quickly became gloomy, I couldn’t say that he bought too much.


With a bright smile and nodding his head, Jerion quickly walked around smiling.


“You pick the last one.”


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