Author: Tam

The Duke put me back on the floor.


I bought this much and I was confused about what to buy again, but Jerion nodded so excitedly that I reluctantly walked forward. 


I couldn’t even touch it and was looking for the cheapest one, but something caught my eye.


When I approached like I was possessed by something, it was a sword that was over my height.


“Be careful, Lady!”


The merchant who brought the sword rushed to me.


“It’s a sharp sword. Please be careful.”


He looked at me restlessly. But I didn’t even care about such a merchant.


I felt strange as if everything surrounding me wanted that sword.


“Thish—” (This—)


“This one?”


The merchant looked at the Duke as if he was puzzled. The Duke approached me as he noticed something strange.


“Do you want that?”


“Yesh..” (Yes..)


It looked expensive, but that’s not a problem now.


I was captured by the intense feeling that the sword was calling me.


The big sword quickly decreased to a small size.


“Is it a magic sword?”


“To be exact, it’s a holy sword. It’s an item I got from a foreign country, but I’ve only heard that it’s a sword that chooses its master. It’s the first time I’ve seen a sword getting smaller.”


The merchant looked at me with his mouth wide open. 


“If my daughter likes it, I’ll buy it.” 


“I’ll just give you that sword. As I said, it’s a sword that chooses its master, so it’s a sword that has been returned over and over again.” 


The Duke continued to talk with the merchant, but I was not in the right mind to listen to it. 


A strong feeling that I can only think that the sword attracted me.


I felt like my whole body was going to be sucked into a sword. I tried to touch the blade of the sword without realizing it, but the sword disappeared.


“You shouldn’t touch swords recklessly.”




Only then did my mind return to the words of the Duke. Even though the Duke was holding the sword, it remained small. 


“What about the scabbard?”


“Ah yes! Here it is—. The scabbard was made separately, so it didn’t get smaller.” 




“Dwuke…” (Duke..) 


I reached for the sword, but the Duke shook his head firmly.


“Not until I make a scabbard.” 


“Buth—” (But…) 


The sword was still pulling me. 


“I won’th thouch thhe shharp shide…” (I won’t touch the sharp side…)


“…make the scabbard within today.”


“Pardon? Yes! I understand!”


The merchant left his seat in a hurry.


The Duke put the sword in the large scabbard and then rolled it with the leather next to it to fix the sword. 


“Don’t bring it to your room.” 


“Yesh!” (Yes!)




While they were still making the sheath, I couldn’t even open it and just hugged it tightly. Seeing this, Jessie let out a sigh. 


“Lady, do you like that sword that much?”


“Ung!” (Yes.)


“But it’s heavy, so put it down and just watch it.”


“It’s not.”


“Oh my. Then I’ll bring you some dessert so that you can eat with the heavy sword. Please wait a moment.”


“Yesh! Thank you!” (Yes.)


Jessie left the room smiling. It was a sword that attracted my heart.


It was a rough sword with no decorations, but I wanted to keep looking as if I was going to be sucked in strangely. 


[Put me down.]




[I can’t go out.]




Surprised, when I put the sword on the table, smoke rose.


Soon after, a white and small cat appeared from the sword.


That’s all I could explain.


[Let me greet you. I’m the divine beast Driane.]




“C… Cath?” (Cat?) 


“I’m a divine beast. Didn’t I say I’m Driane?”


The cat stretched out and said.


[It’s been a long time since I brought a little too much because it’s a high-quality divine power, so you were possessed. I’m sorry, child.] 


“…Yesh?” (Yes?)


[Oh my. This child knows nothing.]


I bowed my head deeply because I was ashamed of Driane’s criticism.


[Raise your head. Not knowing is nothing to be ashamed of. All you need is to learn.] 


“…Yesh.” (Yes.) 


[What’s your name, kid?]


“I’m Lione… Biherville.”


[That’s a pretty name]


“Thank ywo…” (Thank you.) 


I woke up when I saw a cat tapping my hand. What’s happening now? 


“Buth… now… whath shhouwd i do…” (But… Now… What should I do…)


[Yeah. Nice to meet you. I forgot the explanation]


Driane sat down and looked at me.


[I am the Divine Beast of Earth of the fifth sword among the five holy relics, Driane.] 


A sand wind blew around Driane.


The wind grew stronger and stronger, and the cat soon turned into a big cat and fell down in front of me. 


[I see the contractor.]


“Conthracthor..?” (Contractor..?) 


[The five divine beasts in the five holy relics sealed by the divine beast are waiting for the contractor. We are beings that eat and use the power of the contractor, so without the contractor, we are just objects.] 


Little by little, I understood. 


[Child. If you sign a contract with me, you can control the soil. Would you like to sign a contract?] 


I was lost in thought for a moment. I can’t believe that the feeling of absorbing me strongly really sucked my energy.


I only thought that losing my divine powers was painful.


Driane was staring at me as if waiting for my choice.


“Doesh being a conthracthor mawe me shthronger?” (Does being a contractor make me stronger?)


[If you want it, child.] 


If I get stronger, here. Wouldn’t I be able to stay a little longer in Jerion’s sister’s position and the Duke’s daughter’s position?


“I wiww do ith!” (I will do it!) 


[Raise your hand.]


Driane’s hand overlapped with my hand that was sticking out.


[I’m divine beast Driane. Welcoming Lione Biherville as a contractor.]


The sand wind blew hard.


The sandstorm, which had been spinning uncontrollably fast, gradually subsided and permeated me.


When the sandstorm had completely disappeared, Driane lifted its hand from mine.


[So it’s the energy of fire.]


“Yesh?” (Yes?) 


[Have you ever met another holy relic?]


“I’m noth…” (I’m not.) 


[It’s strange. The energy of fire remains. Red earrings. Don’t you remember?]




I remember seeing it in my previous life. Princess Enotis’ earrings.


“Driane— wiww you weep thhe shecreth?”  (Driane— Will you keep the secret?”


[If Lione wants it]


“I’ve sheen ith. In my firshth life.” (I’ve seen it. In my first life.(


I couldn’t pronounce the word ‘first’, so I changed it, but fortunately, Driane seemed to understand.


Driane, who opened its eyes for a moment, sat down as if to continue talking.


I explained what happened in the past as briefly as possible. In my previous life, I lost all my divine power for the princess of Duke Enotis. 


After that, I was left unattended and starved to death. Simply coming back to life and coming to Biherville. 


[So you’ve suffered from something bad.] 


Driane narrowed its forehead with a serious look.


[These are evil things. If it was an earring imbued with the divine beast of fire, and it would have been possible to not cause pain.] 


“Yesh?” (Yes?) 


[There are many ways to transfer divine power. Of all the methods, there is no need to know only that method. They seem to have chosen the fastest way to transfer the child’s divine power.]




My body trembled.


I didn’t know what I just heard.


It was terrible to transfer the divine power.


I screamed in pain and crawled through the magic circle, begging and shouted in support of evil. 


He didn’t choose another way after seeing all of that?


For the first time, anger against the Duke of Enotis overcame the fear. 




Driane was the first nagging I saw in my life.


[Lione’s divine power.] 


“You’re shthrong.” (You’re strong.) 


[Lione’s body.] 


“Ith’sh shthiww hard” (It’s still hard.)




When he heard that I was trying to get rid of the tangled black thing on the Duke’s head, Driane’s eyes widened. 


The Duke’s headache was more serious than expected.


It doesn’t take that much divine power to heal itself, but I was scolded by Driane for doing reckless things without knowing how to deal with it yet.


The result was shouting this slogan.


I was a little grumpy because Driane had never seen the Duke yet and its actions were the same as the Duke.


“Buth I wash thraining—” (But I was training…) 


When he refuted powerfully, Driane shook its head at once and said, 


[That training wasn’t wrong. However, It’s still too early for training, child.] 


“Buth—” (But—)


[How old was the daughter of the evil thing?]


“Uhm—. 15 yeash owld.” (Uh… 15 years old.) 


[How old are you, child?] 


[5 yeash owld…] (5 years old…) 


[Then wouldn’t it be at least 10 years early?]


Driane said with a stern look.


It wasn’t scary at all because it looked like a small cat, but there was nothing wrong with what Driane said, so I quietly nodded my head. 


[All you have to do is grow well for 10 years.]


“Buth—” (But—)


I was anxious. My position in Biherville was very narrow. 


One word from the Duke is enough to make me an orphan again.


[If that’s what you’re worried about, let them know that you signed a contract with me. It’s the first time in nearly 200 years that a human has signed a contract with a divine beast. Wouldn’t the ‘value’ that Lione speaks of will go up?]


“Whoa! Driane thhe beshth!” (Wow! Driane the best!)


Certainly, Princess Enotis didn’t even sign a contract with the divine beast.


If Driane was right, the Duke would think I was more useful.


I went outside and shouted at Jessie approaching the room.




“Yes, Lady!”


“Duwwe!” (Duke!) 


“Yes. Come over here.”


Jessie took the lead by stepping on Driane.


Even though its was stepped on by Jessie, Driane stretched out in that state without any signs of pain. 


Jessie couldn’t see Driane.


She couldn’t hear anything, so she only reacted to my words. Jessie thought I was talking to the doll, so she looked forward again. 


When I asked Driane, Driane, who was yawning on my shoulder, explained slowly.


[This is a way to avoid using too much of your divine power.] 


“Buth how?” (But how?) 


[There are many ways in which the divine beast appear. What I’m doing right now is spiritualization. This is a method that is only visible to contractors or beings with strong divine powers. When I manifest, other humans will see me.]


“Then do you need a woth of my shthrengthh?” (Then do you need a lot of my strength?)


When I asked quietly so Jessie couldn’t hear me, Driane nodded.


[Yeah. Later, in front of the Duke, I might take a little bit of your divine power, child. But don’t worry. I’ll take good care of it.]


“Don’th worry.” (Don’t worry.)


As I shook my head, Driane let out a sigh, saying that Driane should be worried. 


Until I went to the Duke’s room, I had to hear my contractor scolding me for not knowing how to take care of my body. 


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