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I took medicine, I ate, I received treatment from the doctor, I got treated, I took medicine again, I slept, and I took medicine.


It felt as if I had eaten all kinds of precious medicines in the world.


Have you ever seen a wild ginseng that’s the size of a forearm? I’ve seen it. Although now, it’s inside my stomach.


I rubbed my eyes as I tried to pull myself together.


‘After getting treated… I fell asleep.’


When I heaved myself up, by the bed, there was only the family doctor who was organizing needles.


I asked the doctor.


“Where’s Father?”


Until now, Father has always looked after me by my side throughout the treatment.


In the previous life, I considered that as surveillance, and this time, I knew that it’s because he’s worried about me.


“The Fourth Young Lord is also, my, does something useless.”




Glancing at me, the doctor clicked his tongue as he quickly went out of the room.


When I heaved myself up and came outside of my residence, it was after the doctor’s figure had already disappeared.


“What’s this?”


The courtyard was oddly quiet.


Even from the Baekri Clan’s manor, Father’s and my residence were at the west end, the most corner. For a residence of a direct descendant of the family, it was remote and plain.


‘Well, although I’m glad because matters which I’ll meet other relatives is less.’


Originally, Father’s residence was another place. However, when Father put me on the family register, Grandfather kicked him out into here, saying that he even hates to see him.


I passed through the undecorated empty courtyard and headed towards the building where the servants stayed. It was for asking about Father’s whereabouts.


‘Of course, that’s for sure.’


There was no one. It was the reason why it was strangely quiet.


The servants quickly went to rest if Father wasn’t in the residence.


‘Just where’d he go?’


It was when I was contemplating whether should I just wait in here, or should I leave the residence and look for Father.


“Everyone quickly come!”


Near the white wall behind the building became noisy. It was the residence servants who had disappeared.


A high rank looking servant hurried them.


“Hurry up, move quickly! Everyone’s here?”


“Ah, I was sleeping well, though. For what reason are you like that?”


“Jeez. Of course you don’t know, since you’re taking a nap or sleeping well. A bit ago, the Head has come back!”


“What? The Head?”


“Since we’re going to hold a banquet tonight, the Mistress said to leave only half at the residence, and the remaining half to all come to the main hall. Who’ll come?”


Listening still to the conversation, I also opened my eyes wide.


My grandfather, who is the Head of the Baekri Clan, was a unique person whose inside just couldn’t be known.


He was a man of ability who put the Baekri Clan, which was just such a family, into one of the 10 great families in a go, but he did go on a trip, saying that he would stay locked up all year because of training or get some fresh air immediately.


Although he sure was in the position of the main character’s helper even inside the novel, originally he doesn’t appear often. It was to the extent of showing a ‘One of the Ten Heavenly’-like strong martial art, with two or three appearances.


‘What’s even worse, I haven’t even met him very often.’


Even though we spent several years together in the same house, our meeting was a one-in-a-million chance.


Even when I fell into Juhwaipma, Grandfather was traveling. But the fact that he’s back….


With my eyes wide open, I rushed out of my residence.


‘Damn it, it was today!’


It was today. Today was the very day when Father and I were properly fingered by Grandfather!






In the first place, a novel that unfolds from the main character’s perspective doesn’t deal with the childhood of a dreg villain like me.


But I had a past that has a fair probability in which I was bound to be a villainess. And this moment right now was adding to that probability!


‘I have to stop him.’


If I were really six years old, I wouldn’t even be able to guess where Father would be.


But I walked without hesitation.


On the way going there, the servants or the warriors whom I encountered had a weird face as they talked in whispers.


When I arrived, I was out of breath and my back was soaked with sweat.


The old servant who was guarding the door looked surprised.


“Young Miss?”


The pale complexion with her pale lips showing like she’ll collapse at any time soon, the servant asked without realizing it himself.


“Are you all right?”


I tried to answer that I am okay, but theretofore I coughed.


At that sight, it flashed across the servant that it hasn’t been long ago since Baekri Yeon woke up after she collapsed because she caught the Juhwaipma.


In an instant, sympathy flashed in his eyes.


“You must not be feeling well, but what brings you until here?”


“Haa, haa, Father, Father is her….”


It was before I could barely finish what I said.


“Don’t talk nonsense!”


A thunderous angry voice broke out from inside.


“Euikang! Are you going to keep on disappointing me in such a way! You still can’t get your senses together and just what in the world…!”


It was Grandfather’s voice.


The servant looked at me as he said,


“Turns out you’ve come to find the Fourth Young Lord. However, uh… as the Young Miss has also heard, it is not a situation where it’s right enough to convey your words.”


I clenched my fist tight.


Only those whose entry was approved by Grandfather could enter this room. The direct descendants of the Family who held important positions inside the Family or who were recognized as one.


I, of course, couldn’t get in.


It was when I bite my lip anxiously.


“What’s this, Baekri Yeon?”


The moment I heard the voice, the back of my neck stiffened.


The servant bowed his head heading towards behind me.


“Young Miss Euiran, you’ve arrived.”


Baekri Euiran.


As she’s Father’s half-sister, it made her an aunt to me.


Aunt asked sharply to the servant.


“Why is she here? Don’t tell me, Euikang brought her here?”


“No, she came here alone.”




Aunt, who saw in turns between the door and me, snorted.


“Ha, how dare you come here thinking this is a place you’re able to? This place is not a place where you can step inside!”


The two female servants behind Aunt also openly laughed at me.


I looked at them still.


The past me of this time was very afraid of encountering Aunt. It is because Aunt made all kinds of accusations even if she somehow only ran into me.


When I met her eyes, she said how dare I meet my eyes with hers, when I lowered my head, she said I even don’t raise my head to try looking at her, if I greeted her, she said who am I to greet her, and if I didn’t greet her, she said I ignored her….


No matter what I do, she made creative abuse.


In a way like that, the level of verbal abuse gradually rose, and at some point, she even began to whip.



“To think that an insect like you made the Baekri Clan dirty…!”



Then I crouched down without knowing what I had done wrong and begged for the time being, saying that I was sorry.


Of course, Aunt abused me discreetly. When there was no one around, she abused me only in places that would not be seen. Especially, she was very careful for it not to reach Father’s ears.


In the beginning, Father was not present at home, and later, our relationship became bad so I couldn’t talk about it.


‘I surely was stupid.’


The past me considered that Aunt hating me was something natural. Since I’m a disabled who can’t even use martial arts even when I’m a person of the Baekri Clan.


But I ended up hearing it at Father’s funeral.



“Euikang that bastard, I knew it from the time he showed off, swinging his sword! Serves you right!”



Aunt was being jealous of my Father. Aunt was jealous of my Father’s ability and fame, but she couldn’t touch him.


But since his daughter just happened to not have a position inside the Clan, can’t use martial arts, and is even naive, to Aunt, I would have looked like a good prey.


“What are you looking at like that? Are you ignoring me right now because your father’s back?”


A clever speech saying that I’m ignoring her since Father has come. If someone heard it, they would think that I’m arrogant.


I greeted her in a hurry.


“I am sorry. It has been a while, Aunt.”


Then I added as if I was really ashamed.


“I couldn’t even greet you because I wasn’t feeling well.”


Aunt’s face hardened when I even coughed, which had stopped well-timely.


That is because the situation was strange. Since as soon as we met, she became a figure who mistreats her sick niece.


Aunt wanted to shoot back more something, but she couldn’t open her mouth because there were eyes around.


My cough was not also a lie.


‘I think I’m getting hot again, though.’


When my cough barely subsided, Aunt said in a hurry and softly as if when had she abused me.


“If seeing that you came until here all alone, it seems that you’ve felt pretty better.”


If I say here that I’m not sick now, it’ll be to the extent of Aunt nagging a little, and if I say that I’m sick, I will be kicked out to her residence immediately.


“Ah… about that….”


When I hesitated, Aunt said.


“It’s okay. Speak comfortably.”


“…It’s because there’s no one in the residence. Even when I looked around, it seems that everyone was busy, perhaps they went somewhere. That’s why I had no choice but to come alone.”




Aunt opened her eyes wide.


Household affairs and servant management were the responsibility of Grandfather’s Second Wife who is a Grandmother to me, or in other words, Aunt’s biological mother.


I searched for the residence’s servant, but no one’s there?


This was a ridiculous matter. Isn’t there two servants just behind Aunt?


However, it is not a day or two matter that the servants at Father’s residence are lazy. Especially in front of me, they didn’t even hide it. It was all a matter which happened with Grandmother’s connivance.


‘It’s fine as long as it doesn’t reach Grandfather’s ears, it’s this, right? But what to do about this?’


Before I knew it, the shouting in the room also had stopped.


Grandfather is a master who’s one in a million. Most of the people in the room were also people who mastered martial art. They were people who could easily listen to even conversations which are 100 steps outside if they concentrated.


‘All of them must’ve heard it, right.’


Merely one door, and at that, the conversation which we had right in front of it, would have been heard all of it with not missing a postposition.


Originally, starting from Aunt asking whether I’m ignoring her now that Father has returned while driving me like I’m arrogant, that was the intention.


‘Although she wouldn’t have known that a conversation like this would come out.’


Aunt quivered her lips and hurriedly said.


“Aren’t you somehow mistaken? There’s no way the servants would do that. Don’t talk nonsense and hurry up retur…”


However, Grandfather’s angry voice cut off Aunt’s words.


“Euiran! Come in right now! Baekri Yeon, you too!”

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Hi~ With the release of the manhwa, this novel is also back!! The regular update will be every Wednesday(Starting next week)! Other than that, it'll be a bonus, a sponsored chapter, or anything following the circumstances! Thank you so much <333

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