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The Villainess, Dang Yerin





‘…This family is truly screwed.’


That was the first thought that came across Yerin’s mind, who had come to her senses.


How can they continue preparing for the wedding even though their daughter collapsed?


With common sense, isn’t it right to postpone the wedding?




Phew, this is surely the reason why the original Dang Yerin became crooked.


Yerin let out a long sigh.


Then, as if she had heard, the servant girl who was standing behind her back sarcastically said.


“At your place as an illegitimate daughter, you surely have to be very grateful for being the Lady of the North Sea Ice Palace. What’s with the sigh?”




This damn family was relentless whether the still young Young Miss collapsed or not.


If you asked how things proceeded after Yerin fainted earlier…








First of all, the servant girl poured cold water on Yerin’s face to get her to come to herself.


And then, she started the half-done grooming again.



[Ah, really. Why did you collapse? Making such a hassle for people!]



The servant girl’s ill-treatment was a bonus.


The result of that.


Yerin was currently, standing like a cat in a strange garret in a glamorously decorated wedding hall to the point it made eyes hurt.


From the hanging pearl beaded curtains, red silk, and even the food table of luxurious food.


All of that was like fiercely self-asserting that ‘I have a lot of money!’


And Yerin, who was observing all of that.


‘Petty. It’s petty.’


Tsk tsk. I was clicking my tongue inside.


Since there must definitely be a purpose in decorating the wedding hall excessively like this.


Through her guess, maybe…


‘It must be to kill the North Sea Ice Palace Owner, Hyun Doyul’s spirit, right.’


So to explain it bluntly, it would be like, ‘You don’t have this kind of thing in your house, right?’


Currently, the relationship between the North Sea Ice Palace and the Sacheon Dang Clan was literally the worst.


‘To be exact… the North Sea Ice Palace was unilaterally suffering by the Sacheon Dang Clan.’


The North Sea Castle, had winter that continued all year round. It was a place where the existence of food itself was in absolute shortage.


Therefore, the North Sea Ice Palace used to purchase food after selling rare and precious resources only from the North Sea Castle.


Even among them, the most important item was a rare medicinal herb called ‘Seollucho’.


Although Seollucho could be made into a deadly poison depending on the refinement method, it could also be used as a cure for when one is subjected to a flame ball.


Moreover, it has the advantage of increasing the history if it’s consumed by a person who has ripened ice balls, so it has been treated as a very valuable medicinal herb from old times. However….


‘Since the family that needs Seollucho the most is Sacheon Dang Clan.’


Sacheon Dang Clan, the head family of poison.


Using poison from generation to generation, they made the family’s unique deadly poison, but the essential ingredient for that deadly poison was Seollucho.


From the Dang Family’s standpoint, there was no way the North Sea Ice Palace, which held the upper hand by monopolizing a valuable herb called Seollucho, was seen in a good light.


‘What’s worse is that through Seollucho, the North Sea Ice Palace has even prepared an antidote to counter the Dang Clan’s deadly poison.’


It must’ve had been terribly hateful.


Well, Yerin, too, it wasn’t that she couldn’t understand that feeling.


Although there were also a tremendous amount of secret stories related to that antidote…


Since that secret story was not the important thing in the story now, we’ll return to the original story.


From that starting point, the former North Sea Ice Palace Owner’s murder was caused by blood ties.


Because of the very sudden death, the former Palace Owner couldn’t tell his son about the location of the Seollucho plantation beforehand.


It was because that location was a top secret that’s passed down only to the Palace Owners, and when the former Palace Owner died, he couldn’t even meet his son.


‘At that time, they said that not only the North Sea Ice Palace but also the Sacheon Dang Clan were shocked.’


Since the Seollucho’s loss was, namely, the very same as losing the future of the Sacheon Dang Clan.


However, Sacheon Dang Clan relieved that anger in the wrong place.


Using food as a weapon, they began to control and target the North Sea Ice Palace, which lost their card ‘Seollucho’.


‘This is really too much, you know. And it’s also not that they intentionally hid Seollucho at the North Sea Ice Palace!’


Yerin fumed inside.


Even though they lost the family’s future, the Sacheon Dang Clan were still enjoying power.


It was thanks to the plains with tremendous grains.


However, on the other hand, the North Sea Ice Palace was driving out at a difficult situation day by day….


‘That’s why Doyul, in the end… even had to accept the marriage with the Sacheon Dang Clan’s illegitimate daughter.’


That illegitimate daughter was Dang Yerin.


It means it was this body that she possessed now.


The original work’s Hyun Doyul was on a roll, as he monopolized opportunity and talented people, but how come he was now in that condition and state…?


At her pitying heart, Yerin clicked her tongue.


However, right at that time.




Without a notice, the door was opened.




One boy entered the wedding hall with sluggish steps.


Yerin even briefly forgot about her sad situation, and admired the boy’s appearance.


‘Wow, amazing.’


Turns out if you become the main character level of this world, you get that much beauty.


Dressed perfectly in wedding clothes, the boy literally looked like a beautiful woman drawn by an artisan who threw its heart and soul.


Jet black hair, blemish-free skin, and lips that were firmly closed like red flower buds.


Even the lacrimal point that was imprinted around his right eye was incredibly captivating.


Approaching Yerin’s front with a big stride, the boy lifted his long eyelashes that he had cast down finely.




At that moment, without realizing it herself, Yerin flinched and her shoulders hardened.


Since the boy’s eyes that were staring the hell out of her, were brutal as if he was going to tear her to death right away.


“I am Hyun Doyul.”


After a bit.


Doyul, who precisely clearly said his name, shut his mouth just like that.


Yerin stopped being too sad.


‘No, I mean, I’m your ancestor, though! What kind of rude act is this now?!’


…She desperately wanted to shout like that, however.


Yerin tried to suppress the protest that was about to pop out of her mouth with much effort.


‘Calm down, that guy is the male lead of this world.’


Since the future of the North Sea Ice Palace depends on that guy, first of all, it was the wisest way to not show hatred.




‘I mean, in the original work, Dang Yerin is killed by Hyun Doyul!’


If considering that point, it’s surely right to must play it safe even more.


Shouldn’t I have to save starting from my life first?


Ah, absolutely.


“I am Dang Yerin.”


Yerin, who replied with a rather modest voice, quietly bowed her head as she avoided Doyul’s gaze.


‘Dude, stop glaring at me. There will be a hole in my face!’


Just in time, the servant girl who was attending and standing behind Yerin’s back quick-wittedly came forward.


“Palace Owner, please propose an engagement.”


Doyul gently clenched his teeth as he closed his two eyes tightly.


It was to suppress the anger boiling inside somehow.


‘Isn’t this  situation as if the North Sea Ice Palace is imploring, begging to have an engagement?’


In fact, the marriage this time was accomplished even though it’s based on solely the Head of Dang Family’s unilateral notification.



[I have one daughter. And I want her to be the Lady of the North Sea Ice Palace.]


If he was a sole body, he would have rejected that insulting order or such, of course.


However, he was the Palace Owner of the North Sea Ice Palace.


There was an obligation for him to be responsible for the people of North Sea Castle and the family members of the Ice Palace.



[…All right.]



Even until there, it was disgraceful enough, but the Head of the Dang Family crossed the line once again.



[If so, let’s hold the wedding at the Sacheon Dang Clan.]



According to the custom, the groom’s family and the bride’s family would consult with each other to designate the place to hold the wedding.


However, the Head of the Dang Family arbitrarily omitted even that consultation.


Above all, the Palace Owner was the North Sea Ice Palace, and furthermore, the North Sea Castle’s Head.


Even knowing that he wasn’t in a position to empty the North Sea for a long time, the meticulous malice of deliberately calling him out to the Sacheon Castle stood out.


Of course, the North Sea Ice Palace was turned upside down in a fit of rage.



[You cannot, Palace Owner!]


[How can the Palace Owner have this disgraceful wedding…!]



However, there was no way that he could reject the Heaf of the Dang Family’s proposal to hold firmly tight on food.


So then, the present.


Opening again, Doyul’s eyes were sharp clear blue like a blade made of ice.


“…Hyun Doyul, the Head of the North Sea Ice Palace, proposes an engagement to Young Lady Yerin of the Sacheon Dang Clan.”


…Excuse me, does it heat you up if you propose an engagement only by words?


Perhaps because his voice was covered in his very dark blue wrathy, it seemed like he’d pull out a sword right away in desperation. 


Yerin sighed deeply inside.


“Dang Yerin of the Sacheon Dang Clan, accepts the Palace Owner’s proposal.”


As soon as Yerin’s words went away, the servant girl horridly opened her mouth right away.


“The two of you, please bow to each other.”






The boy and girl, who were looking at each other still, bent their waist forward deeply toward their opponents.


“Lastly, if you drink by sharing the wedding drink, the wedding will be over.”


At those words, Yerin paused and looked back at the servant girl.


Did she say ‘wedding drink’?


Currently, Yerin was only 12 years old, and Doyul was only 15 years old as well.


Although usually there were not many cases of marriage at such a young age like this, if by any chance this kind of case happens, they used to replace the wedding drink with tea.


It’s because no matter how it was, alcohol placed incredible pressure on a young body.


However, the servant girl only opened her glaring eyes as her lips moved slightly.


‘What are you doing? Not drinking it immediately.’


…Is it fortunate that she didn’t curse loudly because she was in front of Doyul?


‘I will not consider offering tea to the merely existing illegitimate daughter, and to the fallen North Sea Ice Palace’s Palace Owner’, surely it was this.


Yerin, who sighed deeply, looked down at the glass.


‘Well, about one glass of drink would be okay, right?’


Her of the previous life, Baek Seolryeon was a considerable heavy drinker.


In other words, it means that she knew from experience about the fact that this level of alcohol wouldn’t even reach the liver.


Yerin, who snorted, gulped down the wedding drink.


Through that one glass of wedding drink, she didn’t know how tremendous of a dark history she would build.

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