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“Oh my, how cute.”


“Oh! It’s a giant cat doll!”


“It’s a doll in which you somehow can feel the touch of a craftsman.”


Following the nanny and Alice, Loen also added a word. Unlike the nanny and the maids who had the above expression on their faces, I couldn’t hide my nervousness.


‘…What does this mean?’


A white cat doll taller than me was looking down at me with an arrogant figure that reminded me of someone.


My face went twisted when I found a card tied to the cat’s ear.


<From now on, I hope that you will keep your dignity as the princess of the Myo Clan. Yernian.>


‘What is he saying now?’


What is the relationship between my dignity as the princess and this large cat doll…


‘Ah. Did he hear from Marchioness Scottish that I’m hopeless in dancing?’


This doll, which closely resembles Licht, might mean that he would see if I maintain my dignity as the princess in the future.


Even having an escort wasn’t enough, but I can’t believe he sent a doll that was at the level of an alter ego.


With my forehead twitching in Licht’s tenacity, Mir entered through the open door.


“His Majesty’s gift seems to have been received well, Your Highness the Princess.”


I rushed to the only beastman who could clearly interpret the meaning of this ridiculous gift at the moment.


“Mir. What does this mean?”


Mir, finding the card, frowned his nose with a puzzled look. I could feel the nanny and the maids’ ears pricked up as they pretended it wasn’t.




The place where Mir’s eyes, which had been turning around for a while, stopped, was my bed with a crumpled blanket.


“His Majesty suddenly gave this order yesterday.”


[Get one doll. A cat that is better than a teddy bear.]


I got goosebumps on my back for a moment at the vivid reproduction of Licht’s voice as it is.


“Actually, when His Majesty was attending the Beastman Academy, there was quite a bit of friction with the Bear Tribe leader’s restraint.  Since they were competing for the top spot, he tends to grit his teeth about things related to bears.”


I looked back at the teddy bear taking up one side of my bed with a squeaky gesture.


“…Perhaps it’s because of that?”


Mir nodded his head, unable to hide his sad expression.


“Yesterday, while checking Your Highness the Princess’s bedroom, he seems to have found the teddy bear.” 


The facial expressions of the nanny and maids who were listening to the full story with me also became mysterious.


I asked the question after giving up on facial expression management.


“Does keeping my dignity mean that I should go with a cat doll instead of a teddy bear?”


“Right! You’re so smart.”


Isn’t this absolutely crazy?


For a moment, the same thought flashed across everyone’s faces except for Mir.


“…It must be that Licht hates the Bear Tribe quite a bit.”


Mir shook his head as I forcibly raised one corner of my lips and spoke.


“He hates the Bear Tribe so much that he went on a bear hunt every academy vacation. Even if he did, his heart still hasn’t been resolved…”


“You still talk about a lot of useless things, Mir.”


Everyone in the room hardened at the sudden cold voice.


“You must have had an extra life that you hide secretly.”


Those who found Licht leaning obliquely on the wide-open threshold were hurriedly prepared.


Mir sneaked to my side and took refuge.


“Uh, Your Majesty… Since when have you been there?”


“Since you started talking about my academy days?”


Now that the mana flowing through his body is mine, I also didn’t notice Licht’s surprise visit. Licht, beckoning the nanny and maids, walked towards me and Mir, who were standing in an awkward position.


“Yernian. Do you like the gift I sent you?”


I, who looked at the giant cat resembling Licht and the teddy bear with dirt on their hands, countered with a timid voice.


“…I like the teddy bear better.”


The corners of Licht’s eyebrows twitched.


“You like the teddy bear better?”


“That one is too big even to be hugged.”


It was even unknown if the size could fit into my bed.


Mir, who was watching Licht by my side, quickly intervened.


“Her Highness’ point also makes sense, Your Majesty. In the first place, that’s just a doll, so put your thoughts aside for a while… .”


“No. It’s because Yernian still doesn’t know how vicious bears are.” Licht, who cut off Mir’s words, reached out and hugged me.


I must have weighed a lot more than I did 3 years ago, but he didn’t even show any signs of trouble.


“Why are bears so vicious?”


“Their ancestors once ate humans as well.”


I instinctively tossed and turned to find a comfortable position, and protested with a clearer voice than before.


“No. My teddy bear is not vicious.”


In the first place, they are beastmen, and it’s just a doll!


Moreover, the teddy bear that occupied my bed wasn’t just a teddy bear. It was a precious birthday present that the nanny and maids gathered with their own money as a gift.


At my reasonable rebuttal, Licht let out a soft sigh. A large hand ruffled my curly hair lightly.


“You have to protect your dignity as a princess. Who would see the princess as a noble royal family of Persian living with a teddy bear?”


…Is he really crazy?


‘He’s obviously not better yet.’


I put my chin on his forehead with serious eyes. Then, Licht, who was holding me, had his fingertips trembling greatly.


“Licht. Did you hurt your head last time?”


“…I’m sorry, Your Highness the Princess. I should have worked harder to help His Majesty.”


Yes, Mir. If possible, even call the doctor…


While Mir and I inwardly felt sympathy,  Licht’s well-rounded eyes wrinkled.


“What do you mean by that?”


“I can’t give up the teddy bear.”


“…You can’t give up?”


I reluctantly proposed a compromise at his fierce look again.


“Still, I’ll try my best to get along with that cat.”


At that moment, Licht’s eyebrows, which had been shaking with disapproval, returned to their proper place.


In that way, the large cat doll that Richt gave as a ‘gift’ for the first time was reduced to a stately decoration in my room.




The date promised with Noha is approaching. And today was also the day of the etiquette class.


“You are definitely moving more smoothly than last time.”


The Marchioness Scottish seemed satisfied with my dancing skills, which had improved significantly in a week.


“I practiced hard with Loen!”


“But you shouldn’t be relieved. There are still a lot of clumsy parts in the actions of Your Highness the Princess.”


I nodded my head brightly to keep it in mind.


It was worthwhile to give up the tricks of magic and start training for a week with the help of Loen, a member of the noble family of the Myo Clan.


But at the next moment, I had no choice but to harden my face.


“To this extent, I think it will be okay to conduct a joint class with His Highness the Fourth Prince starting next week.”


“…With Ascari? Why?”




In my response, she gave me a puzzled look.


“As far as I know, His Majesty has appointed Your Highness the Princess to be the partner of His Highness the Fourth Prince.”


She added that it was customary for the main character of the banquet to perform two dances in a row with their partner.


Having barely corrected my face that was about to become distorted by itself, I left the practice room as if I were escaping from reality.


‘Licht, you bad bastard.’


It was evident that this was his revenge for not getting the teddy bear out of my bed.


As I struggled to climb the stairs, I quickly made up my mind.


‘Ah, I don’t know. It’s already been decided anyway.’


It was more urgent to go back to the room and finish reading Akamar’s biography.


It took quite a long time to read because the book was thicker than I expected and the content was difficult.


It was unclear whether I would have been able to submit my assignments on time if Mir hadn’t postponed the class for a few days, due to personal circumstances.


‘But now, only the last chapter is left.’


I have to finish it quickly before Noha arrives.


As I ran up the stairs of the main palace, I stopped.


The other person, who was going down the stairs with their eyes down, felt my presence and raised his head.


Soon after, the head of the Second Prince, who found me, tilted at an angle.


“Long time no see, Messiah.”


The mysterious purple eyes were curved with a smile.


“Yesh. Hewwo too, Second prince!” (Yes. Hello too, Second Prince!)




His steps slightly slipped due to my bright greeting as he was leisurely coming down the stairs.


“…I’ve heard that you learn manners from Marchioness Scottish.”


“I just learned it.”


“Is she bold or fearless? I mean, sometimes I get confused.”


The Second Prince’s mouth deepened as he muttered to himself


“Gosh. He said you’re going to learn magic from Brother.”


“Why? Do you also learn togetherh?” I deliberately muffled the end of my pronunciation and smiled innocently.


My hair, carefully braided by Alice, swayed gently as I moved.


The Second Prince, who was at eye level with me, smiled with a bewildered face.


“No. I have already learned magic for it to become boring.”




“It’s a pity that I lost the first move to Brother. I could have been a good teacher too. I wonder how strong the Messiah of the Myo Clan will be.”


In the eyes of the Second Prince who spoke like that, there was a mixture of a dark antipathy and a bit of a sense of victory.


I exclaimed in an innocent voice, trying to pretend not to know it.


“Yennie is enough with Licht!”


The expression on the Second Prince’s face was distorted as if he was about to smile at my words, which were united with pretense. At the same time, I felt an ominous presence behind my back.


“Is it like that?”




No way. I barely turned back with a squeaky gesture.


He stopped one step below me and smiled with the corners of his eyes closed.


“I didn’t know, Yernian. I don’t know you’ll ever think of me that dearly.”


…Why are you coming from there?


A strong sense of satisfaction was oozing from his face, which lifted me up with the familiar scent of grass leaves.


No! It’s not like that!


I was biting my lips, unable to tell the truth, when I heard the Second Prince laugh.


“How nice, Brother. For you to receive the earnest confession from the Messiah.”


“Why? Do you want one too?”


“No. There are so many people who want me, even if they aren’t the young Messiah.”


What does a ten-year-old brat say!


Licht, who held me straight while I was keeping my mouth open because it was absurd, suddenly spoke in a lowered voice.


“If you’re willing to talk nonsense, go out and find the right traces. If I give you freedom, you have to use it to its fullest.”


…Traces? Licht, who left such unknown words, passed by the silent Second Prince.


He stopped when he was about to go up the stairs hugging me.


“And Yernian.”




“Her name. Not the Messiah, but Yernian.”


He was talking to Ignis, not me. As I was embarrassed, I shut my mouth, and he continued speaking in a sluggish voice.


“I think you don’t know that.”




The Second Prince’s gaze came closer as if it were going to pierce my forehead.


I didn’t deliberately look at the side where the Second Prince was, and I hugged Licht’s neck tightly as he started climbing the stairs again.


“Thank yew, Licht.” (Thank you, Licht.) 


My pronunciation was muffled as my lips were buried in his shoulder.


A smirk of laughter came from above my head.


“What are you thankful for?”


“Just evewything.” (Just everything.)


“I haven’t accepted your confession yet.”


“It’s not a confession!”


I slammed his shoulder with my clenched fist. The only thing that came back was a sneer as if it was absurd.


“What is that, so weak.”




“How are you going to survive in the Myo World like this?”


I’ll use you as a shield!


It was when I pouted my lips, not having the courage to convey my true feelings. Unlike usual, the hallway on the fourth floor felt strangely noisy.


‘What’s going on?’


Alice, who was walking down the hallway, came out and found Licht, startled, and approached at a quick pace.


“Chief.” Her polite face was pale and tired.


Before I knew it, Licht, who had erased the smile from his face, opened his mouth.


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