I Became the Young Villain’s Sister-In-Law Chapter 1 - I Picked Up A Child But Suddenly I Became His Sister-In-Law

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Author: lipzoldyck

Ah, it’s definitely my life, but it doesn’t always go the way I like.


It’s fortunate that I, who used to be a Taekwondo gold medalist, suddenly possessed this body. But how did it become like this?


“Please don’t divorce Brotheeerrr!”


What did I do to make the Young Villain cling to me so that I won’t divorce his older brother?!


Hic, hicc. The Young Villain, Calib, gulped his cry while clutching my clothes tighter. Then he said, “Ellia… Doesn’t Ellia want to stay with me?”


“I also want to stay with Calib. However…”


The contract was over.


Even if it was a truth that was already known, I couldn’t bear to tell the crying child. I turned my head slightly and glanced at Cedric, the young villain’s older brother, who was only making an expressionless face.


Hey, your little brother is crying. Try to do something!


That’s what I meant. Even so, Cedric still only saw Calib crying with indifferent eyes. Then he softly spoke, “Calib, don’t make it too difficult for Ellia.”


But Calib didn’t answer anything. Rather, as if he didn’t want to hear his older brother, he squeezed into me more.


Cedric raised one of his eyebrows. “Calib.” The low voice was a little bit scary as if he pulled it from the bottom of his abdomen.


Oh, no. Why are you mad at the kid? I did tell you to do something, but did I ask you to bully him?!


I hugged Calib a little tighter, and Cedric, who was silently watching, strode approaching us.  He grabbed Calib’s nape, who was hugging me deeply.






Even when I reached out my hand to the startled Calib, Cedric didn’t let him go.


“Calib, it doesn’t change anything if you’re like this,” Cedric said while fiercely glaring at Calib.


Huh? He fiercely glared?


A cold voice followed. “Ellia, who has fulfilled the terms and conditions of the contract, will divorce me… And you will live in the Grand Duke’s Castle without Ellia. As you had been doing before.”


When the word ‘divorce’ was said, it felt like I could hear someone grinding their teeth for a while. 


Tears welled up in Calib’s big eyes again upon his older brother’s words. Afterwards, he rubbed his eyes and looked at Cedric with red eyes.


“Brother is an idiot! There is no one as stupid as you in this world!”




“How can you let Ellia go? Can you even do that?!”


“Of course I also don’t want to let her go…!”


As Cedric clenched his teeth, I quickly interrupted him before he was about to say something. “Hold up, wait a minute! Why are you guys fighting?!”


I was rather confused.


Why are these brothers like this? You guys got along so well that you stood out in the world of romance-fantasy, where all the other brothers were like strangers! But why are you guys fighting?


As I glanced at the two brothers with a bewildered mood, Calib pitifully sobbed for endless times. “Elliaaa…”


“Uh, huh?”


‘Should I just take Calib with me?’ Calib quivered even more as I reached out my hand full of concern.


In the end, Cedric handed Calib over to me. Calib rushed into my arms as if he was waiting and said, “Without Ellia, my brother would be a real idiot. He even clumsily got a cut on his finger!”


‘No, your brother is one of the strongest in the world and that wound came from killing 100 knights, you know.’


“A night without Ellia is so scary. I think there must be a monster under the bed!”


‘But you are a middle-skilled sorcerer who wields darkness, and that monster is an arch-evil that will become your limb, though.’


“That’s why please, please don’t divorce Brother.” Calib looked up, his face seemed like a child that was begging for a snack. He then whined.


‘When I deal with a child actor’s signature ‘please’ face like this, I…’


‘If I keep seeing a face that looks just like my younger brother, Yoonie, I will…’


“Can’t you marry my Brother for real? I want to spend my time with Older Brother and Ellia in the Grand Duke’s Castle.”


It’s not even ‘Brother’ anymore, it’s ‘Older Brother’.


Hicc, Calib burst into tears again and dug into me. I couldn’t do anything as my hand pat Calib’s back again.


Ha… How did it become like this…




Ellia, 23 years old. I only knew that much.


That was the entire information of the extra I possessed, ‘Ellia’.


I closed my eyes and when I woke up, I already possessed another body, a story full of nonsense happened to me.




What was worse, was it because of the sudden possession?


I had no memory of myself.


It wasn’t like the other romance-fantasy novels. The memory of the possessed character didn’t flow into my head. Her name and age were also barely found through the diary. I didn’t read a lot of romance-fantasy, but I knew a few rules that still apply.


“Seeing I only have this much memory, I think it’s an extra that was forgotten by the writer.”


One of the rules is, the less important a character is, the more they are neglected. Others might possess the female lead or villainess, but I possessed an extra.


“Even if they are extras, they all ended up possessing extras which have a little bit of connection with the main characters. But I…”


I looked around the cabin, which clearly had a trace of a human’s touch. All I could see out the window was the forest, and the furniture was no different from the ones which people usually use.


“So far, it’s amazing in many ways to possess a ‘real’ extra.”


My wretched fate was almost to the point of exclamation. But it’s also temporary. I clapped my hands out loud and spoke, “Well, rather it’s better. That’s what I wanted, anyway.”


Although this life isn’t as dazzling as the characters in other novels, I’m still myself.


I muttered as I rolled down Ellia’s pink jewel eyes.


Before I possessed this body, I was a gold medalist in Taekwondo. But the day I won my first Olympic gold medal, my only little brother passed away.


I still remember vividly. The time when I was sick and tired of a group of reporters and I called Yoonie right away with the joy of winning a gold medal. Back then, I was excited to say that we should pay back hospital bills and caregivers’ salaries and find a better hospital. However, the caregiver aunt told me a harsh truth.


[Until the match is over, please don’t tell Sister.]


That was the will of my one and only family, Yoonie.


Come to think of it, Yoonie was always brave.


“Despite being only 7 years old…” I think he was more mature than me, who was his older sister.


I was foolish enough to hide so that I could focus on the training.


After Yoonie passed away, I lived like a loser. The honor of being a gold medalist was tarnished, and there was nothing left on me. The splendid gold medal was buried somewhere in the corner of the garbage dump-like room.


In addition, the reporters who came every day and pressed the bells and whistles made me feel sick.


“To think he’s the younger brother who died on the day his older sister won her first gold medal…”


My pain was nothing more than a delicious topic that the media rushed madly at.


I’d rather escape to somewhere else in the world. I thought about going abroad, but since I’m an Olympic gold medalist, anyone who recognized me would know. Moreover, the cameras that will be pushed on the way to the airport were very scary.


I just wanted to disappear without anyone knowing.


“Or so what I thought, but instead, I possessed an extra.”


Is this merely coincidence or fate?


Anyway, one thing is certain, this possession is another chance for me.


“Even though I don’t know what kind of world this is or who I am.”


No, rather it turned out much better to pioneer a wasteland that had nothing. Just like the other romance-fantasy female leads either the original or the villainess, I didn’t need to care anymore.


“Great. First, shall we take a look outside? I gotta find out what’s on the place I’ll live for the rest of my life.” I didn’t want to tremble at the loneliness of falling into an unfamiliar world, so I deliberately talked to myself out loud.


In fact, I really liked the forest that I looked at from the window. Because I’d only ever been to the hospital and dojo repeatedly to prepare for the national team. Even only with the fact that it wasn’t a complex and cold-blooded city, it was already healing for me.




How far had I walked?


“Gosh, my feet. The shoes are made of cloth, and since it’s a forest path, it’s tiring.” I sat down under the tree and murmured.


The forest was more packed than I thought. Still, there was sunlight shining through the forest, so it wasn’t that dark.


Wouldn’t it be strange if it felt good to even see things like this?


“There is no one who’s looking at me strangely around here, but this kind of thing is worrying,” I mumbled alone as I snickered.


And right at that moment.


“Hic, hic, hicc!”


I heard the sound of a small child running out of breath.


Huh? A child?


I jumped up in surprise. At the same time, a child jumped out through the bushes from the other side.


“Grr! Grr, grooooowl!”


What was worse, behind the child, a monster that looked like a wolf was drooling while following him. The child didn’t want to be the wolf’s food and was running to death!


“This, crazy!”


I followed running towards the direction where the child was violently running to. I rolled up the dress that came up to the ankle roughly as it was uncomfortable.


“Hey kid, come here!” I called the child out loud with the spirit of a national team member.


For a moment, his eyes flickered with hesitation.


“Hurry up!”


It wasn’t the time to hesitate. I called again, and the child ran to me immediately.


Obviously, the wolf also ran towards me.


“Huft, huft!”


I, who quickly hid the child behind my back, stood on that place and stepped on a steppe. The opponent was a wolf. To be honest, it wasn’t that I wasn’t afraid, but I have a child behind me.


I couldn’t back off.


The wolf rushed in to bite me. Its snout, which was seen in slow motion, was longer than expected. But my legs were longer and my main specialty was kicking backward.


I turned around without hesitation.




In this situation which was more dangerous than in actual combat, I kicked with enthusiasm to shake off my fear. The white dress that went down to the ankle fluttered, the sideline was torn, and at the same time, bughh!


A tremendous sound was heard.


“Kiiiiing!” The wolf flew right off my lower jaw and flew away, couldn’t get up again.


I took a deep breath and looked at the wolf with its jaw smashed. “I-is it dead?”


With just one kick?


I was a little stunned. Was my power this strong?


I expected it to be somewhat powerful because it’s my main specialty, but to this extent? But well… whatever. Anyway, since I’ve saved the child, isn’t this finished?


I thought so, turned my head and said. “Kid, are you okay…”


However, I couldn’t finish my words.


Because it was Yoonie who was staring at the drooping wolf with a frightened face.


Because he was my younger brother who died from disease, losing his pigment.


Since the white hair and even the red eyes were the same as Yoonie in his lifetime!




When I called out his name blankly, the child’s red eyes looked straight up at me.


At that moment, I felt like crying.


Even his puzzled expression was the same as Yoonie’s.


The child said. “Yoonie? Who is that? I am the Grand Young Lord of the Epricent Empire’s only Grand Duke family. Calib Indigentia.”




He is the young villain of the romance-fantasy childcare story that I read… [I Won’t Put You To Sleep This Time]?


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