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“Grand Young Lord is so perfect, it would be better to practice than to solve the rhetorical problem.”


“Yes, I understand.” To Jeryl’s words, Calib answered firmly.


“And Miss Ellia first will correct her gait posture with me.”


“Ah, yes.”


Ellia looked at Jeryl with a slightly wary expression on her face, but she followed her well.


“Then come out here and first… Would you like to walk through this room comfortably?”


Even though Ellia was told to walk comfortably, she moved her steps with a twinkle of nervousness. It was as if she was so careful not to get caught even the slightest bit.


However, it was full of loopholes in Jeryl’s eyes.


Jeryl thought.


‘As expected. People from humble origins are shallow even from their gait.’


A light of contempt flashed in her green eyes for a brief moment.


‘How can you enjoy the luxury of walking in the halls of the Grand Duke’s Castle and taking lessons from me when you can only walk such shallow steps!’


Jeryl didn’t like Ellia very much, but she tried to smile. She also recalled the conversation she had with her father last night.


[Be nice to that low born.]




Jeryl asked with a puzzled face if I had heard correctly.


However, Leonard reiterated his sincere remarks to be kind to Elia.


[Our opponent is a low born. She’s used to being disrespected, but to be treated is an unfamiliar nature. Where in the world would low borns have been treated?]


[May the ones who steal my tl-ed chaps got both sides of their pillow warmed >:(]


[That’s… ]


[There is no harm in demeaning those who are disrespected. But not the latter.]


[So, are you saying to me to flatter that low born?]


[You have to attack when she’s defenseless. Also, if you show kindness to a low born, how pretty will it look to other people?]


Hearing it makes sense, Jeryl listened quietly. Renold spoke as if he was an adult talking to a child.


[Listen, Jeryl. We can turn a crisis into opportunity.]


[An opportunity?]


[Yes. If you have to teach anyway, do it properly. Especially in front of the Grand Young Lord.]


Renold whispered in a low voice, as if he had everything in mind.


[But no matter how good you try to teach, can a low born really follow your class?]


[Obviously not! She wouldn’t even know the basics!]


[Yes. Then why not compare? The perfect daughter of a marquis and a poor commoner.]




[The low born would think, how many times you teach so kindly, why can’t she do it?]


Doubts will soon turn into feelings of inferiority. And she will hate herself for being jealous of Jeryl for being so kind.


[Unlike the low born, who is showing her ugliness more and more, you still boast of a noble and beautiful heart.]


The Grand Young Lord, seeing all this, will naturally make comparisons and judge the superiority.


Renold whispered low.


[Dig that gap and express your perfection.]


[At that point, you can completely brainwash the Grand Young Lord and make him your puppet.]


[It will be only a matter of time before the low born will be kicked out.]


His words echoed in Jeryl’s head. And Jeryl, as always, nodded at his father’s words. The green eyes, which had been a bit hazy as if they were immersed in thought, came back to life again.


When Jeryl looked around the room and looked at Ellia, she looked as friendly as possible.


“Well… Can I be honest?”


“Of course.”


“It’s not a pretty step.”


There was no change in Elia’s expression.


‘It was the expected answer, and I was prepared for harsh criticism.’


Rather than such harsh criticisms, she was curious on ‘why Jeryl is courteous to me, a commoner, unlike the original story’.


That’s why, Ellia gave only a calm gaze.


Jeryl, who didn’t know what was inside Ellia, was admiring inwardly.


‘It’s just as Father said!’


Her father, whom she absolutely believed in, was right this time too.


‘She’s used to being disrespected, so she didn’t even blink an eye at these words.’


If she had been a noble self, she would have been resentful and ashamed and didn’t know what to do.


Jeryl glanced at Calib. Now that she showed Ellia’s shallow gait, it was time for her to show off her graceful side.


‘Then, no matter how young the eyes are, they’ll be compared, right?’


As her father said, Calib would be disappointed with Ellia, who couldn’t even keep up with Jeryl’s toes. With that in mind, she smiled again and came to the desk and stood next to Ellia.


“Now, let me show you an example. If you walk along like me, no, if you walk half of it, you won’t be humiliated anywhere you go.”


Jeryl, who spoke with a triumphant face, walked through the room with flawless steps. Especially around the sofa where Calib was hanging around.


Ellia followed her, curious as to how Jeryl’s steps were different from her own.


She then floated her question mark above her head as she continued to walk through her room without stopping.


‘What’s wrong with her?’


She thought that the demonstration shown was enough. So, shouldn’t she practice and point out the wrong posture?


However, Jeryl seemed to have a different opinion than Ellia.


She often stopped in front of a mirror, as if walking on the runway. After making a full-fledged expression, she circled Calib again with a fresh look on her face.


About ten minutes later, Calib, who couldn’t see it, said.




At the call of Calib, who was solving the speech questions, Jeryl ran with a lively pace and stood on her knee.


“Oh my, that’s a big deal. There are all kinds of questions that the Grand Young Lord can’t solve. I can’t help it, I’ll give you a hint.”


Jeryl’s tickling voice was enough to tickle even Ellia’s ear far away from her. Nevertheless, Calib was familiar with it, and only shook his head and said.


“No, the question isn’t difficult.”


“Then what?”


When Jeryl asked the question kindly, he replied plainly.


“You’re distracting.”


“…Pfft.” Ellia, who was far away, burst out laughing involuntarily.


Calib turned his head again after seeing Jeryl, who was frozen, to solve the speech problem.


She stiffened with a smile on her face as if she didn’t know what she just heard. Then she slowly came to her senses.


‘Just now… to me… what?’


As if she was being slapped by cold water, she felt her heart calm down and her anger boiling at the same time.


‘Are you crazy? After seeing my perfect steps, you think I’m distracting?’


Jeryl couldn’t stand this humiliation.


But no matter how much she hated him, her opponent was the Grand Young Lord.


Even if it was the eyes of ordinary people, they were still the eyes that see in the end. With those eyes, she couldn’t do anything to the Grand Young Lord from the front. [Read this only at]


So her anger turned to Ellia, who burst out her laughter.


‘Did you smile?’


Jeryl slowly stretched her body, which had rested on her knees. Then she looked at Ellia, who had her smile subtly, and she grinned.


“I’m glad that the tension has been relieved.”


“Yes? Ah, yes… Well.” Ellia answered with a taunting voice, as if she was holding back her laughter.


At that, Jeryl quietly rolled her fists and clenched them.


‘You dare to laugh at me? Being a low born, you dare to!’


Jeryl couldn’t stand it.


She learned that between nobles and commoners, there was as great a difference as heaven and earth.


‘The one at the bottom is laughing at me!’


Jeryl held back the boiling anger and spoke with a stern tenderness. It was the last brain cell left for her.


“Then shall we continue the class? Now that the tension has been relieved, I think you can work a little more seriously.”


“Yes? Ah, yes.”


Ellia noticed that Jeryl was determined. But that’s all, she didn’t know what kind of attack Jeryl would do after that. She waited for Jeryl to speak with her calm face.


Then she opened the door with her grin and said to  the maid waiting outside.


“Please prepare the shoes.”




That f*cker.


I admit it.


I was restless.


And I was stupid.


I bit my teeth and looked down at my swollen feet.


There was so much blood and oozing that I couldn’t even put on my shoes, and I was barefoot.


I managed to return with Calib’s support.


“Miss Ellia, what the hell is this… ” Olivia jumped up from her seat, startled, and approached me. “W-What happened?”


She blinked her eyes in disbelief. The one who had left without a hitch came back bleeding and limping. It’s understandable.


“Hahaha, something like that happened. Oh, the hallway outside is dirty. I think I need to sort things out.”


At my words, Olivia involuntarily looked at the floor and was astonished.


“Oh my, the blood…!” As she shut her mouth, Calib spoke quickly. [Read this at]


“No, put aside the cleanup outside and call the doctor first.”


“Ah, yes. Yes!” She woke up quickly and ran out.


Caleb pulled out a chair.


“Ellia, sit here.”


“Ah, thank you.”


I shuffled and threw myself into the chair.


“Gosh…” The sound of pain came from the throbbing feet of the skin.


“Does that hurt? I’ll cast a magic spell to make the pain go away.” He squatted with a worried look at my red-fleshed feet.


It was a little embarrassing, but thanks to magic, a lot of the burning pain disappeared.


He clicked his tongue and said. “I didn’t even think of it. You’ll be trying to adapt to the new shoes right away.”


“I know.” I smiled sadly, recalling Jeryl’s atrocities.


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