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It’s hard to move alone because my feet hurt. I sat on the bed and wiggled my feet with ointment on them.


“If there is any inconvenience, please call me. Don’t try to move on your own.” Olivia said sternly.


It’s because I wanted to drink water a while ago, so I moved by myself, but the wound on my toes that stopped bleeding burst.


“Do you understand?”


To me, who didn’t answer anything, Olivia squinted her glaring eyes and pressured me.


“Ah, I get it.” I answered in a hoarse voice.


It was so weird.


Olivia and I became friends over a meal together, but we weren’t that close. Yet now she tries to take care of me like a real sister.


Hmm, on the way back from seeing the doctor, did something change her mind?


Well… I’m not saying it’s bad for Olivia to be comfortable with me.


I rather like this one too.


“Then rest comfortably.”


“Yes, I got it.”


Olivia closed the door for me to rest.


I tilted my upper body towards the bed table she left behind. She also gave plenty of papers and a pen.


“Okay, let’s make a plan.”


From now on, I have nothing else to do, but a plan of revenge. It’s called ‘How can I give Jeryl a big sh*t!’


Even during my treatment, I thought about it from time to time.


But I couldn’t think of a sharp move at all.


Jeryl was clearly the villain of Calib’s unhappy childhood. But after all, she’s just an extra.


“Ha, if you look at other romance-fantasies, they just give you good riddance using the information from the original story.”


The problem is that Jeryl had never been treated seriously in the original work. It’s just a position that can be abbreviated to ‘Calib was a little more difficult because of Jeryl’.


“How am I supposed to get revenge on a kid like that? There really isn’t any answer other than beating her?”


In fact, if Calib showed any sign of being beaten, I would break her hand.


‘Oh my, my hand slipped and broke her wrist.’


I thought of the same excuse in advance.


Nobody here knows I was an athlete, so wouldn’t it be okay?


The other party is also a child abuser.


“But now Jeryl’s target is me…”


I held my chin, touched my forehead and muttered.


“If I beat her for no reason, it will definitely be a headache in many ways.”


Perhaps a bloody wind blew when I raised my hand to a noble who couldn’t be taught helplessly on the subject of commoners.


“But I can’t tame high heels overnight…”


Jeryl threw a weapon called high heels to screw me up. So I wanted to take the weapon and make it mine, and then attack her in reverse.


For example, perfectly mastering the high heels she gave me to be ridiculous!


I muttered as I looked down at my feet that were tingling with ointment.


“But with my feet like this, how can I walk perfectly in high heels?”


It seems difficult for me to walk for a while, let alone tame high heels. Whatever the worldview, the female lead Daphne was still young, but she wore shoes well.


“There was no episode where she cried because she couldn’t wear shoes.”


There was an episode in which the male owner, Renoir, unlocked the power of healing because of the necrosis of his feet caused by Calib, but…




Wait… necrosis?


At that moment, I took a deep breath. A flashing thought came to mind as if lightning had struck the back of my neck.


I quickly organized my thoughts.


“Hold on, why am I… trying to do this alone?”


The premise was wrong from the start.


It is true that I want to fight Jeryl, who has been tormenting Calib for a while.


“But that doesn’t mean I have to break my feet to screw her up!”


Just because Jeryl screwed me up by walking gracefully in high heels, that doesn’t mean I need to retaliate in the same way.


“In the eyes of others, Ellia is just a commoner.”


A commoner brought by the next Grand Duke Cedric and the Grand Young Lord Calib themselves!


Also, as much as I am a commoner, it’s not completed overnight.


“No matter how hard I try, they will never be satisfied with the eyes of a real nobleman.”


In short, no matter how hard I practice, I won’t be perfect enough for Jeryl in a short period of time. And even if I flew around in high heels, Jeryl would never acknowledge me.


“Ah, Jeryl wouldn’t have had any intention of giving in to victory in the first place, but I was foolishly trying to fight her alone.”


I slapped my forehead and reflected.


I told Calib to ask the adults around him for help if anything makes him difficult. Yet, I was struggling to do it on my own.


“The more mean the opponent comes out, the more I need to find an, an adult.”


The word ‘adult’ usually refers to a person who is an adult.


At the same time, it also refers to someone with a higher status than me.


Or protecting me!


So, to me, an adult is a person of high status, that is, someone who holds the power of the Grand Duke’s Castle!


“Where am I going to use Cedric on purpose?” I yelled at myself in a high-pitched voice and pulled the string tight.


Not long after, Olivia came in.


“Miss Ellia, do you need anything?” She asked with twinkling eyes if she was happy that I had called her.


I said to her with a wicked smile.






“Would you like to do something bad with me?”




“What is it?”


A little while ago, Calib came to visit.


Cedric was puzzled by Calib, who came without an appointment, but he happily welcomed it.


And he was startled by Calib’s next words.


“Help Ellia. Teacher Jeryl is harassing Elia!”


It’s about accusing his own etiquette teacher!


Yet Calib was being punished harshly by Jeryl, and didn’t say anything to him!


In fact, Cedric knew that Calib was being abused. And he was furious like a volcano and tried to fire Jeryl. But Calib stubbornly stopped him.


[I was wrong. Appropriate corporal punishment is said to be effective in education.]


The corporal punishment that Jeryl inflicted wasn’t at the ‘appropriate; level no matter whoever sees that.


However, the Grand Young Lord and the party related, Calib, continued to stubbornly refuse to have Jeryl fired.


[Teacher is the lady from the first vassal family. A sudden dismissal may cause an abnormality in the power structure of the vassals.]


In his heart, he wanted to say that he doesn’t have to worry about that, but Calib is the Grand Young Lord.


‘I have to… pay attention.’


As a result, Cedric was unable to move hastily even after he had evidence that Jeryl was abusing Calib. And that wasn’t the only reason he couldn’t argue with Cedric when he fired Jeryl.


‘To break Calib’s arguments is to ignore the words of the Grand Young Lord.’


Currently, the vassals want Cedric as their grand duke.


‘If I oppose any of Calib’s words, they’ll try to get in through the gap and widen the gap.’


No matter how much it was for Calib, it could be unpleasant from his point of view. Especially when it comes to him, who has been brainwashed by Jeryl.


‘It will be the same even if I put my mouth and Calib in advance.’


Because vassals are more cunning than one can imagine. Of course, the current vassals are succumbing to Cedric’s power, but this wasn’t the right politics.


He also doesn’t want Calib to take over the politics of fear.


‘Once this hurdle is overcome, Calib will surely become a good ruler.’


To protect him, Cedric had to watch Calib be abused. Ironically, that is the situation now.


Cedric said he would respect Calib’s will, and he was forced to withdraw from Jeryl’s teaching style.


‘I did, but to accuse his etiquette teacher in order to protect Ellia.’


On the one hand, he was happy, but at the same time, he was skeptical.


‘What the hell did Ellia do to make Calib follow her so much?’


As Cedric’s curiosity deepened, Calib spoke in a sober voice.


“I couldn’t protect Ellia by myself.”


That’s why he came here prepared to be treated like a troublesome child by Cedric. Calib paused for a while, then said.


“I want Brother to move.”


For a moment, Cedric’s blue hydrangea eyes opened wide.


“Calib, you mean.”


“Yes, Brother Cedric. Right now, as the Grand Young Lord, I have ordered Brother to protect Ellia…”


But it was that exact moment.


“Sir Cedric, Grand Young Lord, something has happened!” Olivia shouted, knocking on her office door.


In the midst of a sudden commotion, Edwin quickly opened the door and went out.


“What is it?”


“That…” Olivia whispered into Edwin’s ear with a serious face.


His face immediately became contemplative when he heard about the situation from her Edwin entered the office with a face not knowing how to deliver the news.


“What’s going on?” Calib asked in a puzzled voice.


Edwin took turns looking at his brothers with a terrified look on his face.


“M-Miss Ellia’s feet… are said to be necrotic.”


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